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You Will Never Look Back!
I am so glad I have found someone who acknowledges my advice about WebMD, sometimes I wonder what people are doing on here, all I seem to see are people wanting to have a chat about how they don't ...
2 replies, last reply by rick2038, 2 weeks ago.   390 views.
started by Crookedriver.   
Want loos 25Lbs
Hey all, I want to loose 25lbs in 20 days,my elder sister getting married in december,so i want to look good in traditional outfits.....pls... help me out..:( :( :(
6 replies, last reply by rick2038, 2 weeks ago.   1,326 views.
started by Stutig.   
Do you feel that fiber has any importance in weight loss, maintenance or good health in general?
18 replies, last reply by rick2038, 2 weeks ago.   1,605 views.
started by John10251.   
Happy New You Challenge - Sign up!
One thing that helped me when I originally started here was to get into a challenge or two. No pressure but keeps you focused and motivated. I invite you to join. Starts January 1st - A great challenge ...
3 replies, last reply by Char60, 2 weeks ago.   296 views.
started by RegisteredUser.   
Surprise calories in Tai Noodles
Hubby and I cleaned the pantry today. Easy for him - hard for me. He asked if we should keep the Tai noodles I sometimes take for a quick lunch at work. I said yes but he checked the calories - 210 ...
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started by Annyoakly, 2 weeks ago.   
Good morning! I just want to wish you all a Merry Christmas! Going to do my best to be mindful of what I eat, but I will be honest I will probably indulge a bit. Enjoy your day with family and friends! ...
3 replies, last reply by CanuckFit, 2 weeks ago.   396 views.
started by CammieCo.   
Hello everyone from Canada!
Just joined the site today in preparation for 2017! The year of big changes in my life from diet to fitness and I would definitely appreciate some good supportive friends on here to help me along the ...
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started by CanuckFit, 2 weeks ago.   
Hi from Norway
Hi, I am new here on Fatsecret and thought I'd introduce myself. I am 45 year old senior system developer from Haugesund, Norway. Father to two lovely girls and a music fanatic. Has been DJin weekends ...
4 replies, last reply by Liknes, 2 weeks ago.   267 views.
started by Liknes.   
Get serious about food and exercise or forget about losing weight!
I am over my Injury now, it took awhile but I am fine now! Its got nothing to do with any degenerative spinal problems or anything else. The problem was I had not played tennis for quite a few weeks ...
2 replies, last reply by kayaker1, 2 weeks ago.   1,388 views.
started by Crookedriver.   
Get serious about food and exercise or forget about losing weight!
run like forest gump
2 replies, last reply by kayaker1, 2 weeks ago.   1,388 views.
started by Crookedriver.   
Add some exercise to your dieting
We are getting ready to start the 3 months/ 300 miles Challenge. Please join us. Maybe you can't do that many miles daily. That's ok. Modify it and go for a mile a day. Just get off the couch and ...
1 reply, last reply by kayaker1, 2 weeks ago.   197 views.
started by Sherillynn.   
Anyone Tried the "Food Lovers" Plan?
My wife bought this three or four years ago, and using the color keyed plates to pile food on was about the extent of what we did with it. :roll: But for health reasons (and age) I'm ready to do ...
no replies.   112 views.
started by stingray77080, 2 weeks ago.   
Fat Secret app scanner is hard to use
I've tried cleaning my camera and everything else I can think of, but it takes me 30 - 60 seconds to find the exact perfect lighting for my FS scanner to focus in and actually read bar-codes for some ...
4 replies, last reply by RegisteredUser, 3 weeks ago.   498 views.
started by KahneFan.   
Day one
So - this is it - yet another Xmas of eating far too much and doing far too little. Paying the price and now is the time to get back to a better, healthier life style.
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started by leftknee, 3 weeks ago.   
Changing the RDI model to more than 1 lb a week
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Just signed up this morning and am wondering if there is any way to change the weekly goal to more than 1 lb. I have a lot of weight to lose, and know that 1 lb is ...
2 replies, last reply by schase02, 3 weeks ago.   291 views.
started by MarySparrow.   
Getting back on track
The holiday's are a tough time to maintain; I did indulge more than I wanted even with self motivation. Doing my best to maintain; getting back to work today will be very helpful since as I've ...
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started by CammieCo, 3 weeks ago.   
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My achievement :)
Hi ! I'm Dina this is my first post here. I've joined at first to count my calories professionally but after reading your posts I'd like to share my own story... I'm 22 year old girl who ...
by DinaElsawah on 18 Jan 17 03:52 PM
Looking for buddies doing Keto or LCHF
Add me in as a buddy. I am doing LCHF as well.
by TheNewMe2017 on 18 Jan 17 12:51 PM
Well hello there
Just keep on keeping on! Set small attainable goals and once you reach them, set new ones. Progress, no matter how progress! Seems like you are on the right track.
by lisy217 on 18 Jan 17 09:09 AM
Anyone losing weight because you're TTC?
Trying to conceive
by paulanater on 18 Jan 17 08:56 AM
dining out
Soup and salad. All Italian restaurants have it!
by Sherillynn on 18 Jan 17 07:04 AM
Turkey Meat
how many slices are in package. ? how many total oz in package?
by Marymaryquitecon on 17 Jan 17 08:47 PM

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