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Shift worker
I am a shift worker and am finding that especially night shift plays havoc with my eating habits. I need to eat during the night and even though I am having a protein drink I still need breakfast when ...
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started by Heike216, a week ago.   
Took more steps yesterday, but didn't burn as many calories???
According to my Fitbit, I took more steps and worked out longer yesterday, but I burned less calories than I did the previous day. Can someone explain why? I'm a little confused. It's slightly ...
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started by Emerald17.   
How to track body fat percentage on fatsecret?
Hi all! I've been tracking my weight and body fat % in a google sheet but now I'm ginving fatsecret a chance and, while I have to say this site is great, I'm a bit dissapointed that there ...
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started by zippolag.   
Starting pretty good
So...Soccer season is almost here! Trying to at least lose 40 before the beginning of next year! :d :d :d :d :d :d :d :d
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started by haleighwooten, a week ago.   
How Do I Use This Stuff???
Hi y'all, I was wondering if it is possible to edit the information you submitted? For example, can I change the activity level in my life? If so, how? Thanks!
2 replies, last reply by Audra R , a week ago.   188 views.
started by Audra R .   
Had My Socks Blown Off - Rookie Mistake
I just started my healthy eating challenge. My socks were blown off yesterday. I ordered spinach artichoke dip at Applebee's.....yikes. Wow, research is priceless. The appetizer cost me 1000 cal ...
3 replies, last reply by rhills, a week ago.   583 views.
started by cindyroberts.   
Meal Settings?
Anyone know how to display '5 Meals' in stead of Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks/Other? MyFitnessPAL App can do it, I'm new to FatSecret?
4 replies, last reply by T8U9, a week ago.   368 views.
started by Advo Sensei.   
Daily Calorie Target Seems High
Hi, I am just starting to lose weight as its been out of control for the last 9 months. I am currently 90kg and targeting 70, or a very aggressive 67 if I can achieve it. I was 73 kilos for many, many ...
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started by lufari.   
Hello! And I have a question
Hi All. I finally got a scale after being in deep denial. Turns out that the original weight inputted when I set up my diet was a little off--sadly, not lower. Is there any way to update the baseline ...
3 replies, last reply by rebecca831, a week ago.   108 views.
started by rebecca831.   
Does this work?
I have been struggling to find a weight loss app that is suited for me. I have been a member of slimming world and weight watchers in the past. Although both did work for a time I found the cost of the ...
6 replies, last reply by Beegees3, a week ago.   551 views.
started by joannemay25.   
How Many Calories Should I Be Eating?
FatSecret says my RDI to lose weight is 3,200. This seems super high. Even if I subtract another 500 for losing 2 lb per week, that's 2,700 calories. I'm not sure what I should be following. ...
4 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, a week ago.   398 views.
started by cocreate.   
Network time out
since a couple of hours i have network time out on my iphone 5s, tried everything, when will this be fixed ?
1 reply, last reply by heksemieke, a week ago.   159 views.
started by heksemieke.   
Is any one trying the Optavia Diet or program
2 replies, last reply by crknight, a week ago.   668 views.
started by nazman1941.   
Weight loss mission
Am at my heaviest right now. My aim is to lose most of my weight before I hit 40 in February. Mini goals of losing 1-1.5lbs/week. Long term goal of losing 50 lbs and more. I do yoga once a week. Planning ...
2 replies, last reply by Dragonvee, a week ago.   350 views.
started by Dragonvee.   
cauliflower pizza crust
Hi everyone! Ive been wanting to try making the cauliflower pizza crust. Im wondering is it easy to manipulate can i make 4 smaller ones , Im only one eating. is it as good reheated ???
4 replies, last reply by francineseguin, 2 weeks ago.   503 views.
started by francineseguin.   
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question about logging in food entries
Mine does grams; there might be a setting somewhere if you prefer non-metric measurement systems. To not further the coming one-world government, or to keep your brain from getting lazy doing easy math, ...
by T8U9 on 25 Sep 17 05:01 PM
A plateau or starvation mode?
Yeah, 100 and even 126 doesn't sound like a healthy weight for a man depending on your height.
by shieldslv on 25 Sep 17 01:32 PM
Phone App - Exercise tracking not available?
Its there now. I am sure I looked all over that area at bottom before but it wasn't there but I guess its possible I didn't see it. But it is there now. Thanks for your help!
by Raeka8 on 25 Sep 17 08:13 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Everyday when I can. I have had multiple surgeries and have put weight on over the past 2 years. Feeling better and ready to get this weight back off.
by Jasmine3199 on 25 Sep 17 07:33 AM
fit for life and christmas
:) .... having watched the bbc programme about ageing - am determined to work a bit harder - going back to swimming and the reduced calories for 2 or 3 days out of 7. I felt so much better before when ...
by TPRose on 25 Sep 17 01:56 AM
Need to add 6 meals a day
Definitely not standard. Heck, many people who fast have less than the 3 meals. It's a preference. I used to just use the first field for all of my meals, does it really matter at the end of the ...
by Diablo360x on 24 Sep 17 08:33 PM

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