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started by boobsblaster.   
Not measuring it but I know it's going - POEM 'Little Drooping Daisies'
Little Drooping Daisies quote: We have a little sister and she has no breasts. What shall we do for our sister in the day when she is to be spoken for? (Song of Songs 8.8 ) My breasts are shrinking. ...
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started by Jean Mc, a month ago.   
Not losing centimeters - is it Visceral fat?
I've been doing pretty well on my diet. I've lost 7 kg since January. There's lots of talk around for people who don't lose weight - advice to measure because we can lose centimeters ...
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started by Jean Mc.   
Breaking a habit or creating a new one?
Down about 5 pounds in three weeks. An average of one pound per week will take a long time to get to goal, but I'd rather have a diet of options than one of deprivation. In those three weeks I've ...
6 replies, last reply by Jean Mc, a month ago.   1,743 views.
started by tecolote_anna.   
Finding a "Buddy"
Hello, I am looking for a "buddy" who could possibly help/guide me as I try to gain a little bit of weight for health reasons. If anyone is a dietitian, natural doctor, or nutritionist I would ...
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started by Wellness5, a month ago.   
Input macros
It would be really useful if we could input macros directly instead of inputting every meal one by one. There is any possibility of an imminent update? Thank you so much
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started by marta.smb, a month ago.   
Input macros
You have shared an interesting post.I really loved this post. I got a lot of good information from this blog post. Refer essay reviews to get reviews of various online writers.I do not have more about ...
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started by marta.smb, a month ago.   
Help! I cant help but eat carbs
So I'm trying not to eat as many carbs for my diet. I'm doing well on my own, but my mom makes dinner. And she sometimes makes food with a lot of carbs. I tried to tell her that I don't want ...
6 replies, last reply by Diane5661, a month ago.   1,905 views.
started by Lisa_a122.   
Why isn't this meal showing up when I try to add a meal from my food diary?
My friend added [url= meal[/url] and shared it with everyone. I can add it by going to the meal page and using the "Add this meal to my food diary" panel at the ...
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started by iencheng, a month ago.   
talk to u in a while
tomorrow I leave for the hospital so I will be offline for a week or so. I wish the best to all of u, keep losing those pounds and consume more eating greens. 8)
1 reply, last reply by VeggieJunkie, a month ago.   393 views.
started by davidrusnak.   
Is there a way to track yours macros on this program
7 replies, last reply by jazzbot, a month ago.   1,783 views.
started by cherylhowe.   
Adding new food
How do I add a new food into the dictionary of foods? I can't find it anywhere.:roll:
1 reply, last reply by mindlyly, a month ago.   515 views.
started by estherwaayenberg.   
Vegetarian, gluten free oat free and dairy free
I am a vegetarian with gluten, oat and dairy allergies and although I am counting my calories and keeping to them I am not losing weight. I think part of the problem is the lack of choice of food. Would ...
1 reply, last reply by Wellness5, a month ago.   679 views.
started by fozzie16.   
Is there any way upload a batch of nutrition information?
I'd like to upload the nutrition information for all the meals at KettlebellKitchen, a local meal delivery service I started using. Is there a way to upload this info from a spreadsheet or other file ...
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started by iencheng, a month ago.   
Suggestion about total added kcal
My first message was posted in wrong forum... my fault! This is my second message here, so Hello all! I want to make a suggestion. On the screen where we add the ingredients to the meal we can see ...
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started by smolinam, a month ago.   
HELP editing a recipe!
Can anyone tell me how to edit my own recipe? Also, how do you record a measurement like 3 Tablespoons on the recipe, instead of being limited to servings? [For example I had a recipe that called for ...
1 reply, last reply by tecolote_anna, a month ago.   583 views.
started by Sans Egal.   
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Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
That's exactly what I see Phil. You and Diablo are just two nice people that want the same thing for all of us. A healthy body and mind. One thing is not going to work for everyone and there is not ...
by EdMcL on 29 Apr 17 10:53 AM
introduction and question
8) hello everyone! my name is tricia and my mom has been trying to get me on fatsecret for like ever. Ha ha! She is tiny. I am large however. I look forward to using the tools offered me here. And I hope ...
by greenbikini on 29 Apr 17 06:42 AM
Question about food journal
You're welcome! One more hint by the way .. the "+ add food item" doesn't show up until you start to type in the name of the food you are searching for when you start to "add ...
by rhills on 29 Apr 17 04:00 AM
Do not want to see sources on homepage in app
No green area... It always reverts back to featured which right now are food photos that are mostly nasty due to the awful colors in the photos.
by wholefoodnut on 28 Apr 17 09:38 PM
Great Anti-inflammatory Breakfast ... great balance
Thank you NowIunderstand :)
by BanjoStories on 28 Apr 17 08:02 PM
starting Adkins
Seriously. What is it with you and mayo Jipper500? That is your opinion. Mayo does not affect my weight loss, and I'm sure that's the same for many people. Some people may choose not to eat ...
by leavetheguntakethecannoli on 28 Apr 17 03:19 PM

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