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Optifast diet buddies October 2017
Any one else out there doing Optifast now? I am experimenting with adding gelatine and different flavours and temperatures and different salads. Anyone else? If so How are you going with it? Would love ...
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started by Aligoal, 3 weeks ago.   
Vitamin K
:| I have never posted on forums before, however, I have a situation I would like to share. I love salads. I adore salads. I used to eat them all of the time. I have a health condition now that r ...
7 replies, last reply by ashleyB91, 3 weeks ago.   832 views.
started by Moondance68.   
Grain on the Brainok,
hey all! so today im starting my >1300cal diet with4 hrs of exercise. i love superfoods (like any health hipster) and eat this regularly can this still be enjoyed ...
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started by godking1488, 3 weeks ago.   
Infamous night munchies caught me again!
hi, intermitten fast from 8am to 4pm daily, yet wake up between 9-11pm and eat stuff like kamut puffs, granola and yogurt. i feel this is contributing to weight gain 😭☹ its imperative i lose this weight ...
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started by godking1488.   
I commute 2 hours daily so don't get a chance to go to gym anymore. Gained so much weight
Hello, I got married in Jan this year and then got a job a job in March. I live in Mississauga and commute to Toronto every weekday. Reaching home is a mission every weekday also I don't drive and ...
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started by rabailkazi, 3 weeks ago.   
New Member
I'm new to this, only starting on Saturday. I want to loose 25lbs and have never dieted before as I was always active enough to keep my weight at a constant. I now have a desk job 40 hrs/week and own ...
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started by paula5418.   
I am stuck...
Hi everyone, I joined few months ago but wasn't not very eager to chat till now; though I need some advices...I've lost 3kg in one month, and from then just 0,5kg in another 6 weeks, even I d ...
3 replies, last reply by dobutzu, 3 weeks ago.   224 views.
started by dobutzu.   
Is it possible to add a recipe/meal without adding individual ingredients?
Hello, I am using a meal plan that has a complete set of recipes with ingredients AND nutritional information already laid out. Is it possible for me to add these recipes to WITHOUT adding ...
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started by ddialogue.   
Easy Dinner Options That Don't Require Much Preparation/Cooking?
I've been trying to change my eating habits to be healthier. The issue is that I don't like to cook very much, and don't have much time to do it. I'm also visually impaired so very complex ...
4 replies, last reply by Goling, 3 weeks ago.   926 views.
started by cocreate.   
stuck page
On my page that shows my macronutrients the page won't move up or down the little icon in the middle just turns and turns have I done something wrong? I'm not very good at computer stuff at all
1 reply, last reply by Little Red Fox, 3 weeks ago.   191 views.
started by robinsavngr.   
Time zone setting not working?
Greetings! All replies appreciated. I'm in a 12+ time zone and my Fatsecret timezone is set correctly 12+, but this morning Fatsecret is showing yesterday's date. And the preceding daily entries ...
1 reply, last reply by piscatormagnus, 3 weeks ago.   153 views.
started by piscatormagnus.   
Can't figure it out
So it seems that unless I use foods/recipes in the program data base, I cannot add my own recipes. I tried to add a Frittata muffin recipe but it would not save and the search feature searches only the ...
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started by gerry.marieb, 3 weeks ago.   
By weight not servings...grams, oz, it does not matter... but please not by serving
the serving only option for creating recipes is very difficult and I cook all my own meals. By weight or by package size for canned and frozen food would be much more productive, both would be best, but ...
4 replies, last reply by shanjoseph, 3 weeks ago.   1,243 views.
started by Serina3.   
10 reasons I want to lose weight
So here are 10 reasons why I want to lose weight. 1) I will have better self esteem 2) I will feel sexy 3) My body will feel better (no pain) 4) I will have more energy 5) I will like to get dressed ...
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started by hiloheather.   
question about logging in food entries
I'm new to fat secret and I'm logging my entries in so far. I'm doing the Keto Diet plan. This is a little confusing to me. As I log my entries in it gives the total fat, carbs, protein, c ...
3 replies, last reply by rhills, 3 weeks ago.   260 views.
started by bak2good.   
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It is so hard when you have a great loss , me down by 1kg overnight on Saturday, 77.1, next day back to 81.2. Am being very strict keto, no slip ups. Carb intake kept very low. Today weigh in at 77.9. ...
by Koby1964 on 22 Oct 17 02:53 PM
Nips and tucks
I am 50 and have maintained a 90 plus pound weight loss with a few ups and downs for many years. Yes, I have some loose skin, and no I have never had skin removal surgery. To tighten it up and keep it ...
by TtinaBee on 22 Oct 17 06:00 AM
Does anybody successfully lose weight who is suffering with IBS? I haven't been diagnosed but suffer with a lot of the symptoms. Sometimes, I cannot stomach food as I am in agony. :) Thanks
by sarahandmolly on 22 Oct 17 03:24 AM
food entry help
Hi all, Ive posted this question twice before, but not getting any answers. Not sure if I did it wrong or just nobody answering, so will try one more time. When I enter a new custom food into the nutr ...
by Lindy Jane on 22 Oct 17 02:24 AM
How do I add a new food?
Welcome to FS! On the website, start to type in a few letters where you would search for a food item .. then a little "+ add new food" appears just below the window with search ...
by rhills on 22 Oct 17 01:35 AM
RDI Calculator
Welcome to Fat Secret! Many people have said the same thing. You can see what it says on (I love that site .. a member here recommended it). I don't pay too much attention to the ...
by rhills on 21 Oct 17 04:17 PM

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