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Total endurance light therapy ??
Hello all, I have recently read about this red light therapy. I go to Planet Fitness and they offer it. I am a black card member so I have access to the machine. I'm wondering if there is anyone out ...
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started by wstephen, a month ago.   
Considering a Water Fast?
This is a great article on the Benefits of Water Fasting.
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started by Trucker Larry, a month ago.   
I am nearing 65 and most of my life have been overweight. Sometimes dangerously so... In 2007, I reached the peak of 101.5 kg (223 lbs). And given that I am only 5 ft. 3" - that wasn't good. I ...
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started by kibbutz.   
Net Carbs
Is there a way that Food tracker can calculate macros/totals with net carbs instead of total?
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started by pattychin-dutcher, a month ago.   
Snacks for long trip
Going on a trip, I'm doing low carb and I'm pretty sure on good snacks to pack for me but my daughter is doing weight watchers and I'd like to come up with some good snacks for her and she ...
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started by Smallk7, a month ago.   
Late night munchies
I have found that I feel uncomfortable late at night, and that feeling is actually fatigue. So, I go to bed when that urge to snack first shows up. I like the idea of a warm or cold drink and then just ...
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started by jazzshelby, a month ago.   
is it possible to download or export data
Is it possible to export own diet calendar to excel or notepad
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started by chinnster.   
Exercise is a big thing to me when it comes to being fit and i hope it is to:d
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started by jazzy mccrae, a month ago.   
Change country
I did change my Region to south Africa in my settings but cant find any south African brand foods
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started by Elize Muller, a month ago.   
Change country
I did change my Region to south Africa in my settings but cant find any south African brand foods
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started by Elize Muller, a month ago.   
Low Carb
Hello Everyone, I am getting bored with what I am eating and need to cook better recipes, anyone have some good keto Recipes?:oops:
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started by Annemieke55.   
Keep going
Never back down, never give up, keep going, keep fighting..
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started by cynda.   
Hello new to this site, not to losing weight.
Hello all, I am 66, been married 46 years. Hubby retired 8 yr. ago, so did I. I am no longer a Housewife, I am the wife of a retired Coal Miner. I am not new to diets, I have been on quite a few of them ...
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started by SLLockhart.   
calories burned
Why is sitting considered not resting? It is shown as burning calories
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started by Smallk7.   
L-I-V-I-N: How I manage my mental and physical health
Hi, all. This is my first post. I thought I'd introduce myself by sharing challenges I faced last year, my motivation for joining fatsecret, and a success I've had since. Last year included a lot ...
5 replies, last reply by SLLockhart, a month ago.   626 views.
started by snakeyjane.   
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How do you add your weight in
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