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Just diagnosed diabetic
Are there any other diabetics using this site.? I was diagnosed a week ago
14 replies, last reply by Ravyne Hawke, 4 days ago.   1,337 views.
started by yoyo mama.   
Your Challenge - simple but supportive!
I started a 40 day challenge starting tomorrow. It's simple and it is yours! Join me .... 40 day JUMPSTART Challenge The challenge is simple. 1. Exercise 1/2 to 1 hour each day. Your choice! 2. ...
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started by jmf2015, 4 days ago.   
Join my challenge and JUMPSTART back in!
40 day JUMPSTART Challenge The challenge is simple. 1. Exercise 1 hour each day. Your choice! 2. Eat Clean - 1 cheat meal a week! starts in: a day duration: 6 weeks day 1: Monday 05 Oct 15
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started by jmf2015, 4 days ago.   
type 2 diabetes
what types of food do you eat that are low in calories and carbs that will keep your sugar level without over eating.:?:
2 replies, last reply by DWOODS, 5 days ago.   357 views.
started by ormela.   
Banting diet
lost 8kg in 3 weeks on the Banting eat plan
3 replies, last reply by howzat4u, 5 days ago.   836 views.
started by Jackied20.   
Can you Lose 10 pounds in a Week?
Hey this isn't a topic. It's an ad that takes you to an external page.
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started by mohamedel mansouri, 5 days ago.   
Net Carbs
I have not been able to find any links on this site that actually explains anything! It's a great site with great tools and it's free! Unlike the WW site. However, you have to figure everything ...
1 reply, last reply by lavender211, 5 days ago.   344 views.
started by axslinger.   
Weight Watchers points on Fat Secret
Is there a way to add Weight Watchers points when logging my food? I haven't been on FS in a while and I remember we were able to count points and I believe they took it away and someone (a FS tech) ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 6 days ago.   479 views.
started by polarbear1071.   
carb count
Apparently the US and the UK count carbs differently. I've been using the dietary info from this sight. Is this a US based site or UK? When figuring carbs should I subtract the dietary fiber from the ...
2 replies, last reply by howzat4u, 6 days ago.   399 views.
started by jlbenitz.   
Oatmeal sure spiked my blood sugar!
At first I didn't believe it and thought it was the honey that I added to my coffee. But the numbers don't lie. First time, after plain rolled oats, one serving, and several cups of coffee with ...
21 replies, last reply by sallylun, 6 days ago.   2,956 views.
started by sonnymac.   
Goodbye weight watchers!
I'm Kabella, 35 yrs old in the UK. I've got 2 stone to lose. I started on Weight watchers, but found some of the ProPoints counterproductive, and if you are on the 'Mobile plan', the app ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 6 days ago.   286 views.
started by Kabella_.   
ATT: South Africans.. REgarding insanity workout
Does anyone have the insanity workout by shaun T ?? :d
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 6 days ago.   220 views.
started by soonabspossible.   
RDI Intake
Hi all, i am new to this group and have started on my wight loss journey including excerising two days per week (at the moment until my fitness levels increase). I have read a lot about calorie controlled ...
1 reply, last reply by Tatmummy, 6 days ago.   183 views.
started by Wazzyboo.   
Proteolytic Enzymes
Just curious if anyone regularly takes proteolytic enzymes, which ones do you take & how do you feel they work?
5 replies, last reply by Horseshu1, a week ago.   549 views.
started by starstar73.   
What kick started my never ending diet.
Hi been dieting for years without success but 3 weeks ago I went to see a food and intolerance specialist she tested me for 81 food groups and I am not intolerant nor have an allergy but an acid/alkaline ...
4 replies, last reply by marketbarrow, a week ago.   1,151 views.
started by paul howard.   
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Just starting
Hi - I was 14lbs over weight and lost it in 12wks. so yep 6 months if you stick to a diet will be easy
by Tatmummy on 09 Oct 15 06:42 AM
Weigh In Issues
I use digital scales set to lbs and they don't vary by more than a lb or two over the day - I weighed weekly until my weight got close to my goal and now I weight when ever I feel like it! LOL. mostly ...
by Tatmummy on 09 Oct 15 06:40 AM
weight lifting and Low Carb????
That sounds great buddy. Have a wonderful weekend.
by LowCarbFemmeFit on 09 Oct 15 01:36 AM
Sending you my best! Salute your determination to shake yourself back to the place! This week has been strange for me, too. It's like a dark cloud that I'm trying to shake off, too. :)
by IngaViolet on 08 Oct 15 09:08 PM
I'm on Atkins Diet, Should I watch the Net carbs or the Calories too?
Thank you for you help! :)
by farahshinali on 08 Oct 15 04:15 PM
Constipation issues
@PeigiAnn - that is all well and good if someone is not insulin resistant or diabetic. Before giving advice for fruit (which is fructose and will raise a diabetic's insulin and blood glucose) first ...
by Ravyne Hawke on 08 Oct 15 02:42 PM

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