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Using cowaflower for pizza crust then pile on the veggies and proteins,herbs. Melt the wait off!
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started by Ironfriend5, a month ago.   
Different paths
I have to laugh when I read over my forum posts in the morning: I can be drooling over a steak and bacon post that perfectly fits my Keto style, and then suddenly I'm seeing a post for non fat cheese ...
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started by Kahaz.   
Frankly, I am just a big fan, these fact should be ingrained into your diet diary" You are either eating and storing body fat or fasting and burning body fat, put another way:You are eating and c ...
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started by silverfox4u, a month ago.   
strange nutritional info amounts
I am somewhat annoyed with the nutritional information on packages and cans. Here's an example - serving size xyz grams servings per container 3.5 who in the heck is going to save that .5 serving ...
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started by alicepayne1, a month ago.   
Advice on curbing my appetite
I feel like I eat too much at each meal. Simply not satisfied with a piece of salmon, large salad, a sweet potato & roasted asparagus. HELP!
21 replies, last reply by auntbunny, a month ago.   2,558 views.
started by auntbunny.   
66 and STUCK!
I'm 66 and really in a slump. I'm retired, not moving as much, although I do try. My worse habit is snacking. I don't eat big meals because I've been snacking all day. I'm not a ...
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started by Snowoman.   
Thank you. It does help knowing I'm not alone. I am trying to cut back on carbs, a little bit at a time. Baby steps.
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started by Snowoman, a month ago.   
Constipation issues
So I am following Atkins and am at the end of my first week. I lost 5lbs this week which is good. I am having constipation and have been using Metamucil to help. Has anyone else had this issue and used ...
69 replies, last reply by liaparisyan, a month ago.   21,524 views.
started by danawiesner.   
Body Weight and Glycogen Depletion
For all those folks who are starting diets and wondering why they are slowing down in weight loss after the first week or two. AND for all those folks who are freaking out because a weekend of going off ...
4 replies, last reply by Draglist, a month ago.   1,032 views.
started by Draglist.   
Editing a Product Size
I want to add a can of Waitrose coconut milk. It comes up with a default size of 100 g. I can edit g to ml but can’t change the 100 to 400.
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started by Cathies Keto.   
I think my calorie intake may be to high, can we lower it some? Not a whole lot.
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started by Samanna Peck, a month ago.   
Changing Carbs in pie chart to net carbs
Hi Everyone Is it possible to change the carbs in the pie chart at the bottom of the food page to net carbs. I try to keep my carbs under 5% but the percentages are out as they include fibre - which ...
8 replies, last reply by 525manuel, a month ago.   2,515 views.
started by minitata.   
suggestions for rewards for small mini goals
I need to find some rewards for small goals, like 10 pounds lost, exercise done. Who has had luck doing this? and what are your suggestions? :roll: :idea:
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started by foreverhealthy2, a month ago.   
gout and the aktins and keto diet
I have had gout since I was 45. AMA said here is a diet plan it was called the AMA diet. YOU HAVE SEEN IT. THE BIG FOOD PYRAMID. All carbs little protein and very, very little fat. well that DIET made ...
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started by planner100, a month ago.   
What happens when you reset your starting weight or diet?
I've lost a lot of weight since starting and would prefer to see my current weight loss and diet journal performance based on just the last few months rather than the last 2 years. However, I don& ...
2 replies, last reply by Greenozzy, a month ago.   112 views.
started by Greenozzy.   
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Hi I'm pat need help losing weight any advice
Long term success at weight loss that is sustainable is a life style change approach rather than. “Going to the prom” approach. That means do some research on what a healthy sustainable food program looks ...
by Kenna Morton on 20 Mar 18 10:29 AM
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
5’3” Gw120 lb.. current wt 121 Age 70. Not actively dieting. Just normalizing life after vacation. Portion control, swimming and hiking.
by Kenna Morton on 20 Mar 18 10:11 AM
Hesap Silme
Hesabımı silmek istiyorum
by sirkadiyenritim on 20 Mar 18 08:25 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I weigh once time in a week, in the mornings.
by Huhutula on 20 Mar 18 08:01 AM
Taco Bell
There's an ad for Taco Bell showing a taco-wrapped in a fried egg! I never go to Taco Bell, but that looks Keto! I'll probably try making it at home.
by Kahaz on 20 Mar 18 06:22 AM
Question about varying nutrition information
I find the largest variances in meat cuts or options for meat selections. Example "ham" 3rd option is Ham (whole, cured, roasted) 118 grams in weight is 287 calories. Kunzler ham same weight ...
by Terrapin12 on 20 Mar 18 04:59 AM

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