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Atkins Ketosis and going over 50 net grams of carbs
Today I skipped breakfast, and on an empty stomach (little choice involved in that decision) I went to a twelve o'clock fitness class. It was insane! I was doing squats on a boscu ball, push up lunges ...
13 replies, last reply by pinkcloudrising, 9 months ago.   3,060 views.
started by Gisme.   
Trying to figure out what to snack on at the movies instead of popcorn! How do you go to the movies and not eat popcorn? :shock:
25 replies, last reply by NCNOLE, 9 months ago.   4,133 views.
started by Traceyhartman.   
Challenge starts on Monday for Atkins Inductioners
Hey everyone! I added a challenge to complete a four week Induction phase for Atkins. I would really enjoy some company! I have about 95 pounds to lose which is why I am choosing to stay in Induction ...
3 replies, last reply by aprildmmm, 9 months ago.   1,232 views.
started by joanna811.   
Atkins Net Carbs
I'm in my first week here at fat secret. I was going to modify the carbs for an Akins bar on the nutritional food list so that it will enter correctly on my diet calendar. I'm not sure how to ...
4 replies, last reply by Miss Mazda, 9 months ago.   943 views.
started by Miss Mazda.   
Food Entry Question
Hi How can I add an item to my food journal that is my personal recipe, I know all the info, I dont want to add the whole recipe, just the nutritional stuff to my daily list- Thanx
3 replies, last reply by QuilterInVA, 9 months ago.   971 views.
started by avondarcye.   
how many calories dose orbit track burn ??
i bought orbit track:d :d :d :d :d :d how many calories dose orbit track burn in 1 hour ?:oops:
2 replies, last reply by Glaun, 9 months ago.   1,897 views.
started by dalia sweet.   
can i eat anything in low calories diet ?
hello:doubt: i want to lose weight by eating ( 800 ) kcal in 1 day so can i eat 250 kcal from snickers ?? and i will delete it from my 800 so i have now (550 ) kcal ??? or i just must eat healthy food ...
15 replies, last reply by thinner120, 9 months ago.   4,621 views.
started by dalia sweet.   
can i drink suger free coke and 7 up and vimto in my diet ?
hello:) am on low calories diet:? and i really want to drink diet 7up or coke or vimto or anything doesn't has calories in it :( so can i have i can per day?:oops: :oops: :oops:
6 replies, last reply by mummydee, 9 months ago.   1,797 views.
started by dalia sweet.   
Trying to enter food
Hi Everyone, I'm new here and I'm afraid I'm having problems already. I clicked on "Enter Food" and I see the Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Snack column but how do I enter the food? ...
3 replies, last reply by dreaming skinny jo, 9 months ago.   1,391 views.
started by dreaming skinny jo.   
I have been following adkins 7 says an being very careful well the beginning I has to change some things like I has hot dog ,bologna,balsamic vinegar.An I didn't realize that the heavy cream is a carb ...
1 reply, last reply by BELLA691967, 9 months ago.   611 views.
started by rozbudz13.   
what is BMR ??
hello;) i want to know what bmr mean my BMR is 1616.88. :oops: :oops: :oops: :oops:
2 replies, last reply by dalia sweet, 9 months ago.   1,378 views.
started by dalia sweet.   
I need help I am craving a sweet is it ok to have more than one adkins bar .Plus I'm hungry alot please help
5 replies, last reply by dollymadison, 9 months ago.   1,512 views.
started by rozbudz13.   
;) Hi everyone - I'm back on Atkins Induction for the third time in the past 9 years and now finished my 11th day. There is so much to learn since Atkins has been updated with so many changes, all ...
2 replies, last reply by Miss Mazda, 9 months ago.   1,412 views.
started by Miss Mazda.   
calories on atkins
hello all :) iam new on Atkins diet in the past i was unlimited from allow list on Atkins like nuts and cheese and chicken and little of fat and i gain alot of weight then someone told me that i should ...
12 replies, last reply by dalia sweet, 9 months ago.   2,541 views.
started by dalia sweet.   
Atkins net carb value versus FatSecret
I am lost...just ate a Atkins Advantage Chocolate Chip Granola Bar that says it only has 3 net carbs but my FatSecret has it listed as 14! Big difference and now I went over my allowed carbs total for ...
9 replies, last reply by longsnap, 9 months ago.   1,858 views.
started by longsnap.   
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How do you use the barcode scanner?
I was hoping the scanner would load foods in the data base. Does not seem to.
by wholefoodnut on 15 Apr 14 10:21 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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