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Had gained 11 pounds but managed to lose 3 again now have another 3 to go just to get back on track. Had been in France eating drinking and carried the party on when I returned home, big mistake as the ...
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started by michele22150, 10 months ago.   
Fat Fast
Has anyone done a Fat Fast in the middle of being in Induction? I was just curious if it really made a difference or if being on Induction was enough. I've been on it for 2 weeks and feel like things ...
5 replies, last reply by SkinnyMinnie77, 10 months ago.   1,249 views.
started by geminigirl71.   
Fat Fast
What is it?
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started by geminigirl71.   
Hello - new this week!
Hello all! I joined this week. I'm following Atkins. Looking for support and to support others on this journey.
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started by COTAgal.   
Fat Fast - buddies
Hi all, I was wondering if anyone out there is doing the Atkins Fat Fast, I started today but would love some ideas, support, stories from others as well to keep the motivation going. I'm 5'7 ...
4 replies, last reply by SkinnyMinnie77, 10 months ago.   943 views.
started by SkinnyMinnie77.   
Weight Watchers or Atikins
I like both of these diets, but I can only pick one. I just can't make up my mind. One allows just about unlimited meats and fats, where the other allows almost unlimited fruits and veggies. Please ...
6 replies, last reply by messamermom, 10 months ago.   965 views.
started by mckeever.   
Atkins and foot/leg cramps
with Atkins have any of you seen an increase in foot/leg cramps at night???...if you have, what have you done to combat them...I have been very successful in losing and keeping weight off, but occasio ...
23 replies, last reply by NewBella, 10 months ago.   18,625 views.
started by CoachKaz.   
My breakfast
HEY~ Im 4 days into Atkins and I THINK I am doing well on it. I am trying to keep it under or at 20 carbs. I feel like I am doing stuff right but I wanted to copy a sample breakfast and get input on if ...
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started by geminigirl71.   
Craving sweet
I've been on induction for 10 days and doing great! I'm craving something sweet right now! What can I have? I don't have or use fake sugar. I don't like it. Help!
4 replies, last reply by geminigirl71, 10 months ago.   1,014 views.
started by geminigirl71.   
I am stuck on atkins
Hello, I have been on induction of the atkins diet for almost 4 weeks adn have lost only 7 lbs. I am not eating any whites what so ever. I log all my foods adn eat between 1000-1200 calories a day. I have ...
12 replies, last reply by Sherota, 10 months ago.   2,538 views.
started by vmoreno1210.   
weight not moving
I have not cheated but my weight has stalled for past 2 weeks. I lost 10lbs first 2 weeks and then nothing since. I eat just about the same things as when I started on induction. Has this happened to ...
16 replies, last reply by SISTER SARAH, 10 months ago.   2,127 views.
started by suerond.   
How to Record Martial Arts activities?
I began a kickboxing class about 6 months ago, and so I entered my exercise as "Boxing", which I figured was the closest. Now, I'm adding in some Jiu Jitsu, but I don't see anything ...
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started by chusbands, 10 months ago.   
hello I'm back
:d :d well today I started back I have gained back all the weight I had lost and add an extra 5 lbs. but I seem to be more mentally ready for it this time and also have got my menu and food together ...
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started by katmm, 10 months ago.   
mayo has carbs or doesnt have carbs???
on my bottle it says zero carbs so why does this site say it has carbs?????????????????????????...
13 replies, last reply by owlfeathers, 10 months ago.   2,032 views.
started by triciaherbst.   
Dreamfields Pasta
Do any of you eat it?? Do any of you believe there is only 5 digestible carbs, when the box says there are 41 carbs per serving??? Thoughts???
5 replies, last reply by eKatherine, 11 months ago.   1,699 views.
started by JBL12.   
Adjusting Rate of Weight Loss
I don't see how to enter a rapid weight loss into the calculation for determining your daily caloric intake. The highes I see is 1 lb per week. Is there a way to modify that to 2 lbs or more per week?
4 replies, last reply by momsalawyer, 11 months ago.   1,002 views.
started by momsalawyer.   
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Before and After, anyone?
Looks great! I have new photos to post. Tried it the other day but they are far too big. Will resize and post this week...
by Draglist on 16 Apr 14 08:46 AM
Morbid Obesity Buddies Group (JOIN US)
Hi Momjjja! Welcome to the group - this is a great site and you will find a lot of support here. Feel free to add me as a buddy if you want. This is a hard process but being here gives that additional ...
by steph55075 on 16 Apr 14 08:39 AM
Coffee increases Blood Sugar?
I would drink two cups of coffee before 4 pm, but I also added ice, so they were not boldly strong. Watered down coffee.
by Deb_N on 16 Apr 14 02:00 AM
Wieghtloss and Drinking Hot/Cold Water ?
Hydration is essential for good health and digestion. Water is your best choice.. The warm vs cold has been going on for a long time. Consuming water will make you feel fuller, it has no, ...
by Karen.sherck on 15 Apr 14 11:04 PM
How do you use the barcode scanner?
I was hoping the scanner would load foods in the data base. Does not seem to.
by wholefoodnut on 15 Apr 14 10:21 PM
Can you set your top limit for food intake numbers
Hi I am new to this site, is there a way to set my daily goal for calories, carbs, proteins etc? Tina
by TinaR16 on 15 Apr 14 10:13 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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