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Tired of dieting and not seeing any changes
For one year and three months I have followed the banting diet. Apart from that, lets add on extra 25 odd years of dieting and purging myself. I am tired now. I lost 5kgs in the first month of banting ...
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started by patriciawight.   
New and login problems app
Hey everyone I'm still new and having trouble to login to the mobile app. I registered on the website using google+ and it never asked for a password. Now the mobile does ask for a password and ...
1 reply, last reply by weeang, 3 weeks ago.   333 views.
started by kyleung88.   
HELP !!! Mobile app driving me nuts
I have been using Fat secret really well for the last 2 years.. Last time I got a new phone the app deleted all my previous data... Now in the last 2 days I am having awful problems getting the ...
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started by weeang, 3 weeks ago.   
Day 1
Day 1 of my diet. 100 pounds to go is the goal. I not only am getting my health together, also my life. I feel that the weight gain really decreased my motivation. I would just stay home all day and watch ...
1 reply, last reply by dialla3201, 3 weeks ago.   191 views.
started by ToriLy.   
Help..... I'm stuck
I need help I'm so frustrated join Weight Watchers 5 weeks ago and have only lost 5 pounds I try to stick to the diet as best I can falling every now and again I pick myself up and start over I do ...
6 replies, last reply by T2SM, 3 weeks ago.   714 views.
started by Melis5zkim.   
RDI and weight gain
I am starting to question the accuracy of the FatSecret app. I log everything I eat, I am set to sedentary, I eat less than my RDI every day, and I am not losing weight. Is anyone else having this issue? ...
11 replies, last reply by luvinlife09, 3 weeks ago.   703 views.
started by sliverhides.   
Att Ladies , please help!!!
what is the best SPANX and where can I buy ?
1 reply, last reply by Anita Love, 3 weeks ago.   300 views.
started by Saige18.   
Body Fat Percentages
Below is from Sorry for the jumbled look, fatsecret removes all my spacing and formatting when posting this. ------------------------------... Many people desire a "rating syste ...
18 replies, last reply by Draglist, 3 weeks ago.   1,997 views.
started by jmb3450.   
FatSecret Community now part of the iOS and Android app
Hi, We are exited to announce that the power of the FatSecret Community has come to iOS and Android this week. Read more here: Thanks for your ongoing support
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started by FatSecret, 3 weeks ago.   
Is there an app for this program I cant seem to find it?
1 reply, last reply by Klik me, 3 weeks ago.   180 views.
started by cjspy.   
8) This is a very tough time losing wait the biggest problem seems to be self control and smaller portions if you can conquer these your half way to being able to stick it out. Always be proud of you ...
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started by Dorothy0420, 3 weeks ago.   
Spelt flour????
Now I love the toasted spelt flakes I have, makes terrific hot cereal. More flavor than oatmeal. I found some spelt flour on sale spent $4.20 on 3 pounds. OK so I need some help, I've never used ...
11 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 3 weeks ago.   872 views.
started by wholefoodnut.   
Google Fit API
[url= Fit API[/url] Here you can find all functions for Google Fit. Please fix the synchronisation in both ways!
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started by MaqsYo, 3 weeks ago.   
okay, first of all, i have type one diabetes. it is tough, and i feel like it pulls me back from life. i know im not the only one who thinks this though! anyways, type one diabetes is "un-curable ...
1 reply, last reply by notforlong, 3 weeks ago.   132 views.
started by Weirdo_13.   
kann man durch schlafmangel verursachte verpasstr gewichtsabnahme nachholen?
Ich habe erfolgreich seit einigen Monaten mein Gewicht reduziert, doch jetzt auf der Zielgeraden stagniert mein Gewicht, was ich darauf zurück führe dass mein Körper durch meine Arbeits ...
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started by Paenny, 3 weeks ago.   
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trim down diet
anyone know anything about this trim down diet on line community i watched the video it cost 47.00 to join but what she was saying about eating foods in the right groups, like you can still eat carbs ...
by dippty on 04 Jul 15 01:51 PM
Nutrisystem Fail...
Eat real food! Why pay the big $$$ for junk. Fresh fruits, veggies and proteins. Forget that processed stuff with all the chemicals and sodium.
by wholefoodnut on 04 Jul 15 12:35 PM
Quick reference for carbs
Depends on your WOE my carbs are rather high and I naturally get lots of fiber. I do not follow a low carb plan. I eat little meat but lots of plant based proteins beans, legumes, whole grains. I also ...
by wholefoodnut on 04 Jul 15 12:31 PM
Carbs vs Protein
Exactly, with diabetics it is the same if their glucose drops too low, it can actually kill. You did say that LOL... Mine runs on the edge of being too low as does my sodium partly because I do not eat ...
by wholefoodnut on 04 Jul 15 11:28 AM
Changing past entries
How do I change a past weigh in entry?
by pronomian on 04 Jul 15 09:36 AM
Changing past entries
How do I change a past weigh in entry? I put 270 when I would have entered 280.
by pronomian on 04 Jul 15 09:35 AM

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