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Atkins Followers
Mjgh06 - be careful with what you are eating. My cholesterol and LDL went to the moon doing Atkins. Yes, you can eat all you want but I would not eat as much high fat as most people do. Check your ...
by Sarah Keith on 23 Jul 18 06:26 AM
Hello...New to the LCHF Group
I've been LCHF/ Keto for about 18 months now. I was very strict the first few months and dropped 30 lbs. I was doing lazy keto after that with limited results. I gave it a renewed commitment this year ...
by USNADad on 23 Jul 18 06:09 AM
Delete Account
by glnr.srcm on 23 Jul 18 02:21 AM
Positive Affirmations
Hello everyone :d I am looking for some friends who can encourage one another by posting Positive Affirmations whenever they are on the site. I myself am looking forward in this journey but I am taking ...
by Born 2 Win on 23 Jul 18 02:02 AM
How do I add nutrition facts for different portions/metrics for food?
Not all the food I eat is the same weights as given in food list. Is there a way of say halving the portion?
by samsara11 on 23 Jul 18 01:46 AM
July 19 - 22, 2018 blood sugars
7/20= fbs 115; noon 157; 5 pm 176; hs 207 7/21=. 119; 131; 163; 179 7/22= 123; 125; 106; 175 7/23=. 81;
by ginger dog on 22 Jul 18 07:01 PM