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Hai, i want to know why since i stopped doing exercide, i gain like 9 kg? can somebody help me what its wrong and what should i do? thanks
1 reply, last reply by Marcela_Olega, a year ago.   2,199 views.
started by hijamin.   
Eating Protein/Fat/Carbs
What is the best breakdown of daily intake of proteins, fats, carbs? I see the food journal page lets you keep track of what you eat and it shows you how much of what you eat is protein, fat & car ...
5 replies, last reply by Marcela_Olega, a year ago.   3,389 views.
started by mrsbrownie.   
create new food
We made a wonderful dessert that isn't in the database. How do I create an entry for this dessert = i.e. enter all ingredients, divide by number of servings, and come up with my food entry? We will ...
1 reply, last reply by desislavarusekova, a year ago.   1,108 views.
started by taxi2015.   
foods I ran from as a child, but now enjoy
This Halloween after reviewing the candy hull the black licorice was headed to the trash can as usual. Somewhere deep within my adult self I tried black licorice and I liked it imagine that. Of course, ...
3 replies, last reply by Caro1114, a year ago.   3,441 views.
started by carmel023.   
Fatsecret food diary CSV export tool
Hello Everybody. Having just joined a week ago I immediately liked the site. However found myself searching for an alternative way to display the food diary or export it. Searching trough the forums ...
27 replies, last reply by Monique 1, a year ago.   15,751 views.
started by DerFelix.   
Intermittent fasting
I see many people are practicing this intermittent fasting. My question is: is it sustainable? If you do not wish to make this a lifestyle pattern- which I'm sure no one does, then when you have r ...
8 replies, last reply by ahanks1, a year ago.   2,931 views.
started by Feli loves food.   
fitness books
I am really starting to enjoy running and I joined a running club. From this experience I have discovered that I am a social runner. Running with other people pushes me farther than i would run by myself. ...
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started by carmel023, a year ago.   
I don't think I am alone here, to tell you the truth pecan pie has decided to be my year end foe....Turkey Day is going to be a really rough fight.
1 reply, last reply by ieGod, a year ago.   2,243 views.
started by Michael-Anderson.   
Hi, I went to a doctor to lose weight and she put me on a low carb diet with Metformin. I lost 50 lbs. and decided that I did not want to be on Metformin any more and went off. When I did the weight came ...
5 replies, last reply by Isabel Valdivieso, a year ago.   2,491 views.
started by ninney51.   
Staying focused on your Goals.
Hello everybody in Fat secret World. This is a great place to really keep yourself honest about what you are eating and how much you are exercising. We all need to focus on our goals.Whatever your goal ...
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started by Marj102981, a year ago.   
Trans fat - hydrogenated oils
Working in our kitchen the product we receive for the deep fat fryer is a corn oil that is 100% hydrogenated. My question is, I'm trying to make new Nutrition cards for every product. I've got ...
2 replies, last reply by seanov, a year ago.   1,656 views.
started by seanov.   
Getting back in shape
I'm making a decision to get back in shape. I started yesterday and I will keep up the eating healthy and exercising until I loose a few pounds. My wedding is coming up in June next year and I would ...
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started by Chubs Magee, a year ago.   
[img] :)
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started by kingkeld.   
Hello to Everyone
Hi, My name is Hardeep Bedi. I am new member of the community and i like to say hello to all members.
2 replies, last reply by eclipsesolaire, a year ago.   2,155 views.
started by webwears.   
36 replies, last reply by jpage7777, a year ago.   14,394 views.
started by HARLEYNICE3.   
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The effect of denial...
I can recommend the Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds Ultimate Collection. Its great for those days you can't get outside. Just pop it in and before you know it you're at the end. Just do it. ...
by pedalduck on 26 Jun 17 01:20 PM
Hiya, i hope this isn't too much to ask for, but i would like someone to recommend a bathroom scale for me to weigh myself with and a food scale to measure how many grams of food i am taking.
by erickvilches on 26 Jun 17 01:05 PM
thank you, love the advise, read the article, follow allot of it already (90% of the time). Looking forward to my retests 11 July to see where I am in all this. Here's to a great week all.
by Trainer_1_99 on 26 Jun 17 10:40 AM
Why Do You REALLY, REALLY Want To Lose
@Nitagurl - this is a wonderful exercise, thank you! My Goal: To release 50-60 lbs, maintain that weight loss for the rest of my life, and embody the kind of health and fitness that brings joy and a ...
by Egull1 on 26 Jun 17 10:07 AM
Calorie counter for Germany?
In MyFitnessPal, I put in Spetzle and it came up with 5 entries. I put in weisswurst and it came up with 11 pages. Turns out there are many brands of weisswurst, so you'll have to know what Brand it ...
by crstlgls on 25 Jun 17 12:11 PM
So So Sorry
SirHampton - what were you looking for? You said you wanted to learn from others and that you joined to get a better understanding of how everyone deals with this. What did you want to know? I feel like ...
by MelbGal on 25 Jun 17 12:05 AM

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