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Salty and Crunchy
Is there anything salty/crunchy that is OK to eat in Phase 2?
7 replies, last reply by ebivr, 5 years ago.   2,540 views.
started by cyd602.   
Sounds very interesting. Check it out. I can't take diet pills so this sounds like it could help me get through the day. Maybe even the night.
4 replies, last reply by julieko, 5 years ago.   1,837 views.
started by suzyq64.   
Great website with WW points for eating out
Hi there, I found this great site if you are eating out you can find the weight watchers points for your favorite restaurants, check it out it is so helpful.
1 reply, last reply by gogetta, 5 years ago.   928 views.
started by DeepDimples.   
Hi to all from alabama
Hello I am a yo-yo dieter. I lost 72lbs. on ww years ago I even worked for them doing meetings. I probably walked a million miles and kept my weight under control until 1997 when I got an auto immune ...
2 replies, last reply by acbenning, 5 years ago.   967 views.
started by Marilyn Buckner.   
Hi to all from alabama
Hi Marilyn; What part of Ala are you from I was born in Birmingham but moved to Chicago when I was 3 lived in a few other states over the years and now living in Oregon.Hope everything goes well for you ...
2 replies, last reply by acbenning, 5 years ago.   967 views.
started by Marilyn Buckner.   
National Body Challenge
Just wanted to post the [url=http://health.discovery.c... Body Challenge[/url] website sponsored by the Discovery Health channel. It looks like there's good information there, and if you join (free) ...
1 reply, last reply by jeanvabu, 5 years ago.   854 views.
started by amryk.   
Cardio or Weight Training? Find Out Which One Is Best!
Many of our clients have asked us the same question“…what comes first the cardiovascular exercises or the weight lifting?” And it is that very answer that can make or break your New Year’s resolution. ...
no replies.   404 views.
started by JuDaX, 5 years ago.   
So, I live in Memphis, and there are a TON of BBQ places around campus. Is BBQ pulled pork okay for phase 1 or 2, as long as i don't cover it in sugary sauce or use a bun? What about pulled chicken?
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started by mfpullen, 5 years ago.   
Dose anyone know how many carbs we should be eating each day?
4 replies, last reply by information, 5 years ago.   1,316 views.
started by slkwhitis.   
Remembering things that make you Happy
(A few of )My Secrets for a Great Life (not necessarily in this order): People to love and who love me Birds singing outside my window The first day it "feels" like spring Laughing until it ...
5 replies, last reply by ebivr, 5 years ago.   1,601 views.
started by amryk.   
Detox Phase 1
Not sure how Detox phase 1 really works, but just eating veggies and fruit is not so bad but how long am I supposed to do it for? :?:
1 reply, last reply by free_bird, 5 years ago.   827 views.
started by alphabeta.   
Times Article - Detox & Cleanses
Very interesting - Let me know what you think!! Personally I've never done a cleanse or fat flush but I know a lot of people here have!! I don't really have an opinion one way or the other, but ...
no replies.   786 views.
started by JLM83, 5 years ago.   
Phase 2
I am TOTALLY confused with what foods to add during Phase 2. I understand the 3-4oz of meat per day. But then the seafood; is it 3 oz of fish OR 4 shrimp or is it 3 oz. fish AND 4 shrimp, etc? Same for ...
2 replies, last reply by kirstenofzin, 5 years ago.   1,213 views.
started by kirstenofzin.   
A special treat
For those of you who are on the Atkins diet, and love girl scout cookies, the shortbread cookies and the thin mints only have about 4 carbs per cookie. While you would not want to eat them frequently ...
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started by smeason, 5 years ago.   
A good article from WW online....
You have to believe in yourself to attain your weight-loss goals. Get strategies on how to stay focused. When trying to lose weight, believing in your goals and having a positive attitude can be as ...
1 reply, last reply by dkhockemeyer, 5 years ago.   487 views.
started by MusicMom123.   
GI Buddy required
Seeking a buddy to share ideas etc. I am 44yr mum living in the UK. :) Started Fatsecret to help me keep a handle on things. I think that until you record the daily exercises and food intake, it is very ...
3 replies, last reply by chryseius, 5 years ago.   1,512 views.
started by Ritsy.   
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Hi I had to loose weight because I could not walk. I read up on loads of different ways and thought the low carb high fat diet could possibly work. I had never eaten this way before and needed help, fat ...
by jenny.brett on 23 Aug 14 06:05 AM
Hi I'm new ... with questions.
Hi I'm new :d This is a really great site, thank you for it. I just have 2 questions. 1. How do I add a food or exercise that I cant find in search and 2. How do I change my RDI? It is way too ...
by Morgaen on 23 Aug 14 05:33 AM
Hello I'm new ... with questions.
Hi I'm new :) This is a really great site. I just have 2 questions. 1. How do I add a food or exercise that I cant find in search and 2. How do I change my RDI? It is way too high. Thanks Ch ...
by Morgaen on 23 Aug 14 05:29 AM
I am on Atkins and I am happy with the weight loss. I am on induction phase which is pretty similar to Banting
by Ceboz on 23 Aug 14 04:38 AM
Oh well
Yesterday started so well with a 1.2km swim before work. But so much lovely food around as someones retirement. Then the other half announced a date night! 3 courses in an italian restaurant (although ...
by karen jane anderson on 23 Aug 14 02:05 AM
Free Kindle Book at the moment
This book is free at the moment, it may not be free for long.... Food Addiction: A Step by Step Guide to Overcoming Food Addiction - **Free Bonus**: food addiction recovery, Skinny Thinking, Obsessed, ...
by nb girl on 23 Aug 14 01:20 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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