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I have been strict LCHF since January 2 and I have lost not one pound !! I am in Ketosis . I have been doing absolutely nothing because of a terrible cold and cough, but weight loss at all ...
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started by Lippybeth, 3 weeks ago.   
Well, I just signed up and ready to start a new way of living! My husband and I retired a little over 2 years ago and moved to Central America. I have gained 20 pounds since then! I don't recognize ...
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started by Mz Elaine.   
Alternate Fasting
Just started on alternate fasting, is anyone out there doing this?
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started by faymac1.   
Little slip ups
:( :( :( Well yesterday I kinda fell off the wagon. Stress eating at work and when I got home. Busy and frustrating day. Have to remember that to error is human and I just can't make a habit of ...
1 reply, last reply by itistime26, 3 weeks ago.   432 views.
started by Kegs2116.   
Wink Frozen Desserts Not There Yet
OK. Tried the Wink desserts you may have seen advertised on Facebook. Bought 8 pints of various flavors. With two special deals, I got them for 43 bucks and change. Each pint is only 100 calories with ...
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started by Draglist.   
President's Day Goal
i'll make a President's Day Goa: I'm going to challenge myself to keep my carbohydrates to 50%, protein 20% and healthy fats to 30%. That is the ideal diet for me.l
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started by Peggy Juricek, 3 weeks ago.   
not happy
so went off my diet today....had abit of a celebration.....have realized i need to cut back on the carbs in order to loose weight
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started by Helldenn, 3 weeks ago.   
Carb Withdrawal
don't withdrawal, count your carbs and keep them low (35-45 grams per meal). look up different carbs in foods before you eat them, for instance a baked sweet potato has less carbs and calories than ...
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started by Fatty Boombatty, 3 weeks ago.   
MI meta es bajar 7 kilos. ya baje uno, pero hago spinning 2 veces y luego pesas. otros dos días hago cardio box y luego spining, otro dia corro la banda 45 minutos y otro dia subo escalera 45 m ...
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started by emiliana1234, 3 weeks ago.   
Australian Woman 60's
I'm looking for someone to buddy up with so we can help each other reach our goal weights. Happy to hear from anyone , anywhere in the world
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started by WTFFS.   
Ayer me volvi a pesar y no he vuelto a bajar, a pesar de que he estado muy juiciosa con el ejercicio y con el consumo de mis calorias, por lo menos siento que he bajado de medidas. Pero no estoy dejando ...
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started by emiliana1234, 3 weeks ago.   
Why so full
Just not hungry today but eating every 3 hours to make sur I stick with my routine
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started by AudreyFlemming, 3 weeks ago.   
Chocolate brownies
You know your on the road for being a successful you when you bake a batch of brownies even iced them with a chocolate icing because thats a favorite of your hubby and its game night....and you dont even ...
1 reply, last reply by maxie4, 3 weeks ago.   439 views.
started by maxie4.   
Chocolate brownies
Good luck maxie
1 reply, last reply by maxie4, 3 weeks ago.   439 views.
started by maxie4.   
Please help with a Diet and Exercise plan
Hi Everyone, I desperately need help with a diet and exercise plan. I'm having so much trouble to just eat better and exercise. My dad passed away end of the year before and I slipped into such a deep ...
3 replies, last reply by Nitka22, 3 weeks ago.   788 views.
started by Charne100.   
HOW DO I record my weekly weight?
1 reply, last reply by marywash, 3 weeks ago.   243 views.
started by Djoweber.   
If you record your weight manually, it would be better for you.
1 reply, last reply by marywash, 3 weeks ago.   243 views.
started by Djoweber.   
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what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
5'.7" Age 58 Highest Weight - 372 Current Weight - 359 My small goal is 299 Goal Weight - 180 ish I have a large frame and has been over 200lb starting in the 1980's. It was the 90's ...
by Diamond Quarters on 18 Feb 18 07:49 PM
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How can I change from my name to a name of my choice?
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Weight settings
Your goal weight is set at 17kg which is a bit optimistic! On the website, go to 'My Weight History' and change your goal weight to 68. Or, on the app, go to weight and change the goal.
by jaybee51 on 18 Feb 18 03:32 PM
Hello I am New
We are good people!
by countrygalky on 18 Feb 18 01:25 PM
H pylori
I've been losing weight for health reasons lately but recently have been ill, throwing up and the like. So I went to the doctor and it turns out I have H pylori and am on a brutal 14 day course of ...
by green_wire on 18 Feb 18 10:38 AM
Ground Mixed Spice in a published recipe
I'm working through a cook book of recipes by Tom Kerridge - 'Lose wight for good'. and I've a number of questions. 1 Can I include these recipes into FatSecret (or will copyright prevent ...
by oranda on 18 Feb 18 10:17 AM

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