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Just Weight NZ
Just Weight is a New Zealand based company that send out calorie counted, fresh prepared meals taking into consideration that todays world is a busy one. You can do six or seven days meals and they teach ...
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started by Sally5001, a week ago.   
Hi everyone! Today is my first day to actually be the member I want to be. I joined in 2015 but was not ready to commit to anything. That has changed and I am looking for all the support and help I can ...
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started by ontheline.   
:roll: one of those bad weekends chocolate is the devil:evil:
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started by annemarie s, a week ago.   
No help needed, just a suggestion
Morning :) Love this program, it really keeps me on track. Its so easy to not count the licks and nibbles and then wonder why those extra lbs stick lol I just have one suggestion .. I'm a small ...
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started by Jolie079.   
Dieting with over 5 food born allergies
I am allergic to gluten, nuts, dairy, pears, tomatoes, tomatillos, xanthan, pineapples, guar gum, msg, and carrageenan. Having so many food-born allergies makes dieting difficult but not impossible. I ...
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started by Redsequinpumps, 2 weeks ago.   
Just saying hi
I'm a 62 year old male tying to lose a few pounds and become healthier with my body. My plan is to follow a plant base, whole foods diet, and that's a mouthful. Journaling my blood sugars is a ...
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started by davidrusnak.   
hello there
Hey there! i am Tana Fee. I weighed 226 at last weigh in at doctors. i am 5'4" tall.I am trying to get to 120.need some support
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started by tanarae.   
Work and diet
Just joined. Hoping to stick with a proper eating plan. My big challenge - I'm a novelist. That means I sit all day long in front of a computer. My fingers are awesome - they really get a work out ...
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started by Rebecca Writes.   
276.6 100 lbs to goal weight
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started by Sesbws, 2 weeks ago.   
Fat Secret telephone App
Hi, I found fatsecret on my computer very helpful. However, when I try to download the current version onto my phone, it wants to be able to monitor my calls and have access to far too much of my info ...
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started by My metamorphis, 2 weeks ago.   
How do you change the weight tracker as you lose weight?
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started by Mouai, 2 weeks ago.   
Copy and paste
Hello all! I have recently started this app and truly dig it! My one frustration is, I eat a lot of the same food on a daily basis and cannot find a way to copy and paste the food from one day to an ...
1 reply, last reply by Nedra Plante, 2 weeks ago.   317 views.
started by Raatamax.   
Adding a Recipe to My Cookbook on Fatsecret - Question
I am trying to add a personal recipe to my cookbook, but the KCAL count (and probably the nutrition info) is considering the whole recipe 1 serving. I put 6 in the number of servings but it is not di ...
5 replies, last reply by Jozette99, 2 weeks ago.   354 views.
started by mariezzz.   
Too much flavor???
I have been dieting for about 5 weeks now and really watching every single thing I eat. I've stopped drinking diet soda and coffee. (That almost killed me!) I've stopped eating desserts and co ...
3 replies, last reply by spacey48, 2 weeks ago.   576 views.
started by Sherillynn.   
I have 2 fat-secrets and was wandering how do I delete one of them. PLEASE HELP
3 replies, last reply by Healthier_2017, 2 weeks ago.   238 views.
started by Healthier_2017.   
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No, lots of us 'guys' here. Do not drastically cut your calories. Do not try and race the scale, ie. drop your calories low. Try and figure out your (BMR) Basil Metabolic Rate and start fac ...
by Frosty Heimdall on 22 Jan 17 10:33 PM
Is it possible to add some extra meals on my personal page?
Hello, good day everyone! As I am not sure about all the functions of the website, I need a support: - I have in general 6 meals a day, considering what I take along my workouts (run) and the post workout ...
by Lrrodrigues on 22 Jan 17 08:43 PM
Starting all over
Don't fall into the shame game! Get back up and start again, it's a marathon not a sprint and as long as you're alive you get another chance so buck up! Hey we are about the same weight ...
by Terri TCat on 22 Jan 17 08:07 PM
New here, first post
Hi all, just found this site and looking for support and a group to be supportive of. I have always been pretty active athough I was 50 lbs overweight. 4 years ago I suffered an aortic dissection and ...
by Terri TCat on 22 Jan 17 07:51 PM
Low carb, low fat and low sodium
Gabi, it is a FS unwritten community policy not to advertise or promote any particular weight loss products or services. Don't push the company you are trying to advertise, you will be reported for ...
by Ingria on 22 Jan 17 07:10 PM
Get serious about food and exercise or forget about losing weight!
Love to know how you go, positive feedback is the best medicine!
by Crookedriver on 22 Jan 17 03:58 PM

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