I agree that the RDI is too high. The only way I could see to get around that was to check off "sedentary" for excercise even though I'm moderately active. That took my RDI down to a level ...
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started by ironketten.   
Newbie Question!
Hi all - I'm new to fatsecret.com but not new to Bob Greene's principles. My question is this: My "RDI" on fatsecret is really high in my opinion - to lose weight "moderatel ...
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Newbie Question!
I think the Fatsecret RDI is high too... do an internet search and determing your RDI from other sources... ie. Mayo Clinic and others. The Mayo Clinic will come out much lower. You can adjust the RDI ...
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High Fructose Corn Syrup
I was on Bob Greene's plan in 06 and had great results-then fell off the plan. But one thing I did start back then was totally eliminating high fructose corn syrup-has made an amazing difference in ...
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started by sedums, 9 years ago.   
Here we go...
12 weeks untill the end of the year, cmon girls we gotta look good for summer. Lets share the love!:)
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Is there a way
Okay, if you don't have that link since you haven't created a custom food yet, here are two ways to try to get there: First, try using this link: [url=https://www.fatsecret.com... If that ...
by kpwcalories on 16 Dec 17 01:47 PM
socializing and food
It is so hard to socialize and not munch. I fail many times.
by jan-e333 on 16 Dec 17 11:24 AM
The Bariatric diet
Do you have one? There are those who had weight loss surgery
by Evonne Matthews on 16 Dec 17 01:44 AM
Weight loss
I haven`t been this light since November 2013 :)
by rockyboy on 15 Dec 17 05:52 PM
Happy New You Challenge - Sign up!
I join a lot of challenges here on FS. Only see 2 that aren't in progress yet.
by Fritzy 22 on 15 Dec 17 03:58 PM
New to fatsecret
On the belly fat question, I found this link which might be a place to start reading. http://www.eatthis.com/types-o... So it tells you that the "belly fat" you are probably talking about ...
by rhills on 15 Dec 17 03:30 PM