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Walking in place
This has worked for me before. I managed to lose 20 pounds. My BF maintains this is not a valid form of exercise despite my showing him several articles. Just wondered what your opinion is.
1 reply, last reply by kpwcalories, a week ago.   396 views.
started by annieh60630.   
Calorie intake... too little?
Here is a question... I've been trying to really pay attention to the things that I am eating. Yesterday, my meals consisted of the following: Breakfast - Coffee (w/ creamer) and Greek Yogurt Snack ...
10 replies, last reply by walkinginhumility, a week ago.   1,333 views.
started by starbird.   
Calorie intake... too little?
If that "something else" was a few more grapes, or another banana, or a few mango slices - then no, in the estimation of me, it's not "unhealthy". If those few grapes etc. came ...
10 replies, last reply by walkinginhumility, a week ago.   1,333 views.
started by starbird.   
Some info about Diet Soda.
i have been scoping around fat secret and there has been several post about diet beverages. Here is an interesting fact. Secret #4: The Diet Soda Industry The diet soda industry doesn't want you ...
32 replies, last reply by jessberry, a week ago.   4,560 views.
started by enu021000.   
Snacks to replace protein powder
Hello there, i am having a problem with my stomach sooo long story short i need to replace the protein powder i was using till recently. My diet plan has 2 parts that consist of 1 scoop of protein each ...
3 replies, last reply by jimmiepop, a week ago.   638 views.
started by stelioskalogeropoulos.   
Snacks to replace protein powder
Hi As we speak I am putting together some writing about proteins and amino acids, how we make all our own, how molecules made in a lab or derived from another organic entity, can't/won't work ...
3 replies, last reply by jimmiepop, a week ago.   638 views.
started by stelioskalogeropoulos.   
Should data be syncing ipad to iphone to web?
Hey Everyone, I'm new to fatsecret, so far really impressed. However I noticed by food intake is not syncing between my ipad, iphone or on the web. Is data added on either of these platforms supposed ...
no replies.   288 views.
started by matthewmcneely, a week ago.   
I'm new!
I am new to fatsecret! Check out my bio! If you need any help or have any questions feel free to shoot me a message! :)
4 replies, last reply by andrea ands, a week ago.   941 views.
started by Dalajia .   
Recording treadmill exercise
I have noticed when entering my treadmill exercise I cannot enter the speed I am using so the calories burnt are very different to the calories burnt on the actual treadmill data screen. Not sure how ...
1 reply, last reply by Ingria, a week ago.   237 views.
started by JABevan.   
New Fitbit Owner
Hello All Just received my Fitbit and opened my account. Do I have to do anything to sync my fitbit flex with the foods & calories that I enter in at fatsecret. Please help?
35 replies, last reply by Firebelly, a week ago.   7,667 views.
started by Mette.   
Can you add a Meal to the Diet Plan
I am trying to eat six small meals a day. The food Diary only allows for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snack –it would be really cool if I could add two more snacks—funny all my life I have wanted to ...
9 replies, last reply by LetsDoThis57, a week ago.   4,192 views.
started by Tony4499.   
Carbs in condensed soup
Because of my recent diagnoses of Type 2 Diabetes I have found myself religiously counting grams of carbs. This is not always easy. My problem at the moment is the carbs in condensed soup. I have ...
1 reply, last reply by 56sawdust, a week ago.   462 views.
started by Barry Memory.   
Does anyone on here count Macros
I do fitness competitions and was wondering if there was anyone on here who count their Macros so i can get some new menus. thanks -Natty40
3 replies, last reply by Natty40, a week ago.   1,665 views.
started by Natty40.   
Dukan too high in Carbs?
I have been on Atkins for a while with good results but left with a few stubborn kgs hard to get rid off. I have been on 20-25 Net Carbs, mainly from vegetables, and decided to give Dukan a try, as Low ...
15 replies, last reply by SMueting, a week ago.   27,724 views.
started by viennesish.   
Atkins bars...what gives??
Can someone tell me what I am doing wrong here? I had one Atkins bar last night as a snack expecting to see only 3net carbs (on the package) and instead it shows up as 14 carbs! What am I doing wrong? ...
18 replies, last reply by trackin64, a week ago.   1,043 views.
started by dart451.   
I need some help. I am trying to stick to a 1200 kcal diet and eating 5-6 small meals a day. I am so overwhelmed trying to make sure I get all of the calories. I have noticed that I average about 980. ...
5 replies, last reply by erikahollister, a week ago.   685 views.
started by Ashjd22.   
How much salt a day?
I realized that my craving for salty snacks two days ago was actually not about the snack itself or the calories (I wasn't hungry), but about the SALT. I could think of everything extremely salty, ...
7 replies, last reply by Engeland, a week ago.   1,171 views.
started by PrettyHealthyMe.   
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Ok I'll try it. Because it really hearts. I'm trying to stay away from hot stuff and crackers and salty stuff but I still get the burns but I'll try to exercise more. Thank you!
by monicabroussard on 27 May 16 11:14 PM
meal planning
Thank you, Barbara ! What a great resource ! :)
by fjasmine on 27 May 16 10:56 PM
Good news on the type 2 diabetes
Great news!! Keep up the good work.
by pandasmom on 27 May 16 10:30 PM
How much protein, fat and Carbohydrate
Hi Sandee. The body makes all of it;s over 120,000 different and specific proteins - and foods, powders, shakes, protein bars have zero to do with this most natural part of how the body works, how all ...
by thisisOllieJames on 27 May 16 09:55 PM
Home Workouts
I have resistance bands that are great for a quick strength training workout. I just bring up youtube and search resistance bands, and have a big choice of workouts to follow.
by mskestrela on 27 May 16 06:46 PM
Lost 21 Pounds in 21 Days
Have to agree with jorge loco. Slow, steady and consistent is safer. You don't want to be losing muscle.
by Engeland on 27 May 16 06:17 PM

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