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hi guys, am new to this. and am trying the 5:2 diet. which i have found to be not as daunting as i thought. What helps is my son is also on it (more for fitness than weight loss) so it helps not having ...
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started by genkilady, 6 days ago.   
How do I join the group? I've been on the 400 calorie fix diet since the end of February and I've lost a total of 18.4 pounds and 18.5 inches as of this morning. How do I put this as my diet ...
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started by jamiqua, 6 days ago.   
First Weigh in--14 hours to go...
Looking forward to my first weigh in tomorrow. I left a bunch of smart points off this week, but only got in a minimum amount of exercise. I'm feeling good...:d
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started by gr8lipz.   
I am on the Atkins diet on induction and gaining weight! Please help.
It's been 7 days I started the Atkins diet. I ate only what's allowed by the book (both old diet and the new diet) and I did not weigh the food I ate nor counted the calories. I am actually eating ...
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started by laylaindy.   
BMR confused
website: BMI 31.32 BMI BF% 25.52% body fat percentage BMR 2074.558 but i only eat 1200 a day (sometimes cheat up to 1400) but at 1400 i dont usually lose and sometimes ...
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started by farmerblue.   
Deleting a thread from notifications
Thanks Oliver. While there's a lot of interesting info there, it's much more than I can/want to absorb on a regular basis. Since it was in notifications, I was seeing more responses to that ...
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started by Vickie 5966, 6 days ago.   
Deleting a thread from notifications
Great, I'm glad it worked out!
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started by Vickie 5966, 6 days ago.   
fat lose
I am trying to lose mu belly fats and I have tried a lot of products but the results are very slow. Does anyone have an advice regarding that?
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started by kikxkikx.   
Whats wrong or right about working out only for 60 seconds
NY Times article talks about HIIT HIIT =/= a 60 second workout so the title is misleading that's a 10 minute session with warm-up, strenuous exertion for brief periods and cool-down and yes ...
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started by mesodumatgmaildotcom.   
Whats wrong or right about working out only for 60 seconds
Whats hiit? I didn't read the whole article - it seemed suspect - pros and cons - and it did seem misleading from what I glanced at.
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started by mesodumatgmaildotcom.   
The Losing and Gaining yo yo
For me, either I am losing weight or gaining weight. I have never been successful at maintaining some mythical "goal weight". I'm curious to know if any LCHP folks have reached their g ...
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started by Sarah1950.   
Diet buddy
If anyone needs help staying motivated, workout and diet advice add me. :)
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started by SKercia, a week ago.   
EXERCISE WILL NOT make you LOSE FAT long term - the whole lifestyle approach & weight training
[url] why just exercising more is not going to result in long term success in changing body composition for most people and why resistance training is a great addition to a ...
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started by pattychaney.   
I'm new!
I am new to fatsecret! Check out my bio! If you need any help or have any questions feel free to shoot me a message! :)
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started by Dalajia .   
Work out tapes and Logging it
Hi, I recently have went back to Jillian Micheal's body revolution tapes. I went to put them in my exercise log and I can't find out for the life of me how to do this. Could someone help me. ...
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started by Rains120, a week ago.   
For every Oliver, there's a DairyKing
What a lovely surprise to receive this message from a kind stranger, who isn't even my buddy yet: [img] A round of applause for Dairy King and the other quiet, unsung ...
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started by kpwcalories.   
For every Oliver, there's a DairyKing
cestmoiotravez wrote: Hi Cnith. I saw your characters before but couldn't make them out. What is the image? Geraldo rivera tweeted the other day and made a human with his hands in the air using keys ...
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started by kpwcalories.   
Exercises not found?
Hey all, So as a car accident victim of a few years back, i do some light cardio type excesices a couple of times a day that I wanted to track on here, but I cant seem to find them when I search. Theyre ...
9 replies, last reply by SupPaddlegirl, a week ago.   2,602 views.
started by oman1.   
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Losing Weight & Not Tryng To!
Sad, just sad. This is a microcosm, a snap shot of what can be wrong with these types of threads and posts: ++++ "I see no issues beyond the OP undereating". You don't see any issues rabbit ...
by iluvmypets on 05 May 16 07:27 AM
NO INTAKE DATA = NO USEFUL ADVICE If you are interested in getting serious, for the next 10 days weigh in and post every morning and religiously track 100% of your intake. If you haven't figured ...
by jimmiepop on 04 May 16 02:21 PM
My Buddy
:badgrin: Today my best friend and I decided to start on a new adventure. We will work together and encourage each other to lose some weight. We have both gained weight and both ready to get healthy once ...
by kitten1960 on 04 May 16 12:01 PM
how do you record ready meals when eaten?
Maybe being a bit think with this but how do you record the calories in a ready meal please?
by catzs on 04 May 16 09:04 AM
yes jamiqua, I agree, they do follow ups, they even air updates. It's still part of the show business production marketing tool. But to have extensive programs with the contestants to avoid such c ...
by iluvmypets on 04 May 16 07:39 AM
Site seems to be getting outdated isn't it?
yeah - this forum format does need work. I had no idea about TDEE or MFP - thank you for showing it. I have zero desire to figure out each day what I can eat back based on what I did - i'll stick ...
by schase02 on 04 May 16 05:57 AM

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