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Back from the dead!
Quitting the dope made me blow up like a balloon. Well, nevermind, I'm down 6 lbs and ready to rock.
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started by kurt cobaine, a month ago.   
Is Cardio the Best for Weight Loss?
7 replies, last reply by rhills, a month ago.   1,277 views.
started by Pamellivilin.   
Metamucil Sudden Weight Gain???
Everything was going very well on my diet, except for .. well .. ummmm ..not so much on the elimination front, even though I have been eating tons of fresh mostly green vegetables. Maybe less food just ...
8 replies, last reply by rhills, a month ago.   916 views.
started by rhills.   
Raspberry Ketone and Aloe Vera Colon Cleanser - Opinions
I bought raspberry ketone tablets an aloe vera cleanser tablets from a highly regarded health food store here in the UK. I was told that they are good for weight loss. Does anyone know if they actually ...
2 replies, last reply by Jean Mc, a month ago.   457 views.
started by NadQad.   
starting Adkins
My long term goal is to lose 54lbs, but I am having problems starting the diet. I am addicted to sweets and soda. By doing some research, I find the Adkins diet appealing. Can anyone make some suggestions ...
7 replies, last reply by Jean Mc, a month ago.   1,239 views.
started by Zahira Ahmed.   
low carb
actually gaining weight with daily carbs 30 milligrams and keep calories around 1200 :x :?: :?: does anyone have any suggestions
7 replies, last reply by DO N OK, a month ago.   713 views.
started by fayemosley.   
I'm having a difficult time wrapping my head around an exercise routine. Any suggestions? I need to be more active...
14 replies, last reply by Jean Mc, a month ago.   2,497 views.
started by KaySadie.   
Day 1 with FatSecret
:D Feeling nice and supported. Keep the fire burning
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started by davewu1015, a month ago.   
How do I know how much sugar I am consuming each day. I see a breakdown for carb, protein..... but none for sugar. Thanks.
11 replies, last reply by Pamellivilin, a month ago.   1,076 views.
started by judybrewer.   
Water tracker
I was wondering if there were any plans to add a water tracking section... I know there have been requests before. I currently use a separate app on Android which is aptly called 'Water'. You ...
1 reply, last reply by Dennis58, a month ago.   286 views.
started by Kishlette.   
Do you feel that fiber has any importance in weight loss, maintenance or good health in general?
22 replies, last reply by johnmarth, a month ago.   4,163 views.
started by John10251.   
Goal weight
I am nearly at goal weight but still have rolls on my tummy, and I put a much lower goal weight than needed-frustrated
4 replies, last reply by fayemosley, a month ago.   392 views.
started by conditional.   
How low is the LC in the LCHF Diet?
I just started the LCHF diet. I just found out I have Diabetes and want to reverse it through diet and weight loss. How low is low for carbs in a day. Remember I am just beginning. 😊 How high is high ...
7 replies, last reply by notgneiss, a month ago.   891 views.
started by hamorr.   
Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Question, If I cook a chicken breast in extra virgin olive oil, am I supposed add the calories from the olive oil to my daily calorie intake?
1 reply, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   264 views.
started by foxyred10.   
Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil
10 Ways You Never Knew Extra Virgin Olive Oil Could Benefit You:
1 reply, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   264 views.
started by foxyred10.   
timing of food
can I eat in the morning what I want? :roll:
5 replies, last reply by Kishlette, a month ago.   670 views.
started by Pamellivilin.   
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So So Sorry
SirHampton - what were you looking for? You said you wanted to learn from others and that you joined to get a better understanding of how everyone deals with this. What did you want to know? I feel like ...
by MelbGal on 25 Jun 17 12:05 AM
Calorie counter for Germany?
I'm interested in this too - spending some time in Berlin and Prague later in the year (exciting!!!!)
by MelbGal on 24 Jun 17 11:58 PM
Running tips
Hi All I'm new here. Trying to be a bit more mindful of my health and fitness these days and this forum looks like an awesome place to get advice and ideas. I don't want to lose weight - I'm ...
by MelbGal on 24 Jun 17 11:56 PM
Sharing meals
Can anyone tell me how to share foods that I have entered with the community? My wife cannot find meals and foods that I custom entered in Fatsecret database. Thanks in advance!
by asa3066 on 24 Jun 17 10:36 AM
Anyone know any low-carb or no-carb snacks?
The above is a good list of suggestions! I personally love jerky. It's low in fat, high protein and takes effort to eat, so it slows you down! If you're looking for a snack, it's a nice one ...
by Kishlette on 24 Jun 17 02:36 AM
I have familial high cholesterol. I was only 16 when diagnosed (after a family member was) and had a BMI of 19 at the time. I tried modifying my diet and doing more exercise but no approach could get it ...
by Kishlette on 24 Jun 17 02:29 AM

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