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Are you struggling with Obesity?
Hello, I am a UK based Producer who is looking to talk to an individual or family who are struggling with obesity. I am looking to speak to someone who might be able to help me with some research for ...
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started by fatfighter100, 11 months ago.   
First week
I finished my first week of Atkins and lost 4 pounds. The first few days were hard because my body was detoxing all the sugar in my system. I stayed within 20-25 net carbs a day and watch my calories, ...
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started by titleagent.   
What is the amount of protein per day you should consume on the South Beach Diet??
1 reply, last reply by LuC2, 11 months ago.   537 views.
started by Vicki66.   
Creating a recipe question
I'm sure people ask this all the time, and I've pretty savvy with the computer, but I cannot figure out how to do the following....I want to add in all the ingredients for an ENTIRE recipe, like ...
3 replies, last reply by MultiplesMom, 11 months ago.   406 views.
started by MultiplesMom.   
Sinful 3 point dessert
I bought the Yoplait 100 calorie Greek Yogurt in the Key Lime flavor and mixed fresh blueberries in it then mixed in just a little RediWhip for a sinful 3 point dessert! And I'm getting calcium out ...
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started by rockportshirl, 11 months ago.   
A WOW! for today (Adam's Words of Wisdom)
Faith is the engine that enables us to live with hope throughout our lives. You must have faith that you can reach your goals. You must believe that the hard work and the small steps you take each day ...
2 replies, last reply by Jest4Fun, 11 months ago.   626 views.
started by Jest4Fun.   
Happy Thursday
:) Off Friday!!!! Trying to use up 300hours of vacation time in my employee bank- Will head to the gym!!! Have a great weekend
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started by pwrestlephoto, 11 months ago.   
Weigh day
How often should I weigh myself? When I have done weighless before we had to weigh once a week. I don't want to get obsessed with weighing everyday because your weight fluctuates depending on water ...
2 replies, last reply by Kiki biscuit, 11 months ago.   334 views.
started by Kiki biscuit.   
Unwanted Notifications
I have all of these notifications and can't figure out why. They are not from my buddies or my buddies buddies. They just seem to be random notifications from people I have no connection to. Short ...
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 11 months ago.   378 views.
started by HeyJude602.   
A bag of candy appeared in my office. I've been very proud of myself for not eating any. It's in a location that I don't walk past on a regular basis so it's been easy to forget about. ...
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started by titleagent, 11 months ago.   
great job resisting temptation! it's not always easy but it's definitely worth it in the end :)
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started by titleagent, 11 months ago.   
Low Carb/Low Calorie
I have been eating a low carb (0-20 net carbs per day) and low calorie diet (900 calories per day) for 3 weeks. I am also spending 2 hours in the gym (1 hour of weights and 1 hour of cardio). I have ...
13 replies, last reply by mrspackrat, 11 months ago.   1,114 views.
started by kccresh.   
Dealing with hunger
Here's an interesting article... http://www.bodyrecomposition.c...
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started by libertino85, 11 months ago.   
The Case for Cooking - Get FED UP!
SKIP DOWN TO GET TO THE CHALLENGE (Go ahead...I won't get angry)...:badgrin: I've always considered myself a fairly decent cook. Truth be told, though, few of us do better than the processes and ...
10 replies, last reply by mummydee, 11 months ago.   1,251 views.
started by LuC2.   
Hi guys I'm suppose to eat 1300 calories a day which is a struggle, so I'm looking for diets that can help me and my metabolism is very very slow. Your help will be much appreciated.
13 replies, last reply by Fitjewel, 11 months ago.   1,597 views.
started by FatMonsterA.   
Recipes on Android App vs Recipes on Website
Hi, I apologise if the answer is already posted but i can't find it. I asked this question in the technical help section but thought i'd post it here in case anyone can help. I have been looking ...
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started by Alittleinlove, 11 months ago.   
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Need a buddy
Hi my name is maria 35 years old, I need a buddy too! Lost 21lb in the first two months, want to lose 20 more!!
by marieschneiderbautista on 18 Apr 15 05:18 PM
Grams, Calories, & Pie Charts, oh my!
I was thinking the same- so far today I've eaten: Fat 36 Carb 195 Prot 102: Cals total 813 and it says 60% carb, 40% fat and 0% fat on the chart...surely that can't be right! I'm vegetarian ...
by luina on 18 Apr 15 04:57 PM
No man is an island!
Welcome and good luck :)
by howzat4u on 18 Apr 15 04:08 PM
GAINING Weight??
FS calculates my RDI at 1800, but I eat on average 900 per day and I am loving it and losing nicely
by howzat4u on 18 Apr 15 04:07 PM
Understanding Fatsecret
Hi peeps can anyone explain the totals to me? for example the other day I had 2142 calories, I understand that, it's the other details I don't understand. Do they mean grams, for example did I ...
by Rufus Ruffcut on 18 Apr 15 04:04 PM
You're in the right place for support Mari but I don't think Shiann will be replying, her post is from 2011 ! Many others will, I"m sure, lend their support ! good luck.
by mummydee on 18 Apr 15 03:14 PM

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