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Dark Circles
Has anyone tried a product for dark circles and it actually works. I am an African American female and I have dark cirlces due to lack of sleep. HELP!!!, lol
2 replies, last reply by wholefoodnut, 2 weeks ago.   582 views.
started by Nicolodean.   
How to delete a recipe?
Help me please! I've written very many recipes in my recipe book and now I don't know how to delete any. Explain me please!
no replies.   257 views.
started by Irai8, 2 weeks ago.   
Gm Diet
Hey, I loss my weight 1 kg within a week. I feel very happy. Thanks for gm diet plan. :) :d
no replies.   162 views.
started by willsamson, 2 weeks ago.   
Removing an Item from the Food Diary
How do I completely remove an item from my food diary?
1 reply, last reply by AKRSAR, 2 weeks ago.   346 views.
started by lagbowler.   
Does anyone finish their family's plates excessively?
Ha Ha ! It's called "eating your children's sins!"
4 replies, last reply by Glaun, 3 weeks ago.   675 views.
started by Eatlesspie.   
shake meal replacement
Is there a shake that is the best? I recently saw an endorsement for Shake 310. I also read the NFL recommends Advecore. Are they beneficial? I have heard some say they can make you gain weight.
8 replies, last reply by br_e_co, 3 weeks ago.   1,016 views.
started by Kittysworld7.   
Warrior Race (challenge)
Anyone doing this race on the 11Oct2014 ?
2 replies, last reply by Saige18, 3 weeks ago.   294 views.
started by Saige18.   
Versions not in sync
I recently upgraded Fat Secret on my iPhone, and since then everything seems to be broken! There doesn't seem to be a way to attach photos in this forum, but I have screen shots to back this up. ...
3 replies, last reply by ebivr, 3 weeks ago.   309 views.
started by walts.   
Hi Everyone, This is my first day, so hello and how are you. Cheers Sophie 112K.
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started by Sophorae, 3 weeks ago.   
Date wrong
Hello, my iPhone app has today (Thursday, October 2, 2014 as tomorrow and today's date as the 1st. What is wrong? I checked the correct nation and time zone are clicked. I deleted and redownloaded ...
1 reply, last reply by Chauncey Monroe, 3 weeks ago.   193 views.
started by ECLat.   
Losing it...
I have done so well on the 12 week program that my husband and I did but for some reason I am really hard on myself and always want to do better. 34.1 pounds in 12 weeks is pretty good, but I wanted 40... ...
1 reply, last reply by mummydee, 3 weeks ago.   197 views.
started by riahsangel.   
THE MOB: Morbid Obesity Buddies Group (JOIN US)
Hey yall. Most know me as I've been on here FOOORREEVEERR. But if you don't HI! I'm Lovergirl. LOL. I am just writing to see if there are any FatSecret people out that there that needs another ...
136 replies, last reply by notjune1, 3 weeks ago.   20,867 views.
started by lovergirl654.   
Eliminating Sugar - Where do you draw the line?
I know not all agree that eliminating sugar is the way to go for us self-proclaimed sugar addicts, but it truly works best for me. I've found time & time again that for me, one bite of sugar is ...
30 replies, last reply by Ruhu, 3 weeks ago.   4,924 views.
started by Ruhu.   
joined today... need to loose sum. but going away on business tomorrow back in office 13th... God help me!
no replies.   93 views.
started by sponon, 3 weeks ago.   
9/25/2014 update
Is there any way I could continue to use the version prior to the 9/25/2014 update? I am extremely disappointed in the new layout. Its like the entire app was blown up and restarted from scratch.
2 replies, last reply by walts, 3 weeks ago.   335 views.
started by nurseman.   
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Sweet tooth
I got my Quest bars tonight and freaked... 27 grams of carbs. But then I saw the fiber was 18 grams, so I guess that qualifies as 9 'net' carbs. Let's see how they do.
by Draglist on 24 Oct 14 09:12 PM
Work Potluck
I like the dip! That's pretty cool. I also like the deviled eggs idea, but someone else is already bringing those.
by mars2kids on 24 Oct 14 12:06 PM
Vegan Diet
Hi. I'm trying to eat a vegan diet. Does anyone follow this type of eating plan? What types of food do you eat to get full?
by Hrgirl9 on 24 Oct 14 11:42 AM
barcode scanner giving me the wrong items
I think this has to do with the database and it stinks because there is no getting around it. THis has happened to me twice. I put in some pork rinds and I got cheese!
by mrsmole on 24 Oct 14 09:10 AM
Input my meals to the wrong day - easiest/quickest way to copy them to correct day?
This happened to me by mistake the other day - there is a way to copy the entire eating day somehow to another day, but since I had accidentally switched two days, I just decided to leave them that way ...
by mrsmole on 24 Oct 14 09:07 AM
ideal jean size
Well done everybody!
by fatihaji02 on 24 Oct 14 06:41 AM

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by member Lucky765
This is tough......I,m spending 90% of my time trying to stay on meal plan and the other 10% going off it.....Resulting in an increase in weight..
05 Jan 14 for diet Atkins