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Also is this diet ok???
Just to check that I AM ON TRACK when I start 2mrw I have planned this menu. Breakfast Poached egg or scrambled with cream 1 rasher of bacon Lunch 1 cup of salad with cheese and chicken Dinner 1 cup ...
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started by used2bthin.   
how long to stay in induction???
I have to lose 88lb :roll: from 105kg down to 62kg so I was wondering how long I should stay on the induction phase. I have heard conflicting information. One site I visited said "the minimum for ...
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Also exercise with atkins???
Who is exercising while on Atkins and how much exercise?
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Newbi says Hi...
Hi All, I'm new to this website but not to Atkins, I've tried it before but only made it for a week. This time i'm shooting for the whole enchilada... I've been on it for a week and ...
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started by Lisa53.   
Are lemons ok for induction?
I have just realised that I always squeeze fresh lemon juice in my water........... just something I have always done. Is this a no-no for induction?????:shock:
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started by used2bthin.   
Ladies, that time of the month.
Question.. do you ladies find that your weight loss slows or even halts during your period due to water retention?
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started by time4achange.   
Answering my own question
:oops: :roll: Obviously, I'm so new here, I haven't mastered the kitchen yet. Pork skins are loaded with fat but have no carbs. Should be OK on Atkins. Answering my own question!
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started by tzipy, 8 years ago.   
Mushroom Pills???
I read an article about mushroom pills that beat carb cravings (in the Dec. 24th issue of Woman's World) and was wondering if anyone knew anything about this or if anyone has actually tried this?!? ...
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started by lorik.   
Also exercise with atkins???
Who is exercising while on Atkins and how much exercise?
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started by used2bthin, 8 years ago.   
Multi Vitamin and supplements
I was wondering what some people have been taking for a multi-vitamin, I am having trouble finding a good one that doesn't include Iron. Also I have trouble swallowing big pills (haven't really ...
3 replies, last reply by shell bell, 8 years ago.   1,159 views.
started by Jducky996.   
Exercise for Thought..
Found this @ & thought some of you would benefit from reading... Top 5 Reasons to Love A.M. Exercise Exercising early in the morning "jump starts" your metabolism, k ...
5 replies, last reply by Pking, 8 years ago.   1,390 views.
started by lorik.   
15 Pound Christmas Challenge!
[IMG]http://i213.photobucket.c... Please, no more sign ups! I don't want to not include people, but the goal of this is 15 pounds by Christmas and I don't think starting late is good because then ...
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started by jeansie.   
Diet Plateaus, ways to address them
Atkins covers in his book ways to jumpstart your diet if you are stuck and not showing any weight loss. He does point out that plateaus, as in a stop in weight loss, are normal and not uncommon in later ...
12 replies, last reply by surrealchereal, 8 years ago.   2,217 views.
started by tiamatj.   
Your ideal weight
I always find it interesting to look at what people weigh. Some people weigh 110 and want to lose more, some are on the other end of the spectrum. What about you? What's your height & ideal ...
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started by acw114.   
To all of you out there
Just wanna say MERRY CHRISTMAS to all!!! OUR Computer bit the dust this past friday, i am sending this email to you from my daughters house, so ya all know i am still here, alive and well, and ready for ...
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started by mygranners.   
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My Buddy
:badgrin: Today my best friend and I decided to start on a new adventure. We will work together and encourage each other to lose some weight. We have both gained weight and both ready to get healthy once ...
by kitten1960 on 04 May 16 12:01 PM
Losing Weight & Not Tryng To!
iluvmypets wrote: Alcohol does immediate damage to the body.The instant that clear cut toxin passes your lips, cell damage begins to occur. And then it continues on through the digestive track and so much ...
by rabbitjb on 04 May 16 10:06 AM
warrenwinter wrote: Many on here are turning to intermittent fasting, if not just at times after cheating or eating large meals. Get normalized on just skipping some meals. Follow the advice on here. ...
by westcoastbroke on 04 May 16 09:50 AM
how do you record ready meals when eaten?
Maybe being a bit think with this but how do you record the calories in a ready meal please?
by catzs on 04 May 16 09:04 AM
yes jamiqua, I agree, they do follow ups, they even air updates. It's still part of the show business production marketing tool. But to have extensive programs with the contestants to avoid such c ...
by iluvmypets on 04 May 16 07:39 AM
Site seems to be getting outdated isn't it?
yeah - this forum format does need work. I had no idea about TDEE or MFP - thank you for showing it. I have zero desire to figure out each day what I can eat back based on what I did - i'll stick ...
by schase02 on 04 May 16 05:57 AM

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