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Looking for buddies doing Keto or LCHF
I'm looking for buddies that are doing the Keto or LCHF diet. Looking for accountability partners. Add me if you're doing the Keto diet please.
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started by Skinnylady12.   
Creating a recipe question
I'm sure people ask this all the time, and I've pretty savvy with the computer, but I cannot figure out how to do the following....I want to add in all the ingredients for an ENTIRE recipe, like ...
4 replies, last reply by ragbrai1, 4 days ago.   905 views.
started by MultiplesMom.   
Weird Food Images in my head....
So, as someone who has spent years in the food industry and who STILL talks about food on a daily basis, you would think eliminating carbs would be problem. Actually, I've found ways to stay on my ...
1 reply, last reply by tlschwenn, 3 weeks ago.   286 views.
started by Avis713.   
I really love this new lifestyle! I have more energy and no hunger pangs. I am strictly following the greenlist and I am so exited! Sleeping much better now! Had a craving for chocolate yesterday, but ...
4 replies, last reply by kasiexo, a month ago.   1,451 views.
started by Cecilia de Oliveira.   
Damien Escobar! Oh Yeah....
So excited today! Going to hear a fantastic violist at the Soundstage in Baltimore! At first I thought I would just enjoy a snack during the show - they have salads and I could take my salad dressing ...
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started by Avis713, a month ago.   
I'm curious about the macros the ladies are following for LCHF. I'm new at this..only about 1 1/2 months and there is so much info about macros and what one should follow. Right now, at my weight ...
4 replies, last reply by Avis713, a month ago.   544 views.
started by Avis713.   
So, its been 30 days since my last weigh in... and I KNOW I lost something because I had to cut the string on my sweat pants to tie them up to fit, I see my collar bones, my legs are skinny...and I'm ...
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started by Avis713.   
Weigh Day Tomorrow!!
:| Well.. its been 30 days as of today since my last weigh in. Tomorrow I go to weigh myself... I only do it once per month. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for at least 7lbs but I will be happy with ...
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started by Avis713, 2 months ago.   
Thanksgiving 2016
Wow! What a day with my cousins! I had a blast! Needless to say, their Thanksgiving buffet was enormous! And, yes, it was my day off! But funny enough I ate slowly and small bits of the things I don& ...
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started by Avis713, 2 months ago.   
Moving in the Right Direction
My mom use to joke with me when I was a teenager that I use to "turn everything I did into a project". I eventually became a really good caterer and event planner. I guess I am good at projects. ...
3 replies, last reply by Avis713, 2 months ago.   664 views.
started by Avis713.   
Just a day off today
Today was a day off for me. I didn't feel like prepping my usual meals and I just wanted to relax. So I went down to my bi weekly meeting at the restaurant - its a bbq restaurant - and decided to have ...
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started by Avis713, 2 months ago.   
How do I complete my day
Is there a way to complete my previous day..today when I log out it is coming up on Oct 31 even though I'm on todays log when I log out then relog back in it is back on Oct 31
4 replies, last reply by pjoeeoj, 2 months ago.   420 views.
started by pjoeeoj.   
Looking for Diet Buddy
Hi everyone! Looking for buddy. I'm pretty serious about what I'm doing and my weight is dropping at a good rate. I only weigh once a month - at the end of the month - so I'm not really good ...
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started by Avis713, 3 months ago.   
How do I adjust my macro goals/ RDI goals
Hi there - I can't see anywhere to adjust my goals. I want to enter in my own macro goal %ages or grams, but I can't see it. I can basically change my status from "Sedentary" to ...
1 reply, last reply by LostSun, 3 months ago.   952 views.
started by sarajanebear01.   
Just Saying hello
Started losing weight last July just by eating my favorite pot luck kitchen sink tomato soup (you know the kind that has everything thing in it) and a well balanced dinner. Then I watched Youtube Univ. ...
2 replies, last reply by Avis713, 3 months ago.   706 views.
started by Avis713.   
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Weigh in
How long did it take.? what was the type of food you ate primarily. TY Dan
by dannoci on 20 Jan 17 05:45 PM
My achievement :)
wow ! that's an AWESOME progress hope you achieve your goal tho <3
by DinaElsawah on 20 Jan 17 05:44 PM
Looking for buddies doing Keto or LCHF
I dont fast but I do LCHF. You can add me as a buddy!
by PGM012197 on 20 Jan 17 02:36 PM
by johnmwoya on 20 Jan 17 01:30 PM
How to curb late night eating?
What has helped me is increasing the amount of protein that I consume and trying to shift my calories to earlier in the day. I also have a sweet tooth, so I make dessert every night. Lately I have made ...
by veronicamurphy0809 on 20 Jan 17 08:06 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I weigh in morning and evening. It doesn't really help, but I obsess about it.
by minitata on 20 Jan 17 05:25 AM

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