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Yep agree with mummydee, my doctor told me I had a low metabolism and had to adjust (took me under three years and a gain of thirty kg before I did), was not really a big eater, was told to watch what ...
by AKRSAR on 16 Sep 14 03:37 PM
Should you weigh yourself when you are going to the gym 3 times a week
Lunarios, different types of pounds can look very different on a person and it becomes a question of how well your weight is actually reflecting your goals. You may be maintaining or even gaining weight ...
by gnat824 on 16 Sep 14 03:00 PM
Love progress
Enjoy your race:)
by helenapatra on 16 Sep 14 02:35 PM
Started Atkins Diet - Weight Loss is Slow -
Hello Coffee-mate - First question - how much are you trying to lose? 6lbs might not be too bad! Second question - have you read the Atkins books- specifically "A New Atkins for a New You? If not, ...
by Donnmur on 16 Sep 14 01:54 PM
Fed Up (2014) Documentary
As for being personal, these are your words: "you just don’t want to take any accountability for your own action none zero… You are just going to believe anyone that offers you this; you’re not ...
by marissastewart on 16 Sep 14 01:42 PM
Really Doing This!
Ice cream is my weakness as well!! When I am on my diet, I do well, it's just when those massive cravings hit, the ones where you can just smell it all day, he encourages me to follow that desire!!! ...
by Brittney0808 on 16 Sep 14 12:58 PM