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Calorie counting
Does anyone know a calculation or an easy way of figuring out how many calories you should be consuming for a steady, healthy weight loss programme? I'm guessing there must be some kind of formula ...
3 replies, last reply by katana_x, 5 years ago.   787 views.
started by alexbuchan.   
Function of How Does Your Diet Compare?*
All: How do I use the "How Does Your Diet Compare?*" section of My FatSecret? Does it function by day or by total and how can I use it to correct my eating habits? Thanks in advance for any ...
1 reply, last reply by katana_x, 5 years ago.   1,421 views.
started by uunet.   
Any advice or pointers would be appreciated.
I am going to start the Fat Flush plan on Monday and wanted to know any advice people can share on using and prepping for this diet. Thanks in advance!
4 replies, last reply by jessyline, 5 years ago.   2,845 views.
started by bwid.   
daily dish - The Most Common Fitness Mistake People Make
The Most Common Fitness Mistake People Make Think fast: What’s your favorite type of exercise? If you’re like most people, cardio is at the top of your list. But focusing too much on cardio while neg ...
5 replies, last reply by wintersmith, 5 years ago.   1,202 views.
started by veggies yuk.   
So what's up with this stuff? Cause I'm sick of it. Of course, I'm doing my best to eliminate it by trying to lose weight, but based on what I've heard that's not all that's going ...
1 reply, last reply by katana_x, 5 years ago.   410 views.
started by sorbet14.   
How can I share my food log with someone else?
I would like to share my food log with my nutritionist. Is there a way to do this?
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started by malialia, 5 years ago.   
daily dish
5 Ways to Stay Healthy While Traveling With summer in full swing, you may be gearing up for a vacation with family or friends. There’s no doubt that maintaining healthy habits while traveling can be ...
2 replies, last reply by debreyna, 5 years ago.   982 views.
started by veggies yuk.   
Flush diet?
I would like to give a little kick to my diet and was thinking about doing a "flush" of some sort but I didn't know where to look for info. Anyone have any suggestions?
5 replies, last reply by KMayer, 5 years ago.   1,676 views.
started by helloimkristin.   
need to lose really quick
going on vacation in 12 weeks. what is the best diet to follow to lose the most in 12 weeks. can't make up my mind to try weight watchers or south beach. help!!!!!
6 replies, last reply by KMayer, 5 years ago.   996 views.
started by KRISTIAN.   
A little help please!
Hello everyone! I am new to this site and I am in need of a little help understanding the "How does your diet compare" section. It is showing the "you" part of the section higher than ...
4 replies, last reply by RosyLady, 5 years ago.   633 views.
started by RosyLady.   
Dogfish Head Beer
I drank 2 beers last night. Dogfishead Midas Touch Beer but the nutrition facts online are not showing how many sugars?? Do you guys think it just doesnt have any? Im frustrated :?
2 replies, last reply by cindy756, 5 years ago.   1,113 views.
started by cindy756.   
Use me as a Nutrisystem Resource
I just want people to know that Nutrisystem is working for me. I have been on the women's vegetarian plan since May 16 and I have lost 28 lbs. I walk every day which I guess is key. Because I'm ...
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started by jsimonie, 5 years ago.   
How does AdvoCare® Rehydrate compare with Gatorade®, Coca-Cola® products and other sp
The comparison between AdvoCare's Rehydrate and Coca-Cola, Gatorade and Cytosport™ sports drinks is presented in the table below. The table clearly demonstrates that Rehydrate is a complex product ...
3 replies, last reply by katana_x, 5 years ago.   3,731 views.
started by dazzledsoul.   
Rock climbing
Hello, Does anyone know how many calories are burnt off by rock climbing? I noticed its not listed on the drop down menu of exercises. Thanks!
2 replies, last reply by Redlornie, 5 years ago.   802 views.
started by Redlornie.   
daily dish
A Guilt-Free Frozen Dessert The best way to chill out at the end of a sizzling summer day is with a refreshing frozen treat. This guilt-free dessert is sure to keep you cool and satisfied. Chilled E ...
2 replies, last reply by veggies yuk, 5 years ago.   767 views.
started by veggies yuk.   
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too upset with my weight
Fat doesn't turn into muscle. Fat and muscle are different. Are you drinking enough water? Try increasing your water, it will fill you up. Good luck! Jen
by Volleyjen on 17 Dec 14 08:46 PM
Hi Friends :)
Welcome to the site. Good luck.
by LittleRedFlatBack on 17 Dec 14 08:28 PM
Ensure vs Atkins Shake
For a quick and easy idea I like lairr's idea too. I use Whey protein powder a lot now. And one of the nice things is, if you know you're going to have a big day and want to stay on track with ...
by BigBear2015 on 17 Dec 14 08:03 PM
how has this journey affected you life besides weight loss?
I feel more empowered now. I'm encouraged by my efforts in this short amount of time. I've found that when things are out of control in other areas of life I can still control what I do going ...
by BigBear2015 on 17 Dec 14 07:55 PM
Google Fit
Just an FYI, I got a disappointing response from fatsecret support. Here it is: "Unfortunately at this time we are unable to extract information from Google Fit, we are able to write information ...
by Sgtiger on 17 Dec 14 06:42 PM
Thank you for your response...I will watch the video
by roseyhillgirl on 17 Dec 14 01:09 PM

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Measure and track. Measure and track. Yeah, I know you aren't supposed to have to do that with Atkins, but if you don't you will never get anywhere. And if you're like me, your overall app ...
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