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How do I adjust my macro goals/ RDI goals
Hi there - I can't see anywhere to adjust my goals. I want to enter in my own macro goal %ages or grams, but I can't see it. I can basically change my status from "Sedentary" to ...
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started by sarajanebear01.   
Just Saying hello
Started losing weight last July just by eating my favorite pot luck kitchen sink tomato soup (you know the kind that has everything thing in it) and a well balanced dinner. Then I watched Youtube Univ. ...
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started by Avis713.   
How to eat low carb when you are sick with a cold
Hello, I am new to this site but excited about being here! I am 43 and have been successfully following a low carb diet since the beginning of July, losing 15 pounds so far. But I had a nasty cold with ...
3 replies, last reply by BiffsMum, a month ago.   1,573 views.
started by chrissieti.   
How to eat low carb when you are sick with a cold
Well, since all low carb diets are, is a way to limit overall calories, there is no reason to fret over a little juice as long as all calories are accounted for. Hope you get better soon.
3 replies, last reply by BiffsMum, a month ago.   1,573 views.
started by chrissieti.   
The Most Common Causes of a Weight Loss Plateau (Very Interesting Reads)
2 replies, last reply by Lizzygracemusic, 2 months ago.   1,852 views.
started by pattychaney.   
can't delets
Yes I tried that but it didn't affect my add meals section. Maybe I should try technical support but it shouldn't be this hard.
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started by nandii, 2 months ago.   
can't delets
Yes I tried that but it didn't affect my add meals section. Maybe I should try technical support but it shouldn't be this hard.
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started by nandii, 2 months ago.   
HELP! Who approves recipes? I accidently submitted one that was incorrect, it doubled some of the ingredients!!!
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started by ScorpioGirl67, 2 months ago.   
Body measurements?
Hi! I'm new here and I was wondering if there is any place in FS to track body measurements. I posted them in my journal, but it seems that it is an important way to determine the overall success of ...
4 replies, last reply by kristyhalseth, 3 months ago.   2,905 views.
started by debrafrederick.   
Adding Photos
I added a soup starter base to the database, but it would not let me add a photo from my computer. In fact, the photo page wouldn't respond at all, just kept refreshing without allowing me to put ...
3 replies, last reply by FLnurseER, 3 months ago.   1,439 views.
started by HtownMedicineWoman.   
Unexpected ERROR Page
WHY do I keep being brought to the "An Unexpected Error Has Occurred" page??? Every time I try to put in my weight and journal entry, I get sent to that page; and it's been going on for ...
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started by Emerald17, 4 months ago.   
Work out tapes and Logging it
Hi, I recently have went back to Jillian Micheal's body revolution tapes. I went to put them in my exercise log and I can't find out for the life of me how to do this. Could someone help me. ...
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started by Rains120, 6 months ago.   
grams of sugar
Good morning! I've been reading a lot of your posts and I love how supportive everyone is!!! I'm doing LCHF, I'm a week and half in. Hubby has had great success - 85 lbs! :d My first week ...
6 replies, last reply by Dogglovr, 6 months ago.   2,066 views.
started by clcorrao.   
TL/DR I take it you object to people choosing alternative methods to achieve their calorie defecit than the one you decide on I'm personally an everything in moderation success and believe in a wide ...
23 replies, last reply by karateorangutang, 6 months ago.   4,405 views.
started by oliver leslie.   
Looking into starting low carb diet
What are the biggest things I need to look into with starting off low carb? What are some of the staples I should always have on hand? TIA
1 reply, last reply by mskestrela, 6 months ago.   605 views.
started by maryallen1.   
New to Ketogenic Diet and starting it today.
I've been looking into this since last November, after a friend tried to sell me her Keto OS "shakes". (Not shakes, but powder to mix with water.) I actually wanted to try it because of the ...
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started by Emerald17, 6 months ago.   
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Can't seem to stick to a diet
I don't force myself to eat anything I don't like ,buts its still pretty easy to eat 'healthily' whatever that really is! until you sort out your mental approach nothing will work lon ...
by spacey48 on 25 Oct 16 03:15 PM
Why you don't lose weight?
well that's just a load of Horse...what happens after 12 weeks? 12 months 12 years
by spacey48 on 25 Oct 16 03:12 PM
Weight Not Updating??
It does that to me too, my weight doesn't update in challenges...don't know why so I quit my challenges.
by XshapeshiftX on 25 Oct 16 03:05 PM
Sugar actually MORE addicting than cocaine and heroine...
Thank you Roobert! I know I, myself have tried soooo so many times to kick sugar out of my diet and have only been able to for a day, 2 days but not more than a week at a time. Sometimes fruits gave me ...
by XshapeshiftX on 25 Oct 16 03:04 PM
Hello from Manitoba, Canada
It's a great app if used properly and within its limitations I used it for about 2 years and now I no longer have to as I have learned for myself....but it's a great tool
by spacey48 on 25 Oct 16 10:06 AM
How to figure out a serving size for a recipe
Weighing it is the most accurate weight. Weigh your pan or whatever you are making it in before and after you cook. Subtract the weight of the pan and divide by 6. Unless it is something small that ...
by LostSun on 25 Oct 16 06:22 AM

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