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Keep on trying
keep falling off the wagon with my losing weight. Trying something new all the time. I really need to go with the experts and start writing about my daily intake with food and how I feel before and after ...
7 replies, last reply by AKRSAR, 12 months ago.   1,130 views.
started by losing4_me.   
Good afternoon everyone! I had a meeting with myself yesterday and decided to take a day off. My husband and I spent the day walking around at AG Progress Days in State College, PA. It was a lot of ...
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started by Kathy Vanish, 12 months ago.   
Photographic Proof Evil Lives On
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started by FullaBella, 12 months ago.   
Is there a way to account for -mayo on here?
When I have/choose to eat fast food I always order without any condiments, especially mayo. More because they put disgusting amounts of them on rather than making good choices, but still. Anyway, I& ...
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started by Wade Sansing, 12 months ago.   
Hello Beautiful People!
I at one point was 257 lbs. I refuse to get back there EVER. I have been yoyoing in the high 220's to mid 240's for the past year and am trying to break the cycle and not get injured this time. ...
1 reply, last reply by gnat824, 12 months ago.   393 views.
started by KatieOnDaily.   
thanks a lot.........
I'm so glad to have ur supports..snezica u surely are a good parrot is a's really good to have ur opinions..kiss u all:-*
2 replies, last reply by sara698, 12 months ago.   519 views.
started by sara698.   
My Journey
So I have been sort of overweight for the past 5 years. The last I was thin thin was when I was 14 years old. I wish to lose weight in the hopes of feeling good about myself :). I never ever took health ...
1 reply, last reply by KatieOnDaily, 12 months ago.   419 views.
started by fatihaji02.   
Right weight for you body
Hi, I have been on fatsecret since April 1st of this year. I was roaming the internet and this site pop up by accident so I checked it and and I am so glad I did. I set my goal weight at 130 and stand ...
34 replies, last reply by ChristyLA, 12 months ago.   4,961 views.
started by deaby16.   
Calorie counter for multiple people
I am a nutritionist and would like to use this site for my clients. Is there a client application I can use?????
1 reply, last reply by wholefoodnut, 12 months ago.   470 views.
started by Estelle Filen.   
how do i enter my food, i went to food under my diet calendar and tapped on enter foor and i cant ty:x
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 12 months ago.   493 views.
started by tam1966.   
Really struggling with sugar. How do you deal with sugar cravings and yummy desserts?? HELP!!
20 replies, last reply by FullaBella, 12 months ago.   1,404 views.
started by mimijhb87.   
1600 calorie diet
well went and seen a dietician yesterday and now I'm on a 1600 calorie a day diet. She also put me on Raspberry keytone and adipex, but I'm finding most of the food recommended to be plane with ...
31 replies, last reply by BigMurray, 12 months ago.   14,003 views.
started by robertcraven.   
blackberry app
If any of you have a blackberry z10 and can get the app for myfitnesspal, please let me know... thanks
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started by hooping, 12 months ago.   
Daily allowance?
I'm brand new and confused. First, what does the "k" in "kcal" mean? Second, its telling me my daily caloric allowance is 26oo kcal. That is way too much. It should be around ...
7 replies, last reply by 1979 and all that, 12 months ago.   1,267 views.
started by Gobbleu.   
nitrates in bacon
Thanks for the heads up on celery powder turns to nitrates,why food company wants to kill us with their products I don't understand...Imagine the company that would care about safe foods$$$$$¢$.
4 replies, last reply by mummydee, 12 months ago.   807 views.
started by hugandkiss.   
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Got to do better with my eating this week, have had a couple of days eating out. Tomorrow is another day, I have been drinking my water though!
by Charityhogg on 04 Aug 15 09:10 PM
"Tricks of the Trade". Fool Me Once Shame On You. Fool Me Twice Shame On Me.
Mrs Pracket and Glaun, so so true.
by wholefoodnut on 04 Aug 15 08:40 PM
Keto diet plan - A customized one.
Sounds like advertising to me. You should avoid this please.
by Glaun on 04 Aug 15 07:53 PM
Account Changes Won't Save
It worked today, thanks!
by jgret on 04 Aug 15 06:26 PM
Printing food log without right hand column
Thanks Hows that for you?
by ShelleyDawn on 04 Aug 15 05:13 PM
the drop size challenge
I also stopped buying new pants. I'll start buying when i reach my goal body. Keep motivated
by Marcie_Mutinga on 04 Aug 15 01:58 PM

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