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Hello there
Here I am joining yet another weight loss site. :lol: Well, so far, I've gone from 255 to 197 and I'm looking to lose 20-25 more pounds. ^_^ My goal size is in my username (if you add me as a ...
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July 19 - 22, 2018 blood sugars
7/20= fbs 115; noon 157; 5 pm 176; hs 207 7/21=. 119; 131; 163; 179 7/22= 123; 125; 106; 175
by ginger dog on 22 Jul 18 07:01 PM
Reporting of my calories burned
thanks Patty. Do you know why some of my exercise data isn't showing up in the view? Is there a way to see this in the mobile app?
by Juliadaggett on 22 Jul 18 05:38 PM
Setting my own macro nutrient goals
Is it possible on this site/app to set my own macro goals, as a percentage of calories consumed? I've searched for a way to edit them so the graph is customized to my goals but can't find a way ...
by DoinItNow2018 on 22 Jul 18 03:08 PM
Hello...New to the LCHF Group
You can do it! I am right their with you - starting over. If you need support or someone to rant to, just msg me.
by Mjgh06 on 22 Jul 18 02:19 PM
Pressure to wegh in and suceed
Conicassity— you are doing so good. You are very right, it is about developing a habit. It is a known fact that when dealing with cravings for something, you are better off including a small/reasonable ...
by Kenna Morton on 22 Jul 18 11:52 AM
How do I add nutrition facts for different portions/metrics for food?
This is old topic but I just ran into same problem - I would like to add food, then simply type nutrition facts (per 100g), and then add predefined portions (1 piece = 33g). But I can't to find option ...
by _wojtek on 22 Jul 18 10:35 AM