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MONDAY WILL BE A MONTH I HAVE BEEN ON MY DIET I LOST 45 POUNDS 468 TO 423 monday i will try to walk 5 minutes rest 5 minutes 3 times a day. Im still so big its hard to walk but im going to try. I tried ...
2 replies, last reply by Marymaryquitecon, 3 weeks ago.   1,412 views.
started by rambler747.   
This place seems like a slouch gym now?
It seemed like a different kind of community when I first signed up,it was the the planet fitness of tracking sites, but now the recent activity feed seems to be populated by a lot of shirtless manboys ...
3 replies, last reply by OutlanderFan, 3 weeks ago.   1,473 views.
started by Jon.D.   
Where Does the Fat Go?
In trying to think about this diet from an informed perspective, I ran across this article which explains where the fat goes. It "blew me away". :lol: HEALTH AND MEDICINE Where Does Your Fat ...
1 reply, last reply by pattychaney, 3 weeks ago.   2,131 views.
started by GayeQuin.   
Overcome hunger pangs
Add low calorie 'fillers' to your meals to bulk it out...mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, strawberries, snack on..,no added sugar jellies, carrots, small tins of vegetables...add a drink such as fruit ...
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started by alli1, 3 weeks ago.   
Feeling Confused over how I gained so much weight
MissingItt wrote: Well over the summer I was 90 lbs, but then i rapidly started gaining a lot of weight, I'm a runner, it all happened the day of my race during the summer, It was hot, humid, August, ...
1 reply, last reply by Ingria, 3 weeks ago.   2,089 views.
started by MissingItt.   
Frustrating Yo-Yo!!!
I am so frustrated with myself. I have been doing really well with my eating since the new year began and was at my goal weight last week. Then, I started eating carbs wherever and whenever I could, ...
4 replies, last reply by Sweetalot, 3 weeks ago.   4,074 views.
started by geralynb.   
Well it is day 13 since I have started over. I did the week one Jillian workout 6 days and am doing week 2 now and tonight will be my 5th workout night. I am down 3 lbs and am following a healthy eating ...
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started by cratzley, 3 weeks ago.   
New to fatsecret
I just joined, I weigh 100kgs and need to loose 30kgs to get to my goal weight of 70kg... I have a long way to go, but feeling optimistic! :roll:
3 replies, last reply by Chubby Spiderman, 3 weeks ago.   2,998 views.
started by Jessica Selfe.   
Maintaining a healthy body weight is the primary goal of every health enthusiast. After all, weight management is the key that unlocks the gateway leading to a healthy lifestyle. Weight gain, or obesity, ...
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started by NidhiJain, 3 weeks ago.   
lo carb probiotic food
I am taking antibiotics for an extended time. In the past I have eaten yogurt to prevent yeast overgrowth but the carbs are too high. What would be a good lo Carb alternative?
3 replies, last reply by sharden101, 3 weeks ago.   2,044 views.
started by sharden101.   
Why no losing?
Not sure why I didn't lose any weight and instead gained 0.8 lbs. However, I am incorporating a weight lifting program 6 days a week (Body Beast) and also cardio (running) during my lunch hour, so ...
2 replies, last reply by aschmitz81, 3 weeks ago.   2,861 views.
started by aschmitz81.   
Day two
Back on the treadmill day two. Did 30 minutes but after what I ate today it probably didn't do any good. French dip, donuts, candy bars and 3 hawaiian sandwishes. Holy cow you would of thought this ...
2 replies, last reply by MiddleAgeTeenager, 3 weeks ago.   2,382 views.
started by Pearlsmith.   
Stuck at 70
I've lost 70 lbs starting May 2015 and was doing great until Thanksgiving. Put 20lbs back on between then and now. Just joined and started reading interesting post. Started diet last week but am not ...
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started by alr1957, 3 weeks ago.   
Stuck at 70
Look up the military diet online, do it for three days following exactly. See if that helps. worked for me.
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started by alr1957, 3 weeks ago.   
Am I the oly one trying to gain weight?
I'm having major issues getting the calorie intake I need but I see most of the posts are about losing weight. I'm trying to gain. AM I the only one?
6 replies, last reply by carolhm25, 4 weeks ago.   3,310 views.
started by derrykparamoure.   
OK, I'm a noob.
How do I follow "Stevens VSG Diet"? I've set it as my diet, but I'm unclear as to how to look at what the food choices, portion sizes, etc are. Thanks.
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started by C44, 4 weeks ago.   
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Healthy Snacks
Not sure if they sell the desert bullet/magic bullet in SA or not. I do know that I just looked on Ebay and there are several for sale. Hope that helps.
by Scuterdude on 11 Feb 16 03:01 AM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
every two days, hehe just to monitor that im not gaining again
by iannajane on 11 Feb 16 01:30 AM
Fitness wearable smart watch
Is anyone using fitness band which helps in checking their calorie burnt, activities tracker etc.... There are alot of brands in the market like Jawbone, Misfit, Fitbit, Garmin, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, ...
by Chubby Spiderman on 11 Feb 16 01:09 AM
I am a couch potatoe
Try counting your calorie consumption. When you hit 2,000 in one day, stop eating and drinking. When you wake up, your calorie counter resets to zero. Repeat ever day. You will lose pounds, but you ...
by prayerguru on 10 Feb 16 11:00 PM
Penis size
I see that this forum is still doing well.
by Diablo360x on 10 Feb 16 08:35 PM
Number of Calories Recommended Correct
Amen to that... just a guide. Do your research, and find what works best for you and your body. Body composition makes a huge difference on those numbers, which it does not fully take into account when ...
by fnfkatie on 10 Feb 16 01:58 PM

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