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i do not get it.....
There are people here who ask for help but due to their settings block us who have been successful from answering them, they ask for buddies and block them. I do not understand... this is the most s ...
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started by wholefoodnut.   
FS name
How do I change my FS name, I started this three years ago and never continued. I am ready now to commit and to loose weight!!but I do not like the name that I chose. Thanks
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started by LindsayT2.   
New friend signing up.
I was talking to a fries of mine today and singing the praises of this community and how wonderful you have all been to me with this challenge of loosing the pounds even taking the time to mention dir ...
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started by Michael-Anderson.   
Keeping track!
I am having a difficult time finding consistent answers on this one... How many should be consumed daily for each... fiber fat carbs protein calories sodium cholesterol sugar net carbs I am new to the ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, about a day ago.   64 views.
started by hockeyisalmighty.   
Entering/Deleting Exercises
I started using the app a week and a half ago and I am having trouble understanding the exercise input. Why can I only input and exercise but not delete it? Also why does resting and sleeping have to be ...
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started by hockeyisalmighty.   
Google Fit
Now that Fat Secret is compatible with Google Fit how do you sync the two? Is it done automatically in the background or do we have to do something manually?
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started by maxpugsby.   
The Woo Group Review - ledelse etter hverandre
RBC's asset [url=http://zacheson.livejourn... business er blant de raskest voksende i verden, og den videre utviklingen av dette vellykket, leverageable business er sentralt for RBC er global vekst ...
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started by jensieleworn, about a day ago.   
I am down two pounds :) It's just the begining
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started by varie, about a day ago.   
12 replies, last reply by syndi55, about a day ago.   1,270 views.
started by HARLEYNICE3.   
1200 calories diet, or have I miscalculated badly?
Hello people, my first post here. So I'm a chubby short male in my early twenties, now weighting at 97.5kgs, 171 cm tall (5.5feet). These last days I've eaten quite healthy, meaning most of my ...
23 replies, last reply by gorther, about a day ago.   684 views.
started by gorther.   
Great Day at the Gym
Great day at the gym... Barbell squat - 205x5, 215x5, 225x5, 235x5, 245x5 Hip Sled - 245x10, 295x10, 355x10, 405x10, 455x10 Pull ups - 10, 10, 10, 7, 6, 5 Did a few db and straight bar curls and a l ...
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started by kmarsh23, a day ago.   
why i just lose a trace of weight .4 last week ihalf to lose this 10 ponds
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a day ago.   47 views.
started by mahvashmaleki.   
Leslie Sansone , Debbie Rocker workouts
Hi !!! Anyone out there using Leslie Sansone or Debbie Rocker dvd's for their workouts ? Would love to hear from you as well if it is helping you to loose weight.thanks
12 replies, last reply by ShannonLeigh1979, a day ago.   1,493 views.
started by rvbrvb.   
Product Label doesn't match.
I purchased Publix Patagonian Scallops and had about 1 cup for dinner. The labels states zero Carbs, but when I entered my meal, it is showing 14 carbs for the scallops. Which is correct? That's a ...
7 replies, last reply by TKay3586, a day ago.   129 views.
started by TKay3586.   
hi everyone
hi everyone,i was on weight watchers plan for over a year and did really well.over 2 stone lost,and then I let things here I am trying to get back to my slimmer first weigh in and I have ...
1 reply, last reply by howzat4u, a day ago.   34 views.
started by brenda cowley.   
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Sugar Addict/Chocoholic!!! Are you one & how do you deal with it?
I think my sugar addiction comes and goes in cycles. Sometimes I REALLY want it and other times it's just meh. I kind of had this problem before I started low carb (again) though...I'd go on a ...
by Caryns on 03 Mar 15 03:49 PM
Where is everyone from?
PIGGLY im homesick for NC (my paternal side lives there)!
by 50nfat on 03 Mar 15 03:34 PM
While your plate should be mostly produce (not grains though, easy on the nuts & seeds), the bulk of the *calories* work best from animals, like meat and eggs and possibly dairy kefir/yogurt and c ...
by 50nfat on 03 Mar 15 03:31 PM
Phentermine experiences?
I started this diet without Phentermine. About two weeks in my doctor suggested I try it, if I was willing to be on his terms. He is really strict about only offering it for a maximum of three months and ...
by VickiFit2015 on 03 Mar 15 03:26 PM
I hate eggs! Breakfast Ideas?
Hello! I cannot stand the smell, taste or even sight of eggs. I've always had this problem with eggs. I just can't crack an egg without being grossed out by the fluids that come out... I'm ...
by MeloMood on 03 Mar 15 02:59 PM
Looking for keto ppl
I am finding alot of non-keto diet things on here so I'd like to put a shout out to other ketogenic ppl. I am doing mostly The Wahls' Protocol, level 3, Paleo Plus. Not just the usual LCHF diet ...
by 50nfat on 03 Mar 15 02:45 PM

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