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Adding the food and calorie
Hi is it possible to add a meal with the calories, with out having to put all the nutritional value:) :
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started by 8632rupert, a month ago.   
Hi Everyone!
My name is Alex. I started doing keto diet about 2 years ago. It has been pretty successful. I lost 35 pounds so far. Lately, to hold myself accountable, I created a blog about ketogenic diet to share ...
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started by alexzee.   
I am increasing my physical activity every day, but I don't expect it to help directly with weight reduction. I read an article yesterday regarding the overemphasis on physical exercise to deal with ...
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started by Annba.   
Increased activity is key to weight loss - even more so than cutting down on calories - weight loss is about burning calories - and we burn calories by being active. There is no distance runner who is ...
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started by Annba.   
Biggest challenges when trying to lose weight?
Motivation to workout. If I lose that, I lose motivation to count calories so I end up gaining weight back. Some tips from me on your second. When you know there is going to be an event, try to fast ...
2 replies, last reply by 4Monthgoa1, a month ago.   3,202 views.
started by jdator.   
Am I the only one on here trying to gain weight? SO far I love this site its helped me keep track and now I can show my drs and dietician and nutritionist what I am eating and taking in so far I have ...
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started by anthonya1, a month ago.   
Make sure you workout, exercise. If you are just piling on the calories and netflix and chilling- you will gain a stomach - a paunch- and a chin.
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started by anthonya1, a month ago.   
I'm Babs
Hi lm babs from south Wales.lm not sure what diet to choose. I've been a you you dieter all my life. It's difficult loosing wieght in your late 50s .l don't eat much then lm told lm not eating ...
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started by babsmac.   
I don't know how the heck people are staying at 800 calories a day!!!
I have had 800 so far today and I ate VERY little. eggs 2 hard boiled, 1 piece of toast a sandwich and 10 potato chips and I'm at 889....I have set my limit at 1600..... I'm trying to figure ...
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started by Misssy2.   
Barcode Scanner gone
I update my app on September 2nd and now when I go to search, there is no option to scan barcode.
1 reply, last reply by FatSecret, a month ago.   744 views.
started by leowallner.   
Does Wine Help With Weight Loss?
My mom used to know a lady that SWORE by drinking red wine. She said that she used to be about 275lbs, she started drinking one glass of red wine a day and the weight just fell off. I know everybody ...
18 replies, last reply by rontravis, a month ago.   7,255 views.
started by southerngirl92.   
New to FatSecret, but want to share my own story
Hello everyone! My name is Vee. I wanted to share my story with you all on here, in hopes of maybe inspiring others, as well as making some new friends. My dieting journey started at 12, when I first ...
9 replies, last reply by ARB0001, a month ago.   3,112 views.
started by LavendarSunflower.   
My short story so far...
Seeing how well my diet is going (6 weeks), I thought I'd share my story so far. I started my diet during Ramadan (an Islamic month in which Muslims fast from dawn to dusk), as I thought a month of ...
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started by heylow1.   
I'm at complete fanatic
I play at least 10 games at once
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started by babsmac, a month ago.   
Define macros
Is it possible to define my own macros? I want to define my own protein/carbos/fats for the day Thanks!
10 replies, last reply by elizabees, a month ago.   9,646 views.
started by andydev.   
Low Carb Bread?
Any one know of a low carb bread:?:
2 replies, last reply by Windlepoones, a month ago.   515 views.
started by Windlepoones.   
Steady but sure
Hey folks! First post here. I joined in January weighing in at 314 lbs (6'3"). I'd already lost 10 lbs at that point. I weighed in this morning at 247. Just been keeping it simple by making ...
2 replies, last reply by mbmccauley, a month ago.   553 views.
started by mbmccauley.   
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Sugar actually MORE addicting than cocaine and heroine...
:oops: I won't lie that sometimes I do get caught up in those dieting sites, and there have been times when I have starved myself for days after coming across a "pro ana" know, ...
by XshapeshiftX on 25 Oct 16 07:28 PM
Can't seem to stick to a diet
yea im still working on healthier choices that i end up enjoying more than "bad" choices. they exist for everyone, just finding them through trial and error without succumbing to bad habits. ...
by gswizzle on 25 Oct 16 04:08 PM
Why you don't lose weight?
well that's just a load of Horse...what happens after 12 weeks? 12 months 12 years
by spacey48 on 25 Oct 16 03:12 PM
Weight Not Updating??
It does that to me too, my weight doesn't update in challenges...don't know why so I quit my challenges.
by XshapeshiftX on 25 Oct 16 03:05 PM
Hello from Manitoba, Canada
It's a great app if used properly and within its limitations I used it for about 2 years and now I no longer have to as I have learned for myself....but it's a great tool
by spacey48 on 25 Oct 16 10:06 AM
How to figure out a serving size for a recipe
Weighing it is the most accurate weight. Weigh your pan or whatever you are making it in before and after you cook. Subtract the weight of the pan and divide by 6. Unless it is something small that ...
by LostSun on 25 Oct 16 06:22 AM

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