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Is it possible to modify recommended carbs:
Your system suggests 2300 calories which is fine, but also suggests 250 carbs. My weight loss specialist doctor and the dietician both suggest 100 net carbs per day MAX. Is there any way to adjust this ...
2 replies, last reply by baskington, a month ago.   490 views.
started by davidschlossberg.   
Accountability Pals
Is there anyone else out there who just started? I feel kind of uninformed about the site yet but I will keep plugging away. Does anyone want to start an accountability post with me so we can help each ...
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started by Anmyreah, a month ago.   
Account stuck on US food lists but in UK
Does anyone know how to get the UK based foods and brands list as my searches only come up with US options and it is really beginning to annoy me now. It has been like this for a couple of months since ...
3 replies, last reply by pebbles72, a month ago.   983 views.
started by Avila1975.   
Key To Loose weight fast.
try to minimize your carbs value ... follow this ratio.. :arrow: Fat 70% Proteins 25% Carbs 05%
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started by salman4410, a month ago.   
Key To Loose weight fast.
salman4410 wrote: [b]try to minimize your carbs value ... follow this ratio.. :arrow: Fat 70% Proteins 25% Carbs 05%
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started by salman4410, a month ago.   
Would like to get a Net Carb total = Carbs minus dietary fiber
Is it possible to get Net carbs showing on my food tracking page. Right now just having to calculate manually.
4 replies, last reply by abbadabba, a month ago.   392 views.
started by kristenntaitauiliili.   
GI diet
Okay I've been on FS for over a week now but I'm not sure what diet I'm actually supposed to be on. My doc said "keto non-dairy." I have fatty liver disease and it's moderate ...
3 replies, last reply by kimmiek80, a month ago.   1,176 views.
started by Roschelle McGowan.   
calendar wont change
trying to log my breakfast for Monday May 7th but the calendar will not change from Sunday May 6th! The navigation and identifying foods you type in needs some work on this site Need Improvements!!
1 reply, last reply by cjodyssey, a month ago.   432 views.
started by 6RingNation.   
Have any of you people using the Keto diet experienced gout?
1 reply, last reply by gold76, a month ago.   469 views.
started by AlanaSopie.   
The scale
We are not defined by the scale. It’s just data. So before I step onto the scale i say out loud this is just data. It gives me information right now in this moment where my body is comfortable just now ...
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started by Bozo fogerty, a month ago.   
Surviving,existing,or living?when on a diet,all of them.
My boyfriend fell asleep right now so I am relaxing. Another good diet day. I was reading a blog on Pinterest and she said that to be able to lose 129 pounds she had to say no to many invitations to ...
3 replies, last reply by Damaris Berdut, a month ago.   736 views.
started by Damaris Berdut.   
So today I put on a pair of size 16 jeans and cried. Last time I was a 16, I was 16. I never thought I would ever see this size again, but after undergoing a gastric bypass for health, I have lost, so ...
1 reply, last reply by marilynhollowell arn, a month ago.   649 views.
started by Soulmaiden deSade.   
Hi, I have no problem eating the right foods during the day. My BIG issue is Late night snacking! I've tried all the usual tips, don't buy "bad foods", read a book, drink more water, ...
3 replies, last reply by Diablo360x, a month ago.   894 views.
started by Adellmari.   
Having a very nice easy day of dieting
I love when the day goes by and you know it has been easy. It's just my third day but my choices have a flow that I love. It feels so good. Imagine to have 4 to 5 months of this easy feeling, dieting ...
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started by Damaris Berdut, a month ago.   
New to Navigating the site
Newbie. Been having trouble navigating the site, but thrilled to have figured most of it out. Very sophisticated site. Mainly, want detailed cal, carb, exercise, tracking to watch what I eat. Want to eat ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, a month ago.   324 views.
started by RGADAWG.   
Adding custom food
Does the option of adding custom food that is not listed still exist? There were old posts on this topic, but following the instructions in them I still couldn't find the option. Any help much ...
4 replies, last reply by RGADAWG, a month ago.   660 views.
started by lynnkse.   
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recording weight loss
How do I record weight loss on the weight page with the chart?
by sbf112 on 23 Jun 18 09:20 PM
[Complaining] Recently Eaten sucks and how to copy a meal?
Not sure about what abbadabba said, haven't found the box she is talking about. We may be talking about the same feature, but it works differently for me. But I use "copy current meal" on ...
by Fritzy 22 on 23 Jun 18 07:51 PM
8 weeks 10kg
Losing over 20 pounds in less than 2 months is an ambitious goal. It is not impossible, but may not be the best choice long term.
by davarn on 23 Jun 18 08:26 AM
New to Fat Secret
Hello, I am new to FS and am trying to enter foods. Do I have to enter in grams? I'm trying to enter 3/4 Cup.
by RetroRose on 22 Jun 18 01:39 PM
water after eating?
Water has no calories. It will not make you fatter. There isn't a lot of research about when to drink water because water won't hurt you unless you are drinking gallons of it per day.
by abbadabba on 22 Jun 18 11:21 AM
COOKBOOK - Why did you delete the "SERVING SIZE in GRAMS"?
I found how to work it now... For recipes, under SERVINGS, input either 1 or actual weight of recipe after cooking (this has a drawback since the limit for the serving option is 1-999). So if your recipe ...
by Olympic Weightlifter on 22 Jun 18 10:51 AM

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