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Cinnabons Are the Devil
Never knew cinnabons were 880 kcals a pop. No more of those for me!:cry:
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started by FitThick.   
Refuse to weigh myself
:evil: I refuse to weigh myself....right now anyway....I have my good days and my bad days. I cancel out the bad days by not eating anything sweet for a week and pumping up my workouts. Lately when I try ...
7 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 2 weeks ago.   658 views.
started by rmorales2012.   
Keep on trying
keep falling off the wagon with my losing weight. Trying something new all the time. I really need to go with the experts and start writing about my daily intake with food and how I feel before and after ...
7 replies, last reply by AKRSAR, 2 weeks ago.   527 views.
started by losing4_me.   
Good afternoon everyone! I had a meeting with myself yesterday and decided to take a day off. My husband and I spent the day walking around at AG Progress Days in State College, PA. It was a lot of ...
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started by Kathy Vanish, 2 weeks ago.   
Photographic Proof Evil Lives On
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started by FullaBella, 2 weeks ago.   
Is there a way to account for -mayo on here?
When I have/choose to eat fast food I always order without any condiments, especially mayo. More because they put disgusting amounts of them on rather than making good choices, but still. Anyway, I& ...
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started by Wade Sansing, 2 weeks ago.   
Hello Beautiful People!
I at one point was 257 lbs. I refuse to get back there EVER. I have been yoyoing in the high 220's to mid 240's for the past year and am trying to break the cycle and not get injured this time. ...
1 reply, last reply by gnat824, 2 weeks ago.   117 views.
started by KatieOnDaily.   
thanks a lot.........
I'm so glad to have ur supports..snezica u surely are a good parrot is a's really good to have ur opinions..kiss u all:-*
2 replies, last reply by sara698, 2 weeks ago.   156 views.
started by sara698.   
My Journey
So I have been sort of overweight for the past 5 years. The last I was thin thin was when I was 14 years old. I wish to lose weight in the hopes of feeling good about myself :). I never ever took health ...
1 reply, last reply by KatieOnDaily, 2 weeks ago.   142 views.
started by fatihaji02.   
Low impact exercises
Any suggestions for low impact exercises to mix things up a little? I've been using Leslie Sansone's Ultimate 5 Day Plan and Denise Austin's Blast Away the Pounds Indoor Walk when I don't ...
1 reply, last reply by activeash, 2 weeks ago.   275 views.
started by sunshinez.   
Right weight for you body
Hi, I have been on fatsecret since April 1st of this year. I was roaming the internet and this site pop up by accident so I checked it and and I am so glad I did. I set my goal weight at 130 and stand ...
34 replies, last reply by ChristyLA, 2 weeks ago.   2,421 views.
started by deaby16.   
Calorie counter for multiple people
I am a nutritionist and would like to use this site for my clients. Is there a client application I can use?????
1 reply, last reply by wholefoodnut, 2 weeks ago.   136 views.
started by Estelle Filen.   
older people
im 69 and would like over over 60 buddies:lol:
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started by hel66, 2 weeks ago.   
how do i enter my food, i went to food under my diet calendar and tapped on enter foor and i cant ty:x
1 reply, last reply by Glaun, 2 weeks ago.   186 views.
started by tam1966.   
My FS journey, as told by dogs
I posted this in my journal today and decided to share it with the rest of the FS community that needs a good chuckle.. :) My FS journey, as told by dogs: Before I started counting my calories with FS, ...
30 replies, last reply by coffeebiscuit, 2 weeks ago.   4,616 views.
started by erika2633.   
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:) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) More weight loss!!!! Yes !!!!!!! Have a great day everyone!!!!!!
by pwrestlephoto on 28 Aug 14 06:39 AM
Trying 1 more time
good list, I love a wee slice of swiss cheese rolled up inside a piece of sliced turkey or chicken or whatever meat with a dollop of mustard, I put 5 or 6 of these in a baggie and munch while i'm ...
by mummydee on 28 Aug 14 06:19 AM
I Need Tips for beating sugar addiction.....
PinkRose88 we are all in the same sugary boat. For me if I eat big meals and tasty snacks. I don't crave sugar as much. I tend to binge less. I also keep surgar free popsicles in the freezer. Eating ...
by PeigiAnn on 28 Aug 14 03:48 AM
Its taking me a LONG time to post but I have to take a risk and commit. Wish me luck.
Good luck!! I know you can do it!!
by YvonneD123 on 28 Aug 14 02:29 AM
Sharing for Comments and Thoughts
You're not hijacking Mummy; it's fine. The one's encouraging Mom to have a Marlboro were intriguing. My how some times have changed; but others haven't.
by FullaBella on 28 Aug 14 02:07 AM
Hello I'm new ... with questions.
FatSecret has my RDI set 125 calories higher than my armband pedometer monitor, so FS is a little more generous. Maybe FS wants to make losing weight not as strenuous or less painful. I rarely care about ...
by Deb_N on 27 Aug 14 11:35 PM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins