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Chocolate brownies
You know your on the road for being a successful you when you bake a batch of brownies even iced them with a chocolate icing because thats a favorite of your hubby and its game night....and you dont even ...
1 reply, last reply by maxie4, a month ago.   462 views.
started by maxie4.   
Chocolate brownies
Good luck maxie
1 reply, last reply by maxie4, a month ago.   462 views.
started by maxie4.   
Please help with a Diet and Exercise plan
Hi Everyone, I desperately need help with a diet and exercise plan. I'm having so much trouble to just eat better and exercise. My dad passed away end of the year before and I slipped into such a deep ...
3 replies, last reply by Nitka22, a month ago.   829 views.
started by Charne100.   
HOW DO I record my weekly weight?
1 reply, last reply by marywash, a month ago.   251 views.
started by Djoweber.   
If you record your weight manually, it would be better for you.
1 reply, last reply by marywash, a month ago.   251 views.
started by Djoweber.   
Sharing meal calories
My husband just started on Fatsecret. Once I calculate the calories for our meals in my diary, I want to send the information to his food diary. Does anyone know how to do this?
no replies.   131 views.
started by hogana, a month ago.   
Burn off Belly Fat
I am wanting to lose 10 lbs and would love to get my stomach off. I don't go to a gym, but do have a Cardio Glide machine that I am going to try to start using again. Any suggestions would be ap ...
1 reply, last reply by Tansy Gets Fit, a month ago.   244 views.
started by susanbeliech.   
Is there a way to place fatsecret website on your desktop, so as to avoid having to always log in etc etc ? Thank you.
3 replies, last reply by PaGirlie, a month ago.   707 views.
started by PaGirlie.   
how can I get a report for a whole week
2 replies, last reply by rhills, a month ago.   438 views.
started by Djoweber.   
Add recipe for my use
How do I add a recipe for my use
5 replies, last reply by rhills, a month ago.   927 views.
started by newststart.   
Today, is the first day of a new life!! Changing so much in 2018 that this will be my year!! I am looking to lose 27 more pounds and I know that it will happen!! I'm a Wife, Mom, Grandma and so much ...
3 replies, last reply by Swaztie, a month ago.   487 views.
started by Tracey2018.   
Stress stall
Been through a lot of stress and anxiety for these past month as my husbands health deteriorated. It was a battle to get medical attention and care, as we kept hearing there is nothing we can do, wait ...
no replies.   284 views.
started by patsypureheart, a month ago.   
I just had to share something and that is I just got back from a 2 week vacation and I did not gain weight, I actually lost. This is a first in a lifetime. I just made the best decisions I could and ...
10 replies, last reply by marywash, a month ago.   1,505 views.
started by JanetMay2013.   
Eating raw food Please watch this on you tube. This is amazing. I feel so much better - healthier. I have done it for 14 days so far and it is working
1 reply, last reply by marywash, a month ago.   355 views.
started by amazzzzin.   
Keto Diet - Should I use Total Carbs Under 30 g or Net Carbs?
I have been on the Keto Diet using net carbs for 4 weeks with no weight loss. Should I be using total carbs keeping those under 30 grams? I'm confused as to whether to use total or net carbs. If my ...
no replies.   301 views.
started by Beth Hartline Madigan, a month ago.   
Welcome to 2018 -- so far, not bad!!
Greetings from Guatemala. I have some different issues and challenges than many, since I don't always have access to diet products and other luxuries here. On the other hand, lots and lots of fresh ...
1 reply, last reply by seashell45, a month ago.   430 views.
started by Elsiejay19.   
Looking for low sodium heart healthy foods
Does anyone know of good low sodium, vegan, gluten-free foods/recipes they can share with me or point me in the right direction?
1 reply, last reply by wholefoodnut, a month ago.   713 views.
started by Sisterwentsilver.   
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FatSecret can we improve the food search, please?
Resurrecting this because it's still not fixed.
by ieGod on 24 Feb 18 09:54 PM
seeking buddy who wants to lose 100 + pounds
Hello, seeking anyone who wants to group in the 100 pound club. I started February 1, with a 100 lb goal. I work best when challenged and stay on track when I can network trouble spots. anyone? I have ...
by Shelly LB on 24 Feb 18 04:31 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Weekly. I do the Keto way of eating and it is amazing how well it works. I started at 237lbs 9 days ago. I am down 11 lbs and 3 ". Mostly water I'm sure, but this works. I have seen it with my ...
by vanessalewis1 on 24 Feb 18 12:41 PM
I have a question, my husband is eating within his micro's as am I, he lost 3 lbs then gained 2lb back while I have lost 4lb and not gained any back. What am I doing wrong with his meal plan for him? ...
by MAGIE2018 on 24 Feb 18 11:49 AM
Favourite Films-Dare you to give a sentence review!
Brother where art thou. A retelling of Homer Odyssey set in 1930 America, great music.
by fatoldlady on 24 Feb 18 11:28 AM
What do you truly wish for yourself besides weight loss?
I so desperately want to lose the weight not only to look better but to feel better more importantly. Besides that I want to get our food pantry and clothing ministry finished and up and running in our ...
by bnewbee on 24 Feb 18 10:47 AM

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