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Need support!
I am back! I was off nearly 2 weeks and have gained several of the lost pounds! I am doing this alone in my house hold. I really have no support for me, my family does not discourage what I am doing but ...
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started by vicki175.   
Putnam County NY--need an exercise buddy
Anyone in the Carmel, NY area who needs/wants an exercise buddy..I am on the induction phase of Atkins and need a buddy..Thanks
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started by ladyheart, 7 years ago.   
Is Atkins healthy?
Okay, First of all I'm not judging this diet. Iam interested in it. I have some concerns though and I figured atkineers would of maybe one time had the same concerns, so maybe you have done the re ...
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started by ajay.   
Help - Change Member Name
Please tell me how to change my member name. I don't want to discontinue and start all over, but I don't want my journals and posts to be all over the internet easily searched through Google.
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started by Meeme.   
New and exploring
Hi all! I'm on day 3 of this new way of eating and also on Fat Secret. I love this new website so far but I'm not sure how to request a friendship with diet buddies (other then my own friends ...
1 reply, last reply by Divided By Zero, 7 years ago.   838 views.
started by roderunr.   
My intentions are good but.......
Every morning I have good intentions, I look at myself in the mirror and all of my old clothes that don't fit and I tell myself today is going to be different. It starts out great, until late at n ...
3 replies, last reply by Divided By Zero, 7 years ago.   1,026 views.
started by lovinlocarb.   
I'm back and thanks DKling
The reason I haven't been active for a while is I found out I had shingles. Maybe THAT'S why I couldn't do even one jumping jack! The pain and weakness was so bad I could hardly function. ...
3 replies, last reply by Meeme, 7 years ago.   835 views.
started by Meeme.   
Celebrating with Kat!!!! No more diabetes meds!!!!
I asked Kat's permission to share this as she had posted it at the Atkins' message board. This is sooooooo cool! HIP HIP HOORAY KAT!!!!! "I'm soooo busy doing the happy dance,I can ...
5 replies, last reply by ajaikel, 7 years ago.   1,781 views.
started by mountain_mama.   
Anyone any ideas to make these more interesting? Ive had one today, bit boring tho.
2 replies, last reply by felicity5050, 7 years ago.   1,227 views.
started by rebecca73.   
sugar substitutes?
Is it true that sometimes when consuming too much artificial sweetners, the body becomes confused and thinks the substitute sugars are the real thing, so if on Atkins, your weight loss will stop or slow ...
3 replies, last reply by DragonChaser, 7 years ago.   1,795 views.
started by lynnmarie.   
How do I delete...
... A wrong weigh in? I posted the wrong weigh and would like to know how to remove it or correct it ? Thank you!
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started by CPinto, 7 years ago.   
Atkins bars
Hello...Just wondering what the real net carbs are for the Atkins bars. For instance, on the front of the cinnamon bun bar box it shows 3 net carbs, but the total carbs on back are 18g and fiber is 5g. ...
12 replies, last reply by Fruitylou, 7 years ago.   2,500 views.
started by afourn51.   
Atkins Ketone breath?
cnull500 wrote: However it i had to choose bad breath between fitting in a size 32 jean and being comfortable with my body. I would choose bad breath. lol Why does it have to be either/or? I'd p ...
3 replies, last reply by Maddison, 7 years ago.   5,032 views.
started by cnull500.   
Total Calories
Do I have to get as close to my daily calorie, carb, fiber, etc. allowance to lose weight? Cause sometimes I'm just not that hungry to eat at every meal. I thought that I read somewhere that you need ...
2 replies, last reply by Maddison, 7 years ago.   1,551 views.
started by blu_jeans.   
jump start
Someone told me if I felt I was losing too slow or gaining weight, to eat a piece of pizza over the weekend, then start induction again on Tues and it would jump start my losing...any ideas anyone?
1 reply, last reply by Maddison, 7 years ago.   1,029 views.
started by colleenlambert.   
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So So Sorry
SirHampton - what were you looking for? You said you wanted to learn from others and that you joined to get a better understanding of how everyone deals with this. What did you want to know? I feel like ...
by MelbGal on 25 Jun 17 12:05 AM
Calorie counter for Germany?
I'm interested in this too - spending some time in Berlin and Prague later in the year (exciting!!!!)
by MelbGal on 24 Jun 17 11:58 PM
Running tips
Hi All I'm new here. Trying to be a bit more mindful of my health and fitness these days and this forum looks like an awesome place to get advice and ideas. I don't want to lose weight - I'm ...
by MelbGal on 24 Jun 17 11:56 PM
Sharing meals
Can anyone tell me how to share foods that I have entered with the community? My wife cannot find meals and foods that I custom entered in Fatsecret database. Thanks in advance!
by asa3066 on 24 Jun 17 10:36 AM
Anyone know any low-carb or no-carb snacks?
The above is a good list of suggestions! I personally love jerky. It's low in fat, high protein and takes effort to eat, so it slows you down! If you're looking for a snack, it's a nice one ...
by Kishlette on 24 Jun 17 02:36 AM
I have familial high cholesterol. I was only 16 when diagnosed (after a family member was) and had a BMI of 19 at the time. I tried modifying my diet and doing more exercise but no approach could get it ...
by Kishlette on 24 Jun 17 02:29 AM

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