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Does it seem at times that the diet gods are against you? Have you ever noticed as your eating your way in to oblivian that life seems to be going as smooth as the groceries going down your throat...and ...
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started by BCLenny.   
Starting Up.
Hi every1 I'm new to this n wondering do u post ur weigh in or is it a seperate site to track ur weight?
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started by Analisa1.   
menstrual cycle
yes it can if you are on a very low calorie diet.Or if you have a lot of stress in your life that can also cause skipped periods.
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started by clare-paula.   
Atkins misconceptions
PLEASE NOTE: I realise that this was submitted to an Atkins board, and I do not intend my comments to offend people. I am writing this to explain why the "gaspers" may feel the way they do. ...
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need fat and calories
I am on Atkins I need more food choices for fat and more calories...any suggestion that won't mess with my carbs and I think my protein is ok too. I am new at this and can use all the help I can get. ...
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started by BCLenny.   
Flaxseed & Flax oil
FABULOUS FLAX: THE RICH NUTRIENTS IN FLAX 7 HEALTH-PROMOTING PROPERTIES OF FLAX Flax oil, flax seeds, and the omega-3 fatty acids they contain are good for your he ...
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started by DeniseTra, 8 years ago.   
dazed and confused
I just joined today, I have 72lbs to lose...again...I am trying Atkins..any tips would be appreciated. Is there a carb counter on board? I am also a new diabetic a result of my bad eating and lack of ...
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started by BCLenny.   
Place on site to find rate of weight loss
Hi, Is there a place on the site that tells you " at this rate you will reach your goal in 4 weeks"? I have seen this message pop up every so often...I think Thank You all!!
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started by MyGuess.   
Net Carbs
How critical during induction is it that we hit 20 carbs exactly? I realize we should not go over...but what effect will it have if we are, for example, at 15? :?
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started by szqnva.   
Low-Carb recipes
So not sure how many people on this site are regular on the forum, but for those that aren't, here is an awesome low-carb recipe site. I've tried 3 recipes so far, and they are ...
1 reply, last reply by elfprincess, 8 years ago.   1,340 views.
started by DeniseTra.   
Anyone doing Aktins?
Hi all! I am on Atkins and I am new here! Still searching the site! I hope there are other Atkin followers? Support is something I need badly! Hope to hear from others~ Vicki
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started by vicki175.   
I was bad last night when out n i had to have cheese cake but today i m back to normal
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started by sweetiss.   
Awesome website
Hi lmkb here and I just found this site. Started the Atkins today after losing 30 pounds seven years ago and regaining 25 of those back. Guess I "found" them again! I'm 50 but feel 40 and ...
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started by lmkb.   
I am at about week 9-10 of the atkins diet. I did slim to no carbs for the first three weeks, then introduced a little more, and a little more, but I honestly have no idea how many a day Im eating. I ...
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Fruit Doesn’t ripen Any More, What’s Changed?
I don't know about the genetic engineering thing but I do know that they often ship things with chemicals to stop the ripening process...this is why we can get "seasonal" fruits year round ...
by katies71 on 23 May 18 09:16 PM
Weight Loss
Great job! Be proud of yourself. When I'm in Phase 2 of HCG I do my best not to socialize as much as normal due to enjoying the wine and Prosecco too much. Fortunately Phase 2 last only 6 wks. It also ...
by Rella918 on 23 May 18 06:38 PM
Adding Food Items
I know it can be done on the website
by abbadabba on 23 May 18 05:39 PM
Type 2 Diabetes
to get into ketosis most people need to be below 20 net carbs and not too much protein, high fat is the name of the game. if you are serious about doing a true keto diet you need to go to one of the many ...
by baskington on 23 May 18 04:11 PM
Lowering carbs will reverse T2 diabetes in 3 months
by jasonmiller1 on 23 May 18 03:52 PM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
5'4" 115-117lbs I also have a small frame. Around 124 now and have a small belly starting.
by laurajohnson2 on 23 May 18 12:40 PM

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