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Stuffing question
I made homemade stuffing using bell's seasoning and added hamburger and Italian sausage. So my question is since I cannot find this combination under food categories how do I put this in my diary? ...
3 replies, last reply by foreverhealthy2, 2 weeks ago.   199 views.
started by robertarmstrong.   
who meal plans?
I find this to be a key to my success. I plan at least 3 meals a week that I can also use to create lunch, love the crock pot great help I also make soup for the week. great go to when I am in a hurry ...
3 replies, last reply by foreverhealthy2, 2 weeks ago.   428 views.
started by slemo58.   
Sleeping on Keto
Can't sleep anymore. I sleep 1 or 2 hours than I'm wired for the rest of the night. I've been reading and it is suggested that I eat my carbs at my night meal. Also a spoonful of raw honey ...
3 replies, last reply by JavaMom, 2 weeks ago.   463 views.
started by Bluper.   
Add featur: sync to garmin
Would like to be able to sync garmin with fatsecret.
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started by ragbrai1, 2 weeks ago.   
Inspiration from all of you lovely people!
Thank you so much for messaging me you lovely guys.I was feeling low and you picked me up again!! Best wishes to all of you! We share the one drive and ambition to shift the weight and feel good no matter ...
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started by Gilly Fizzy, 2 weeks ago.   
lbs to kg
How do I correct or change my weight in lbs to kg? AS the pound is confusing for me.
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 2 weeks ago.   143 views.
started by izabellamw.   
Can you add food that is not in the list
I like to add food that I use that is not in the list. Is that possible
1 reply, last reply by rhills, 2 weeks ago.   105 views.
started by Yolan62.   
How does this website work?
Today is my first day and I'm kinda overwhelmed by all the tons of information and different 'links'. I'm browsing thru everything, but what I'm really wondering about is the 2 cha ...
5 replies, last reply by robertarmstrong, 3 weeks ago.   2,093 views.
started by jaci lynn.   
ManvFat Football
I have joined the ManvFat Salford Football league and over space of 6 weeks have lost over 9 kg. I have already lost 5% of original weight and next target is 10%. I encourage anyone to seek out their ...
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started by Sloopjohn B, 3 weeks ago.   
Keto is no different than any other caloric deficit diet for fat loss and inferior for those that ex "Fat loss (go to section) Keto does not seem to offer a distinct advantage for fat loss when both groups in a study eat the same amount of calories. People on ...
35 replies, last reply by persuasions, 3 weeks ago.   2,439 views.
started by Diablo360x.   
Exercise Summary at top of "MY FATSECRET"
Can anyone explain (or point me to the page that explains) to me the exercise summary? Right now, it reads: 1808 kcal / Net -1124 kcal. My diet summary for the day reads 684 kcal / RDI 38%. It seems ...
3 replies, last reply by robertarmstrong, 3 weeks ago.   1,743 views.
started by Sans Egal.   
The Incentive Became Compelling
For most of my adult life, the weight roller coaster has been a constant, ranging from 180 as a young adult to over 250 up until 5 months ago. Over the years I succeeded in shedding 15% of body weight ...
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started by Bilding, 3 weeks ago.   
Shift worker
I am a shift worker and am finding that especially night shift plays havoc with my eating habits. I need to eat during the night and even though I am having a protein drink I still need breakfast when ...
2 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, 3 weeks ago.   536 views.
started by Heike216.   
What is your basic work-out routine?
Do you mind sharing your typical daily exercise routine and hopefully assist me and other members with ideas?
14 replies, last reply by adorian_oldschool, 3 weeks ago.   3,938 views.
started by skinnyzee-01.   
Sandwich Wrap (255 cal)
Try my personal Grilled Chicken Salad Wrap: Honey Wheat wrap - 60 cal Perdue "Ready to Eat" Chicken Breast (1/2 cup) - 100 cal Romaine Heart Salad leaf (1) - 3 cal Finlandia Swiss Cheese (1 ...
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started by Dwayne Greene, 3 weeks ago.   
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Weight loss
I haven`t been this light since November 2013 :)
by rockyboy on 15 Dec 17 05:52 PM
Happy New You Challenge - Sign up!
I join a lot of challenges here on FS. Only see 2 that aren't in progress yet.
by Fritzy 22 on 15 Dec 17 03:58 PM
New to fatsecret
On the belly fat question, I found this link which might be a place to start reading. So it tells you that the "belly fat" you are probably talking about ...
by rhills on 15 Dec 17 03:30 PM
Since signing up yesterday
by Eanor on 15 Dec 17 03:17 PM
Newbie needs help please
Thank you. I just wasn't sure how to save it. Anyway, it's still there so I must have saved it somehow! Thank you also for the other tips.
by SecretFatEve on 15 Dec 17 02:39 PM
My Acne does not go away.
I started the Forks Over Knives plan about a month ago. Almost all my body acne is gone now. Wasn't a goal, but I'm not upset about the side effect either. Might be worth a look.
by dryphtyr on 15 Dec 17 02:30 PM

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