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Join Private Online Community for Eating Related Habits and/or Concerns!
Hi, everyone! I work for a small healthcare research firm (ICG) and would like to tell you about a cool opportunity to join a private online forum for binge eating and food addiction. The online com ...
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started by beaharlow, a year ago.   
Has anyone had any experience with the drug Belviq?
I've just started this drug - and am hopeful that it will give me the help I need with food cravings. Has anyone had any experience with this medication? :arrow: (If you are going to comment just ...
3 replies, last reply by mummydee, a year ago.   1,756 views.
started by DianeG213.   
Stopping my diet?
I stopped my stupid diet. I am just going to eat healthier. Yesterday I ate an orange, a banana, and a salad with chicken in it. I went and worked out too. I feel great, and guys, my skin is the GREATEST ...
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started by heidimetzger, a year ago.   
CPAP and Weight Loss
I am on a CPAP machine and have heard that is it almost impossible to lose weight while on this machine. Does anyone have a similar experience and have tried to lose weight but failed.
2 replies, last reply by etkfxrwife, a year ago.   1,145 views.
started by Rayvess.   
New to fatsecret
Hi my name is Charlena and I am new to fat secret. I just turned 54 years old on April 15th. I go by Lena for short. And yes...I'm short ;) 4 ft. 11 inches to be exact. I am an Herbalife Distributor ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a year ago.   1,183 views.
started by herbalifewellnesscoach.   
Flavoring soup and calories
Hi all, I was just wondering if you use carrots (or other root vegetables) to flavor a soup you cook, then toss them out once you're done cooking, do the carrot's calories/carbs count? Thanks!
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, a year ago.   1,762 views.
started by Wiggins87.   
What's the first treat for yourself?
Hey guys and gals. I was just wondering what the first thing you are going to treat yourself to once you get to your goal weight. I know what I'm going to do. Get corrective foot surgery! And for the ...
8 replies, last reply by PrettyMetty, a year ago.   3,551 views.
started by paskwali.   
swearing this one off
Wow. Just loaded my diet with Panera's 1/2 big kid grilled cheese sandwich. Over 800 calories!?! Never again.
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a year ago.   1,524 views.
started by kathkev.   
Blew it
:evil: :evil: I went out with my son and blew my diet for today..I'll have to try and make it up in the next couple of days I hope.
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started by Guy Crepps, a year ago.   
Paleo Diet
Good Afternoon all! Is anyone else having success on the paleo diet. It has been a week for me, and already lost 5 pounds.
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, a year ago.   1,364 views.
started by Merrie1.   
too many carbs
I have only started this account 2 days ago and although I know I do not eat healthy I am suspired at how few proteins I have in my diet. Is there an option to help me find a diets fuller in proteins and ...
8 replies, last reply by audreybanks, a year ago.   5,034 views.
started by marquessaintern.   
Hello, In the add items, I cannot find the lady finger. Lady finger cookie are appearing. The one I eat is cooked in oil and served with chapati. Any Indian or Pakistani must know what i am trying to say. ...
1 reply, last reply by pinkmoo, a year ago.   3,339 views.
started by Haider Raza Khalid.   
Updating Profile?
Hi guys, I signed up for Fatsecret back in 2012 but then forgot about it. I want to give it another try, but I just can't find where I can update my profile (as in name, adding picture, timezone,...). ...
2 replies, last reply by soraya_deb, a year ago.   1,763 views.
started by soraya_deb.   
IIFYM: have you tried it? what are your thoughts?
How many people follow the IIFYM diet? i've been on it for about 3 weeks now and like the flexibility of it.
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started by keona84, a year ago.   
Fit Muslimah Yesterday at 11:45am · Edited · 4 SELF-MOTIVATING MIND TRICKS Are you struggling with self motivation? Having a hard time getting yourself to your regularly scheduled workouts? ...
1 reply, last reply by victoriaegypt, a year ago.   1,757 views.
started by victoriaegypt.   
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Any possibility of an ip ban or block feature? He talks with himself so much that it fills up my feed. Its hard not to fight a flood of BS on my FS page. :?
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NeighborhoodWatch wrote: FS... Community Members: Please note that the user vitaminollie has been banned from this website. Every time he is banned, he creates a new user account and thus goes by many ...
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Industry funded studies
FS Community Members: Please note that the user vitaminollie has been banned from this website. Every time he is banned, he creates a new user account and thus goes by many names here. Eventually, his ...
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Walking in place
how long do you do it for and how many times a week?
by emmelinelucas on 24 Sep 16 03:10 PM
Delete account
Hi dears, I would ask you if it is possible to delete my fatsecret's account. Thanks
by mario.bernasconi98 on 24 Sep 16 02:41 PM
Pleased to meet you ...
welcome and good luck :)
by Halo Kiwi on 24 Sep 16 11:53 AM

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