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How do you work the recipe part of this
Is there anyone out there that knows how to work the cook book. I have heard that you can write a new recipe down and it will figure out the protein, carb. and Calorie for what you are making. I have no ...
1 reply, last reply by sharynfrost, a week ago.   220 views.
started by sandeemartin.   
Thinking About Doing the GM Diet, Any Thoughts?
Hello dear folks, I am currently little bit fat and I was wondering about the GM Diet. From my research I found that it was created by GM corporation for employees. So I think it might be legit. There ...
3 replies, last reply by dbreckejn, a week ago.   517 views.
started by dbreckejn.   
Exercise diary
Should I track all my exercise and activity throughout the day? And what exactly is "resting"?
6 replies, last reply by slemo58, a week ago.   569 views.
started by Keenau.   
How do I get my Activity on my iOS to link to FatSecret Colories Burned exercise.
no replies.   180 views.
started by gisgirl, a week ago.   
Nutrient Breakdown
So I found my happy place and I lose at 1600 calories, with exercise. Now, how do I determine the percentages for fat, carbs & protein? Does it matter? Thank you for your help!
1 reply, last reply by SoMuchBS, a week ago.   223 views.
started by PGM012197.   
Hello, I noticed that on the mobile version when you try to click on sodium on the nutrient section of the report, it will open up fiber. The same happens with sugar and carbs. Just thought I'd ...
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started by somewhytegurl1, 2 weeks ago.   
What EXACTLY does a serving of cake mean??
Hi folks, I'm new as a member but have used this site for years to look up calories. I'm a sixties high school teacher who just lost 100 lbs. wanna stay that way... Now the site has REALLY ...
7 replies, last reply by ARB0001, 2 weeks ago.   517 views.
started by peterputnam.   
Loss Rates - Enhancement Idea
Hi I think currently the loss/gain rate which displays appears to work out the time elapsed between now and your last weight entry and then shows the equivalent weekly rate. I'd like to keep this ...
5 replies, last reply by ARB0001, 2 weeks ago.   277 views.
started by ARB0001.   
Ketogenic Diet and Bullet Proof Coffee
Hi there - Anyone have any experience with a ketogenic diet and bullet proof coffee?
17 replies, last reply by ny_shelly, 2 weeks ago.   1,969 views.
started by joannecowan1993.   
Ketogenic Diet and Bullet Proof Coffee
both are pointless fads/gimmicks that people peddle to others to try to convince them of effortless/easier weightloss.....
17 replies, last reply by ny_shelly, 2 weeks ago.   1,969 views.
started by joannecowan1993.   
Hi everyone. I started the VLCD on Wed this week. Supplements are pretty good. Really like the chili. Added some tomatoes, onion, peppers, cumin, and fiesta lime seasoning. Couldn't believe how tasty ...
1 reply, last reply by Halo Kiwi, 2 weeks ago.   185 views.
started by Katlvr2003.   
One is grapes. How do you enter 5 or 7 grapes? How do I enter 3 jumbo shrimp when it only says 5 jumbo shrimp? Can't find how to calculate.
4 replies, last reply by virginiaalbanese, 2 weeks ago.   302 views.
started by virginiaalbanese.   
Home made
I have a hard time calculating the food I cook at home. I buy very little prepaired food. Like I make my own meatballs. Or I ake my own chicken Cutlets. I make my own soups from scratch. How do you ...
2 replies, last reply by Rckc, 2 weeks ago.   273 views.
started by virginiaalbanese.   
Looking for buddies...especially on the back side of 50 :)
If you're on the back side of 50, I'd love to be your buddy! Of course, I welcome ANY buddies and support, but if we're in the same age range, I ESPECIALLY welcome you. Plus, we get the best ...
no replies.   152 views.
started by IndyRick, 2 weeks ago.   
OK, I'm new here.....
Hi, everyone! I'm Rick in Indianapolis, IN. This is my first day here, so I'm still trying to find my way around the website. I'm a very social guy, so I'm hoping the social component ...
3 replies, last reply by Halo Kiwi, 2 weeks ago.   450 views.
started by IndyRick.   
As I creep into my twilight years my metabolism has slowed to a standstill and my lifestyle MUST take a radical overhaul. Lost 15 lbs and just stalled in glee...must get serious though. Tough to con ...
1 reply, last reply by Halo Kiwi, 2 weeks ago.   219 views.
started by CSizzler.   
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hmm - yes I understand the idea was to have us think about our future choices, but in your version, the bad stuff has already happened - we are in a bed with tubes sticking out of us (if we try and as ...
by ARB0001 on 22 Oct 16 05:48 PM
Do what you did for the 11 pound loss. I'm guessing that not only did you lose pounds, you also felt better, achieved a better sense of well-being. Embrace that. The pounds will take care of thems ...
by dcwalker on 22 Oct 16 05:29 PM
Trying this again for the 100th time.
You can do this. That's all. You CAN do this.
by dcwalker on 22 Oct 16 05:17 PM
It's always just about the calories
Very true indeed!!!!!!
by Maine coon on 22 Oct 16 05:00 PM
Incorrect weight entry
yes, but why are you asking 'if'? you have already inputted it incorrectly or you are thinking of doing that
by Halo Kiwi on 22 Oct 16 02:51 PM
If we are editing it, I'd rather not have read the details about what happens after they comb their hair. Also there's nothing particularly unhealthy about 100lb loss in a year - that's less ...
by ARB0001 on 22 Oct 16 01:25 PM

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