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calorie intake
I look all over my calorie intake is suppose to be 2200 calories per day I am only managing about 1200 is that bad. I am doing atkins I try to eat veggies with all my meals. Any help will be appreciated
13 replies, last reply by indigo70, 9 months ago.   1,718 views.
started by williecomeback.   
Wonder why you are not losing even though you are eating less?
Here is a link on several key things that can keep us from losing weight. Hope this helps someone!
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started by alicat0665, 9 months ago.   
Atkins vs Carb Nite Solutions
I am back on the Atkins again starting today after a 3 day weekend of being social. I have been reading bits and pieces on various sites about the Carb Nite Solutions diet. Has anyone done this and is ...
3 replies, last reply by ladivaluz, 9 months ago.   1,419 views.
started by ladivaluz.   
When to go to phase 2
I am just finishing my first week of induction. Do you stay in the induction phase until you have 30 lkbs or less to lose then go to phase 2. Kristal
7 replies, last reply by tewey, 9 months ago.   1,607 views.
started by KProuty69.   
Induction Breakfast sick of Eggs suggestion
I hate eggs for breakfast after 3 days...makes me nauseous. Today I heated 2 strips of precooked bacon, placed on two romaine lettuce leaves, sprinkled cheese, added tiny bit of diced tomato and mayo. ...
19 replies, last reply by AnnThom, 9 months ago.   6,741 views.
started by riggli.   
Ok so what should my percentages be on Adkins? looked couldnt find info and I have the book....So sad I know. My eye sight sucks for reading small print so HELP PLEASE ANYONE. how much, protien, how much ...
7 replies, last reply by rainrshine, 9 months ago.   4,573 views.
started by KIMMERANNE.   
Weight went up!
I followed Atkins 100% but I had 2 Atkins bars yesterday. Maybe that's why I gained 0.4lbs compared to yesterday's weight. That's not what I was hoping for. I even went to Aquafit for an hour. ...
5 replies, last reply by rb280z, 9 months ago.   1,140 views.
started by Jackhenry.   
I know that breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day - right? But for me, I don't like to eat early. I always have coffee with heavy Whipping Cream in the morning. Sometimes ...
14 replies, last reply by AnnThom, 9 months ago.   6,674 views.
started by alexzwk.   
Fat Secret and Recipes
I find myself getting frustrated putting in recipes. The measurement is 1 cup but serving size for the item (splenda) was 1 tablespoon- so I have to figure out how many tablespoons are in a cup? Or if ...
2 replies, last reply by riocaz, 9 months ago.   1,181 views.
started by catseyedawn.   
Hi, I am new to this. Can anyone tell me what is moderate ketosis is and if it is good or bad? Kristal
2 replies, last reply by KProuty69, 9 months ago.   961 views.
started by KProuty69.   
I am trying to lose my belly fat. I posted a forum on my forum but it didn't show up.
3 replies, last reply by Toubylou, 9 months ago.   2,194 views.
started by Wodfreak.   
Atkins advantage bar carb count
Hi- does anyone know why the meal tracker is counting total carbs for the Atkins bars instead of Net carbs? Thanks
2 replies, last reply by Jackhenry, 9 months ago.   996 views.
started by Jackhenry.   
Atkins help
Good Morning All, I need some help. I am a long time Atkins dieter who fell off the wagon last year and gained about 20 pounds back. I came back to my senses and started this journal a couple months ...
9 replies, last reply by mummydee, 9 months ago.   3,118 views.
started by alexzwk.   
Not new, but newly back and needing some weight loss buddies!
Hey guys, I am a 30 year old mom of 3 and I am serious about changing my lifestyle. I work out 5 times per week. I am following Atkins, and the weight is coming off. I just need some more buddies. ...
22 replies, last reply by KProuty69, 9 months ago.   7,536 views.
started by amanda123.   
food diary
Does anyone know where to find the Food Diary? I want to add a food item that is not in the fatsecret data base and their instructions say to go to the Diary and click on "add food". Anyone?
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 9 months ago.   941 views.
started by winkyflo.   
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New From Alabama
Welcome to the site. Lots of folks here to help you.
by Draglist on 22 Jul 14 10:52 PM
My workout problem...
Thank you :) Any at home suggestions?
by Cloudie27 on 22 Jul 14 08:49 PM
My name's Claudia but you can call me Cloudie :)
My goals are the same as yours. I am 131 lbs now and trying to make it down to 118 or at least get leaner. I have developed cellulite around my butt and thighs and I think I caught a glimpse of it on ...
by MyLissa2 on 22 Jul 14 08:47 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Once a week is best for me
by wrkn2beme on 22 Jul 14 08:06 PM
fed up tonight :-(
wish there was a 'like' button Gnat, that's a good one.
by mummydee on 22 Jul 14 07:47 PM
Andy, welcome. Check out my blog,, to see how I did 70 in a year and 140 overall. Fatsecret was a huge part of it. Best of luck.
by Draglist on 22 Jul 14 07:12 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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