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Starting weight
I just joined this website and I have to tell you that I LOVE IT!!! There's only one problem... How do I change my starting weight? I want it to show that I started 10lbs heavier than I am today. ...
3 replies, last reply by cimler, 6 years ago.   860 views.
started by cimler.   
1 reply, last reply by coollaney1, 6 years ago.   833 views.
started by gabby stevens .   
more homemade & West Coast restaurants/chains please!
I'm new to this site & I noticed how the majority of options when choosing food items are things NOT found on the West Coast. In addition, things that are homemade aren't readily found either ...
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started by imjello, 6 years ago.   
Anyone know the calories in Tater-Tot Casserole?
Thanks, Jillian
1 reply, last reply by Miami girl, 6 years ago.   684 views.
started by eeyore_intherain.   
Congratulations. You might want to try drinking some full-sodium chicken broth. Because Atkins is a diuretic, you can loose a lot of the minerals including sodium and potassium quickly.
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started by maryspears, 6 years ago.   
thinks denise i sure will try that .have a grate day
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started by maryspears, 6 years ago.   
need ideas to "spice" up veggies
I have a hard time eating my veggies, everything tastes bland and all i want to do is smother 'em in something tasty ;)
17 replies, last reply by Jenn74, 6 years ago.   2,352 views.
started by hforbes.   
Superbowl sunday- worried about ruining my diet
I usually celebrate superbowl sunday and end up eating a whole lot of junk food and drinking a lot of beer. Does anyone have any ideas for snacks or how they are going to avoid ruining their diet that ...
6 replies, last reply by ChallengeMember, 6 years ago.   1,231 views.
started by hobiecat.   
Could someone please tell me what a "burpee" is?
3 replies, last reply by Starks, 6 years ago.   539 views.
started by Starks.   
Birth Control
When I started I was not on birth control and my LAWL counselor assigned me the gold plan. I'm starting my diet again, but I'm using birth control now. Anyone know if I need to adjust my plan or ...
5 replies, last reply by herekittykitty, 6 years ago.   1,706 views.
started by herekittykitty.   
Teaching as an exercise?
Teaching as an exercise? I teach at a community college and I wanted to get some opinions on how many calories you burn as instructor. There are instructors that just stand there, talk and show slides ...
1 reply, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   579 views.
started by derflinger.   
can others see my weight by looking on my profile?
1 reply, last reply by k8yk, 6 years ago.   741 views.
started by rikkitex.   
Vitamins and induction
I've got regular old multivitamins that do contain iron and wonder if that's okay to take, along with a super B complex supplement? Does anyone take chromium?
8 replies, last reply by Romak, 6 years ago.   1,647 views.
started by firefly68.   
Cholesterol Tracking
Hi, I see that this site can track cholesterol, but it doesn't seem to let you set any goals for cholesterol, and doesn't show any totals for daily or weekly cholesterol intake. is that correct? ...
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started by ehart, 6 years ago.   
laneylou, what are slimmers and where do you find them?:idea:
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started by lyn1946, 6 years ago.   
Better choices
My name is Minda, I started fatsecret Monday 1/25/10. Last week I started walking 1 mile Today,my body wanted more I walked 2 miles!!!! I have a small dog (Maxwell) who loves to go for walks ...
6 replies, last reply by jud10, 6 years ago.   1,062 views.
started by Minda.   
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Calories Remaining display on website?
Is there a way to display my Calories Remaining on the website? Preferably at the top of my food diary. It displays very nicely when I open the app on my phone, but I use the web interface much more ...
by gemthing on 11 Feb 16 09:02 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Everyday as a form of self-encouragement.
by Sarah Sairi on 11 Feb 16 07:22 AM
Depression and Pain
I think going slow is better than maybe harming your body further. I have been depressed for years, and just recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder, on top of diabetes. They are hurdles to come over ...
by iamsammet on 11 Feb 16 07:07 AM
Fitness wearable smart watch
Thanks for your inputs Diablo. Somehow u did research and ended up with Garmin vivofit HR. Will have it in my mind. Yes saw alot of youtube videos and got confused as usual. Lol.
by Chubby Spiderman on 11 Feb 16 05:26 AM
Healthy Snacks
Not sure if they sell the desert bullet/magic bullet in SA or not. I do know that I just looked on Ebay and there are several for sale. Hope that helps.
by Scuterdude on 11 Feb 16 03:01 AM
I am a couch potatoe
Try counting your calorie consumption. When you hit 2,000 in one day, stop eating and drinking. When you wake up, your calorie counter resets to zero. Repeat ever day. You will lose pounds, but you ...
by prayerguru on 10 Feb 16 11:00 PM

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