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Salmon Patty Recipe?
Does anyone have a recipe for Salmon Patties with calories, protein and point values? I am on WW and my husband is on a high protien diet and I need to join both diets. Oh, and he is not a Salmon person ...
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started by tlcfortigers, 5 years ago.   
Weight Loss of 1.2 lbs in 1 Day?
Question, to anyone reading this post. . . I weighed in Friday morning at 143.0 Out of curiousity, I weighed myself again this morning(3 times) got the same weight of 141.8. Could one of the following ...
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started by gotchocolate.   
WW exercise points
Does anyone know how the exercise points work with WW? Do I subtract them from the points on the day that I exercise or use them anywhere during the week?
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started by ashary12.   
Woo Hoo!!!
I have lost 1.2 pounds since last Monday for a total weight-loss of 20.2 pounds!!! I would have never inagined that I would have this much success when I started my weight-loss journey! I'm SO HAPPY! ...
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started by ACotell.   
accepting buddy requests
How do I accept requests for buddies? I've gotten 2 requests and then in my yahoo mail it says "click this link to accept or deny" then i click it and it's just the home page. where do ...
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started by captainawesome.   
How do i stop feeling hungry??
Hi i have just started JUDDDD and had my first down day yesterday. i managed ok until about 7pm but the i felt soo hungry and ended up eating toast. Does any one have any tips that might help me manage ...
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started by amavic.   
Wow, diet's catching on!
I am bad about visiting. When I first came to this site, they did not have this diet listed. So, I made my own page. Has everyone read the book, and visited Dr. Johnson's site? Very helpful. ...
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started by nicurn3, 5 years ago.   
LA Weight Loss Take Off - Simply Nutrious Sub
Does anyone know exactly what to eat while drinking for the LA Weight Loss Take Off. I am drinking the substitue drink Simply Nutrious. Thanks, Dee:badgrin:
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started by Dee Gilbert, 5 years ago.   
Ready to work it out in Winston-Salem, NC
Hi I just joined last week and I am getting ready to start the EFS diet. I am so excited!!! I am looking for buddies in my area or anyone just looking for a good support buddy. I think I am off to a good ...
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started by awomanswoman38.   
Starting Oct Challenge!
I've lost weight from time to timeit was more of a life style change.I do go off track at times,general according to my Friends or other life style changes,and have to pause and re-ajust,my eating ...
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started by BaronC, 5 years ago.   
Fun Games
I have seen recently that some gyms in the states are starting to play games for exersice, such as Dodgeball. When we were kids we exersiced and had fun, no as adults we think of exersice as work. It ...
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started by ChuckyDII, 5 years ago.   
My fitness program... starting tomorrow !
Here is the program I am going to follow starting tomorrow: Monday to Friday: 1h+ of cardio (Ideally, 40mn of running and 20 mn of elliptical or stairs) + 100 crunches. Saturday OR Sunday: 1.5h+ of any ...
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started by imfeelingfat.   
Cheat days
To all, I work out regularly and watch what I eat, now I don't weigh every chicken breast or cup of rice, I just know whats good and whats not. Being in the Army and in the gym, I have talked to b ...
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started by ChuckyDII, 5 years ago.   
BY THE WAY --- Let's RE-DO this challenge again ! I LOVED IT ! :)
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started by MusicMom123, 5 years ago.   
Listing nutritional facts
I just tried to enter the nutritional info on a cereal for my food journal, and it wont allow me to do so. I am copying directly from the box but this site says that the nutritional info. isn't ma ...
2 replies, last reply by upanddown, 5 years ago.   682 views.
started by upanddown.   
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OK, so I'm eating about Carbohydrate (7%) Fat (52%) Protein (41%) I've lost weight, but I would like to eat more fats. I can't figure out what foods to eat. Everything is either protein ...
by demain2014 on 23 Apr 14 08:37 AM
My progress
A good day today. I am down nearly 17 pound. I am at target weight (170 lb) on a journey started March 5. This week I started wave 2, fitness level. I started jogging this week. The plan is 3 ...
by Markhamdons on 23 Apr 14 08:36 AM
Agreed! Sugar is the bane of weight and unhealthy eatting (is sooooo addictive) it feels like what i think drug withdrawals might feel like when you go cold turkey.
by farmerblue on 23 Apr 14 08:32 AM
It varies a lot by the individual. Some people do fine just accounting for the calories in wine (and other alcohol) like they do anything else. I'm one of those lucky people and can pretty much just ...
by gnat824 on 23 Apr 14 08:30 AM
Natural Supplements To Improve Sexual Health
Don't reply to them. Just go down to the bottom of the page and report abuse.
by Hoser on 23 Apr 14 07:48 AM
No2 body building supplements for women
In case you're genuinely intrigued by thinking about Body Building Sports Supplements, you have to think past the essentials. This educational article investigates things you have to think about Body ...
by wy pai on 23 Apr 14 06:57 AM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
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