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Im a soda drinker but could be anything read the label and check your chart. My cola is 110 cal per cup but the food chart was showing a lesser amount I had to adjust it by using oz serving. Just a FYI ...
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started by snugles, 5 years ago.   
Hey everyone I am coming back!
I believe I may come back to WW. I did go life time for about 6mos. Then I had to have major surgery. W/ this being said, I just found the info I needed on here. I forget how to add up what my points ...
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started by Ms Boss Lady ATL, 5 years ago.   
Weight loss and the Pill?
I have a question that might sound weird. When i was 18 I was put on the Pill as part of treatment for PCOS. I was already over the 100kg at the time (115 if I remember correctly) and have been on the ...
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started by Brumhilda.   
Indian Food at a restaurant
My husband wants to go eat Indian food tonight. I love Indian food, but I know it is so fattening! Any good choices?
5 replies, last reply by tessarian, 5 years ago.   1,411 views.
started by fawnkildoo.   
Desk Geeks Unite!
Does your butt look like your office chair when your standing up? Do you dream one day of seeing your toes when standing.:lol: Then join me and the other desk geeks across the globe to "CUT-DA ...
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started by Eric pinkel.   
Desk Geeks Unite!
1 reply, last reply by Dolphie97, 5 years ago.   996 views.
started by Eric pinkel.   
TN Buddy?
I need a diet buddy in NE Tennessee!
1 reply, last reply by tnteach55, 5 years ago.   976 views.
started by etsuadpigirl.   
Aussie looking for buddies
A little about me... Female, 33, married, shiftworker, living in Queensland, Australia. Found this site the other day after downloading the app on my phone. Started my weight loss journey last year ...
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started by Sherlock76.   
Best place for exercise
I found the best place for exercise...Quebec City!!! I moved to beautiful "vieux Quebec" a year ago, and have no car, so I have to walk...and there are hills everywhere. When I first moved here, ...
1 reply, last reply by tessarian, 5 years ago.   701 views.
started by MommaT.   
adding challenge results later
Hi all! I am currently on the H20 challenge but am leaving town for a week with no access to a computer.Does anyone know if there is a way to record my daily results when i get back if i put it on paper ...
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started by gourd, 5 years ago.   
My own Recipes
Just starting up tonight and having a hard time enrtering my food intake because my meals did not come out of a can, box, or from a resturant. How do I add my meals when they are home made?
4 replies, last reply by DebP, 5 years ago.   1,056 views.
started by DebP.   
New Workout
I love getting a new routine. I feel like a kid waiting to open a present. The first number is sets the second is reps Sunday - Chest & Triceps Chest Exercise Sets Reps Incline Dumbbell P ...
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started by mnieder.   
Message for Groups
Would someone please tell me how do I write a message for the group that I joined?
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started by summerlinangel3, 5 years ago.   
Supplementation....who does what
So I'm sure this topic has come up before but since I'm new here I'll start it again. I take 1 fish oil tablet, 3 or 4 vitamin D3's(there small I think 100mcg) and 1 high potency vitamin. ...
7 replies, last reply by manpose, 5 years ago.   1,288 views.
started by randywe.   
Ten pounds in two weeks! My message says that at today's rate, I'll loose the 40#'s in two months. I liked yesterday's better-it said I would loose it all in one month. I am going to a ...
4 replies, last reply by DeniseTra, 5 years ago.   880 views.
started by morningsong.   
I'm looking to keep my protein intake high, but reduce the amount of meat I eat (perhaps I may go pescetarian or vegetarian eventually). I am wondering how to incorporate more beans into my diet ...
3 replies, last reply by mendacity22, 5 years ago.   870 views.
started by djmikalobe.   
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need to drop weight fast.
NowIunderstand wrote: You're at a crossroads right now that could impact the rest of your life as to have the onset of an eating disorder. Accept yourself, you're still growing, and no one is ...
by dianadelosmuertos on 01 Jul 15 11:42 AM
will i fail again?
Thank you AKRSAR- I needed that motivation ps- i don't mind the hippie
by moeque on 01 Jul 15 11:22 AM
A bit frustrated
I agree with the above posts that different carbs effect people in different ways. For me, I can't handle grains and I'm not gluten intolerant I just gain weight when I consume them. Things ...
by mummydee on 01 Jul 15 09:45 AM
Paleo, GF and Bulletproof cooking
I have been checking out this new site that features these types of foods that help loose and control weight. Check out Jessi Jordan dishes that taste good and are good for you to aid in weight lost and ...
by Libby63 on 01 Jul 15 05:45 AM
Duromine Day one
Had a good day with no snacking, and clocked just over 1000 cal Had my tablet this morning at 7 with no side effects. Managed 2.5 liters of water, yoghurt, blueberries and an apricot. Starting to ween ...
by Murnit on 30 Jun 15 02:12 PM
I'm new to this wish me luck!
The best advice that I can give is to stay way from the scale. It can be disappointing when you are not losing the way you want to. Try weighing in every 2 weeks and congratulate yourself for even a half ...
by Barbara Hall on 30 Jun 15 10:53 AM

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