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Ideal Protein Diet
Thanks for your reply MommyDee. Is there a website for the Adkins diet that is free. Don,t you think crystal light should be okay. Thanks
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 2 days ago.   105 views.
started by Unseeable joy.   
Hi I am from New Zealand in a place called Lower Hutt. I have battled with my weight since I was in my late teens, I am presently 61 yrs old. I have gone from 45kgs to 125kg and anywhere in between I have ...
6 replies, last reply by Go Sox, 2 days ago.   219 views.
started by brnzm8.   
flax seeds
I am simply happy that I have been adding flax seeds on everything.before I would toss some in my smoothie. One day I left them out on the counter and put some in my pesto. I love the nutty flavor. I love ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 2 days ago.   69 views.
started by carmel023.   
sync with other apps
Does anyone know what other apps this site and app will sync with I love this app but can't find a list of compatible apps or any information on it I have alot of fitness stuff and would like to have ...
4 replies, last reply by carmel023, 2 days ago.   230 views.
started by gjabug.   
Nutrimost Resonant Frequency
Has anyone heard of NRF--Nutrimost Resonant Frequency? 'Just curious if anyone has ever tried their program. They guarantee a 20--40 lbs loss in 40 days. 'Went to see someone whose office is ...
8 replies, last reply by DontBeThatNaive, 2 days ago.   10,911 views.
started by Boudreaux.   
Ideal protein dirt
Any one doing this diet can tell me if they got sick.. Day two and I feel horrible. Anyone know how to get past this. Hate to give up. Can anyone tell me if you can have crystal light on phase 1? Stru ...
2 replies, last reply by mummydee, 2 days ago.   77 views.
started by Unseeable joy.   
Arm workouts for someone with carpal tunnel
Hi all, I work sewing 10 hrs a day 4 days a week and sometimes an extra 5 on friday. On top of this I used to work on the computer a lot, and had an accident which causes the shoulder of my right arm to ...
3 replies, last reply by Ingria, 3 days ago.   175 views.
started by ShandyJo.   
New to the site
I am new to the site and need all of the help I can get. I am so frustrated right now. I had a gastric sleeve done about three years ago and was doing really well and then we had to move my mother up here ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, 3 days ago.   78 views.
started by Donianne.   
Enhancement Request
A couple of things that would bring value to the site: 1. Allow custom meal entries - meals by number and time of day. (6 meals a day is the target so we should be able to enter meal 1, meal 2, etc.) ...
3 replies, last reply by fight123, 3 days ago.   777 views.
started by JDofSD.   
Texas Energy Exploration, LLC Salt-Dome Locations and Method of Compilation
Umm do you realize this is a weight loss site? Perhaps you were meant to post this informative report somewhere else?
3 replies, last reply by mummydee, 3 days ago.   208 views.
started by antonerris.   
No have 10 minutes . GO!
So, you only have 10 minutes? That's plenty of time to get in shape. And I mean it. You'll start with squats, which work the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. You'll add crab touches, ...
no replies.   62 views.
started by willowtree444, 4 days ago.   
The graph screen is a great tool. Sometimes the screen is larger (which I prefer) How can I keep the screen wide. It has defaulted to a narrow line.
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started by largolad, 4 days ago.   
How do I remove a journal entry ?
I accidentally made a journal entry and don't see an option to delete it . Anyone know how ?
2 replies, last reply by gkcfm95, 4 days ago.   89 views.
started by KristenDianee.   
how to put up pics especcially profile pic
On my laptop trying to update and cant find any links to post pics
1 reply, last reply by gkcfm95, 4 days ago.   92 views.
started by charlievan.   
Can i lose 20kg (44lbs) i 2.5 months?
Hello everyone, I am an 18 year old girl, I currently weigh 77kg(169.7lbs), and I hate it. I am going to Spain with my class in week 39(Spetember 21) and dont want to look the way I do now. I want to ...
7 replies, last reply by fladiv, 4 days ago.   264 views.
started by Nixer1996.   
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So happy to be on this site. FINALLY got a website that actually gets how many calories I probably need to lose some weight. Other websites say 1600 calories. I tried it 2 days and it was awful. It messed ...
by Carmen075 on 01 Jul 15 12:08 PM
Nutrisystem Fail...
Now that you know how bad processed food makes you feel you can indulge in natural food which you love without any ill effects. Real foods don't have ingredients they are ingredients :)
by LowCarbFemmeFit on 01 Jul 15 12:02 PM
will i fail again?
moeque wrote: mummydee wrote: ... strongly suggest that you go to see a nutritionist or a councellor. After reading your bio I believe you have some extreme body image problems that need to be addressed ...
by dianadelosmuertos on 01 Jul 15 11:54 AM
need to drop weight fast.
NowIunderstand wrote: You're at a crossroads right now that could impact the rest of your life as to have the onset of an eating disorder. Accept yourself, you're still growing, and no one is ...
by dianadelosmuertos on 01 Jul 15 11:42 AM
A bit frustrated
I agree with the above posts that different carbs effect people in different ways. For me, I can't handle grains and I'm not gluten intolerant I just gain weight when I consume them. Things ...
by mummydee on 01 Jul 15 09:45 AM
Paleo, GF and Bulletproof cooking
I have been checking out this new site that features these types of foods that help loose and control weight. Check out Jessi Jordan dishes that taste good and are good for you to aid in weight lost and ...
by Libby63 on 01 Jul 15 05:45 AM

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