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by thisiOliver on 22 Oct 16 04:18 PM
by thisiOliver on 22 Oct 16 04:18 PM
by thisiOliver on 22 Oct 16 04:17 PM
It's always just about the calories
One of the few who actually GET IT.....well done its so hard to explain to those who DONT GET IT I finally got it 47.5 just tuned 52 this year and look and feel better than ever 54lbs down and MAI ...
by spacey48 on 22 Oct 16 04:09 PM
Incorrect weight entry
yes, but why are you asking 'if'? you have already inputted it incorrectly or you are thinking of doing that
by Halo Kiwi on 22 Oct 16 02:51 PM
bullet proof coffee
Drinking coffee and butter is still allowing sugar and bad fat to enter your body. And it is then a meal - the more we add solids or semi solids to a liquid (water)- the more it becomes a meal. So to say ...
by thisiOliver on 22 Oct 16 12:56 PM