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On a roll
Weigh in day. Yay another 3 lbs. Thats 16 lbs in the last 5 weeks, losing an easy 3.2 lbs average per week with walking and proper eating and taking good vitamin/mineral supplements. It can't get ...
1 reply, last reply by confusedangel, 6 years ago.   587 views.
started by PeeFat.   
Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!! So discouraged :(
I thought I was doing okay. The scales say differently... almost a 3 lb gain! How disappointing.
4 replies, last reply by jmroehl, 6 years ago.   892 views.
started by joanna514.   
How do you enter diet features for your own personal diet?
I see others with a page outlining the "diet features" of their own personal diets. How do I do this for my own?
no replies.   471 views.
started by mariahgem, 6 years ago.   
Portion control
Im new to this... I dont understand if the meat portions ex:4 oz are cooked or raw! Please help!!!! Thanks bunches!
2 replies, last reply by mdevore, 6 years ago.   591 views.
started by shay whitey.   
How bad is Sweetner for you?
I recently had an email and not sure how true it is. Basically it was saying how bad sweetner is bad for your health. Ive stopped using it now to see if my weight changes at all as the email was saying ...
2 replies, last reply by sophieblu, 6 years ago.   887 views.
started by rebecca73.   
Party Food Philosophy?
So, I'm going to a friends baby shower tomorrow. I don't really know what kind of food they'll have. I'm hoping it all looks gross so I'm not tempted. Unfortunately, however, I'm ...
4 replies, last reply by mendacity22, 6 years ago.   874 views.
started by mendacity22.   
I can't lose any weight. O have been at my goal then gained 5lbs and can't get rid of them, some ple
no replies.   454 views.
started by haileyjackson, 6 years ago.   
What's the "best" exercise regimen
Any opinions on whether it is better for overall fitness/weight loss, to do one long sustained elliptical routine, or break it down into two shorter ones? I usually do approx. 1 3/4 hours on my ellip ...
8 replies, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   1,373 views.
started by Adr58.   
Help need a diet buddy to kick me in the butt to get me motivated again
Hello my name is Sam and I am looking for a Michigan buddy to help motivate me and get me back on track. A little history: I joined Jenny Craig about a year ago and have had my ups and downs through ...
no replies.   858 views.
started by sjc5287, 6 years ago.   
Weekend plan...
Is anyone doing the 5 days of the week day plan and then doing the weekend LA plan with an increase of starches? If so, how is it working for everyone? I eat around 1400 calories all week and then today ...
no replies.   793 views.
started by dayzeeray, 6 years ago.   
Every time I try to type in a food or excercise program it tells me the sight is temorarily down!! VERY FRUSTRATED!!!
2 replies, last reply by basarabrenna, 6 years ago.   722 views.
started by nancyk82.   
Can you put in prefered macronutrients somewhere?
I'd like to put in how much protein, carbs, and fat I want to have daily. Is there someplace to put that?
no replies.   497 views.
started by jalapen0, 6 years ago.   
Another calorie calculator site
no replies.   548 views.
started by Adr58, 6 years ago.   
I was wondering if anyone has used carbquick and how it affected your diet?
1 reply, last reply by One Noodle, 6 years ago.   697 views.
started by adrianna123.   
What can I use olive oil in?
I've seen on this site quite a few times about using olive oil to get enough calories each day, but I have never cooked with olive oil before soo...what do you use it in? :)
3 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 6 years ago.   955 views.
started by madeline11.   
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Walking in any form
:roll: Absolutely a valid form of exercise!! Keepup the excellent job!!
by mefatpat on 28 May 16 04:14 AM
Ok I'll try it. Because it really hearts. I'm trying to stay away from hot stuff and crackers and salty stuff but I still get the burns but I'll try to exercise more. Thank you!
by monicabroussard on 27 May 16 11:14 PM
meal planning
Thank you, Barbara ! What a great resource ! :)
by fjasmine on 27 May 16 10:56 PM
Good news on the type 2 diabetes
Great news!! Keep up the good work.
by pandasmom on 27 May 16 10:30 PM
How much protein, fat and Carbohydrate
Hi Sandee. The body makes all of it;s over 120,000 different and specific proteins - and foods, powders, shakes, protein bars have zero to do with this most natural part of how the body works, how all ...
by thisisOllieJames on 27 May 16 09:55 PM
Home Workouts
I have resistance bands that are great for a quick strength training workout. I just bring up youtube and search resistance bands, and have a big choice of workouts to follow.
by mskestrela on 27 May 16 06:46 PM

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