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weightloss calculator
it tell u how long it'll take u to lose weight check it out
1 reply, last reply by rubbie, 5 years ago.   585 views.
started by evalicious.   
Diet friend
Looking to take it off and would enjoy some pals to cheer on and vise versa. I am a mom of 14 month old and looking for advice!
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started by stephgetsthin, 5 years ago.   
exercise diary.. confused
hey.. i'm a bit confused about the exercise diary. automatically there is a resting and a sleep. are these the stats for that particular day that you have to change accordingly or are they for the ...
2 replies, last reply by dumpling21, 5 years ago.   863 views.
started by dumpling21.   
southbeach phase 1
i'm not quite sure because i'm new to this whole thing. but for the phase 1 of southbeach diet, should i avoid eating almonds, a cheese stick, and some beans or tofu in one day? is this too fatty. ...
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started by dumpling21, 5 years ago.   
Total lost 106.8
ANother pound gone Total lost 106.8 [url=http://www.thenottypical....
3 replies, last reply by trimelda, 5 years ago.   1,124 views.
started by Galen_WW.   
Want to cheat
My kids are (well one of them) driving me crazy and since my husband is away, I tend to just want to eat if they drive me crazy and today, rainy, one of those days. I'm NOT doing it but I am going ...
1 reply, last reply by vivid, 5 years ago.   884 views.
started by tkandag.   
Profile Picture
I'm a pumkin but i'd rather be a picture of me or another icon. How do I do that?
1 reply, last reply by Divided By Zero, 5 years ago.   668 views.
started by katie_sueboo7127.   
Please Share your 1st 2wks experience...
What is the trick to the Abs Diet? I am still finding it hard to believe you can actually lose up to 10lbs in the first two wks without exercise. You eat like 6x's a day...and not exercise? Fort ...
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started by yaya_jibril, 5 years ago.   
favorite salad dressing?
I am just starting my second week on phase one and I am already getting a little tired of salads. What are you favorite dressings? I need help to spice up my boring romaine lettuce salads! -karyl. ...
7 replies, last reply by SweetDanaKay, 5 years ago.   1,491 views.
started by karyl.   
My friend Colleen
I'm on Day three and really hungry - who knew! ! !
1 reply, last reply by Colleen19, 5 years ago.   511 views.
started by appstate311.   
Ready to get started... 1 tomorrow. Got my head sorted out and the goal is to drop 13 lbs in a few weeks. I know, that's a lot in such a short time, but the first week I always drop a decent number...which isn& ...
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started by Bpositive, 5 years ago.   
staying on track
Today was pretty good day as far as eating and exercise goes. Its only day I have lots of work to do. I'm staying on track with the meals. I did some weightlifting this morning with my trainer, ...
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started by yaya_jibril, 5 years ago.   
Deleting my account
How can I delete my account??
1 reply, last reply by Deserve Victory, 5 years ago.   848 views.
started by entersandlady.   
To WW or non...
Well I don't know anything about points. But you could try eating some extra grapes or other high sugar foods. If your calories really were too low, you should start seeing results quickly by bumping ...
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started by ohlexi24, 5 years ago.   
sugars from fruits
so, recently I started replacing my midday snacks with fruit (grapes, apples, or strawberries). I used to eat things like packaged snack crackers, chex mix, etc. The fruit seems to be a better snack c ...
1 reply, last reply by Deserve Victory, 5 years ago.   739 views.
started by thqueenbe.   
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I think you should listen to your doc's advice and take it slowly until your body heals. Or else, you will do more damage to yourself. What about getting some Physio to help you? Wishing you all ...
by Princess Mola on 20 Oct 14 03:49 PM
ideal jean size
my goal size jean is a 8 us size....I use to wear a 24 now im in a 16 ...8 sizes down 8 to go :)
by larenzia on 20 Oct 14 03:34 PM
after dinner eating
Eat and nibble after dinner when I'm not hungry
by Hilda Kessler on 20 Oct 14 01:43 PM
Newbie here just joined. I made a mistake in the sleeping. How do I fix it? I added the number of hours I slept wrong.
by hogmother on 20 Oct 14 01:27 PM
Pregnancy and weight
Congratulations first of all. I would stay away from too much junk food, you don't want to gain too much weight and it's not healthy anyway. I was never pregnant but my sister gained 66 lbs be ...
by snezica on 20 Oct 14 01:10 PM
iOS 8
Hi Fatsecret Team, I use the USA version and can't use the barcode scan with my iphone 4S which I have updated to the IOS8. It is something I really use. Hope there is a fix soon.
by Patchup2 on 20 Oct 14 10:39 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins