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does anyone drink/eat raw eggs? I've been reading about the up side of them for fat loss but wondering if anyone has any experience with....
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started by Rckc.   
Calculated RDI question
Hi all, nice to meet you. I have one question regarding fatsecret's RDI calculation. Is it calculated based on the set-up goal by the user, or is it calculated based on the "maintenance" ...
5 replies, last reply by ach0, 2 weeks ago.   619 views.
started by ach0.   
How does the 5:2 diet works?
I was wondering if you could give me any suggestions how to eat on the 2 fasting days in the 5:2 diet? and am i going to pick up the weight when i eat my normal calories again?
13 replies, last reply by LowCarbFemmeFit, 2 weeks ago.   1,558 views.
started by denisepret23.   
Oil good/bad
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started by Mindfull_Body, 2 weeks ago.   
Starting Cambridge Diet sole source
Need to drop 10 stubborn lbs that i haven't managed to shift since hitting 40 - so sole source here i go
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started by Casamielle, 2 weeks ago.   
First post ever on Fat secret
Hello My name is James. I have been fighting this weight for some time. I am 74 so it has been a while. I seem to have plateaued at 224 been hovering at that level for a few months So getting more ...
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started by James941.   
I am new to this blog and would like to hear people with similar struggles. I am also vegan and love hearing anything about exercise and nutrition.
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started by kaylahollis.   
Hibiscus and Ginger Iced Tea Recipe
Want to try something a little different? The following [url=http://www.doctorshealthp... tea recipe with ginger is iced[/url], and it will also have you ready for any warm day in the sun on a back porch. ...
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started by maktrim1, 2 weeks ago.   
Question About Error Screen
Hi there, just had a quick question to bounce around.... This morning when I started logging in my foods in my diet calendar, a strange screen popped up. It said unexpected error. Has anyone out there ...
5 replies, last reply by Nicole Strong Barrett, 2 weeks ago.   686 views.
started by Blaze013.   
Motivational Boost!
I'm starting the Clean 9 weight management programme on Saturday 22nd August. First time I did it I lost 7 lbs and 16 inches and the second time I stupidly forgot to measure but I lost another 7lbs ...
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started by Crofty74, 2 weeks ago.   
Motivational boost!
I'm starting the Clean 9 weight management programme on Saturday 22nd August. First time I did it I lost 7 lbs and 16 inches and the second time I stupidly forgot to measure but I lost another 7lbs ...
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started by Crofty74, 2 weeks ago.   
Exercise Plan for Beginners
Hi everyone If theres any1 out there that can perhaps give me a basic workout routine to follow for a month or so that includes lots of cardio and some weight training, mainly for weight-loss.... Please ...
1 reply, last reply by wholefoodnut, 2 weeks ago.   495 views.
started by Ibiza122.   
I find this very misleading. Transfat is an added ingredient and no matter the amount, it shouldn't be labelled non-Transfat.
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started by mtech88, 2 weeks ago.   
Weird what you crave
I started this diet change and exercise on April 15 after being diagnosed a "pre diabetic" which I took to mean a diabetic. I figured I would have cravings for sugar since I was eating it up ...
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started by sonnymac, 2 weeks ago.   
Enriched Cheese Wholemeal Cream Roll Mislabelling
I just updated the database to show that it has 0.06g of transfat per serving. Why does it still have the no Transfat logo and even with HPB endorsement? [img] [img]http:/ ...
1 reply, last reply by HCB, 2 weeks ago.   390 views.
started by mtech88.   
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Vegetarian with Gout
Thank you for the suggestions. Turns out most of what I was eating could contribute to gout. Must make many changes. There is a lot of great information on the web. Now eating my favorites and waiting ...
by Noni24 on 28 Aug 15 01:58 PM
Excercise log
going to try walking to burn more calories.
by sissy22 on 28 Aug 15 11:46 AM
Carbs......Oh my!!!
underconstruction69 wrote: I thought I was doing great on controlling my carb intake until I started tracking them. turns out I am eating twice the daily carbs I should be. I am eating a lot of vege ...
by augustbutler on 28 Aug 15 11:09 AM
Feelin it
Lovely feeling, sometimes inch loss is much better than what the scales say, as they are so many variables that affect weight :)
by eclipsesolaire on 28 Aug 15 08:21 AM
Make your own veggie burgers. They aren't hard. You can freeze them with wax paper between and pop them apart. Much less $$$ and you can control what goes into them.
by wholefoodnut on 28 Aug 15 08:13 AM
If you could buy one workout machine- what?
My WII sits there unless the grandkids are there. I even have the balance board etc. and it's rearely used. There are lots of activities avail used for pretty cheap for it. I love my WOSS attack ...
by wholefoodnut on 28 Aug 15 07:19 AM

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