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Hi there.
I'm Andi. I'm sixteen years old. I have EDNOS and wanted to join a positive weight loss community in hopes of maybe having some more positive and healthy influences on my goals and thoughts rather ...
by Pneumothorax on 02 Jun 15 02:25 AM
Exercise blahhhh
maktrim1 wrote: Yea.......... But you want to loose weight then exercising is the key for it I don't exercise and I am losing weight
by howzat4u on 02 Jun 15 12:23 AM
I want chocolate
wasted calories that will not aide you in weight loss
by howzat4u on 02 Jun 15 12:19 AM
that is great shan you are doing well :)
by dialla3201 on 01 Jun 15 07:22 PM
more info on clean eating
[url=http://www.thegraciouspan... having withdrawals starting a new lifestyle click here[/url] Not feeling good today my cravings for sugar and bread is terrible so I looked withdrawals up and found ...
by dialla3201 on 01 Jun 15 07:18 PM
Body Fat Percentages
Rabicajon, your link is to an article on running shoes. Please update your post to show the link on body fat percentages.
by Draglist on 01 Jun 15 04:36 PM