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soy milk cause dementia
Has anyone read about soy milk doing more harm than good?
13 replies, last reply by fatpanda138, 5 years ago.   4,435 views.
started by biker4life.   
HELP! How do you count calories??
Hi, does anyone know how to count calories when it only has kj reading?? thanks
1 reply, last reply by marburg99, 5 years ago.   688 views.
started by DanielleRose.   
iPhone App
Just found this site from the iPhone Calorie Counter app and have synced my account which hopefully works. Looks like a great site so am delighted to get started. I have no excuses now that my diet is ...
6 replies, last reply by skritter, 5 years ago.   2,540 views.
started by Jillian0.   
I ate too much for Holidays, feel bloated...
:badgrin: I ate like a big Fat Pig!!!
1 reply, last reply by DReno, 5 years ago.   1,146 views.
started by Mushu82.   
X-mas Goodies
How do we resist all the yummy Christmas treats. Can we have any and still keep on our Weight Watcher's diet? Any advice here is very welcome. Lori
3 replies, last reply by MissyMak, 5 years ago.   1,525 views.
started by grammaof3.   
Hello, i was just prescribed Byetta for maintenance of blood sugars and . . . hopefully some lost weight. Have any of you out there used this drug and if so what type of results have you seen? Any and ...
2 replies, last reply by dawn0001, 5 years ago.   1,430 views.
started by lisasal.   
Low Carb Diet
I am on the low carb diet eating only 0 to 20 grams of carbs a day. The diet really works if you do not cheat...I have lost 7 pounds in 1 week already:d
3 replies, last reply by healsdata, 5 years ago.   1,873 views.
started by Kristen28.   
ney carbs
could someone explain net carbs to me thanks:?:
2 replies, last reply by dewitt toensing, 5 years ago.   1,208 views.
started by dewitt toensing.   
I need a buddy
Hi everyone! I have been thru alot lately...I am going to try real hard to get this weight off...My daughter graduated last June and between those pics and Christmas pics I am very upset at how I look ...
1 reply, last reply by TenderT1965, 5 years ago.   738 views.
started by neupan.   
New to site
Hi I am new to the site and hope this works...
1 reply, last reply by TenderT1965, 5 years ago.   653 views.
started by neupan.   
In most cases, if you don't drink enough water, your body is forced to retain extra water because it thinks there's a situation where it won't get enough water in the future. So whatever water ...
2 replies, last reply by LinearChaos, 5 years ago.   932 views.
started by msjarv.   
How is it possible?
I weighted myself on Sunday and weighed in at 10st.. that's a 4 lb loss. I was so pleased. All the calorie counting and running every day was paying off. I have just put myself on the scales this ...
2 replies, last reply by kmaxwell08, 5 years ago.   1,225 views.
started by solemama.   
EA Active for the Wii
Is amazing! It's really a great tool for loosing weight. There is a 30 day challenge. It is much better than work out videos...they correct you when your doing something wrong, they tell you when ...
no replies.   879 views.
started by LisaKris, 5 years ago.   
Meat measurement
Should one weigh the meat for a food entry before it is cooked or after it is cooked? I notice that my cooked meat weighs less. Do I entry the raw weight or the cooked weight?
1 reply, last reply by DeniseTra, 5 years ago.   1,274 views.
started by casamurphy.   
A great success and pleasure it has been to rely on Fatsecret! I have reached my goals! I am 100lbs, happy, and healthy! I think that it is time for me to graduate from fatsecret and begin a new life. ...
1 reply, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   1,048 views.
started by prettypastrychef.   
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New Here: Adding Food Issues
You mentioned, "the Canadian site" so that is why I thought it was Canadian.
by ky2fl on 28 Aug 15 03:44 PM
Vegetarian with Gout
Thank you for the suggestions. Turns out most of what I was eating could contribute to gout. Must make many changes. There is a lot of great information on the web. Now eating my favorites and waiting ...
by Noni24 on 28 Aug 15 01:58 PM
Excercise log
going to try walking to burn more calories.
by sissy22 on 28 Aug 15 11:46 AM
Carbs......Oh my!!!
underconstruction69 wrote: I thought I was doing great on controlling my carb intake until I started tracking them. turns out I am eating twice the daily carbs I should be. I am eating a lot of vege ...
by augustbutler on 28 Aug 15 11:09 AM
Feelin it
Lovely feeling, sometimes inch loss is much better than what the scales say, as they are so many variables that affect weight :)
by eclipsesolaire on 28 Aug 15 08:21 AM
Make your own veggie burgers. They aren't hard. You can freeze them with wax paper between and pop them apart. Much less $$$ and you can control what goes into them.
by wholefoodnut on 28 Aug 15 08:13 AM

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