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weight watchers e tools
does anyone use weight watchers etools? I wouls like to know what they are - I think it maybe unecessary money spent...
5 replies, last reply by angelathomas, 6 years ago.   4,679 views.
started by kbf1.   
I was wondering...
Last week I posted a recipe on the site and I got a message from them saying that the recipe had to be reviewed before it could be posted. Does anyone know how long it takes them to post a recipe after ...
2 replies, last reply by michbe1, 6 years ago.   938 views.
started by michbe1.   
hi everyone, I'm new to this site and was wondering if there is a way to keep track of the posts you make and the responses. I somehow expected email messages saying someone had responded but t ...
1 reply, last reply by michbe1, 6 years ago.   623 views.
started by pennycuts.   
great recipe
If you like jalepeno poppers but not how fattening they are, I found a recipe for a "swap" as they call it. This site has lots of "swaps" for popular fatty foods. http://www.hungry ...
2 replies, last reply by catty, 6 years ago.   681 views.
started by michbe1.   
same points - but healthy vs unhealthy - how does it effect weight loss?
I tracked all my points today, got in all my fruits/veggies, dairy and plenty of water. I did write everything down and stay in my point range, but I did not eat totally "healthy" - fried cheese ...
1 reply, last reply by angelathomas, 6 years ago.   753 views.
started by bk on the wagon AGAIN.   
New member
I just joined this site and would like a ww buddy or two....for support and maybe to share weekly emails?!
3 replies, last reply by michbe1, 6 years ago.   676 views.
started by leahan.   
Great Recipe! A must try!
While looking for some meal ideas yesterday on Zaar I found this recipe and thought I should share it as it sounds so good. Sesame chicken. Serve with 1/2 cup cooked rice and some boiled broccli and you ...
1 reply, last reply by helen-uk, 6 years ago.   873 views.
started by jass1202.   
I have a question
I did weight watchers before but is was 8 years ago. It worked but then I had my son and I got lazy and didn't try hard enough to lose the weight. I know they changed things but the last time I did ...
3 replies, last reply by pennycuts, 6 years ago.   654 views.
started by michbe1.   
Here's to next summer's new wardrobe!
I’m 36, and jumping onto the WW wagon.. again. I’m frustrated, and unhappy with myself these days. I spend too much time wondering why I can’t ever accomplish my weight loss goal. I spend too much time ...
2 replies, last reply by pennycuts, 6 years ago.   808 views.
started by pennycuts.   
Cereal Suggestions?
If anyone has any low-ish point cereal suggestions they would be much appreciated. I usually have very little time to eat in the morning before my daughter starts waking up and needing mommy. Or if you ...
3 replies, last reply by annapineapples, 6 years ago.   835 views.
started by annapineapples.   
Tuna 2 or 3 points per 6 oz can?
A 6 oz drained Tuna Can has 2 or 3 points? For some reason I am not sure it said its 50 calories per serving and the can total was 2.5 servings. If I add up the calories that makes 125 calories. but if ...
2 replies, last reply by jass1202, 6 years ago.   957 views.
started by jass1202.   
Hey ,, I have lost 82 pounds in four years on this wonderful plan but on June 2 I broke my ankle and therefore cannot walk my two beautiful dogs.. 4 pounds I have put on.. Any suggestions..
3 replies, last reply by annapineapples, 6 years ago.   863 views.
started by Supermom.   
Drinking water
Is it posible that I weight more in the morning before eating if I drank a lot of water the day before? On saturday weight in I weight 175 lbs and was 175 till today. Then today I weight myself in the ...
4 replies, last reply by Frenche10, 6 years ago.   915 views.
started by jass1202.   
Anyone out there doing core??
2 replies, last reply by shr_tts, 6 years ago.   829 views.
started by Jjaxson.   
Which Multivitamin to take?
There are plenty of multivitamins in the store. Which ones are good and safe to take? I heard these multivitamins have some amounts of caffeine. Is it true?
2 replies, last reply by pinkskullery, 6 years ago.   868 views.
started by Ak2705.   
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Coffee increases Blood Sugar?
FYI for anyone who drinks coffee and is also interested in their calcium, I just read about Caffeine at the Harvard Medical School website If you’ve got a four-or-more cups-a-day ...
by Deb_N on 17 Apr 14 10:56 PM
Before and After, anyone?
Good job Christy!!!
by iamachristianjesusfreak on 17 Apr 14 09:46 PM
Garcinia Cambogia
Several people in our department went to him after one person lost 30 pounds really fast. One person keeps going back to him doing the yoyo dance. She has spent several thousands of dollars, our insu ...
by wholefoodnut on 17 Apr 14 08:38 PM
Keep smiling!
And our best to you as well. Good luck on your journey!
by Draglist on 17 Apr 14 07:58 PM
It's much easier than it used to be. You simply to go the Exercise entry that you put in and zero out the exercise to zero hours and zero minutes.
by Draglist on 17 Apr 14 07:57 PM
Older Yet Feeling I can finally lose the weight no longer how long it takes!
Happy Easter. You can do it for sure!
by Draglist on 17 Apr 14 07:41 PM

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This is a good starting point, but you really need an exercise plan to maximize the results. Even if it is just walking. Get moving!
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