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What is a diet buddy?
Hi! I've only been here for a week or so & already, the site & the other members' stories have helped me immensely. What, exactly IS a diet buddy? What do they do? I am not, exactly, on ...
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started by Windigo64, 3 weeks ago.   
ideal jean size
What is your ideal jean size ...pls state uk or us after the number :d
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started by fatihaji02.   
exercise....morning? night?
Hi everyone, I'm curious to when you guys exercise. Do you go in morning or at night? I have been going at night which is nice because the gym is not as busy. However, the last couple nights have been ...
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started by nickie1982.   
Challenge question
Nope, if you want to join a challenge you have to give them your current weight.
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started by Lucy1771.   
Grams, Calories, & Pie Charts, oh my!
I'm basing my questioning on the following premises: 1g Carb has 4 calories 1g Protein has 4 calories 1g Fat has 9 calories For Wednesday 3/25, my food journal shows a total caloric intake of 1309 ...
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started by Connoni, 3 weeks ago.   
Life is fun:
By being serene and positive that God loves us and we are never alone ;-) He has an individual plan and dreams for everyone that is never dull!!
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started by wynelle chadwick.   
Change from Cals to kJ
I would like to have the Food Diary display Kj instead of Cals - how can I do this? I have seen the settings windows, but there is no option for kJ? Thanks, Tim
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started by Footr.   
I came across this site for nutrition trackers for resturants, easy access to a ton of retail facilities: http://www.fastfoodnutrition.o...
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started by foreverhealthy2.   
Beginning weight was 258 lb in February of 2013. At the time I joined Fatsecret, I was 218. I've lost 123 lb in two years and now wear a perfect size 8 at 135 lb. I tell my daughter that I've lost ...
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started by MsMightyPup.   
Edit a personally added product
If you add your own products that you can't find listed under foods and need to go back to edit the nutrition facts how can do that? Or possibly delete the product(s) so you can add them again?
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 weeks ago.   273 views.
started by LTHARBY.   
Howdy, I figured I'd start over.... again. I wish FatSecret would sync with other apps/programs, but I can't seem to find it. I'm trying to get to about 180 lbs (81.64 kg/12.85 stone). I ...
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started by ValerieAnne84.   
Is there a Fatsecret app for Android?
1 reply, last reply by ValerieAnne84, 3 weeks ago.   254 views.
started by RoseColoredGlassLady.   
Today is the start date!
I am Sarah, Today I start counting calories again, last time I did this I was able to lose 35 lbs, but that was 7 years ago. I pray I can keep at it this time. Wish me luck:roll:
4 replies, last reply by Lucy1771, 3 weeks ago.   341 views.
started by sdeerkop.   
Losing weight but not seeing it!
I lost 9 lbs since March 1st, but somehow I am not seeing any difference in my clothes! What's up with that? I was hoping to be at least one size smaller....Not giving up, but may be the next 5 lbs ...
1 reply, last reply by dsptchr572, 3 weeks ago.   179 views.
started by anthonyryanbrookeleah.   
Here I go again
I am excited about getting started again. Let's see how this goes. Wish me luck!
2 replies, last reply by Terri Martinez, 3 weeks ago.   442 views.
started by Terri Martinez.   
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calling all Seniors
Jeri, as I read. Your post I 'm able to see my self pain free and out enjoying life. Its like a new lease on life! I'm excited ! Thanks for sharing your story!
by audreybanks on 18 Apr 15 04:20 AM
Quotes you LOVE
A quote I saw from my buddy Yolanda9179: "Unless hunger is the problem, food is not the answer."
by Deb_N on 18 Apr 15 02:57 AM
Construction Demolition and Renovation
Jakarta, Indonesia - Every now and then, there are a lot of demolition and renovation the many countries since the development of the industry is fast evolving. Axis Capital Group, a construction company ...
by tiffanyberg on 18 Apr 15 02:24 AM
Do you lift weights
love lifting but i am still looking for a good program ... something with a lil bit of HIIT and intense weight lifting...i wana burn these fats into muscle
by rickyross on 18 Apr 15 01:41 AM
Looking for a buddy
hey Daria, I understand how you feel. I am 20 and have the same Problem! If I refuse ice-cream for example they just laugh and tell me it makes no difference. Im proud of the weight i lost even if its ...
by weinina on 18 Apr 15 01:26 AM
Out for a Run???
Ok...I had great intentions to hit the pavement with a nice run today. While I do work out, I've never really run. Especially not outside. I heard that the best way to begin is to walk 5 min, then ...
by Julesy702 on 17 Apr 15 10:00 PM

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