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more protein
can anyone give me any ideas on high protein foods.
5 replies, last reply by TruFloridaGator, 5 years ago.   724 views.
started by shasha1973.   
Vegetarians? :)
Are there any other vegetarians on here? Not to knock anyone, but all I'm seeing is chicken, chicken, turkey, turkey, fish, fish. Which are great sources of nutrition, but I'm a vegetarian f ...
no replies.   389 views.
started by sheslykeomg, 5 years ago.   
Hot water anyone??
Ive heard that hot water can be just a beneficial as cold water but in different ways, like its supposed to be able to flush your system more efficiently or something.....? I've been drinking it a ...
3 replies, last reply by kmaxwell08, 5 years ago.   918 views.
started by j88filly.   
Again I am posting my motivation because I really need to see it typed out. My birthday is tomorrow and I have had a party planned for today and tomorrow, not my doing btw. lol So I need to make sure ...
1 reply, last reply by j88filly, 5 years ago.   843 views.
started by RopinCowgirl.   
So...I seem to have gotten a cold...I still managed to do a little bit of calisthenics but no dancing because im dizzy enough already....Anywho, I feel like im retaining every bit of water i drink! Its ...
3 replies, last reply by j88filly, 5 years ago.   873 views.
started by j88filly.   
Week 10 Points Challenge
Top Runners for the Points Challenge for week 10: 1. Barbara-945 pts.(125)pts this week! 2. Julie-575 pts. (105) pts this week! 3. Amelia-515 pts.(105) pts this week! 4. Sri Davie-465 pts.(90) pts this ...
no replies.   768 views.
started by Total Body Leader, 5 years ago.   
biggest loser on wii
hey all just got the game biggest loser game for wii. I don't have a wii fit yet but started it anyway, and love it so far. It is a great workout and I am starting at the beginner level. just wond ...
2 replies, last reply by JRFAN878, 5 years ago.   693 views.
started by JRFAN878.   
Sometimes when you click on a recipe, it comes up with the nutritional value and not the recipe for the item. :cry: Is there any way to get the recipe? Thanks.
no replies.   497 views.
started by gramsten, 5 years ago.   
Did my daughter just say that?
OK, so I have to share this because I don't know who else to tell...So my husband and I are eating healthy, excersising, and trying to lose weight. (dieting) So we hit the grocery store yesterday and ...
4 replies, last reply by jmroehl, 5 years ago.   845 views.
started by Jomomma.   
I do not get how to enter the Fittness part? Seems everything goes to rest and u can not delete it? I sleep yes for 7 yo 8 hrs but do not rest for the 16 hrs it says.:| :|
1 reply, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   647 views.
started by auburngator.   
Dining Out
Since this book was recently published, I'm having a hard time finding information for dining out. In the book, there are "belly good" fast food items listed, but what do I do about dining ...
2 replies, last reply by k8yk, 5 years ago.   1,366 views.
started by DawnMichelle.   
Body Fat Percentage and BMI tracking
if you add muscle in place of fat and therfore weight doesnt change how do you measure your success?!?! I cant seem to find anything on this site to track anything other than weight?! What about fat % ...
1 reply, last reply by TruFloridaGator, 5 years ago.   777 views.
started by Desertjclay.   
exercise journal
Why does my calorie intake keep going up as I ADD exercises to my journal???
2 replies, last reply by TruFloridaGator, 5 years ago.   859 views.
started by absipswich.   
Leaving Atkins - but good luck to all
I stopped losing weight almost 2 weeks ago and it has not kicked in again. I don't think I'm doing anything wrong so I think Atkins just isn't going to work for me. I think I will go over ...
4 replies, last reply by TruFloridaGator, 5 years ago.   952 views.
started by sueml.   
Determined to shed the baby weight!
hello everyone! I am so thankful to have found this website the other day. I can't believe that it is free and so excited to start this journey. I had my son in July and am excited to start exe ...
1 reply, last reply by TruFloridaGator, 5 years ago.   600 views.
started by artsyanne.   
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Just starting
Thank you all for your encouragement.
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It's time for it to come off
one day at a time and even one meal at a time... it works. Make small goals.. say when I lose my first 5 lbs I'll do.... (and not something food related) then make the next goal 10 lbs Sounds ...
by mummydee on 09 Oct 15 04:43 PM
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Weigh In Issues
Drinking something before weighing can definitely show an increase!
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weight lifting and Low Carb????
thanks for the post ie.....will check it out :)
by Ibiza122 on 09 Oct 15 08:40 AM

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