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Just started my diet and are looking to buy a new scale,what model or brand works best???.the one I have now seems to change every time I get on it,even just a few minutes apart.
3 replies, last reply by pattychaney, a week ago.   2,376 views.
started by twilliams9004.   
Exercise burn
I enter in 3 hours of mowing yard on riding mower it said I burn over 1400 calories. I didn't think it was right so I checked on other sights and it was 96 calories an hour. What am I doing wrong
4 replies, last reply by greatgrandmax2, a week ago.   880 views.
started by greatgrandmax2.   
Fit Bit
Is there any way of linking your fitbit with FS?
5 replies, last reply by mimimegs, a week ago.   4,286 views.
started by countrygirl50.   
How do I convert the number of steps on my pedometer to a format for this website?
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started by PGM012197, a week ago.   
Bar codes
The site says that the Calorie Counter app has an ability to scan barcodes. What about the products that are NOT listed in the data base, and I have sat here and manually keyed in all of the data? Is ...
22 replies, last reply by cookto1, a week ago.   13,052 views.
started by melsreturn.   
How can 2 brands of LSA be so different?
Hi, I use both CeresOrganics & Macro (Woolworths) LSA in my morning protein shakes (whichever is cheaper). However I was comparing labels and found a huge difference in some of the nutritional info. ...
1 reply, last reply by Sweetalot, a week ago.   1,394 views.
started by benz123.   
Unable to edit nutritional values
Many items in the database are wildly incorrect. We MUST be able to edit these. Its completely absurd that this simple feature seems to be missing. Please explain.
2 replies, last reply by pattychaney, a week ago.   310 views.
started by chamelious.   
Is there a way
To log the time of day that you are eating in the food journal?
3 replies, last reply by sokeller52, a week ago.   686 views.
started by sokeller52.   
Microsoft Band (Original & 2)
All about Microsoft Band integration, both the 'Original' and '2' models.
3 replies, last reply by byronwp, a week ago.   1,717 views.
started by byronwp.   
Ready - Set - Go
Hi there! For all of you fellow reducers out there I say hats off to you for getting focused or keeping it going. I know the slow journey to reaching your destination can be full of pitfalls, roadblocks ...
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started by I Know Epic, a week ago.   
Buddies needed please
Hi, I just turned 40 and have a stone to loose (would love it to be 1st7!). I would love a buddy who is similar in height and weight to me. I am 5ft1 9st5. Thank you
2 replies, last reply by slim@40, a week ago.   924 views.
started by slim@40.   
Worried about weigh in
I am worried about my weigh in tomorrow morning. Last week I was really stressed out about several things that happened that when I weighed in last Saturday I gained a pound and half. This past week ...
5 replies, last reply by Lifesatrip, 2 weeks ago.   2,508 views.
started by cherylekirchner.   
Thermodynamics? Not really...
Thermodynamics does not describe the human metabolism. [Note: This post is a bit harsh. I know a lot of people 'believe' in thermodynamics so I've edited the post to substantially tone it ...
1034 replies, last reply by Bcoulal, 2 weeks ago.   120,641 views.
started by reddarin.   
Still kickin
Got on the Treadmill again today, starting slow. Half mile in 12:14 6 degree incline 2.5mph. I need to get back up to 3mph 7-8 degree incline for an hour.
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started by Randol B, 2 weeks ago.   
Lbs or kg
How do I change my weight from lbs into kgs?
1 reply, last reply by Sifoster, 2 weeks ago.   1,123 views.
started by Hblansjaar.   
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