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How do I add a private recipe
I make my own stuffed peppers and would like to just click on my stuffed peppers and have all ingredients listed on my food diary. I have looked and looked, found it once and now can't find it again. ...
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started by dkobler.   
Ketone Strips
Hi, I've been on Atkins for about 2-3 weeks now. I purchased some Ketone strips to test, and I test dark pink (at about 3.0). Out of curiosity, I had my boyfriend try them as well, and he also tested ...
1 reply, last reply by Glenbea, 2 days ago.   863 views.
started by emmierose1.   
How to configure FatSecrets
I am new to this site. The default tracker is for low cal programs. Being on Atkins a low cal tracker is not very helpful. Is there a way to add more trackers for carb counting?
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started by denverbri69.   
Anyone using the Fitbit Flex or similar devices?
I'm thinking about getting a FitBit Flex. I know they just came out but just wondering if anyone else has one and how they like it. Does it track heart rate? It's only $99 which makes it c ...
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started by dingdong2.   
Counting calories from Brine.
BBQ'rs - what do you do, if anything. I can get a recipe's nutrition for brine just fine but how do you figure what actually made it onto the dinner plate? The very vast majority gets poured ...
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started by schase02.   
Started again
Have been very unwell for several months. Drugs not helped. Feel must try to lose. Lots to lose but got to start somewhere.
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started by Lj.Poliakoff, 2 days ago.   
I am a couch potatoe
Hi, My name is... does not matter. I am couch potato and I don't like anything physical. I love beer. How can I lose weight?
17 replies, last reply by ieGod, 2 days ago.   6,081 views.
started by Gossips City.   
How to delete a food added by accident?
this should be simple but I can't seem to find a way to remove a food that I added to my food intake by accident. Anyone had this issue?
1 reply, last reply by diehard3, 2 days ago.   81 views.
started by judyinfl.   
Calories Remaining display on website?
Is there a way to display my Calories Remaining on the website? Preferably at the top of my food diary. It displays very nicely when I open the app on my phone, but I use the web interface much more ...
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started by gemthing, 2 days ago.   
Depression and Pain
I have been in so much pain lately. I am depressed and a burden for my wife. I have become dependant on pain medicine and vist a new doctor every time I go to see one. None can tell me what causes my ...
14 replies, last reply by iamsammet, 2 days ago.   4,523 views.
started by Isom Dart.   
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
Do you weigh in every day or just once week?
2673 replies, last reply by epilifalerav, 2 days ago.   534,625 views.
started by gismusicelle.   
Healthy Snacks
can you please share some of your healthy snacks ,as sometimes specially on a Sunday afternoon I feel like having a desert. at this stage I'm only eating fruit , what else do you make and have. thanks ...
21 replies, last reply by Scuterdude, 2 days ago.   3,024 views.
started by Saige18.   
Number of Calories Recommended Correct
I just signed up at this site and was quite shocked when I saw how many calories I could consume. It was over 2000 but other diets indicated no more than 1200. Is this an error? I am 5'3 and chose ...
5 replies, last reply by fnfkatie, 3 days ago.   282 views.
started by judyinfl.   
Joining this group
I cannot find a link to join this group. Help!
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started by denverbri69, 3 days ago.   
Reset my body
Hi friends I want to share with you that i am really excited about a detox plan that i am starting next monday. One year ago i did it and i got lose 9 pounds in a week. It the RESET from USANA that ...
8 replies, last reply by ab.flores83, 3 days ago.   270 views.
started by ab.flores83.   
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hi trocon did you mean with the site settings or the type of diet you are presently on. if its the site settings go to myfatserect and go to settings or your account where you first signed up. Happy ...
by must get to 127 on 14 Feb 16 01:58 AM
Need help with the site
you can just change the number to 5 form 20 by clicking on that number.
by fred4win on 13 Feb 16 11:51 PM
75 yr. old male - Stuck
Fred, this post is everything I adore about you! Clstucker, liver function plays a role in weight issues. If you've truly been drinking for 50 years at that daily level, your 75-year old liver may ...
by kpwcalories on 13 Feb 16 10:53 PM
Any Other Teens?
Hey 20 here , add me if you want to :)
by Forbiddenintellect0 on 13 Feb 16 10:43 AM
Need a buddy! 54 year old female
New here too , go ahead and add me if you want to :)
by Forbiddenintellect0 on 13 Feb 16 10:26 AM
New Member : Brazilian Jiujitsu & Plant based diet - HI :D - Let's support each other !
I am all new to fatsecret and am interested to learn more and more. I practice Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and do Light Fitness as extra . I love music , geeky and nerdy stuff . Looking forward to meet with ...
by Forbiddenintellect0 on 13 Feb 16 10:03 AM

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