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Printing food record
Please help - I need to print foods each day for the month of January. Would love some help with that.
1 reply, last reply by GayeQuin, 2 weeks ago.   644 views.
started by Jean7653.   
I am eating a lot of friut 3 or 4 apples a staying on my diet im fluctuating 4 or 5 pounds a day could i be eating too much fruit or retaining a lot of water
4 replies, last reply by Prairie Grandma, 2 weeks ago.   6,283 views.
started by rambler747.   
Natural healthy and beauty recipes/tips
In the interest of promoting total body wellness and healing I was wondering what you all use for natural skin/hair care, cleaning products, etc. I am always looking for ideas and it occurred to me that ...
21 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 2 weeks ago.   13,693 views.
started by nicholaix.   
Feeling demotivated
At this point and time I feel like F$%& away my scale, This is my 2nd weekend for eating Clean, WEEKEND for flip sakes, that’s the days I normally just eat whatever. I know I mustn’t let the number ...
5 replies, last reply by Big Boy Optimus, 2 weeks ago.   635 views.
started by Saige18.   
Is there a way on this site to enter grams of a certain food rather than try to select the closest thing?
2 replies, last reply by Arsene Wenger, 2 weeks ago.   2,130 views.
started by Arsene Wenger.   
Hello Everyone I'm BackToBeast
Hey there everyone. I go by the name BackToBeast. I am 33 years old and live in Fresno California. I am on a weightloss journey to lose 136lbs. I began my journey in August of 2015 and to date I have lost ...
1 reply, last reply by bexa raven, 2 weeks ago.   1,499 views.
started by BackToBeast.   
Weightloss mindset
When i was younger i lost 200 pounds 52 waist to 32 waist down to 170 pounds. I still thought i was fat and acted that way its like the opposite of anorexia. Is there a name for this and is that why 20 ...
1 reply, last reply by Sweetalot, 2 weeks ago.   3,114 views.
started by rambler747.   
How to enter calories
I am fairly new to fat secret and occasionally I would like to enter calories eaten for item(s) not on the food list. For example, a meal I prepared that has the calories listed in the recipe. Going ...
1 reply, last reply by Sweetalot, 2 weeks ago.   2,400 views.
started by SusieRob.   
Why I joined
I am new to all this, but I think I will really like it. It will help me determine what and how much I am eating. I am a diabetic and my blood sugar was in the 130-140 range. Then all of a sudden it ...
2 replies, last reply by Randol B, 2 weeks ago.   4,272 views.
started by Randol B.   
how to save a meal in Saved Meals
I tried everything and i can't seem to save a meal. I can enter all the options. Seems to work. Tried saving a meal. Tried creating and saving a new meal in the save meal area. But when i go ...
no replies.   964 views.
started by Kathleen686, 2 weeks ago.   
Trying to lose weight
So iv tried many diets in the past. After having a baby 4 months ago I need to get my weight sorted as every time I step on those dreaded scales they show a higher number. 191lbs and wanting to lose 3 ...
6 replies, last reply by PinkNinjitsu, 2 weeks ago.   5,225 views.
started by Abbeyleigh89.   
Im loving losing weight!
I really did not intentionally start this weight loss journey but all the other ladies in my office were doing the 3 day military diet and I thought why not? Ill try it too. Lost 3 pounds and something ...
1 reply, last reply by 14toGo, 2 weeks ago.   5,088 views.
started by Marymaryquitecon.   
Walking brisk with 2lb (1lb each) weights on the legs
How can i calculate my excercise with this combination?:?: Walking brisk with each1lb weight on the legs?
3 replies, last reply by christinekennedy, 2 weeks ago.   2,616 views.
started by fallen1982.   
Microsoft Band
MyFitnessPal will sync to Microsoft Band thru the Microsoft Health cloud. Will FatSecret be providing this option in the future, or will you only be tied to Google Fit?
1 reply, last reply by TerenceH, 2 weeks ago.   1,717 views.
started by decay67.   
How do I put a picture into a message I have written
How do I put a picture into a message I have written.I have a Flickr account but dont know what code or other to put in between the 'image' icon when creating a message. Grateful for any help with ...
no replies.   3,188 views.
started by Lily100, 2 weeks ago.   
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1200 calorie per day but most of the calories still come from carbs
*NOTE*, we share this smoothie among 3 people so split the above recipe in thirds.
by suzanneroomian on 12 Feb 16 05:09 PM
Weak willed
Doing so well today then had a few shiras''s followed by pot noodle 450 call! !! Yikes so regretting it now. Bed calling me thinks.
by Bramble03 on 12 Feb 16 05:06 PM
Wondering if Diet Pills are Dangerous for your Health?
I want to try body fortress whey protein powder vanilla... It smells good and I had a sip of my sons drink,, but Im not sure I should have one in the am if Im doing LCHF.. the one scoop only has 8 car ...
by Penster12 on 12 Feb 16 02:36 PM
So Far, so good...
Good for you! Are there any other exercises you can do that do not require that you are on your feet? It will only make your weight loss results better in the end with everything else you are already ...
by gigievans on 12 Feb 16 02:32 PM
Penis size
I'm glad the thread is still alive has too many challenges to be too serious all the time! Although for us guys this is SERIOUS BUSINESS here! And I'll chime in once more from ...
by jmb3450 on 12 Feb 16 12:22 PM
Fitness wearable smart watch
Oh great. Thanks for the inputs Knox. I have filter down to two. Fitbit Charge HR and Jawbone UP3. Hope to get more info about it. ;).
by Chubby Spiderman on 12 Feb 16 10:27 AM

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