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Ideal Proten
Was wondering how many of us are on the IP program?
1 reply, last reply by skatelady, a month ago.   1,211 views.
started by Brookline.   
Google App HELP
My App From Google Play is working on my phone but it will not let me login with my email and password. Says "email is already in use." I've tried adding my phone # to my account but there ...
1 reply, last reply by Lua-Azul, a month ago.   702 views.
started by Reneehart.   
Hi all. Just a quick thank you to all my wonderful fat secret friends who have taken the time to support my weigh in. :p
no replies.   171 views.
started by MaggieMoo2, a month ago.   
Does exercise really matter, as long as I eat well?
This is an article I found in a magazine that I subscribe to, by Dr. Neal D. Barnard, MD. The magazine is Vegetarian Times September 2013, or you can go here to read the article: ...
6 replies, last reply by delorisolsen, a month ago.   2,785 views.
started by TJSloan.   
Gator's Back!!
I think he has Multiple Personality Disorder
1 reply, last reply by Christinemeowk, a month ago.   665 views.
started by jimmiepop.   
Gator's Back!!
Appears to be gone...
1 reply, last reply by Christinemeowk, a month ago.   665 views.
started by jimmiepop.   
Personal (not-for-profit) Blog Research
Was hoping it would be alright to ask users to fill in a survey I made today after skimming through this site and the brain started ticking... If this is not allowed I apologise and will take down asap. ...
6 replies, last reply by jimmiepop, a month ago.   956 views.
started by QuixoticNeurotic.   
no replies.   717 views.
started by dsal1871, a month ago.   
Fitbit has an open API
Any Chance of Fatsecret linking to Fitbit's open API? Your calorie tracker is the best and you would get alot more users, as all the Fit bit users are begging for a better calorie tracker. The Lose ...
106 replies, last reply by FatSecret, a month ago.   53,761 views.
started by phazelag.   
Dieting after 50 - UGH!
I used to be able to drop 20 lbs. in a month if I really got after it. These days is seems impossible. Do any of you have an opinion on diets that work best or things that speed your metabolism and pr ...
22 replies, last reply by Steven Lloyd, a month ago.   2,883 views.
started by Daheavyksgirl.   
KETO/ LCHF & Traveling?
For LCHF/Ketogenic WOE community members: Are there particular favorite snacks or quick foods that you can take with you for car or plane trips? Especially ones that you can get through TSA airport se ...
2 replies, last reply by Firebelly, a month ago.   640 views.
started by Firebelly.   
Core, Beginner, Bodyweight, Cardio Exercise site for people just starting out
[url=http://http://www.sparkpe... Exercise site [/url]
no replies.   200 views.
started by pattychaney, a month ago.   
question on adding recipe
I am trying to switch from the LoseIt app to fat secret because I like the way FatSecret counts the carbs. I recently added a recipe but it says pending. Do I have to wait for it to be approved before ...
2 replies, last reply by BeautifulBadAss, a month ago.   422 views.
started by BeautifulBadAss.   
Hi. How are you today.I eating "Eat To Live" and loving the food. I just wish the scale would show some kind of loss . It's like my body refuses to give up the weight. I will keep going for ...
no replies.   145 views.
started by thinner120, a month ago.   
grams of sugar
Good morning! I've been reading a lot of your posts and I love how supportive everyone is!!! I'm doing LCHF, I'm a week and half in. Hubby has had great success - 85 lbs! :d My first week ...
6 replies, last reply by Dogglovr, a month ago.   1,447 views.
started by clcorrao.   
Fitness wearable smart watch
Is anyone using fitness band which helps in checking their calorie burnt, activities tracker etc.... There are alot of brands in the market like Jawbone, Misfit, Fitbit, Garmin, Apple, Samsung, Motorola, ...
14 replies, last reply by Chubby Spiderman, a month ago.   4,794 views.
started by Chubby Spiderman.   
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The Losing and Gaining yo yo
Ohh and a thing about digesting. When the food leaves your stomach its no longer digesting per say, its absorbing nutrients. It still uses energy to do this but nowhere NEAR as much as actual digestion.
by knuckles the mgtow monk on 24 May 16 08:36 PM
A new way to lose weight.
A lot of what we have been taught about food is plain wrong. The food pyramid is wrong. "Breakfast is the most important meal of the day" is a myth. Don't get me started on vegetable oil ...
by LadyinDenim on 24 May 16 08:35 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I only weigh once a week. I'm so insecure that if I weighed everyday I'd be so depressed at any little weight gain. My advice is to do what is right for YOU. :) God bless
by gardengranny on 24 May 16 07:47 PM
New to group - Question for phase II
randyhudson wrote: [quote=rabb... you think it works for you that's fine - it's not about denouncing anything but bringing wider understanding to what we do and there being no scientific evidence ...
by rabbitjb on 24 May 16 01:40 PM
by newshashirzad on 23 May 16 06:06 PM
Documentaries to Watch
I love conspiracy theories! FSND is the first one I watched. From there, I watched The Beautiful Truth, Fed Up, Forks over Knives, Food Matters, Cowspiracy, The Gerson Miracle, and that new one on N ...
by LadyinDenim on 23 May 16 03:34 PM

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