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highlighted my own hair
it looks ok but in one area it looks like i got more in one spot but hay it comes with learning next time it will be better but it looks ok i tried to take a picture i did but i look so white so im going ...
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started by rodsgurl.   
What are YOU eating for dinner tonight?
I'm getting pretty bored with the same stuff every night so I am bringing this topic back. Let me know what you are eating tonight so I can get some ideas. Love ya!
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started by baahh10.   
confession time
I was drinking a mt dew a regular i didnt getit half drank when i started reading here and i saw every body weight loss i thought doen the sink you go and i got 32 oz of water in stead but i did excerise ...
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started by rodsgurl.   
Needing something more and don't have the money for gym memberships or fancy equipment
I try to walk 45 minutes a day. I enjoy the outdoors usually...when dogs aren't chasing me around my neighborhood. I've recently began doing the mini work outs On Demand on my digital cable and ...
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started by Reina Estrella.   
Workout DVDs/Tapes
Hi all...yes I'm posting once again...I love this site bc of the input and advice i can get from all of you on here...I'd like to know if anyone has any workout tapes or dvd's they'd r ...
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started by Reina Estrella.   
Stuck on Atkins- L-Carnitine
I have been on Atkins for about 2 weeks, and I haven't lost any weight in fact I have gained a few pounds. I have started taking L-Carnitine because it is said that it helps turn fat into energy. ...
10 replies, last reply by rodsgurl, 6 years ago.   10,931 views.
started by Kelly1.   
4 mile challenge
let all us walkers have a 4 mile challenge this week to see if we can all do this love to all shelly and yes i am feeling very competative yippeee so the challenge is on love shelly.:d :d :d :d
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started by rodsgurl.   
down a 1/2 pound
yayy i will take it it is a loss and it is weight comeing off and i am so happy to say im on my way down the latter yippy yi yoo ki yayyyy. any way i hope you all have a wonderful day and remember lets ...
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started by rodsgurl.   
my ticker
how come my ticker doesnt show the loss im down to 202.5 whats up with that.
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started by rodsgurl, 6 years ago.   
Is it Water Weight???
:badgrin: Hey, is there a reason why I've been running to the bathroom to pee all day and I am drinking the same amount of fluids as usual! Is it water weight coming off????? Someone please say it ...
1 reply, last reply by rodsgurl, 6 years ago.   558 views.
started by lorik.   
low carb shake
i had a victory tonight i went for the low carb/reduced calorie bread and i was going to make a grilled cheese sandwich and instead i went for the atkins shake for dinner yayy go me love shelly.:d ;) ...
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started by rodsgurl, 6 years ago.   
A little challenge
A week with no soda. Diet Coke, Diet Pepsi, Diet Sprite...anything. I NEED it, but it slows down our weight loss. Did you know caffine is not a part of our diet? So I am giving everyone a little c ...
35 replies, last reply by jeansie, 6 years ago.   3,037 views.
started by baahh10.   
fried eggs
why im posting this i dont know but i am so into fried eggs cause there juicer then scrambled i think cause of the yolk. :d any way i am also really trying to drink alot more water then any thing else ...
1 reply, last reply by Reina Estrella, 6 years ago.   690 views.
started by rodsgurl.   
low carb ice cream
OH MY GOSH! The low carb ice cream someone suggested was AMAZING! It was Bryers low carb ice cream, rocky road. It was ONLY 4 net carbs, and If you are an ice cream nut like I am you will LOVE IT!!!!!! ...
9 replies, last reply by lorik, 6 years ago.   1,685 views.
started by baahh10.   
i so use to love swimming as a sort of excercise but since i almost lost my husband to swimming i dont swim any more any way i do walk and do strength training so that part is good i love you all loveto ...
2 replies, last reply by lorik, 6 years ago.   700 views.
started by rodsgurl.   
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day default
Oh I go to the right day every time, and my food and exercise update and my weight is correct as well. The only problem I have is with my challenges. On every challenge it shows my last weigh in as Aug ...
by msbuggirl on 22 Aug 14 11:37 AM
drinking water strategy
That's exactly what I have been doing! LOL, atleast I got one thing correct on this diet!
by pwrestlephoto on 22 Aug 14 10:47 AM
Cauliflower pizza
I've never tried this with cauliflower but when I need to get liquid out of zucchini I shred it and pile it in a tea towel. Spin the towel until the zucchini is in a ball and squeeze the towel. ...
by Vickie 5966 on 22 Aug 14 09:58 AM
I am on the Atkins diet on induction and gaining weight! Please help.
Laylaindy, you say you've read the books but by the look of your diet calendar you didn't understand the main rules. As posted before, you must eat 20 net gms of carbs a day, going under do ...
by mummydee on 22 Aug 14 09:36 AM
Don't look at the total weight you have to lose. Try to break it down in attainable goals. Start with a goal of 10#, then create a new goal. Then add in exercise. I will walk for 20 minutes 3 days ...
by Sherillynn on 22 Aug 14 08:40 AM
:) I take it after 1485 in calories yesterday, halting my drinking of water after 7PM seemed to help... Next weigh in Friday August 29, 2014 need to atleast get to 154-155/ Need to exercise more and tweek ...
by pwrestlephoto on 22 Aug 14 07:29 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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