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So, I’ve noticed that there seem to be some heated emotions involving “Calories In and Calories Out” and how it seems to work for some people and not for others. I just want to share some thoughts on what ...
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started by Timg2500, a week ago.   
Ill add that if you accurately track Calories in, and Daily weight, you can derive TDEE from averages/moving averages. I actually have excel spreadsheets do this for me. It even plots a nice trend line. ...
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started by Timg2500, a week ago.   
Sooo… since I’ve been a member for 4+ years here, I figure it’s about time to introduce myself / share my story and probably for your amusement. :d I started trying to focus on my weight in about 2011 ...
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started by Timg2500.   
nothing works...
Even when I eat less than or around 1500 calories per day (Im quite active so my RDI is 2300 kcal) I dont lose weight... I know why, but because of my work situation I live where I work, and I have to ...
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started by ToGa1995.   
nothing works...
it gets really bothering when you don't wanna eat something but you have to. I have found a better solution for myself, I use to use beyond weight management tea, a kind of green tea, good for weight ...
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started by ToGa1995.   
how to remove rice from diet?
No matter how hard I try, the aroma of steamed white rice shoots my brain to such an extent that sometimes I feel helpless. The reason for this behavior of mine, I think can be linked to many factors, ...
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started by Pratik Pandey.   
editing a food item
How do you edit a food item from the catalog of choices. I entered a new item incorrectly.
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started by parkplacecreative1.   
I lost 5 pounds the first two weeks of my diet. Since then I haven't lost an ounce. I have been stuck for five days at 155. I don't get it. Makes it tough to keep going when you don't see ...
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started by virginiastollings.   
Coffee good for weight loss?
I drink coffee everyday, I have to admit that throughout the day I total probably 12 cups, only 2 of which are decaf-those are around bedtime. I heard that coffee kills hunger and cravings-appetite. B ...
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started by XshapeshiftX.   
Sync Icon
Where is the sync icon? I have an android but haven't been able to find the sync icon. Thank you, Sergio
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started by Serge07.   
Giving up the scale?
Probably an odd question to ask on this site which is all about lbs/kgs lost, but has anyone given up weighing themselves for good, or tried it and decided it didn't work? If it was successful for ...
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started by starstar73.   
If this doesnt encourage you to learn to reduce and manage your weight.....nothng will assuming you have access to BBC Iplayer in your location this is about as graphic and clear cut as you get on the impact of obesity on the body
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started by spacey48.   
Saved meals and android app
So I have a saved meal that is visible on the desktop version of the site and is invisible in the android app... Help? Tried to find some answers of the mystery in the forum. Nothing for now.
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started by lvctvs.   
Serving Sized
I have a question about never seeing an explanation as to what a serving size is. I look at your recipes and cannot find anything actually saying what a serving size is. For example, 1 cup or whatever. ...
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started by gypsysmom.   
Anybody doing the Atkins diets? need Atkins buddies..:)
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started by BobbyT123.   
You Know You Are Overweight When:
Your "Men's Adult Large" size knee and elbow pads are way too small, and you are only 5'3" tall and a woman.
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started by HeyJude602.   
You Know You Are Overweight When:
When you can't bend over to tie your shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)
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started by HeyJude602.   
weight loss
I have been trying different ways of eating and nothing works I don't know about counting calories is a good thing for me
2 replies, last reply by emmelinelucas, a week ago.   629 views.
started by 239437.   
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I was older when I was younger.
I only signed up and was not active but will be it from today.... I am a single old woman without any real friends, only friends I talk with when walking outside. It is sad to not have any friends or ...
by evavirginius on 26 Sep 16 07:41 AM
Industry funded studies
Hi, Titedancer, thats a great story. the diet your husband seems to be following is called Ketosis. it when your body starts to target fat as its primary fuel source and the liver turns fat cell into ...
by jodymcconnachie on 26 Sep 16 06:55 AM
Emotional Roller coaster
Hi Maria! Stress has a way of doing that, doesn't it? I hope you've been having better days lately. You can do this, Buddy!
by kpwcalories on 25 Sep 16 09:38 PM
Can't seem to stick to a diet
its not easy but in the end it comes down to choice where I work you could put on a pound a day just by eating the snacks and cakes other people bring in. I just make the choice to never eat anything ...
by spacey48 on 25 Sep 16 04:45 PM
Stubborn Fat
XshapeshiftX wrote: Build up your abs and you'll burn belly fat faster. Stronger core burns fat sorry but this is utter nonsense you cannot spot reduce fat no matter what you do outside of lipo ...
by spacey48 on 25 Sep 16 04:39 PM
Walking in place
Walking in place while watching TV burns more calories that sitting on the couch watching TV. So...
by bdmgoggins on 25 Sep 16 08:54 AM

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