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Can't see calorie intake with burned in report
Hi there! I'm new to using fatsecret. I don't see any report that calculates my calorie intake with exercise (calories burned). I only see calorie intake reports (calories, nutrients). Am I mi ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, a week ago.   138 views.
started by MLYaya.   
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
I'm 5'3 and a half. CW:134 GW:120 UGW:115 what about you?
32 replies, last reply by dianeretired, a week ago.   2,491 views.
started by SailorEarth.   
atkins food carbs not counted right?
entering atkins foods in journal does not display the correct net carbs as listed and explained on packaging. So far i have adjusted serving size to show closer to net carbs, but this skews calories and ...
1 reply, last reply by bslim, a week ago.   210 views.
started by hornycricket.   
I bought a scale to weigh myself at home by the post office and arrive Monday. I'm already scared of her.
no replies.   111 views.
started by marciaflp1, a week ago.   
The foods I add to the database doesn't show up in search results
Hi! When I add a new food to the database for some reason other people who use the app (one of my friends uses this app) it does not show up in their search results. Also, on Nov 26 I added Florentine ...
no replies.   26 views.
started by noodlegod, a week ago.   
The food I add does not show up in search
Hi! I have this issue where I add new food to the database but I won't show up for other people (my friend uses this app too) and also now even I can't find the items I add to the database. FOr ...
no replies.   18 views.
started by noodlegod, a week ago.   
Submitted photos of food items don't show up in the Android app anymore
This issue has been present for some time now, at least a couple of months by my estimation. You know how you can submit photos of a food item, and then these photos will show up when you look at said ...
no replies.   81 views.
started by katman911, a week ago.   
Computer entries dont show in app??
Hi guys! I'm brand new to Fatsecret and really loving the software so far. The only thing is I spent all this time today entering all my amazing food for the week that I plan to eat but the ' ...
1 reply, last reply by Eric821, a week ago.   283 views.
started by themclachlanmemoirs.   
App isn't working like it should.
None of my saved foods show up. Taking forever to load. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it but that didn't help. It seems fine on the non mobile website. What is wrong with this thing?
1 reply, last reply by cherik1, a week ago.   186 views.
started by mjudeh13.   
App isn't working like it should.
I am having issues also when entering my weigh ins.. etc. just not working properly...
1 reply, last reply by cherik1, a week ago.   186 views.
started by mjudeh13.   
hesap silme
Hesap silmek istiyorum
1 reply, last reply by fzaistikrar, a week ago.   105 views.
started by fzaistikrar.   
Network Time Out error
I am getting this error when trying to log into the app on my iPhone SE (iOS 11). I had no problems yesterday, but this message "Network time out" has started popping up this morning. Is there ...
2 replies, last reply by Savi_S, a week ago.   150 views.
started by Savi_S.   
Is the lemon water diet useful?
Hi Guys. I Have one important a question. I saw this article on a site. this information is it correct? And Secont Question: What is a Lemon Water Diter? İt s a useful ? Adding lemon water not only ...
1 reply, last reply by Anniejohnson, 2 weeks ago.   166 views.
started by alyeva.   
5+ months trip of weight loss
So I started dieting and exercising at the beginning of July this year, having hit 18 stone. Looking in the mirror made me not feel good about myself, and aches and pains, High Blood Pressure spoke vo ...
1 reply, last reply by Anniejohnson, 2 weeks ago.   197 views.
started by solidgear.   
It really works!!
I have had so much trouble losing weight after my third child. I have lost and gained past 7 years and could never stick to anything. Earlier this year a friend introduced me to Isagenix and I am so glad ...
1 reply, last reply by Anniejohnson, 2 weeks ago.   147 views.
started by besima.   
Delete my account
I wrote wrong calori because of this i would like to cancel my account
no replies.   76 views.
started by CsupaFarkas, 2 weeks ago.   
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