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Diet Myths
There are a lot of articles like this out there. And a lot of misconceptions about weight loss! It really amazes me how wrong I was about what needs to happen to lose weight before I really studied it. ...
60 replies, last reply by k8yk, 7 years ago.   5,930 views.
started by k8yk.   
Need help finding an exercise workout
My husband and I are both trying to loose weight. I had a baby 8 months ago and by the time we get home from work eat, feed baby, and put baby to bed most of our night is gone. I really don't have ...
6 replies, last reply by ShellyT77, 7 years ago.   1,313 views.
started by sdavismoon.   
Salad gets a bad rap. I love salad. But salad can be many things. It can be a light side or a filling meal or a high-calorie extravaganza! Not all salads are created equal. I eat some kind of salad ...
12 replies, last reply by rdss60, 7 years ago.   2,809 views.
started by k8yk.   
What do you think of Soy Crisps?
I like potato chips but am staying far away from them. Soy crisps seem to be a healthier, higher protein, lower carb alternative. Any thoughts?
2 replies, last reply by mrs88, 7 years ago.   1,725 views.
started by mamorris2.   
Frozen Go-gurt
Generally, those tubes of yogurt known as go-gurt are on my no-go list. They are messy and pretty packaging intense. But yoplait now makes "Simply" Go-gurt. All the ingredients are pronou ...
1 reply, last reply by Tressatnt, 7 years ago.   4,002 views.
started by sooki.   
What do you list Jazzercise under for exercise?:?
3 replies, last reply by dawnbaby, 7 years ago.   1,236 views.
started by Kathellen.   
original diet
Does anyone have the diet or the food list that we received when we first joined this site?
4 replies, last reply by nicyndi, 7 years ago.   2,142 views.
started by arnisca.   
low carb cereal
Does anybody know if there's a low carb cereal that I can eat in atkins?I really miss cereal:(
5 replies, last reply by lab64, 7 years ago.   1,801 views.
started by andmel.   
Which way to the "Raw Foodist" page?
I started eating raw last week and I'm hunting for recipes. If you're site-savvy, can someone point me to the right page?
1 reply, last reply by RubyRedSox, 7 years ago.   785 views.
started by Peanut11.   
Does my stupid ticker on here still say I am 194?? My current weight is 186, but it isn't showing that loss. I tried refreshing the page, didn't work. :(
4 replies, last reply by nicyndi, 7 years ago.   1,668 views.
started by Betsys4.   
GI foods?
I have been reading about eating low GI food.. But what does that mean? how do i know what a GI level is for a food I consume? What is the importance of it ( them).. Always something else to learn here ...
2 replies, last reply by amybeansy, 7 years ago.   788 views.
started by amy1flite.   
Mmm, eating my strawberries and using my low carb raspberry yogurt for a dip.
4 replies, last reply by rjenkins27, 7 years ago.   1,226 views.
started by ALee1968.   
Blackberry Help
Hello I'm having a heck of a time getting the BB app to work. I get "Unexpected Error Please try again later" whenever I try to do anything that would go online. I haven't even been ...
1 reply, last reply by timatlee, 7 years ago.   1,165 views.
started by timatlee.   
Blackberry Help
Once you download the app to the BB... you have to Sync it... go to the bottom of the menu and choose Sync. From there choose existing account. Put FS username "timatlee"... and then the pas ...
1 reply, last reply by timatlee, 7 years ago.   1,165 views.
started by timatlee.   
kitchen scale
I was surprised today when I weighed my food. What i thought was one ounce of cheese was actually a half ounce. What I thought was 4 ounces of fish was really 3 ounces. Weighing food helps to keep ...
31 replies, last reply by joanna514, 7 years ago.   4,052 views.
started by twoshoes.   
They say you should drink at least 8 glasses a day. I often forget. My new trick is to drink a glass of water every time I am craving something sweet. It fills you up! I'm not saying I dont still ...
14 replies, last reply by jennielynn, 7 years ago.   5,750 views.
started by Carrot.   
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fitness tips
I love listening to my music, or podcasts. I don't have any audiobooks, but I suppose that would work too. My gym has a bank of TV screens in front of all the cardio equipment, and you can tune in ...
by rhills on 19 Oct 17 03:40 AM
how to change initial weight
On, that option is in the right hand column on the page where you track your weight. I'm not sure about the mobile app.
by rhills on 19 Oct 17 03:30 AM
Calendar start day
I came here looking for a solution to the same problem.
by Bob Now on 18 Oct 17 11:11 PM
Calories from fat.
Recently I was going to update the info on Grandma's peanut butter cookies. The nutrition label had no 'calories from fat' listed. I contacted Frito Lay and this is the response. I added a ...
by Patdig on 18 Oct 17 05:57 PM
FS food calculator
Paubut, i record everything for two reasons, if the weight isnt coming off I can look back and see what I can adjust. Secondly Holds me accountable. I don't plan on falling I've had enough of ...
by 8Patty on 18 Oct 17 12:29 PM
Looking for a weight-loss buddy to lose 20lb
Hi, 48 and eat very clean, slowly losing but taking up intermittent fasting casue i just cant lose. Bc survivor so maybe that has somthing to do with it hormons. I am 144 and would like to be 121 and stay ...
by desert tiger on 18 Oct 17 12:33 AM

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