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Creating a recipe question
I'm sure people ask this all the time, and I've pretty savvy with the computer, but I cannot figure out how to do the following....I want to add in all the ingredients for an ENTIRE recipe, like ...
4 replies, last reply by ragbrai1, a day ago.   891 views.
started by MultiplesMom.   
Help with using app
Hoping anyone can please help, Im new to this app and trying to work out how to use. Yesterday I entered a food just as tester but not sure how you delete it, is there a way?? Also, is there a way to ...
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started by RJW21276, a day ago.   
Bulging disk
Kaylee, I had the same problem but my Doc recommended surgery to remove Disk 1 and I have been fine with no pain since 1997. Now happily retired!
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started by Lucygirl1, a day ago.   
How do I add a picture to a post?
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started by scotth1013, a day ago.   
watermelon diet
Will the watermelon diet on this site be beneficial? [url=
2 replies, last reply by Sherillynn, 2 days ago.   140 views.
started by lifestyle417.   
2 replies, last reply by Ingria, 2 days ago.   226 views.
started by johnmwoya.   
Suggestion: Add "other" for logging
It would be nice if snack/other could be split. I use "other" for my work out foods. That way I know exactly what I used for fuel and recovery. RIght now I have to subtract my snacks so that ...
no replies.   41 views.
started by ragbrai1, 2 days ago.   
Suggestion about total kcal added
This is my first message here, so Hello all! I want to make a suggestion. On the screen where we add the ingredients to the meal we can see the number of the total of ingredients we have added. For ...
no replies.   62 views.
started by smolinam, 2 days ago.   
Weigh in
I am sooooo happy , just weighed myself and ive lost 8lbs ! Whoop I never expected that . Just goes to show ME that if I do things right I can do this . This time next year !!!!:lol
3 replies, last reply by juliedunn1961, 2 days ago.   212 views.
started by Susan Mary Holland.   
What do people do who have chronic issues with pain
I have a bulging disc pressing on a nerve in my back, so my left leg doesn't work right, and degenerative arthritis in both my ankles, so they hurt all the time. Looking for what type of exercise ...
3 replies, last reply by Sesbws, 3 days ago.   282 views.
started by Kabooper.   
Starting all over
I will try harder, I feel so ashamed to have not done better.
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started by Sesbws, 3 days ago.   
Need a block option in journals
Due to idiots posting everything from anti-vax and anti-GMO advice, to extreme right or left wing political BS - I had to find a way to block. Seems the only way is to drop all buddies then set the j ...
1 reply, last reply by CammieCo, 3 days ago.   118 views.
started by tjbradders.   
Hello Everyone! My name is Kaylee and I am 17 going on 18. I'm new to the site and was thinking maybe someone could help me with tips for dieting, exercise, and fat burn. Currently I'm using ...
2 replies, last reply by Marshmallow2358, 3 days ago.   200 views.
started by Marshmallow2358.   
Sugar free gum now and again
Well, a bit of sugar free gum now and again loosen things up and shreds a few pounds :)
no replies.   73 views.
started by C_Macros, 4 days ago.   
Sugar free gum
Well start the new year with a good dose of sugar free gum to loosen away the Christmas dinner blues :roll: :d
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started by C_Macros, 4 days ago.   
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Turkey Meat
how many slices are in package. ? how many total oz in package?
by Marymaryquitecon on 17 Jan 17 08:47 PM
Propel Zero Water
ONCE AGAIN: PROPEL ZERO DOES *NOT* HAVE ASPARTAME IN IT. IT HAS SUCRALOSE. DIFFERENT SWEETENER. however, someone likened it to Splenda above, which is wrong too. Splenda DOES have aspartame in it. Also ...
by coriwood1 on 17 Jan 17 08:27 PM
How to curb late night eating?
LOL! I'm the same way. I have a permanent retainer so it makes it even harder to floss and brush.
by Biggest_Loser_333 on 17 Jan 17 06:29 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Love this!
by Biggest_Loser_333 on 17 Jan 17 06:27 PM
Copying meals
Hi Simonewalsh, All foods and recipes submitted by users go through an approval process by us before they appear in the database for all users. Unfortunately at this time there is no way to share your ...
by FatSecret on 17 Jan 17 05:09 PM
Why I can't find an already existing item
Hi Villegente, Each website/region has a different food database. If you search for just the term Weet-bix on FatSecret Australia many results should return. If you search for Weet-bix via FatSecret US, ...
by FatSecret on 17 Jan 17 05:05 PM

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