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How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Do you weigh in every day or just once week?
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started by gismusicelle.   
Don't understand kcal
Hi, I just started using this site--today is my first day recording food/exercise. I don't understand why my RDI is in kcal in red but there's also one that's almost triple that amount beside ...
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started by iolanth.   
Hello ^__^
I'm new here. Started today and barely made my food entries with thirty mins to spare till midnight! Better rack out.. I hear sleep is high priority right next to proper nutrition and hydration :)
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started by butaytoebutahtoe, a day ago.   
Barcode Scanner
Hello Fat Secret I recently updated my Iphone5s and your current new update and since then the food barcode scanner does not work properly. When I try to scan a food item my iPhone immediately jumps to ...
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started by Idellar, a day ago.   
How do you prevent loose skin?
:?: Before I started fatsecret I had lost 50 pounds over the previous two years. What I noticed was my skin was not as taunt, and it's not really bounced back despite the biggest part of the weight ...
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started by Miss Susan .   
add foods
How do you add a food that you have figured out the calories and is not on the list:?:
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started by pittsburgh pirates, a day ago.   
bottom abs
i do abs 2-3 times a week, on a macro diet that is calorie deficient and have been for a while, i still cannot see my bottom abs, looking for any advice
6 replies, last reply by Sonny1523, a day ago.   695 views.
started by Sonny1523.   
Eliminating Sugar - Where do you draw the line?
I know not all agree that eliminating sugar is the way to go for us self-proclaimed sugar addicts, but it truly works best for me. I've found time & time again that for me, one bite of sugar is ...
28 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, a day ago.   3,904 views.
started by Ruhu.   
Am I eating too little calories?
Hi everyone, I haven't posted here before, but I decided today might be a good time to start. I have been dieting for a year and a half I am losing weight very slowly. I have only lost 6kg. I realised ...
9 replies, last reply by mahjohn, a day ago.   1,268 views.
started by Aartappel.   
:d Try this link, very interesting.
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started by repsom92.   
reached my ideal weight
:d :d Today i am so excited i reached my ideal weight.I started my diet in January 2014 and weighed in at 215lbs today i'm a 165lbs a loss of 50lb now to maintain it
13 replies, last reply by brianhaimes, a day ago.   628 views.
started by Cyndi 25.   
Back to the Gym
Well after a day of feeling super drained I force fed myself supper and got to bed on time-ish. I hit the gym this morning and set all other concerns aside and just lifted. Leg Press 270 lbs @ 2x10 450 ...
9 replies, last reply by brianhaimes, a day ago.   1,452 views.
started by jwsplatjw.   
Muscle Weight is a Problem
Hello. Besides the excess fat I have on my body that makes me overweight, I have about 20-25lbs of Muscle weight as well. I played High School Football for 3 years and put on a lot of muscle. The ...
2 replies, last reply by brianhaimes, a day ago.   325 views.
started by CorDeFerrum.   
On the Dr Oz site, there is a petition against a new pesticide that the US government is endorsing. If you are against it, it'll only take a minute to sign on the Dr Oz Site. Personally, I find ...
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started by NowIunderstand.   
Grain-Free Cauliflower Crust Pizza (YES - I SAID PIZZA!)
I'm a Jersey girl, and pizza is the one thing I continue to crave! Found this Fab recipe online where the crust is made with riced cauliflower. (right up my LCHF alley!) Made this & it was ...
1 reply, last reply by Zeddie274, a day ago.   85 views.
started by Zeddie274.   
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Since I've lost weight, I.............
Hey, everyone! I thought it might be fun to start a thread of little milestones to motivate and remind us how far we've come. I'll start. Since I've lost weight, I..... -can see my feet and ...
by notjune1 on 01 Oct 14 10:32 AM
south beach diet vs. atkins
dixiebelle49 wrote: My new dietician suggested South Beach Diet over Atkins for me. I am researching many things.....then I found the low carb/high fat diet and have been looking at that. Any thoughts ...
by mummydee on 01 Oct 14 09:37 AM
Thank you so much!!
by gaudimj on 01 Oct 14 07:38 AM
Hate weekends sometimes!
@ brianhaimes that was so motivational - very nice feedback @ lacapan - the main thing is also to forgive yourself and start new/ clean with your next meal or the next day, and don't cheat everyday. ...
by Saige18 on 01 Oct 14 01:09 AM
Nutrimost Resonant Frequency
Thanks, MummyDee! I appreciate your input--and as many times as I've been around this world of "dieting", I should know better. But, ya know, they really sell that thing as though (in fact ...
by Boudreaux on 30 Sep 14 10:26 PM
lost more weight
Nice Job Cmgordonor. And best of luck keeping it off.
by Glaun on 30 Sep 14 10:15 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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