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when i was signing up i went to page 2 and hit the back button
now i can't see results or what i included nor can i correct anything i want to change where is this account information?
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started by redeinca, a week ago.   
Changing The Activity
How do you change the activity levels. Sleeping able to be changed however the resting category was not. Nothing is accounted for no work or any other activity. No one sleeps hours then rest another 16 ...
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started by ValueShopper.   
Setting macro goals in RDI?
Hi, I'm a newbie, over from MFP. Can I set my own macros? I am on a ketogenic diet, so I'm tracking fat, protein and carbs, and I'd like to put my percentage or grams goals in for each. Is ...
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started by gravyst.   
Create A Recipe In My Cookbook
How do you create a recipe in my cookbook? Specifically using the ingredients entered in account and not with a random search or other members accounts. How to create a recipe without sharing it with the ...
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started by ValueShopper.   
Calculating Stock
Hi How would you calculate stock? I made a prawn/shrimp bisque today from homemade stock. There was no fat to calculate - just the flavouring really. Thanks for advice✴
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started by nb girl.   
weight drop
⬇ One pound today! Trying out the veggies for the day today-we'll see how it goes...
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started by ehynek, a week ago.   
ok so i just got the insanity workout dvds and was wondering if anyone else had tried them, if they work, and do they actually kill you like it makes you think it does from the infomercial lol
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started by laurenwisswell82.   
Changing Goal Weight
So today I decided to change my goal weight and *increase* it by 5 lbs. Over the past 3 weeks, I've met some inspirational people who have, well, inspired me to focus on body fat % and not so much ...
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started by charlenew14, a week ago.   
shin splint pain
Does anyone know what to do to help get rid of shin splint pain? I've had it for a few days but it's getting worse. I'm on my feet walking for my job 5 days a week, 7 hours each time so that ...
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started by ehynek.   
What is a good inexpensive pedometer?
I have bought 3, attached them according to the directions and have lost them the first day. Don't remember which ones they were, one was from Walmart. Would love some suggestions.
4 replies, last reply by notlivingonramen, a week ago.   296 views.
started by wholefoodnut.   
Hello there!
Hello my peeps!! super excited because I am almost done with the HGC diet and have lost 20 lbs in 23 days! it was hard work but so worth it. I'm hoping to lose about 20 lbs more. Power thru!!
3 replies, last reply by mummydee, a week ago.   308 views.
started by stefraley.   
upper body melt down
i want to loose my tummy and upper body.i have been going for aerobics for several months but no change, i now have decided to use equipments and weights in the gym. i am confused whether they will help ...
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started by shish90.   
I was completely digusted with Very buggy, lots of errors. One thing I did like is the mood log, is there one of fatsecret? I can find one, or a daily diary?
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started by joeformerfatguy.   
My Journal
Is my journal public? I want to keep a diary for myself and I don't want anyone to see it, is the "my journal" entries going to show up on the forums for all to see??
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, 2 weeks ago.   124 views.
started by joeformerfatguy.   
BMR confused
website: BMI 31.32 BMI BF% 25.52% body fat percentage BMR 2074.558 but i only eat 1200 a day (sometimes cheat up to 1400) but at 1400 i dont usually lose and sometimes ...
2 replies, last reply by marissastewart, 2 weeks ago.   220 views.
started by farmerblue.   
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request: eat part of a dish
This answered my question too I will try both options...Thanks for sharing folks!
by francy_247 on 21 Aug 14 10:44 PM
can someone tell me about the turbo carb cycling
I would like to know how to start this, how low are the carbs on low carb and how high on the other day. Are there restricted foods on the high carb day?
by karenromiaih2002 on 21 Aug 14 10:21 PM
I am on the Atkins diet on induction and gaining weight! Please help.
I was advised to do the Atkins diet by my physician. I have lost about 50 lbs. I've gone from a 26 to 16-18s. My cholesterol, triglycerides, blood pressure and energy levels are improved. I am off ...
by foxymamachick on 21 Aug 14 09:46 PM
Bowel Movements
Sometimes it is not about fiber as much as it is about your biome balance. My daughter has had trouble since she was an infant. I recently had a really good probiotic from Jarrow because I was on ant ...
by yduj57 on 21 Aug 14 08:50 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
one a day
by nomadsurf on 21 Aug 14 08:45 PM
drinking water strategy
I've upped my water intake to about 66 oz/day. The frequent side affects are getting to me. I thought about drinking it all before noon but that sends like it might be self defeating. What do you ...
by schase02 on 21 Aug 14 07:48 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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