I agree that the RDI is too high. The only way I could see to get around that was to check off "sedentary" for excercise even though I'm moderately active. That took my RDI down to a level ...
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started by ironketten.   
Newbie Question!
Hi all - I'm new to fatsecret.com but not new to Bob Greene's principles. My question is this: My "RDI" on fatsecret is really high in my opinion - to lose weight "moderatel ...
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Newbie Question!
I think the Fatsecret RDI is high too... do an internet search and determing your RDI from other sources... ie. Mayo Clinic and others. The Mayo Clinic will come out much lower. You can adjust the RDI ...
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High Fructose Corn Syrup
I was on Bob Greene's plan in 06 and had great results-then fell off the plan. But one thing I did start back then was totally eliminating high fructose corn syrup-has made an amazing difference in ...
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started by sedums, 10 years ago.   
Here we go...
12 weeks untill the end of the year, cmon girls we gotta look good for summer. Lets share the love!:)
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Reporting of my calories burned
go to the part on your my fatsecret page that shows the date pull down the my list view option it shows it all
by pattychaney1 on 20 Jul 18 10:50 AM
How do I adjust my macro goals/ RDI goals
Tks LostSun! I was struggling with that problem too.
by marinac on 20 Jul 18 10:36 AM
Hello! I'm New Here.
My honest suggestion to start with is read "How not to Die" by Michael Greger and "The China Study" by Colin and Thoms Campbell. Both can be borrowed from the local library. I read ...
by knockoutdoc on 20 Jul 18 06:56 AM
How to get food database updated
https://www.fatsecret.com/Diar... use this link I adjusted it to include the fiber check the day you added the salad and then delete the other one that did not include fiber. You can adjust anything by ...
by pattychaney1 on 20 Jul 18 05:55 AM
Pizza night
Made the fat head pizza dough with 2 c riced cauliflower and 2 c motzerella cheese, 2beten eggs. Mix together Nd rest for ten minutes. In parchment lined pizza pan spread out mixture. Bake at 450’ for ...
by patsypureheart on 19 Jul 18 11:08 PM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
my goal for the month 5lbs small steps first if I loose more then it will be a perfect goal.
by Italian girl 1962 on 19 Jul 18 11:35 AM