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Go on, be my buddy
I am new to the site and, contrary to my dislike of socialising and meeting new people, some buddies would be lovely, so hit me up? Ugh.
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started by inthebackrowoflife, a month ago.   
HELP !!!
So I´m an exchange student from Argentina to Denmark, and I´ve gained 4 kilos in two months. The difference is the amount of flour I am eating, and after school I´m bored and I eat. Now ...
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started by Solagulla, a month ago.   
Just joined - love it! Tried to sign on from my laptop but could not, why?
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started by laurels1900.   
Just starting
Gonna have a go 200 lb now, I would like to lose about 14 lb in about 6 months --got to ask . Is that a reasonable target? Male. Hello to everyone my name is Jimmy
7 replies, last reply by jluna79, a month ago.   2,919 views.
started by backtrack.   
weight lifting and Low Carb????
ok so its been a great week so far...been eating clean, healthy and my ketostix is nice and purple lol. Monday I worked out biceps and shoulders, Yesterday I played 2 hours of squash as cardio instead ...
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started by Ibiza122.   
3 week diet
3 Week Diet is an extreme rapid weight loss program that can help you lose up to 23 pounds of pure body fat in just 3 weeks!
1 reply, last reply by SharaLynne, a month ago.   1,007 views.
started by tariqbensghir.   
Started my new journey 4 days ago and joined 3 days ago. The first three days were rough but I am handling the temptations pretty well. I thought that sweets would be my worst problem but I haven't ...
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started by wildpot, a month ago.   
dont know!
Is it dangerous to drink 2-4 cups of green tea a day? (1 cup=100ml to 150ml)
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started by amitkumar2.   
Throwback Thursday!
Woohoo! Time for another episode of Throwback Thursday. The young lady in my pic is my now 28 year old daughter, hopefully she never sees this she will kill me! [img] and ...
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started by nicholaix.   
Throwback Thursday!
Guess I'll brave up and post something. >.< Bit scary uploading this, but... just made it for FS. snezica wrote: I would like to think I stayed the same LOL. The ...
170 replies, last reply by Panigale1199, a month ago.   17,113 views.
started by nicholaix.   
Weigh In Issues
I'm a newby to this site - but certainly not to dieting. However, being in my 50's, things are definately not as easy as they used to be. My issue now is the crazy readings my scales are giving ...
14 replies, last reply by notjune1, a month ago.   5,141 views.
started by Eccymum.   
Need some buddies
Hi everyone I am looking for some diet buddies, please send request to Daisey B I could really use the support.
18 replies, last reply by Tatmummy, a month ago.   4,109 views.
started by Daisey B.   
3.5kg a week
It is my third week of a weight loss of 3.5kg (not on this site that long) I am following my own kind of diet, not going hungry and doing a few more exercise than normal. Some days I can't eat a ...
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started by gremity, a month ago.   
Looking for new buddies :)
Today is a new beginning for me and I am making a commitment to myself to be healthy inside and out. This is my second time on here but I started a new profile because to be honest, I was kinda ashamed ...
10 replies, last reply by Princess1947, a month ago.   4,987 views.
started by superbunches.   
How do I change my goal weight in this site?
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started by Pamelapiagentini, a month ago.   
Need some buddies - mutual support
Hello, I am 35 and struggling a little to maintain focus and motivation on my weight loss goals. I think having a friend(s) to work through this together would be beneficial all around! If that sounds ...
1 reply, last reply by erod95695, a month ago.   577 views.
started by redskies373.   
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I get my chocolate "fix" by making with Stevia: chocolate pudding, hot cocoa using organic fat free milk (it is just as creamy as 2% milk with a long shelf life) I plan to experiment with cocoa ...
by changeovertime on 30 Nov 15 06:13 PM
I'm a backslider!
@Phil... and mind. I'm a completely different person on keto. My mood is so bad off, I even lose my tickle spots. Literally! My brain is so foggy that I can't even remember VERY important appo ...
by FatGirlJenny on 30 Nov 15 06:01 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
three times a week
by clairsheart on 30 Nov 15 03:35 PM
Nutrition Facts for my entire day?
If you go the area of "My Settings" on the right hand side, you can change what is shown...scroll to the bottom of that page! ;)
by Non1953 on 30 Nov 15 02:19 PM
Any activity trackers that sync with FatSecret?
I'm debating on buying a FitBit Charge HR or a Jawbone Up3. I wish there was a tracker which would feed the activity to my FatSecret.
by srizvi1 on 30 Nov 15 12:11 PM
good news :) why is this post titled "Cordial"?
by Halo Kiwi on 30 Nov 15 10:33 AM

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