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Started June 20th at 220lbs and now at 185lbs on a whole food plant based diet...very little SOS "salt oil sugar" no processed foods and eat until full...have been on many diets in the past but ...
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started by 101camshaft, 2 weeks ago.   
Novel Ideas
What will be the next big idea/product in health and nutrition sector in food and beverage space? Any WILD guesses?
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started by mehakpuri, 2 weeks ago.   
Any keto dieters!
Looking to buddy up with some keto dieters for support and ideas. started 4 days ago on keto and dropped 3#.
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started by gourd, 2 weeks ago.   
Default to "Today" on Reports tab
In the app, whenever I go into the "Reports" tab it defaults to showing my numbers for "This Week". Can I change it so it defaults to "Today" every time? It gets annoying ...
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started by BreezyGal, 2 weeks ago.   
Atkins products
good morning yesterday was on the run after work to get to girl guides. i had an Atkins meal bar which was 16g protein 1g sugar and 3 net carbs. on this site it adds 13 carbs, everything is higher????? ...
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started by francineseguin.   
Want to Do Percentages of a Favorite Meal (i.e., 1/2, 1/4 etc.)
I am hoping one of you can help me with a shortcut here: I have started using several smoothie recipes with a lot of ingredients. Typically will make a blender full in the morning, have part for bre ...
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started by TexasTom.   
Fit Bit
Is there any way of linking your fitbit with FS?
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started by countrygirl50.   
Pumpkin seeds on a keto diet
When I look up pumpkin seeds (David) on this website, are the numbers they are giving me eating the whole seed shell and all? Because that is the way that I eat them.
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started by RamsonCole, 2 weeks ago.   
how do i delete my account
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started by Jadatinez.   
Mid day snacks
Any suggestions for a mid day snack something i can grab on the or not have to make like a lara bar but less sugar?
1 reply, last reply by Fritzy 22, 2 weeks ago.   164 views.
started by scooten.   
Vietnamese sweeties Calories, anyone?
Hey all, so i was thinking of getting, some time, a special treat at the Vietnamese take away of red bean smoothie(made with coconut milk, half n half is only other option☹) i think its 16oz, and has ...
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started by godking1488, 2 weeks ago.   
A plateau or starvation mode?
Hey all!! i was just wondering if you think i have hit a plateau. im trying to lose 20 pounds and im working out 2-3 hours a day,mostly cardio. i seem to have been getting rounder around the middle yet ...
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started by godking1488.   
Plant based or Keto??
I’ve been doing research and had decided to start the Ketonic diet. Everything I read indicated that it would be good for everything from inflammation in the body to skin issues, brain, cardiac, thyroid, ...
6 replies, last reply by malcolmwhite, 2 weeks ago.   918 views.
started by writergal.   
Quick and easy food suggestions
Does anyone have any quick and easy meal suggestions for someone who doesn't have a lot of time to cook or the energy after a 10 hour day?!
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started by jbsquishy.   
Sleeve Gastric Bypass
Not for the faint at heart or not serious (desperate) people either
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started by ninastewart1, 2 weeks ago.   
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How do I add a new food?
Sorry I am new here and need to add a few foods to the ones already on here esp gluten free. How do I do this - please keep instructions simple as not very techno savvy. Many thanks
by Jenny Wrenn on 21 Oct 17 07:54 PM
RDI Calculator
Welcome to Fat Secret! Many people have said the same thing. You can see what it says on (I love that site .. a member here recommended it). I don't pay too much attention to the ...
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New to site/app
On the website, you do this by clicking on the box on top that looks like a graph .. that's your weight log. On the mobile app, click on the 3 horizontal bars in the upper left and s ...
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Deleting account
You have to contact FatSecret directly (see Frequently Asked Questions)
by rhills on 21 Oct 17 04:11 PM
Delete account
I want to delete my account on here.
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Please integrate
Please add interaction between Garmin Connect and FatSecret, would be great
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