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Yesterday i hit 251lbs lost. Now able to comfortably fit into my goal size jeans (32). Weight is 181lbs. Would like to get to 179lbs then maybe an additional 5lbs to use as a buffer from when i move from ...
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started by TheSatinPumpkin.   
Wow, thanks for carb tip! Didn't realize so much in my coffee- maybe skim milk and use sugar sub.
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started by Karen12345, 2 weeks ago.   
My FS journey, as told by dogs
I posted this in my journal today and decided to share it with the rest of the FS community that needs a good chuckle.. :) My FS journey, as told by dogs: Before I started counting my calories with FS, ...
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Nervous about Tonight
I have to go to a birthday party at a chinese food restaurant and chinese food is my favorite. Other than the Chicken wings and pork loins what else can I eat? I was even thinking about eating a little ...
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Pot Roast and Carrots
I am trying to figure out the carbs in carrots from a crock pot roast. There are so many different listings under carrots! I am wondering if I put potatoes, celery, onion, and carrots in with the roast ...
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started by Rckc.   
How to make Aktins work in the long haul
Hi Everyone I have been doing Atkins for about a month or so and have lost about 17 lbs and seemed to have hit a plateau. I was eating 3 big meals with veggies, meat and fat. I love to cook but it ...
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started by Cambridge68.   
(resistance, muscular gains with fat lass) Need advice on this... Just discovered this video and it's blown my mind. Is this "for real"? The guy seems like he knows his s##t. If this is true, man... I've gone this ...
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started by Somebody Else.   
NO CARBS reply
Sticking to a card free diet is extremely difficult for the first three days. I did it years ago and seem to get past 2 days this time around. I get very cranky. NOT PRETTY!!! I was able to lose 60lbs ...
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started by A Beautiful Dreamer, 2 weeks ago.   
Hi and Thanks everyone!
My name is Deon. I let myself go over the past two years and that resulted in me being as fat as a pig. I topped at 112kg very recently and had few pants that would fit. I decided on the LCHF diet since ...
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Anyone else got 60-70lbs to lose- also taking Orlistat
Hi Im closer to 40 than 30..shhhh and I am trying to get things beack in shape , I have 70lb to lose (Im 17 stone ) and would love a diet buddy to chat to every couple of days no one round me (except ...
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started by Lynn101.   
Hi, I am new to the fatsecret app. Can anyone help and advise why if you have and obviously add Whisky to the list why it increases the protein levels?
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started by Kosie Vos.   
'Submitted' Recipes but how to I add to MY Cookbook
I've created some new recipes but not sure how to get them in MY cookbook? Does it really matter as long as I can journal them?
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started by TN Blue Eyes.   
Daily Calorie intake
:?: How do I set my goal for calorie intake for the day? It is set on 2100 and I want 1000.
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started by Tootsne's Journey.   
Planning KETO Meals? HELP!
I am having a hard time trying to plan out a day's menu to hit my numbers. I have spent hours and can't seem to get it right. I want to eat simply, no complicated recipes....Does anyone have any ...
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started by Rckc.   
Breakthrough In Probiotics Has Significant Weight Loss Effects!
[img]http://i1378.photobucket.... Breakthrough In Probiotics Has Significant Weight Loss Effects Hi My F.S. Friends! I found this little Tid-Bit on line! I myself make Milk Kefir's, which is loaded ...
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started by Ann444, 2 weeks ago.   
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your symtoms sound like you may have an allergy to gluten. gluten is things like wheat and oat products like bread and pastas. Or colitis that can be aggivated by eating tomatoes and acidic foods or some ...
by Rinkabob on 29 Mar 15 09:36 PM
(sensitive) subject
Oh my. I did not look at the food diary, chicken nuggets and chocolate sundaes not exactly goo whole foods.... totally agree.
by wholefoodnut on 29 Mar 15 07:17 PM
Maneuvering around Fatsecret
:d Hello out there!! I am new to Fatsecret and have to loose 30 lbs !! *sigh* WW just didn't work for me so going to count the ole calories !! I was wondering how you change to portions amount ...
by alrtee on 29 Mar 15 05:31 PM
Depression and Pain
Thanks for using Fat Secret to connect with people - that is great. Don't let the statistics get you down but, use it as a guide. Small doable changes will go a long way in helping you drop pounds. ...
by anitabos on 29 Mar 15 05:09 PM
Throwback Thursday! the way your mind works. Always smile when I read one of your posts. You can also still buy Hai Karate, (off topic) but it's expensive! :)
by Zeddie274 on 29 Mar 15 05:08 PM
Looking for a buddy.
Hi over there in Bermuda I can be your buddy and help support you and you can do the same for me. I would like to lose about 15 pounds give or take. I am here for you! Caroline
by intlgirltk on 29 Mar 15 03:19 PM

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