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Carbs ugh
Ok i have had a carb attack . I ate some 88% dark chocolate a couple of squares and had some blue chips with avocado. I now i was stressing at work and I know thats why . I will move on too tomorrow and ...
12 replies, last reply by SJWNana, a week ago.   2,236 views.
started by Suz2356.   
Is it possible to lose weight without physical exercise?
Hi, I just want to know if it is possible to lose weight without doing any physical exercise? Physical exercise is very painful to me. Thanks
28 replies, last reply by ChristinaO65, a week ago.   13,895 views.
started by mukul_eng2.   
MELBOURNE - Female diet buddies?
Melbourne based - looking to communicate with other Melbourne based ladies to share ups and downs around losing the kilos.
no replies.   94 views.
started by wendyeriksen1, a week ago.   
Lately im having a hard time taking in a deep breath it gets so bad i start panicking and all i think about is trying to get a good breath i have called 911 a couple times they say my lungs is clear i ...
6 replies, last reply by nyhardhat, a week ago.   3,266 views.
started by rambler747.   
Before and After, anyone?
Everybody loves before and after pictures, right? Wouldn't it be cool if we had a thread just for these pictures?? Post your before/after or before/during pictures (even if you've posted them ...
1148 replies, last reply by Big Boy Optimus, a week ago.   246,289 views.
started by k8yk.   
Before and After, anyone?
WELCOME ----- ~ ¤ ╭⌒╮ ╭⌒╮ ╭⌒╭⌒╮╭⌒╮~╭⌒╮ HANDBAG 35$ ,)))),'')~~ ,''~) ╱◥█◣ ╱◥█◣ SHOES 35$ |田|田||田|田| CLOTH 15$ ╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬╬ 2010 NEW input this URL: ( h ...
1148 replies, last reply by Big Boy Optimus, a week ago.   246,289 views.
started by k8yk.   
Hello from Romania
My name is Roxana Daniela and I am fat...over fat!:cry: My weight is 120 kg and I just discover today this site which I hope it is going to be useful to me and my target on loseing 35 kg! Hope to meet ...
5 replies, last reply by PeterHVL11, a week ago.   3,360 views.
started by ROXANASAILA.   
Eager to start.
Decided to get started on a slow weight loss. My goal is to lose 50 lbs by July 4 th.
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started by Penny Habetler, a week ago.   
Diet Fiction
Hi all I've just finished reading Big Brother by Lionel Shriver. Although it is fiction, it is a very interesting look at dieting, comfort eating, family support (or non support) and the emotions ...
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started by JustineJones, a week ago.   
Hi! New here, looking for diet buddies :)
Hello ^^ I'm 21, and I'm pretty overweight. But now I decided it's time to change that! Problem is, I'm terrible at staying motivated, so I'm looking for diet buddies! Anyone got any ...
1 reply, last reply by Suzi161, a week ago.   1,244 views.
started by Zathrin.   
Extreme Weight Fluctuation, What am I doing Wrong?
My eating and exercising habits are fairly consistent and yet my weight fluctuates anywhere from 2 to 5 pounds up or down on any given day. It is so hard to stay positive or know if what I am doing is ...
3 replies, last reply by Suzi161, a week ago.   1,066 views.
started by lynzmurphy.   
Short term goal has been met
I weighed in this morning and I found out that I went from 191.6 down to 188.4. It is the first time in over 10 years that I have been under 190 pounds and I am NEVER looking back. A week ago I had ...
2 replies, last reply by Suzi161, a week ago.   2,046 views.
started by cherylekirchner.   
Progress update failure
Is it just me or is anyone else also experiencing problems in recording their challenge progress?
3 replies, last reply by fmz93, a week ago.   1,136 views.
started by fmz93.   
Edit a Recipe
Today is my first day and I entered a recipe and would like to edit it but I don't see how. Any help???
6 replies, last reply by acsez, a week ago.   742 views.
started by acsez.   
New(ish) to Fatsecret
hi, loving fatsecret but not absolutely sure I know what I'm doing! Having put in my weight, height and diet goals is the number of calories I'm allowed per day the number I need to stay within ...
3 replies, last reply by kagray5, a week ago.   1,057 views.
started by kagray5.   
Does fatsecret sync with google fit?
Does anyone know if this can be done? Or with Basis Peak? Thanks, Rob
6 replies, last reply by mike.mtb, a week ago.   4,133 views.
started by edgerkem.   
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Penis size
I agree it is the angle of the dangle
by nan0807 on 12 Feb 16 10:29 AM
Fitness wearable smart watch
Oh great. Thanks for the inputs Knox. I have filter down to two. Fitbit Charge HR and Jawbone UP3. Hope to get more info about it. ;).
by Chubby Spiderman on 12 Feb 16 10:27 AM
Pacemaker.. anyone else with one doing LCHF
Nothings changed in two years.. but I find that when I have water weight walking is a challenge.. Take my water pill and im good for a few days.. Im concerned about the HF.. but I do feel less bloated.. ...
by Penster12 on 12 Feb 16 09:06 AM
1200 calorie per day but most of the calories still come from carbs
I average 1600 calories a day between 20-25 net carbs a day . I have lost 22 lbs easily
by pattychaney on 12 Feb 16 07:59 AM
AntaGolin for Insulin Resistance
Hi All. Anyone in South Africa tried this tab for reducing IR? It's manufactured by MNI. Any related feedback will be appreciated. All the best in your journey.
by _tigress_ on 12 Feb 16 02:46 AM
How do I add a private recipe
You can add it in the cookbook,you add all ingredients,then when you select that item from the cook book,go to "view" and it will show what you put in...each item and quantity.
by SjF60 on 11 Feb 16 09:56 PM

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