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Good Scale?
Hi Everyone- I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good bathroom scale? I currently have a digital one that is the "Thinner" brand. It has always been a bit crazy; you can step on 5 times ...
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Eat Fats, Get Skinny?
[url] This is an article from the OttawaCitizen. Nov 22 2007 Results from studies done on the Atkins diet.
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started by sararay.   
Odd Question
Has this diet ever just not worked for someone? Or if done properly is it pretty much a sure thing? Just curious, lol know I am in ketosis.. just feel the weight isn't coming off fast enough. Afraid ...
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ketosis strips
My ketosis strips have been purple for 3 days now...I am in serious fat burning! Its so exciting! although I am eating maybe 10 to 15 carbs a day....
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started by mommyof3.   
Anyone over eat carbs one day and stay in ketosis?
I ate a good 50 carbs today. I felt like crud all I ate more carbs than I should. I dont bother with ketostix just curious... Ill tell you those few extra carbs made all the dif ...
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Ok, so I really want to start eating these considering I have cut out dairy and I know avocadoes are super good for you. But ummm I cut one in half yesterday and started to scarf it and just couldn't ...
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new to this
Hi I am new to this, found it listed in my current Woman's Day magazine, I think it was. It sounded like a good thing, so here I am!! I need all the support and encouragement I can get and will share ...
1 reply, last reply by evelyn64, 10 years ago.   1,057 views.
started by misslala.   
A New Way of Life
Let's do something fun!!! In what ways will your life change by losing this weight? Who will benefit? What will you be able to do that you couldn't do before? Being on a diet and making life ...
1 reply, last reply by alissabill, 10 years ago.   1,583 views.
started by Reina Estrella.   
Breakfast Foods
The only reason I really wanted to start this post was because I (like many of you, probably) don't have much time in the morning... What are your favorite quick breakfasts??? I have just discovered ...
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I HATE THIS!!!!!!!
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started by trojas84405, 10 years ago.   
Business Dinner
I have a meeting on Thursday night with a vendor from work. They all want to go to a fancy Mexican restaurant, which will make it extremely hard to stick to my diet. I know I can be good, but I don& ...
6 replies, last reply by sararay, 10 years ago.   2,160 views.
started by Courtney26.   
Fresh AM Pee
Does yours smell like fertilizer too?
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started by Shannon_21, 10 years ago.   
When the scale doesnt budge
Excellent!!!!!!! Info for us!!!!!!!
2 replies, last reply by slease, 10 years ago.   1,342 views.
started by Shannon_21.   
I gained two pounds!
I have been on Atkins for two weeks, the first week I lost two pounds, this week I found them. I have been weighing everyday and I am soooo irritated that I have gained two pounds, I did stick to the ...
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started by librarian.   
Akins Breakfast - Suggestions Needed
Come on then people, what are you all having for breakfast. I am sick of eggs, bacon and such like. What are people eating, I need to know, Pleeeeeeeeease! :x
8 replies, last reply by jessybob, 10 years ago.   3,713 views.
started by SlimBoy.   
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Choose a woe that will work for you (woe=way of eating) something that you can do for a long time. There is Atkins, counting calories, low carb high fat - check out the diets on this site. Some choose ...
by butterfliesrfree on 20 Apr 18 03:52 PM
Reasonably well?!
Just a note tho, on the phone App, I don't have the option of selecting anything but weight change. It just defaults to "Reasonably Well"
by sophie-annebergeron on 20 Apr 18 10:08 AM
Foods I add to the database don't show up for other users.
I think it's a search issue - you have to put in the exact same wording in order for the right thing to pop up. I tried to get a count for some beans I bought, and when I did a full search, 3 diff ...
by abbadabba on 19 Apr 18 10:31 PM
Resisting the urge!
Yay! Good job
by abbadabba on 19 Apr 18 10:24 PM
Is Fatsecret just for keto dieters?
Nope. Not at all. I love FatSecret and I am hard core Whole Food Plant Based. I did Keto for years until I studied things objectively and in detail. See Dr Dean Ornish, Dr John McDougall, Forks Over K ...
by jmegert on 19 Apr 18 08:27 PM
Signed up to eat more vegetables per day. More then 5 serving per day. Ate a lot of arugula and more mandarine oranges....
by Sunny Yi on 19 Apr 18 08:13 PM

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New Snack tip. I spread cheese onto slices of cucumbers and eat my tuna with celery stalks!
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