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What a let down.
Yesterday I tried to push myself and do a little more of what I have to now call exercise. In doing so I may have torn my knee up to the point that I am honestly unsure if I will be able to do what little ...
3 replies, last reply by mummydee, 2 weeks ago.   247 views.
started by Michael-Anderson.   
How does this site work?
I'm new here can someone tell me how this works. I'm starting the water diet tomorrow were all you drink is water I'm doing it for 20 days. But I don't know how to control myself from ...
10 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 2 weeks ago.   367 views.
started by Makemeskinnyboo.   
[img]http://i1378.photobucket.... Many New F.S. people are not doing their daily journal's! (Or if they do, then they keep it private!) Journals is a great way to stay connected with people here on ...
7 replies, last reply by Ann444, 2 weeks ago.   482 views.
started by Ann444.   
Biscotti recipe
Ok, I was looking for a crunchy Biscotti (long, dry, hard twice-baked cookie also known as Cantucci) recipe that has NO SUGAR and NO FAT, kind of a low carb treat, if possible. Here is a link about Bi ...
32 replies, last reply by Deb_N, 2 weeks ago.   4,949 views.
started by Deb_N.   
Biscotti recipe
I have attached some fat-free, sugar free cookies. You can sniff it the whole box and not gain and ounce. Now, to enjoy your cookies, please put your nose closely to your screen and take a deep whiff! ...
32 replies, last reply by Deb_N, 2 weeks ago.   4,949 views.
started by Deb_N.   
1969 Dodge Daytona or 1970 Superbird
I am looking for a 1969 Dodge Daytona or a 1970 Plymouth Superbird, so I can restore one. If you have any information on either of these vehicles I would greatly appreciate it. I know this isn't a ...
3 replies, last reply by howzat4u, 2 weeks ago.   196 views.
started by Rockiesfan.   
hello, so I've been to the gym today after eating the main meals breakfast, lunch and dinner. i've burnt off 1,167calories in total today and I don't want a full meal but I do not want to ...
no replies.   112 views.
started by Angel_wants2be_skinny, 2 weeks ago.   
Counting Steps as Exercise on FatSecret
Is there any way to add steps as exercise? I was hoping there would be choices to add number of steps. It would be nice if you could add steps with approximate intensity on FatSecret.
6 replies, last reply by GO-YA, 2 weeks ago.   263 views.
started by mariezzz.   
Is there any way of recording past weight loss?
Hi all...I am new to this! I have lost 38 pounds since November last year and would find it really motivational to be able to type that in somewhere in there any way you can record past weight? ...
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, 2 weeks ago.   126 views.
started by zeebees.   
Binge Eating
How do some of you handle those cravings to eat sweets or indulge in a cheeseburger when you know you should be eating healthier? I am burning calories appropriately but the will power on the intake side ...
6 replies, last reply by FluffyMe, 2 weeks ago.   778 views.
started by Rob Clar.   
Grocery list
Am about to go grocery shopping for myself. I want to lose 2 lbs this week. Taking it one week at a time. I need a good grocery list to help me make good healthy meals. I have no idea what to buy. And ...
3 replies, last reply by puhpine, 3 weeks ago.   246 views.
started by Nesie160.   
How I lost 111 lbs. in a year.
1) To start with – I was shamed into it. I had put off seeing an orthopedic surgeon, even though my knee cartilage had completely degenerated and I could barely walk, because I was afraid of surgery. ...
5 replies, last reply by lavender211, 3 weeks ago.   388 views.
started by kushka1.   
Let's be buddies!!
I'd love to get some new buddies on here, seems like many of my old buddies have stopped using this site. I get really encouraged by other people's progress, makes me want to work even harder ...
no replies.   137 views.
started by Sammytingles, 3 weeks ago.   
changing a past weigh in or goal
OMG! how do you change a weigh in from the past its makkng me look like ive lost 88kg in a week. which is impossible -.-
2 replies, last reply by billtech66, 3 weeks ago.   194 views.
started by Angel_wants2be_skinny.   
Symptoms of Vitamin B Deficiency
check out: this article is good, but not surprisingly addresses only a very few of the 64 B vitamins in the complete B complex. Modern Science & Nutrition experts ...
no replies.   121 views.
started by billtech66, 3 weeks ago.   
Head cold update:
Early evening yesterday I set all the clocks ahead for daylight savings. I went to bed early since I overdid it. but Last night was difficult. and a lot of restless sleep. The first few hours were very ...
no replies.   75 views.
started by billtech66, 3 weeks ago.   
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Constipation issues
Try taking magnesium in the evening before bed, it will help you sleep too.
by JavaMom on 30 Mar 15 09:29 AM
How long do you all work out for?
K thanks so much I will check that out :)
by nickie1982 on 30 Mar 15 09:21 AM
Throwback Thursday!
My grandma used to have can after can of Aquanet. Always makes me think of her. I forgot about the blow dryer/hairspray trick.
by Instantcrazy on 30 Mar 15 08:05 AM
Maneuvering around Fatsecret
For most food items, you can click on the measurement and you'll get a pull-down of available measurement options. Grams, ounces, cups, etc. If a food shows a standard measurement of 1/2 c but you ...
by Connoni on 30 Mar 15 07:40 AM
Looking for a buddy.
thanks Caroline. Sandra from Bermuda
by sandrayork on 30 Mar 15 07:37 AM
Counting Calories
I'm loving my scale too! I bought mine to use when baking recipes that have ingredient measurements by weight only, but now that I'm keeping a food log, it's getting daily use. They aren't ...
by Connoni on 30 Mar 15 07:35 AM

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