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Setting Custom Macro goals for web page
We have this function inside the app but not in the web page, the same for daily goals macros (also with daily goals you can't see them in the app or the web page the kcal that you did setup for that ...
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started by Quickg0ld, 3 weeks ago.   
Hot Air Fryers
Has anyone tried one of the hot air fryers? If so, what do you think of it? What I read said they use "little to no oil" - how much is "little"? Also, can you "fry" chicken ...
3 replies, last reply by kathleendubchak, 3 weeks ago.   765 views.
started by BigBelle.   
many people believe starting the day with a good meal; and I do also. Heart health promotes saving half a meal for 6 meals a day; as a snack also. so one of my suggestions is an omelet; prepared with ...
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started by foreverhealthy3.   
Keto diet1
I think I missed or not sure where to find it on this sight. Can someone please share info/ what is a Keto diet?
2 replies, last reply by butterflygirl42, 3 weeks ago.   175 views.
started by butterflygirl42.   
Is it possible to export "My Weight History" to Excel/CSV?
Hi, Is it possible to export the "My Weight History" data to a spreadsheet? I would like to do some analysis in excel offline. Thanks!
7 replies, last reply by fatboy99, 3 weeks ago.   6,088 views.
started by zaxxon.   
Is it possible to export "My Weight History" to Excel/CSV?
I don't think this is possible... other than by cutting and pasting.
7 replies, last reply by fatboy99, 3 weeks ago.   6,088 views.
started by zaxxon.   
Maple Syrup plus Cayenne pepper in Green Tea
2 tbsps of Maple syrup, a pinch of cayenne pepper in a warm green tea---Take this after every meal.:)
6 replies, last reply by digitalgreentea, 3 weeks ago.   2,772 views.
started by Leansecret.   
Workout Today
:) I did lots and lots of squats and steps and pushed a thing that looked like a lawn mower around. The only thing holding me back is my asthma. Got to keep going. My legs are killing me, but my personal ...
1 reply, last reply by Euro_trash, 3 weeks ago.   833 views.
started by AllyGee.   
Choose to be happy
not always easy (not always possible;) ) but a good goal, if you mess up a day on your diet, smile, shrug , move on and do better next day. Smile, look for the good in everything and everyone.:d And ...
1 reply, last reply by butterflygirl42, 3 weeks ago.   621 views.
started by Tatmummy.   
suitable measuring
when i wake up in morning i check my weight, without cloths just in underwear, this is the suitable measuring
3 replies, last reply by butterflygirl42, 3 weeks ago.   1,611 views.
started by alicater.   
Journeys and friends
:) Hello all! I am new here! I love this sight. I finally found a place and people that I can relate to that is encouraging that helps me to build self esteem. I don't diet! I just eat healthy and ...
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started by butterflygirl42, 4 weeks ago.   
Copy past menu
Hi, everybody! Please help me:cry: . I'D like to copy my all food from 1 day to another. Is it possible in fatsecret app or in web version? I am going crazy to count every day the same meal...:evil: ...
1 reply, last reply by Dennis58, 4 weeks ago.   350 views.
started by yaroslavasg.   
I"m new here - am collecting SALAD & LOW CARB recipes – if anyone wants to share. TQ
Hi I’m Dennis, new here. I see lots of recipes here...this site is great! SEND ME YOUR SALAD & LOW CARB FOOD RECIPES – I’m collecting them for myself and for anyone who is keen to prepare their own ...
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started by dvader_my, 4 weeks ago.   
Best free youtube videos for 30 minute varied workouts?
Hi all, What are the best youtube channels or other free online videos for varied, general fitness workouts? I know there are tons of videos available, I'm just trying to sort through them and t ...
5 replies, last reply by Yassie Garcia, 4 weeks ago.   5,321 views.
started by Herbie.   
Need help with this addiction!
Okay so I am addicted to potato chips (crisps). I LOVE them. I crave them and try my hardest to fight the urge to eat them. I know I should just not buy them at all. I have cut back on them majorly. But ...
6 replies, last reply by Yassie Garcia, 4 weeks ago.   1,013 views.
started by angel_face0145.   
IOS app linking to Health kit
Can I request that the iOS app use the workout activity tracking data collected by the iphone and Apple watch and place those into the exercise data, please?
2 replies, last reply by barryswest, 4 weeks ago.   11,474 views.
started by capsid57.   
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Anyone know any low-carb or no-carb snacks?
I know what you mean! I shoot for >30% protein, <50% carbs, and around 15-20% fat .. but it takes some planning and (at least in my case) also takes limiting starches and refined carbohydrates ...
by rhills on 23 Jun 17 01:29 PM
Question about FatSecret
Where on FATSECRET does it tell you how many calories you have remaining for the day?
by cardalgua on 23 Jun 17 01:17 PM
Thank you so much, everyone, for your insight. <3
by kemill on 23 Jun 17 09:14 AM
I found this on the FAQ page: How do I cancel or delete my account? Only FatSecret can cancel or delete member accounts. If you would like to cancel your account, please email us at register@fatsecre ...
by rhills on 22 Jun 17 09:50 AM
Hey any one following a 40 40 20 split?
Are you doing okay?
by Jipper500 on 22 Jun 17 09:35 AM
Add a Food
When you do a search you will see an add button. So type in the full description and then click the add button below. It only shows up after typing and clicking search.
by GamingMike on 22 Jun 17 07:17 AM

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