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Entries disappeared from weight tracker in app
On the website it shows all my past weights [img] On the app it is only showing yesterday and today [img] Does anyone know why?
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started by phillyt2k, 4 weeks ago.   
Hi Everyone
So excited i found a support community. You guys are great, and i'm more than confident everyone will reach their goals. As my doctor advised me, i was so worried about the exterior, i wasn't ...
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started by Daisy971.   
Is any one on a low carb high fat diet ?
Hi, I am on a low carb high fat diet. The food is great but I'm not sure if i'm supposed to measure every thing or not??? Some of the advice online is to eat until you are full. I'm ...
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started by Gwen1287.   
food diary
does anyone know how to remove some foods from your diary? Does the diary only hold "x" number of items? As you all can tell I am new to this game and any help will be greatly appreciated. ...
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started by esfabseven.   
Setting Up MFS
Does MFS track points or just calories? If so, I am supposed to consume 45 points a day. I am switching from Low Carb to WW. Anyone have an suggestions on setting this up?
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started by denverbri69, a month ago.   
Struggle with lunch foods
Lunch is my most difficult time. Yesterday I did good with tuna. Today...I had a salad (but a fast food salad - 350 calories). This salad that didn't even FILL ME UP...cost me alot of calories t ...
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started by Misssy2, a month ago.   
Tasty food without any naughty ingredients...?
Took part the other day in a team building event at my work place. We got shipped off to this novel-cuisine kitchen place and had to stir up a dish from a script under the close eye of an experienced ...
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started by Superyummymummy.   
Leaning Out for Competition
Well, 11 weeks out until competition time. Currently at 7.5% body fat and working towards 3.5% for the show. To get there, lots of high-volume resistance training (500 - 600 repetitions in 1 hour or ...
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started by PlanoMike, a month ago.   
Fruits and Vegetables
Doc. said to eat more Fruits and Vegetables, so I tried Corn Chips with Peach salsa. He's never happy with my visits.
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started by Thulsa Doom, 2 months ago.   
I'm sure when I was on this site before I could record my measurements. Has this been done away with because I can't find where to record them any more?
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started by vanjackone.   
food diary techie question
I left Fat Secret in 2015 and now am back. Been on for two weeks now and still my diary comes up to when I left it in 2015. I have to always use the drop down arrow and choose today to be current. Any ...
1 reply, last reply by kclab, 2 months ago.   635 views.
started by parkplacecreative1.   
Does anyone have any diet tips for someone with diverticiloses? Seems like all the suff you need to eat, you are not allowedvto eat.
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started by ibark.   
Sugar and Carb Cravings
Some days I do really really good staying under or at 1200-1300 calories and getting all my exercise in, then there are the days where the dessert is just screaming in my ears, and I want it SO bad. I ...
7 replies, last reply by XshapeshiftX, 2 months ago.   1,556 views.
started by XshapeshiftX.   
My 1st post...
I have set a goal to lose 80lbs first and so far I've lost 8lbs. I am disabled and it's hard for me to exercise,I have COPD so my breathing is bad, does anyone have any suggestions on somethings ...
17 replies, last reply by conniecolbert, 2 months ago.   3,947 views.
started by conniecolbert.   
Posting daily food
I guess I am a idiot cannot get my daily food to post what am I doing wrong! Went to breakfast pressed the plus to add nothing happens any suggestions am logged in Thanks LaDebbie
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started by Ladebbie, 2 months ago.   
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Can't seem to stick to a diet
12% bf 'naturally' at 206lbs is an incredible achievement and would put you in the elite category of natural bodybuilding unless you are 6ft6ins+ tall. I am around 10-11% at about 154lbs down ...
by spacey48 on 01 Oct 16 01:50 AM
Neighborhood Watch Alert
I think you are obsessed with me........ really all of this for a fatloss website? I bet you spend hours and hours obsessing over it, telling yourself that your life has meaning,.......when its does ...
by spacey48 on 01 Oct 16 01:39 AM
sometimes weight loss stops and then starts again, be consistent, some of the 11bs will be water also
by spacey48 on 30 Sep 16 04:04 PM
One thing I might miss is orange juice. I do have oranges when I want them but I won't do orange juice for a little while now... I was really shocked one day when I had a bottle of orange juice before ...
by PicklesPickles on 30 Sep 16 03:47 PM
Prepping meals for the week
I rarely prep meals days in advance, but I do plan what I am going to eat days in advance. That way I can work out how I am going to spend my RDI and tweak in advance if necessary
by Halo Kiwi on 30 Sep 16 01:55 PM
5:2 fasting diet
joyrobin wrote: Hey there, good luck with the new diet :) For what exactly do you need advice? I've started doing 24h fasts once a week, for the past 2 weeks. Hope I can help! Hi Joy, what kind of ...
by danielcompton on 30 Sep 16 11:32 AM

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