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Discontinued line!!
I am so cross :( . I emailed one of our most popular supermarkets to ask if they still sell low carb snacks.( they use to sell cerial bars and chocolate etc). They emailed me back stating they have di ...
14 replies, last reply by Reina Estrella, 7 years ago.   2,180 views.
started by debbie28.   
Hi I have been on induction now for 2weeks and have lost 2 kilo's / 4 pounds I have been using the sticks and show no ketosis at all. I was wondering if I have lost weight due to going to the gym?: ...
19 replies, last reply by Not2Late, 7 years ago.   3,219 views.
started by Gabriele 31.   
Afraid of the scale?
I don't know why I am afraid of weighing myself every week. I see some people weigh in every day and I have a hard time weighing in once a week. I just don't want to be disappointed by all the ...
17 replies, last reply by mom&maid, 7 years ago.   845 views.
started by sararay.   
Could all my girls check in?
I have not been here in a while and I just want to make sure all of you are ok. Everyone please check in and tell me how the weight loss is going and everything else in life. I have not been on my diet ...
8 replies, last reply by dharper1, 7 years ago.   910 views.
started by baahh10.   
Non-Atkins people rating recipes
So, I've posted a couple of Atkins recipes, and I see that people who are on other diets have commented and told everyone just why that recipe isn't good for their particular diet. What's the ...
6 replies, last reply by lorik, 7 years ago.   1,392 views.
started by CheeseHippy.   
I'm new too!
I joined last week, but haven't really met anyone yet. I know how important it is to have diet buddies! I've lost over 100 pounds twice before and am hoping the 3rd is the charm. I know last time ...
4 replies, last reply by sararay, 7 years ago.   665 views.
started by Star541.   
Seems to be the only one that works
I've tried calorie counting and other methods, but Atkins seems to be the one that works for me. Back in 2003 I had ballooned up to 221 from 180 due to a lot of major negative things happening in my ...
2 replies, last reply by Snowcat, 7 years ago.   670 views.
started by Weaselpuppy.   
Don't know where to start!
:? I am frustrated, don't even know if I have the energy to do this but want to try since they will soon need a forklift to remove me from my house if I get any bigger. Looking for some support to ...
5 replies, last reply by sararay, 7 years ago.   889 views.
started by Impalagirl.   
Menstrual cycle and Atkins
:?: Does anyone know what the effect of our (ladies only) menstrual cycle and doing Atkins or any diet? I seem to stop dropping weight days before,during and days after! Any ideas or techniques???
3 replies, last reply by sararay, 7 years ago.   4,507 views.
started by nancy19770211.   
home from fantasy thinking
:? well im home from vacation and i am just got my internet back up and running and tv also and know i need to get my thinking into low carb thinking again i hope we all can fight this battle love she ...
no replies.   563 views.
started by rodsgurl, 7 years ago.   
New to site but not to Atkins!!!!
Hi all, My name is Tracey and I am new to this site but not to low carb diets. A few years back I went from 213 to 188 and wow did I feel so much better. In July I started again and am now down to 175 ...
7 replies, last reply by sararay, 7 years ago.   996 views.
started by TNorris.   
What to eat when you're not feeling well?
I am on Induction right now and I was wondering what else I can eat on Atkins while I am feeling under the weather. Especially because I think I may not actually be sick, but detoxing from candida. I ...
10 replies, last reply by lorik, 7 years ago.   765 views.
started by sararay.   
Lo Carb Heaven!!!
Thought some of you would want to check out this site. Some of the items are a bit pricey ... but just check out all the great things it has to offer!!! Go to .... oh my!!!:shock: :d ;)
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started by lorik, 7 years ago.   
What is your BMI?
Ladies have any of you got your BMI numbers yet? The number you want to be is 25. If you are 25 you are "average", and over 25 is overweight. How close are you to 25? It also says the av ...
4 replies, last reply by Reina Estrella, 7 years ago.   766 views.
started by baahh10.   
Do Eggs Count???
Hi! Just wondering if each egg counts as a carb? I thought the eggs were like meat but the box says 1 carb. That really bites, lol. I need to go back over my Atkin's book I guess. It's been a ...
11 replies, last reply by Angel_Fire, 7 years ago.   1,491 views.
started by lorik.   
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Babskk wrote: hi Trish, Change is in your future! the pie graph at the bottom of the journal could be very useful for you to see how the carbs are going each day. veggies are pretty important and soup ...
by pjk46 on 20 Dec 14 08:52 PM
The Corliss Group Latest Tech Review 6 Tietoverkkojen Vinkkejä Joulua
Huolissaan ostoksia verkossa tänä jouluna? Et ole yksin. Tietoverkkojen rikkomuksista suurten vähittäismyyjien vanavedessä monet ihmiset Älä tuntea olonsa turvallis ...
by Andreaamoro8 on 20 Dec 14 08:23 PM
Does anyone else get tired after eating breakfast?
Hi BigBear, I would really consider going for the apnea test. I was not sleeping and really thought I had apnea. It caused me stress thinking about whether or not I had this condition, so I finally ...
by dragonwisdom on 20 Dec 14 08:14 PM
Shortage in RDI
OH WOW, I never did the ideal weight calculator on that site, just used the rdi calculator. It says I should be between 107 and 145 and at 59 years old I hope i never get down to 107 !! However FS ...
by mummydee on 20 Dec 14 06:54 PM
I agree
Agree. It must be maintainable.
by KayeGirl on 20 Dec 14 06:00 PM
VALUABLE RESOURCE The Best Antioxidants and Superfoods
Unfortunately a good idea in the 90s was turned into an industry money maker... As soon as the FDA gets hold of any idea this is what happens. Not disputing that some of these super foods are good ...
by mummydee on 20 Dec 14 12:49 PM

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Measure and track. Measure and track. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to have to do that with Atkins, but if you don't you will never get anywhere. And if you're like me, your overall app ...
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