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Keto Cramps
So, 120 days on Keto, and, don’t get me wrong, this is my life style now....but, what to do about the leg cramps? I’ve tried adding magnesium I take one a day, but I have recently upped it to 2 pills (250 ...
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started by DoubleDeedle.   
Butter coffee
Tried butter coffee this morning and had a hard time getting it down, plus I was every bit as hungry at noon as I generally am! Very discouraging. Have others had the same reaction? Does one get used ...
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started by 222Patricia.   
Type 2 Diabetes
I'm looking for a little hope, please? Is there anyone here that has/had type II diabetes that was able to improve their A1C or even reverse their diabetes with a keto lifestyle? I'm having ...
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started by Sparks1971.   
Aaaach! and Aaaargh!
Today I found some Trader Joe's Green Tea infused mints-I have no idea how long they've been in my desk. I usually buy TJs sugar free mints, so I didn't think anything of it. Just had 6 of ...
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started by Kahaz.   
Happy to do....
:badgrin: happy with my diet
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started by sallyreda, 5 days ago.   
Possible to keep only Journal private?
I don't mind having my weight, exercise and food logs posted but is there a way to just keep my journal private?
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started by Sparks1971.   
This weekend, we took advantage of change of seasons to clean out the closet. It was time to put away the wool and flannel and bring out the lighter anyway. I took 5 full trash bags to Goodwill of clothes ...
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started by Kahaz.   
Can Antibiotics Kill Ketosis
I started exogenous ketones before a work trip and right as I was trying to recover from this latest flu mutation but I am not getting the results I had initially with the ketones. I've been wondering ...
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started by Looped.   
Taco Bell
There's an ad for Taco Bell showing a taco-wrapped in a fried egg! I never go to Taco Bell, but that looks Keto! I'll probably try making it at home.
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started by Kahaz.   
My new diet
:?: Will it work
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started by Arrott, 2 months ago.   
Trying to upload #Keto meal pics...
3/10/18 Trying to upload my meal pics, but haven't quite found the method...
1 reply, last reply by Marjjane, 2 months ago.   824 views.
started by PolkSaladAnnie46.   
Keto Diet - Should I use Total Carbs Under 30 g or Net Carbs?
I have been on the Keto Diet using net carbs for 4 weeks with no weight loss. Should I be using total carbs keeping those under 30 grams? I'm confused as to whether to use total or net carbs. If my ...
2 replies, last reply by Loksi52, 2 months ago.   664 views.
started by Beth Hartline Madigan.   
Zero Carb Pasta Recommendations
I love pasta, but it does nothing good to me. I do use spaghetti squash & spiral zucchini at times, but would like to find a "replacement noodle". I have tried Miracle Noodle and just ca ...
4 replies, last reply by Fishingwidow, 2 months ago.   1,442 views.
started by SquirrelB.   
Low Carb Stuffed Peppers
<a href="http://s1262.photobucket... target="_blank"><img src="http://i1262.photobucket.... border="0" alt=" photo Stuffed Peppers Low Carb_zpsrvgmohzr.jpg& ...
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started by Scootermama, 2 months ago.   
I have a question, my husband is eating within his micro's as am I, he lost 3 lbs then gained 2lb back while I have lost 4lb and not gained any back. What am I doing wrong with his meal plan for him? ...
2 replies, last reply by GingahJenn, 3 months ago.   1,507 views.
started by MAGIE2018.   
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New member ... dieting education needed!
Been there, done that! The medical/dietary advice I've been getting for 17 years has failed. I'm 64, 5'8.75" tall, and now 212 lbs. I have T2DM with advanced peripheral neuropathy in ...
by Miraculum on 28 May 18 12:50 AM
New member.
Fluid retention has many causes. A diuretic addresses a symptom but not the cause. Your profile indicates obesity and chronic illnesses. It's impossible to say what's going on or make any resp ...
by Miraculum on 28 May 18 12:01 AM
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It's been a tough weekend. Freedom was the name of the game. Ones feeling, constrained, trapped, rigid. That's it Rigid. Stiff. Not good people, not good. Seriously upset, angry, and of course ...
by Damaris Berdut on 27 May 18 11:30 PM
Keto Cramps
DoubleDeedle wrote: So, 120 days on Keto, and, don’t get me wrong, this is my life style now....but, what to do about the leg cramps? I’ve tried adding magnesium I take one a day, but I have recently ...
by Miraculum on 27 May 18 11:15 PM
Butter coffee
Diablo360x wrote: So people do it to suppress hunger and it didn't suppress your hunger, so why do it? Coffee with heavy whipping cream is tastier than butter coffee, IMHO anyway, and it does eff ...
by Miraculum on 27 May 18 10:53 PM
How do I move to the next month
larkzunich wrote: I am planning my food for two months, but I can't get to the June calendar. How do you switch months? On the web page (not the phone app), click the "My Fatsecret" tab, ...
by Miraculum on 27 May 18 10:47 PM

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I once read that on this type of Lifestyle, eating the same thing every day will really help when first starting out. It helps by not becoming overwhelming. You don't have to constantly think, can ...