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Hey everyone.for some unknown one can comment my journal and me don't u ever think that I forget u..I can't. Sign in with my laptop or just says fatsecret error ...
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started by sara698, a year ago.   
Please stop!
I been asked to please stop adding pictures in forums I felt they had words of encouragement and didn't mean to offend anyone Sometimes just a small saying will open ones eyes to get back to their ...
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started by dialla3201.   
Now... doesn't this recipe look good?
[url= cauliflower[/url]
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started by dialla3201.   
Mobile apps
I wanted to thank you guys for making mobile apps, especially a Windows Phone app. Seems like no one wants to make anything for Windows phone which can be extremely frustrating, because except for the ...
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started by Wardog77, a year ago.   
I am New so I have a Couple of Questions..
1st... I started IdealProtein on may 14th but now my coach is relocating across the states so I am on my own.. I just found this site and was wondering if there is anyway to put my weight in back on the ...
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started by p1juste.   
Compensating imbalanced diets
Hi. I was wondering if not getting the required nutrients for a day can be compensated over the next day(s). For example, if we need 1000mg of calcium per day, and today my intake is only 500mg. Can I ...
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started by Rakesh VT.   
Thought of the day
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started by dialla3201.   
“Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.”
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started by popsocialnetworks.   
Lifestyle Change
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started by dialla3201, a year ago.   
with a good diet come a good workout.
:lol: when I do follow a diet I have to follow a good workout I'm one of the unlucky guys that have to watch what I eat and drink.but sofar thinks are going great I lost a good 15kg in the last 10 ...
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started by abmms, a year ago.   
1 stone, (14 lbs) in three weeks!
1 stone (14 lbs) lighter yeah :) in three weeks so pleased with start. 3 stone, (42 lbs ) to go but on the way although realise it will take longer. On meds for thyroid thought so it'd be very di ...
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started by rock barton.   
My reminder of the day
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started by dialla3201, a year ago.   
Chick Fil A vs. Panera Bread
My daughter wants to eat at Chick Fil A tomorrow for her bday dinner. I was hoping she'd pick Panera Bread lol. I'm looking at CFA's salads and I think I want their grilled market salad. With ...
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started by amyskids, a year ago.   
My first day on fatsecret
Hi all. It is my first day on fatsecret and i have mixed emotions. I see some people's weight incresing while others is going down. Is it common? Should i also e prepared for somthing like that? ...
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started by Mmalehakoe.   
My first day on fatsecret
M sorry, i mean i ws doing it incorrectly
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started by Mmalehakoe.   
Clean Eating
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started by dialla3201, a year ago.   
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Those ratios look pretty close to what some of my clients are doing on their low carb diets. That's a great goal. It's going to be challenging, and it sounds like you have a lot of determination ...
by You Can Weigh Less on 07 Dec 16 08:34 PM
Don't run, walk
Yes very true. It's a great way to get to a baseline level of fitness too. I'll include bike sprints in some of my clients programs to speed results up as well...not for everyone, but high i ...
by You Can Weigh Less on 07 Dec 16 08:25 PM
Lost some weight, mostly inches
Best reason of all to losing weight is for your health! Keep up the good work!
by Marymaryquitecon on 07 Dec 16 05:54 PM
Custom recipe problems
Maybe I'm missing something... The mobile app won't allow me to enter a custom, multi-serving recipe. The website won't show some of my custom foods (my preferred brands) to build a recipe ...
by TRWulfgar on 07 Dec 16 03:22 PM
Gonna do it
remember any app is just a guide and food labels can be inaccurate as is measuring calories via trackers and apps
by spacey48 on 07 Dec 16 02:35 PM
Notation question for food journal
Ooo thank you. so good to know.:)
by kimberly rae on 07 Dec 16 09:16 AM

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