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New weight loss device approved by the FDA
The FDA approved a new weight loss technology, which is an implanted device to treat obesity. The device – known as AspireAssist – uses a tube to drain a portion of the stomach contents after each meal. ...
4 replies, last reply by Kishlette, 2 weeks ago.   1,721 views.
started by sara982.   
Website Trouble
I need help. For almost a week I haven't been able to log into My Fatsecret. I can't log anything in. Every time I try to go to the website it keep spinning and then I get a page that says &qu ...
2 replies, last reply by furryhaven, 2 weeks ago.   305 views.
started by paradise31.   
Widget won't work... Anyone else having issues since the update?
Hi I am just wondering if anyone is having issues with the app and /or widget? Since the update my home screen is the same person's food diary which I don't want to see. The widget (which I ...
2 replies, last reply by Kishlette, 2 weeks ago.   334 views.
started by mchezz.   
Water tracker
I was wondering if there were any plans to add a water tracking section... I know there have been requests before. I currently use a separate app on Android which is aptly called 'Water'. You ...
no replies.   82 views.
started by Kishlette, 2 weeks ago.   
Staying hydrated on the road
Is there a reason all of the articles about plastic bottles malign water but not soft drinks being sold in plastic? Are they a different kind of plastic or something? They all seem to PE (polyethylene) ...
1 reply, last reply by LadyinDenim, 2 weeks ago.   160 views.
started by TomLong.   
Low carb, low fat and low sodium
As a diabetic on insulin needing to loose weight and get my blood pressure down, I also try to eat low fat to reduce blood triglycerides! I'm doing this by eating much much less, and only good nut ...
21 replies, last reply by rmscott1, 2 weeks ago.   3,339 views.
started by Mouai.   
Come and walk with us
Please join us for our next 300 mile challenge. We dropped a lot of weight during our first 300 miles. What a success! This challenge breaks down to walking 3 miles daily. This is an achievable goal as ...
1 reply, last reply by rmscott1, 2 weeks ago.   363 views.
started by Sherillynn.   
Hi Guys. I have been on my ketogenic diet for about 3 weeks now and all is going well. ive lost quite a bit of weight so far but still more to go. im very happy with my high fat low carb diet. even though ...
3 replies, last reply by joefarrelly, 2 weeks ago.   1,123 views.
started by joefarrelly.   
Looking for weight loss partners!
Hey! I've been thinking that I could use a couple people in my life who are trying to lose weight like I am. We can never have too much encouragement, and it's usually more fun doing stuff with ...
4 replies, last reply by mrsEmmm, 2 weeks ago.   637 views.
started by FauxL0nd0ner.   
back on trac
Everything is good. Surgical doctors were very surprised with what they found. While giving me a stint and bypass they found I was only half as bad as my scans had showed a few months ago. In the reports ...
1 reply, last reply by Pangs, 2 weeks ago.   353 views.
started by davidrusnak.   
Sugars (Good or Bad)
should I worry about my sugar intake from fruits or mainly focus on how much of the added sugar I eat? I feel so lost on what I should be doing.
14 replies, last reply by rsmith777, 2 weeks ago.   2,572 views.
started by christinademello.   
is this diet okay ?
i was eating a lot before, yesterday i decided to start dieting ,cus i want to loose weight fast for an event , my current extreme diet consist of , one cucumber , one glass of milk in breakfast , in ...
5 replies, last reply by aron5656, 2 weeks ago.   510 views.
started by lanhua1.   
differances between sites
Hi all, only been on this site for a few days now but have noticed a difference with other sites pertaining to calories burned for; stationary biking fitness pal says I burn about 315 ...
5 replies, last reply by rorschach_blot, 2 weeks ago.   760 views.
started by duhpro13.   
Pucker up!
Hey! I'm making my own vinegar. I know that some of you may think, 'what's the big deal here?', but for me this is big. I've known since my first bottle of Bragg's that there was ...
1 reply, last reply by Jean Mc, 3 weeks ago.   311 views.
started by tecolote_anna.   
Week 11 weigh-in...down 45 pounds!
So far so good down 45lb at week 11 weigh-in. 127lb to go!
5 replies, last reply by SRoss3456, 3 weeks ago.   1,411 views.
started by Roy3.   
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starting Adkins
My long term goal is to lose 54lbs, but I am having problems starting the diet. I am addicted to sweets and soda. By doing some research, I find the Adkins diet appealing. Can anyone make some suggestions ...
by Zahira Ahmed on 27 Apr 17 01:36 AM
Saying 'Hello' and our family goals.
My hubby and myself are trying to change what goes into our mouth, is the goal! We have had way too much processed foods, although we eat no fast food and no sodas. We are lacking nutrients! Because of ...
by yofatz on 27 Apr 17 01:01 AM
Veggies while doing keto
I did some research and found out, that it's not as bad as soon as you already are in ketosis, because you already have a lot of the enzymes needed for keto. So even if you have to many carbs in a ...
by myriamnie on 27 Apr 17 12:06 AM
Calories remaining???
Same question. Where is calories remaining? There is nothing under snacks. The Android app has calories remaining is huge numbers, and also a summary with the same info, but I don't see it anywhere ...
by Rob Banks on 26 Apr 17 09:58 PM
Low Carb Diets - Do they work for everyone?
Diablo - did you read my first post here? I agree with the first law of thermodynamics - I just disagree about the quality of those calories. What do you care whether I eat those calories without grains ...
by HCB on 26 Apr 17 09:37 PM
Where to find my suggested daily calorie intake on my page?
Thank you for your help! I see it, it's my daily "RDI", found at the bottom of the page when I click on the dish/fork/spoon icon on my tabs. It is small writing under the box labeled & ...
by Nancy Avignone on 26 Apr 17 08:09 PM

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