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It's a start
Just finished 2 20 minute walks for coffee and back. It is a start.
3 replies, last reply by pinkcloudrising, 8 months ago.   1,956 views.
started by justabout.   
Grocery list
Is there any way to make a grocery list from the recipes and then print that out?
no replies.   1,429 views.
started by jmck5, 8 months ago.   
New beginner
Just wanted to say Hi Newbie here . looking forward to getting started and face some challenges , hopefully not alone!!
10 replies, last reply by Kathy-NC, 8 months ago.   2,222 views.
started by Gail612.   
Sign in question
:? anyone else having a problem losing password? and need to create new at every sign in?
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started by BA Moore, 8 months ago.   
Pants Looser
I have quit weighing on my home scales. The last time I went to WW I had lost 3 pounds and on mine had lost none. I let my sclaes dictate my moods too often so I have vowed not to weigh on them anymore ...
8 replies, last reply by ClassicRocker, 8 months ago.   2,819 views.
started by Mammylam.   
Happy Days are here again ...
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started by Foster Lee, 8 months ago.   
Low fat foods
I'm having issues with a variety of low fat foods. I'm sticking to my meal plan but I'm not a great cook and I'm slowly getting frustrated with eating the same things over and over. I ...
1 reply, last reply by riocaz, 8 months ago.   908 views.
started by marlond.   
Can't save weigh-in on iOS.
When I go to update my weight on iOS, it pops a dialog that calls me extra fat and says I should talk to my doctor before starting a diet. I dismiss the dialog, but I can't ever save the new weight. ...
no replies.   412 views.
started by solmssen, 8 months ago.   
Compression socks/tights
So the fat is disappearing, but varicose veins are showing their ugly lumpy bumpy heads. I want to stop the nasties in their tracks before they get too noticeable. Can anyone suggest or recommend a ...
2 replies, last reply by ClassicRocker, 8 months ago.   838 views.
started by ClassicRocker.   
Healthy Eating
Yesterday I joined a nutrition class through the Health Dept. The Atkins Diet was rated the least safe and South Beach was only a tad better. A good amount of protein is essential and good carbs. are ...
2 replies, last reply by Hermiones Mom, 8 months ago.   618 views.
started by Mammylam.   
I WANT CHOCOLATE!!!!!!!.....Anything!...
5 replies, last reply by sarahinwv, 8 months ago.   1,326 views.
started by sarahinwv.   
Weight & Aging some good basic tips
I saw this recent article from my health care provider and it has some good, common sense tips bundled into one easy read. Weight and aging: Secrets to holding steady As we get older, we tend to grow ...
1 reply, last reply by ClassicRocker, 8 months ago.   538 views.
started by mrspackrat.   
Feature Suggestion: Add name of weekday in Diet Calendar View
It would be very handy if the name of the current day of the week were displayed when viewing a particular day in my diet calendar: [img]
2 replies, last reply by JasonBuberel, 8 months ago.   721 views.
started by JasonBuberel.   
Let me know what you think
Portion Control: Small Plate w/a side of No Seconds. I am looking to get members together for support in this group. All tips on excersing, dieting and health are welcome. Please feel free to check out ...
6 replies, last reply by water12871, 8 months ago.   979 views.
started by water12871.   
Custom Food Nutrition
Does anyone know if there is a way to input a food you can't find when trying to look it up? I have the package I bought and I can't find similar nutrition facts on this site's food look up ...
2 replies, last reply by Michael Nite, 8 months ago.   718 views.
started by Michael Nite.   
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HI All
Hi Emily.. Good choice to come onto the website. Good luck with Atkins. I joined almost 3 weeks ago and have lost 9lbs..and it has been painless. I also allowed myself a few treats on Easter day. I have ...
by triciamcc on 23 Apr 14 03:25 AM
Hi...I join now
1st time joining groups today. Current weight 67.4kg...My Goal Weight 56kg. BEST of Luck 2 All on ur way 2 ur "GOAL Weight"
by Nasheema on 23 Apr 14 03:09 AM
calories burned
Apologies for my point of view, we are involved in offroad enduro racing and as such know a little about how to train for this sport, and what impact it has on our bodies, from fat burning to aerobic to ...
by Ryderod on 23 Apr 14 12:36 AM
Have Times Changed for Better or Worse?
So very true, FullaBella. I was raised and reared on both those sayings (and pretty much railed against both). I guess I'm just a rebel. :D
by LuC2 on 22 Apr 14 09:14 PM
Do you have to do induction to lose?
no problem analisa.... watch those deli meats, if you can, cook a couple of chicken breasts on sunday night and use them thru the week instead of using processed deli meats. Even though they say n ...
by mummydee on 22 Apr 14 08:02 PM
Fear of Flying..Not For Me
Hi FS Friends! We all recall those milestone passages in our lives when we had a sense of "diminishing"....and wanted to compensate by taking on a challenge such as sky-diving, or deep sea d ...
by tertuf on 22 Apr 14 06:39 PM

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This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins