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Need some buddies - mutual support
Hello, I am 35 and struggling a little to maintain focus and motivation on my weight loss goals. I think having a friend(s) to work through this together would be beneficial all around! If that sounds ...
1 reply, last reply by erod95695, 2 months ago.   578 views.
started by redskies373.   
diet talk
My friend is on medifast diet and is supost to split all his minnie meals up 6 times thru out day. this morning he had his oat meal 240 calaries but then he ate salted peanuts and raisens and i cked on ...
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started by erod95695, 2 months ago.   
Fitbit has an open API
Any Chance of Fatsecret linking to Fitbit's open API? Your calorie tracker is the best and you would get alot more users, as all the Fit bit users are begging for a better calorie tracker. The Lose ...
104 replies, last reply by JPeesh, 2 months ago.   48,149 views.
started by phazelag.   
Has anyone used this? Ive been using stevia because i read truvia andsplenda are not healthy choices. Havent been able to find it locally. I see its available on amazon.
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started by Dogglovr, 2 months ago.   
update on weight loss
I haven't been on here in awhile Or much at that. I gained a lot of weight and no exercise Or diet worked for me. I had all my blood work Come back normal, then it hit me. The new antidepressant I ...
3 replies, last reply by Tatmummy, 2 months ago.   895 views.
started by erink78.   
How to Submit a Recipe
I am wanting to submit a recipe so I can record in my food tracker. Recipe will not let me enter ingredients . Thank you!
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started by 33energy, 2 months ago.   
using program on Android
anyone out there having problems with this program on the android phones.. I keep getting force closes. Hopefully someone who owns this site will read this and update the software... help.:oops:
7 replies, last reply by Raeka8, 2 months ago.   1,759 views.
started by blaineo.   
looking for advice
its always fine for me to lose weight but i have one issue i cant solve for many and many times i go for loosing weight, i cannot stable the diet to maintain the exact weight i reached and like, i have ...
4 replies, last reply by notjune1, 2 months ago.   974 views.
started by Farashatm.   
How do you print exercise history? (Like Food diary)
I see I can print my food diary, by the day or week or month but it doesn't include my exercise. Is there a way to print exercise diary? I don't see any print icon when I look at exercise. ...
2 replies, last reply by Raeka8, 2 months ago.   665 views.
started by Raeka8.   
Don't Wait Until New Years to Get Started
I recently wrote my first ever blog - Don't wait until New Years to Get Started - This blog is meant to help you focus on creating habits that will help you achieve ...
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started by Jeffy15, 2 months ago.   
Home and bored with a broken wrist
I was doing so well, then I broke my wrist at a Zumba class, five weeks ago. I am so tempted and I am gaining weight due to lack of activity and so many more temptations ... Has anyone ever had a similar ...
2 replies, last reply by Joy2425, 2 months ago.   748 views.
started by Joy2425.   
Google Fit API
[url= Fit API[/url] Here you can find all functions for Google Fit. Please fix the synchronisation in both ways!
1 reply, last reply by Inge_star, 2 months ago.   1,485 views.
started by MaqsYo.   
Nutrimost Resonant Frequency
Has anyone heard of NRF--Nutrimost Resonant Frequency? 'Just curious if anyone has ever tried their program. They guarantee a 20--40 lbs loss in 40 days. 'Went to see someone whose office is ...
16 replies, last reply by ieGod, 2 months ago.   20,528 views.
started by Boudreaux.   
Journal Engry
Is there a way to make my journal entries private so I am the only one that can view it? Some things I write I do not want all to see. Thanks Robin Huston
1 reply, last reply by Raeka8, 2 months ago.   494 views.
started by Robin Huston.   
Journal Engry
Click on your profile. At the bottom, on right side there is a place for "my setttings". There you can change what you share to everyone, buddies only or private.
1 reply, last reply by Raeka8, 2 months ago.   494 views.
started by Robin Huston.   
Isagenix Change of Life
Just started the Isagenix change of lifestyle plan. I never figured anyone could lose weight with a HIGH PROTEIN/HIGH CARB EATING PLAN!!! I was stuck at 160 pounds, up and down, up and down and a ...
1 reply, last reply by Aussie Nance, 2 months ago.   681 views.
started by lobstertraps.   
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Steam ovens are said to be the best cooking appliances for their use of steam in cooking thus eliminating the use of oil or even butter. If you are a seafood lover, you can try out some lemon sole fillets ...
by Sally Wilkinson on 30 Nov 15 11:48 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I weigh daily then go to TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) on Tuesdays and have an official weigh in.
by denni13 on 30 Nov 15 06:41 PM
I get my chocolate "fix" by making with Stevia: chocolate pudding, hot cocoa using organic fat free milk (it is just as creamy as 2% milk with a long shelf life) I plan to experiment with cocoa ...
by changeovertime on 30 Nov 15 06:13 PM
I'm a backslider!
@Phil... and mind. I'm a completely different person on keto. My mood is so bad off, I even lose my tickle spots. Literally! My brain is so foggy that I can't even remember VERY important appo ...
by FatGirlJenny on 30 Nov 15 06:01 PM
Nutrition Facts for my entire day?
If you go the area of "My Settings" on the right hand side, you can change what is shown...scroll to the bottom of that page! ;)
by Non1953 on 30 Nov 15 02:19 PM
Any activity trackers that sync with FatSecret?
I'm debating on buying a FitBit Charge HR or a Jawbone Up3. I wish there was a tracker which would feed the activity to my FatSecret.
by srizvi1 on 30 Nov 15 12:11 PM

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