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the exercise on Fat Smart
The resting and sleep figures under exercise seem high to me when I post my exercise. Where do these figures come from and is there some way I can change them to be realistic? Also does anyone know how ...
2 replies, last reply by nicyndi, 7 years ago.   9,937 views.
started by jubel1966.   
Has anyone heard of NUTREX Lipo 6 pills?????....
does anyone know anything about these pills. Please let me know. Thx
5 replies, last reply by saleverett, 7 years ago.   1,594 views.
started by icantquit29.   
Im missing deserts, anyone any ideas what you can have on Atkins induction? Even cherry tomatos are something to look forward to at the moment!!
24 replies, last reply by MomofTwoGirls, 7 years ago.   3,908 views.
started by rebecca73.   
new goal for the week..........
by next monday i will be in my 170's if it kills me !! also gonna try for 6 bottles of water a day ive only benn doing four or five does other liquids count ??? anyone know a sub for water?
7 replies, last reply by ctlss, 7 years ago.   1,385 views.
started by sharidoto.   
Heart Rate advice and question about calories burned
Hi guys..... I have a couple more questions regarding my goals. First off, I am a little confused about my target heart rate and the zone that I should be going by. The Karvonen formula for figuring the ...
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started by draculasmistress, 7 years ago.   
Heart Rate advice and question about calories burned
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started by draculasmistress, 7 years ago.   
Heart Rate advice and question about calories burned
:( :? :/
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started by draculasmistress, 7 years ago.   
OK.......I missed working out...
Yes family...... You read it right. I did not workout for the last two days because I had company. Last night I was craving working out. I did not eat all my calories because I knew I would not be b ...
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started by stephanie.cathey, 7 years ago.   
Your eating plan's perks & benefits.
There are a lot of different diets/woe/lifestyle changes and modification to those diets discussed on this forum. In your replies I'm looking for the name of your plan and what "hidden" ...
9 replies, last reply by sheripickle, 7 years ago.   2,020 views.
started by karbear45.   
Will someone tell me what I am doing wrong!!
I have been on my diet since the end of March. I lost 12 lbs the first two weeks and since then NOTHING!!! I have been watching my calories, recording all of my food, drinking water and exercising almost ...
8 replies, last reply by russellb97, 7 years ago.   1,309 views.
started by determined mind.   
Recent College Grads Trying to Lose Weight
Hi everyone! I'm new to this site. I'm a 23 yr old recent college graduate & I'm finding it hard to stick to a diet when I sit at a desk 9 hours a day. I thought there would be a lot of ...
1 reply, last reply by Smuzza, 7 years ago.   724 views.
started by jtl272.   
Not as Happy this time
Wish I could have got to 235 this past week I would have felt a little better Im only a pound off but, at this point in time a pound means alot
1 reply, last reply by sooki, 7 years ago.   794 views.
started by joey138.   
WW Points Calculation Errors
Every now and then it looks like the ww points calculated by fat secret does not make sense when you compare the points for 1 serving with the points for 2 or more. I assumed that this was a round off ...
4 replies, last reply by bomgirl, 7 years ago.   1,591 views.
started by Fairglen.   
serving size
have been looking though all the great recipes I found a lot say per serving but not what the serving size is re:1 cup so many grams etc.
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started by na50, 7 years ago.   
serving size
This link came up in another discussion... maybe you could use it:
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started by na50, 7 years ago.   
A huge FS fan-lost 39 lbs so far
Hi - I am a 59 year old male ganddad that has had great luck using fatsecret to monitor my calorie deficit. I eat Jenny Craig food and follow their plan, but modify it with fatsecret calculations to keep ...
10 replies, last reply by anapdc, 7 years ago.   1,727 views.
started by Glen e.   
Weight Watcher points
Is anyone else out there disappointed they tool Weight Watcher points away:(
1 reply, last reply by Bindy, 7 years ago.   1,263 views.
started by Tedchampion.   
i for one..
am so sick of seeing everyone and their low carb diets. carbs are not the enemy, your body needs them. eat smart w/o restricting yourself from things u really want. it's painful to see the restric ...
45 replies, last reply by Canajun, 7 years ago.   4,956 views.
started by underscore.   
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Daily Calorie Target Seems High
Yeah FatSecret's targets are typically on the high side. I would trust that calculator you linked to first and not worry about the FatSecret number. As an aside, 1kg per week is an aggressive target. ...
by ieGod on 16 Aug 17 05:29 PM
Apple Cider Vinegar
Great idea and easy to do.
by Sandy Backen on 16 Aug 17 09:43 AM
Improvements to Fatsecret
I agree to both of these. It has been 9 months and Fat Secret has not responded to you. It would be simple to change how Fat Secret logs in. Log in as a family and just switch users like Food Tracker ...
by Joe F Y on 16 Aug 17 09:36 AM
Net Carbs
@ Karenhaley glad I helped, difficult to calculate the net carbs. Happy Wednesday :-)
by april761 on 16 Aug 17 09:19 AM
net carbs - xilitol
Ok I have a question for fellow KETO dieters.. DO you count sugar alcohols in your net carbs? I seem to remember that those are deducted just like fiber, but I am not sure. The reason behind my question ...
by karenhaley on 16 Aug 17 09:13 AM
So i am wondering about fasting what is a good fast to do when it is your first time?
by cpene4262 on 16 Aug 17 09:03 AM

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