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bored. CHEAP healthy easy foods
Being the only one dieting its hard to cook real meals And since only I eat it only I buy it Just a list of different cheap easy foods I can buy would be great Breakfast Snacks Lunch Dinner
22 replies, last reply by Maggie's Kitty Treats12, a year ago.   9,789 views.
started by brootalbarbiegirl.   
Phone and laptop
Shouldn't what I put in my analog phone sync to the laptop? How do I get that to happen?
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started by ChrisLAG, a year ago.   
The start of a new way
Well after talking and talking about losing weight I have finally decided to actually DO something about it. Saying I had a baby is no longer an excuse (especially since that baby just turned 12 years ...
6 replies, last reply by Maggie's Kitty Treats12, a year ago.   3,920 views.
started by cptldn.   
Can anyone tell me where in my grocery store I can find roasted edemane? I shop at Hy-Vee.
4 replies, last reply by Nag1ka, a year ago.   1,522 views.
started by rrayburn1.   
Back at it
Excited to get back in the gym. Two weeks ago, I climbed a 20' rope but slid 15' down. Rope burned off the pads of many of my fingers. Think they are healed up enough to where I can grip weights ...
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started by huskerchas, a year ago.   
:( I have the flu. Hopefully it means weight loss.
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started by foodjunkie1234, a year ago.   
Invalid format of email address
I'm trying to edit my preferences and keep getting...invalid format of email address My address is and works on all other things, does anyone know how to sort this? Mark
1 reply, last reply by snezica, a year ago.   5,525 views.
started by Rufus Ruffcut.   
Getting back on the wagon
Hi everyone. I was doing really well with diet and exercise for a good 8 weeks. Then I went on vacation, and it has really all gone downhill since then. I've been back almost 3 weeks and haven't ...
1 reply, last reply by jenkofski, a year ago.   4,739 views.
started by jenkofski.   
Getting back on the wagon
Hi Jen, What kind of diet were you doing before you went on vacation? Was it working? Thanks for sharing!
1 reply, last reply by jenkofski, a year ago.   4,739 views.
started by jenkofski.   
Gewichtsentwicklung - Startdatum löschen
Hello Wonju Es tut mir leid aber ich denke es ist nicht moglich.
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started by Wonju7, a year ago.   
How do you enter nutrition info for an item not in the fatsecret database?
I have Whole Foods protein powder and the bar code isn't in the fatsecret database. None of the choices in their list have the right combination of calories, fat and carbs. How can I enter my own item ...
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started by hsilver1, a year ago.   
Once the bell is rang you can not un-ring it. I just realized that I posted my last post in the wrong spot, on the forum and not in my journal, which I am sorry to say has been closed(personal reasons ...
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started by Michael-Anderson, a year ago.   
80lbs, april 2016, yes we can
hello y'all, Long story short, used to be an athlete, then I graduated from college, got a desk job, fast forward 2 years and I gained 80lbs. My goal is to loose that superfluous 80 pounds by april ...
1 reply, last reply by JohnnyBG, a year ago.   3,680 views.
started by JohnnyBG.   
Exercise Log
How do i unsave sleep and rest calories in the exercise log.
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started by garethph, a year ago.   
Photos not showing
Is anyone else not seeing profile photos- sent notice to FS , have not heard back
4 replies, last reply by pwrestlephoto, a year ago.   1,621 views.
started by pwrestlephoto.   
Photos not showing
Yes - I noticed that problem at work today, but thought it was just me. Now I see it at home too.
4 replies, last reply by pwrestlephoto, a year ago.   1,621 views.
started by pwrestlephoto.   
How do I add nutrition facts for different portions/metrics for food?
I have added food to the database and as always I add nutrition facts as per 100g. That follows the standards of nutrition facts. However, it can make sense to add nutrition facts for different common ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a year ago.   955 views.
started by Octofinger.   
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Biggest challenges when trying to lose weight?
Hi All I'm not looking for solutions, I want to know your problems :) What would you say are the top 3 challenges you face when trying to lose weight? Please be specific i.e. if you say diet I would ...
by jdator on 25 Aug 16 04:38 AM
How to curb late night eating?
The brushing teeth works - ive tried that too . I seem to have the same problem but I guess its everyones problem the night monster . i take greek yogurt i find it helpful and filling .and i think that ...
by lizzammit on 25 Aug 16 03:57 AM
Feeling disappointed
Worked all day long on hydration and good nutritious eating as I had an appointment after work to give blood..First thing , found out that I was .10 short on iron and they wouldnt let me donate. First ...
by Marymaryquitecon on 24 Aug 16 07:08 PM
Sometimes it just takes some time for the weight to shift.For your body to recognise that this is a change and it needs to work with it.How long have you been doing this? Good luck
by nettiw on 24 Aug 16 06:18 PM
You Know You Are Overweight When:
When you cant shave your legs above the knee and you think maybe I will just have a face lift ( I am over 50 ) and buy into the pregnancy thing
by kimishoo on 24 Aug 16 03:56 PM
Back at it again...
Eating healthy, taking EHT Brain supplement if you want to check it out. Eating more calories and started Protein Shakes. Let's see what happens - trying very hard to eat properly ...
by mommayer on 24 Aug 16 10:40 AM

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