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It's always just about the calories
30 years it took me to finally work out that every fad, tip, supplement, diet programme, book, celeb endorsement, family advice, friends knowledge is just making it harder to lose weight and keep it off ...
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started by rabbitjb.   
Weight loss Journey
Hi Guys, I am new to this application and community. I've lost 15kgs since the beginning of December 2016 and have another 20kgs to go. I've been gymming 5 days a week now for 45min (treadmill, ...
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started by aniquecoetzee, 3 weeks ago.   
Positive Changes
Hi my is Mary. I recently joined Fatsecret. I have a new direction that I am aiming for at this time in my life. I am 47. I have always had a hard time losing weight ..on-going my entire life. It's ...
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started by Arnottmary37.   
macros goals on the website?
Hello! I found a way to set goals based on Macros in the FS app for Android, but I'm apparently completely unable to figure out where to find my progress on those goals and/or where to edit them on ...
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started by paxlucus.   
What is the Best Recumbent bike for seniors?
Hello Buddies, I wants to buy a recumbent bike, but i don't have proper guideline, can anyone suggest me where to find a buying guide for Best Recumbent bike for seniors, what will help me actually. ...
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started by James Caggiano.   
Back to the weight I was in my 30s.
I wanted to let you guys know, even though I didn't have a weight problem, I lost 13 pounds.:) I did it to lower my cholesterol. My problem is from genetics and hypothyroidism. I'm doing inte ...
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started by Laurend 1985, 3 weeks ago.   
For the Administrator(s)
I applied to join the 30 Day under 20gm carb challenge (KETO) 2 days ago (29th) this challenge is to start tomorrow (Wed Feb 1st) It is 8.45pm where I live in Australia. So I have missed out being ...
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started by Miss Macka, 3 weeks ago.   
what kind of reward do you people do
would it be really bad to lose 10 then eat a bunch for one day then lose another 5 and eat a bunch ect ect is this really bad?? serious question/// dave
3 replies, last reply by MCslimmer, 3 weeks ago.   200 views.
started by popatop75.   
I'm stuck
Started my diet on Monday at 141lbs. On Tuesday weighed 139.5lbs. On Wednesday weighed 138lbs. On Thursday, Friday and Saturday no change. So I lost 3lbs in two days and then nothing for the rest of the ...
3 replies, last reply by Haxx83, 3 weeks ago.   565 views.
started by Karenmw26.   
Notation question for food journal
when I am noting what exactly I ate for each meal,I run into problems with the listing. For example, I make a lot of my own soups,never canned. I can never find a way to adequetly list. as in today, I ...
7 replies, last reply by Haxx83, 3 weeks ago.   1,340 views.
started by clayboro.   
Notation question for food journal
I've run into the same problem so I just pick the closest description to my homemade soups
7 replies, last reply by Haxx83, 3 weeks ago.   1,340 views.
started by clayboro.   
How do you change month?
Spot the newbie... I've just tried to enter my food plan for the coming week and it won't let me change to next month (February)? How do you navigate to the new month? Thanks! Geoff
3 replies, last reply by Phooka, 3 weeks ago.   193 views.
started by GPH.   
What if I told you ...
Eating the right foods was not as hard as you think? What if I told you that I have coached over 300 people and I can offer you the same opportunity? Your success is something like 80 times greater with ...
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started by cbishop1998, 3 weeks ago.   
Lose 150 pounds
HI World Wide, Check into the Keto lifestyle. check out the book "Why We Get Fat" by Gary Taubes, really interesting stuff, not a diet book, but a metabolism info book. A little of a dry read ...
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started by world-wide, 3 weeks ago.   
weigh in
Had a loss of 2.8 this week for a total of 16 pounds in 4 weeks!
2 replies, last reply by ontheline, 3 weeks ago.   164 views.
started by ontheline.   
Hi everyone! Today is my first day to actually be the member I want to be. I joined in 2015 but was not ready to commit to anything. That has changed and I am looking for all the support and help I can ...
7 replies, last reply by ontheline, 3 weeks ago.   337 views.
started by ontheline.   
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just starting
Hi I just found this site so thought I'd register and give it ago. It will be good for me to track my progress and get some motivation from others-Stay Awesome everyone :d
by STAYAWSOME on 25 Feb 17 02:26 PM
Getting discouraged
Akrsar I agree. The tricky thing is not getting carried away too often. I have had some big drops after a cheat day in the past. Unfortunately this time was different. I'm up 7lbs... hopefully most ...
by PrettyMetty on 25 Feb 17 12:15 PM
activity trackers
I found the site needed to sync.....
by scottheffron on 25 Feb 17 04:49 AM
RND ROB you did it great but it is rarely applicable for everyone because of less motivation towards workouts we mostly try managing our weight through diet control so it is gonna be a harmful practice ...
by makayla davis on 25 Feb 17 01:37 AM
Loosing it
I have fallen into this trap so many times over the years- succumb to something yummy and I am filled with self loathing at my "lack" of self discipline. On my journey I have learned: **Self ...
by slimit on 25 Feb 17 12:19 AM
Anyone doing 5:2
Jean Mc. I too am on the 5:2 diet. I really like it. Based on my height, weight, age and exercise level (almost non existent), my daily calorie intake is much less than 2000 calories a day. My fast ...
by slimit on 24 Feb 17 11:41 PM

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