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Linking FS to Apple Health
Hi I have been using MFP for a few years but it's reliability has been off for a while now and FS has been recommended as the best alternative. I'm having a bit of a problem with linking it to ...
4 replies, last reply by JenR14, a month ago.   2,186 views.
started by j_b78.   
cheese crackers
I make my own cheese crackers, with cheese and spices in the oven on parchment paper, remove, cool and cut with pizza cutter. season like you would a chip, garlic and onion powder, s &p, chili powder ...
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started by MarciaL1, a month ago.   
Does anyone know how to set the defaults?
Hi guys... Does anyone know how to set the report default so that instead of having "this week" show as the default setting, "today" shows as the default report setting instead? ...
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started by Eric821, a month ago.   
spot the bad food
so i started dieting for like 3 weeks now i only dropped only 6 lbs; so this what ive been eating: white rice (mostly for lunch) fava beans salad (mostly for dinner) boiled eggs cucumber salad grilled ...
18 replies, last reply by Elizabeth_V, a month ago.   5,577 views.
started by amineseridji.   
Can someone help me with weight loss through Yoga...
Does anyone know of any personalised weight loss and Yoga plans on the web? Really keen to loose weight and improve my fitness through some Yoga. Any thoughts, advise or recommendations would be greatly ...
1 reply, last reply by xtrapeasy, a month ago.   280 views.
started by John12345678910.   
breakfast on the go (that doesn't have eggs or be too carby...)
please help! I'm trying to find my go-to breakfast for work. I was doing plain fat-free yogurt with a sweetener (maple) and fruit (cherries) but that's way too sweet for me at this point. All ...
6 replies, last reply by eugencook, a month ago.   925 views.
started by rebecca831.   
Nutrition info
Hello, I have loaded a new food item but don't think it is correct. How do I delete it from the food search category? Also, I am unable to load a recipe (cook book). It does not appear on my screen ...
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started by LH1967, a month ago.   
Adding Meals
I'm new to fatsecret. I've been having trouble adding meals. I was able to add breakfast, but now it's almost dinner time and I still haven't been able to add what I had for lunch. What ...
3 replies, last reply by rhills, a month ago.   409 views.
started by crockett2.   
Anyway to create recipe in My cookbook with the Android App?
I see where you can create custom recipes in "My cook book" on desktop but if you are using the Android App, is there anyway to do this?
1 reply, last reply by rhills, a month ago.   201 views.
started by Michael_111.   
Diabetic type two looking to reduce carbs and wieght
Any other suffers out there with tips advice will be most Appreciated
5 replies, last reply by gz9gjg, a month ago.   717 views.
started by svhappymondays.   
Asterisks on my calendar?
I was reviewing my calendar overview and noticed that some days my total calories eaten (food) or burned (exercise) have asterisks next to them. It doesn't show me anything special when I click on ...
2 replies, last reply by Samrisko, a month ago.   243 views.
started by Samrisko.   
"The size of the serving on the food package influences the number of calories and all the nutrient amounts listed on the top part of the label. Pay attention to the serving size, especially how many ...
1 reply, last reply by Susan C Steckov BSN, a month ago.   289 views.
started by jasonmiller1.   
Is Switching to Net Carb Pie Chart Possible
Hi all! I love Fat Secret, and have been using it to support my keto diet for the past 8 months. So far I've lost 60 lbs, and feeling great! My ONLY gripe about Fat Secret is that I haven't found ...
no replies.   160 views.
started by faultyanalogy, a month ago.   
Home made bread
How does one calculate the calories in homemade bread?
2 replies, last reply by ladyinky, a month ago.   271 views.
started by ladyinky.   
How to figure out calories?
If you are making your own meal how do you figure out what the calories are in a serving? I want to make mushroom burgers but want to get the calories exact instead of estimating. Would you just figure ...
7 replies, last reply by rhills, a month ago.   1,380 views.
started by KatS219.   
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Is there a way
Okay, if you don't have that link since you haven't created a custom food yet, here are two ways to try to get there: First, try using this link: [url= If that ...
by kpwcalories on 16 Dec 17 01:47 PM
socializing and food
It is so hard to socialize and not munch. I fail many times.
by jan-e333 on 16 Dec 17 11:24 AM
The Bariatric diet
Do you have one? There are those who had weight loss surgery
by Evonne Matthews on 16 Dec 17 01:44 AM
Weight loss
I haven`t been this light since November 2013 :)
by rockyboy on 15 Dec 17 05:52 PM
Happy New You Challenge - Sign up!
I join a lot of challenges here on FS. Only see 2 that aren't in progress yet.
by Fritzy 22 on 15 Dec 17 03:58 PM
New to fatsecret
On the belly fat question, I found this link which might be a place to start reading. So it tells you that the "belly fat" you are probably talking about ...
by rhills on 15 Dec 17 03:30 PM

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