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The Science of Fasting
If you have Amazon Prime this is free: Basically you follow a bunch of people at "Fasting Institute" and then it explains the science of fasting and the e ...
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started by adefwebserver.   
diabettes tyoe 2
Good morning everyone. Its such a struggle with type2, lossing weight and healthy. A1C 8.6 blood sugars around 225. as of this morning. Oh heck. I'll just keeping plugging away.
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started by sallyjeanqx56.   
What a long journey
From CHF/Lymphedema/Cellulitis/HBP/... heart and 653 lbs. and body shutting down TO 10 years later,Constant but controlled Atrial Fibrillation, Controlled Lymphedema,high blood pressure,Congestive heart ...
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Hesap Kapatma
başka bir hesabım daha var ve onu kullanıyorum. bunun kapatılmasını istiyorum
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started by tugcecakoglu, a week ago.   
Macro Nutrient Guidelines
Today I've been familiarising myself with the current recommendations published by the National Health and Medical Research Council of Australia, to help guide me in setting my macronutrient targets ...
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started by Erica- medical scientist.   
Amount of calories and exercise to lose weight
Based on my 1800 calorie a day diet. Hopefully it's healthy. 3500 calories = 1 pound of if I eat 1800 calories a day...then in a week I will now have approximately 3.6 pounds of fat I have ...
14 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, a week ago.   2,207 views.
started by BlueDragon17.   
Cholesterol and fat concerns
I'm just wondering as someone who was shocked at my latest lab results showing my total cholesterol and triglycerides and LDL were higher than they should be. So many of the FS family is doing keto ...
16 replies, last reply by Agunia92, a week ago.   4,116 views.
started by Fritzy 22.   
How to figure calories?
So, exactly how should we figure calories for foods when how we measure may change as the food is cooked? For example I just microwaved a nice russet potato. Prior to cooking: 380g. After cooking: 294g. ...
1 reply, last reply by ieGod, a week ago.   133 views.
started by rogershsv.   
Pantry Section
t would be nice if we could store food in a pantry section and filter recipes based on what we have left in our pantry. I realize this only works if you scan your groceries when you get home ... but it ...
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started by ryan.john.downes, a week ago.   
:arrow: Walking for 30 minutes burns 150 calories
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started by Maricarmen50.   
Pop Weaver
I'm glad the Pop Weaver list it nutrition facts as per bag. All the others make me have to figure/math out for a bag. Thank you Pop Weaver [url]
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started by Patdig, a week ago.   
If your metabolism slows down as you get older, do you need to do more to lose weight than a younger
Just wondering. I'm 53 and consider myself to be a teenager but my body is telling me something different. I am not really interested in the scientific reasoning behind weight loss but just logi ...
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started by derv999.   
RS3 Starches
:badgrin: I'm really missing my nightly crackers. I don't eat bread because of the carbohydrates, not because I'm gluten intolerant. I'm on a card restricted diet. It's my thought ...
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started by Captain Nemo 7319, a week ago.   
how to work off a big breakfast!!!
had a huge omlete,mush.,cheese,roast pep.,onions,egg beatr.,mini bagle w/ nova lox.milk,tom.juice,prune juice. thoght i was gonna pay the price. ...then i went to ikea!!!5 1/2 hr's.,&$370 lat ...
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started by francopergallini, a week ago.   
Garmin Connect Integration
Millions of people use Garmin devices to track their daily movements, exercise, sleep etc. I would love to be able to sync data between Fat Secret & Garmin, the same way M Fitness Pal does. Are there ...
1 reply, last reply by Oastra, a week ago.   1,207 views.
started by Waddo.   
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How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Once a week
by donnavan schaik on 22 Apr 18 09:13 PM
How Do I delete a saved meal?
This should work on web version: go to Favorite Meals, select meal you want to delete, select “Edit”. Once you are in Edit mode, there is “Delete” button at the bottom of the screen.
by Ingria on 22 Apr 18 12:01 PM
BMR with activity factor
“Technically” yes. 1400 calories is a good number for you to start with. We don’t know how much you actually burn. The number FS gives you is approximation and it tends to be on the high side. Still with ...
by Ingria on 21 Apr 18 04:49 PM
You are very welcome. I'm glad you got the answer to your question.
by teskandar on 21 Apr 18 04:02 PM
How many carbs do you need aday
by nanapapyll82 on 21 Apr 18 09:57 AM
Additional graphs
I want to graph my Net calories (intake minus exercise) versus date along with my weight versus date. I can easily create the graph in excel if I can get the data out of FS. The Food Diary has the export ...
by bcdn on 21 Apr 18 08:14 AM

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