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A 'Fresh' Idea
Weak Determination? - Weak Motivation? - Weak Goals? Does it at some point begin to seem much harder the longer you've been on a diet, when actually it ought to get easier? Fresh Goal - Fresh Mot ...
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started by ARB0001.   
Kinda lost here! a little help?
Hi guys! :) I am trying to lose weight and I have realized that i eat mostly carbs and I was wondering if that could be the reason to my slow loss of weight. Can someone advise me on what I should eat ...
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started by beatrizaguiar.   
low carbing
hi. well I am finally seeing some success. I have been tryig to keep my carbs under 40, and have been under 1200 calories daily. Thanksgiving was pretty good, considering I cooked for 8 all kinds of yummy ...
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started by clayboro, 3 days ago.   
The FatSecret Graph
I am afraid I am really duh but on your Personal Fat Secret Weight Graph what do the different colors on the bars represent?
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started by Cathie6.   
Vegan Protein Alternatives and Recipes for Vegetarians-without Protein Powder
Organic Rice Protein powder has really helped me control my blood sugar and feel satisfied. I am vegetarian with autoimmune problems (no wheat or dairy, or major systemic flare-up!) I eat a lot of almond ...
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DAY Two! Busy Bees Pep Talk for a PEP WALK!!!
DAY TWO Words and thoughts are so powerful. Use them wisely! Start something new on your meditative mini walks: Reprogram yourself and your behavior with a mantra/chant of your own! We hear so much ...
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started by LightAir, 3 days ago.   
Busy Bees Challenge, Lose 10 pounds by Christmas Pep Talk!
Today is Day One of the Challenge! THINK SMALL!!! Be scant in your servings. Measure a cup, but go just a hair's breadth below that line on the cup. Buy the small coffee,eat 1/2 the orange now and ...
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started by LightAir.   
Need some Buddies to follow and wrkout with
Still trying to figure this out but would love to have some Buddies to follow to help motivate each other
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started by Betty Boops, 3 days ago.   
Quick calorie
Is there a way to just enter calories. For example my wife makes an oatmeal + lots of walnuts cookie to die for. It's difficult to ascertain the nutrients of. I figure 150 calories; anyway to just ...
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started by allanpendlebury, 3 days ago.   
My diet plan
Hello all, I was an obese girl during my teenage and many people used to tease and make fun of me. I'm a crazy pizza fan and on those days I regularly used to order pizza online every night. One fine ...
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started by Betty Ladner, 3 days ago.   
Positive Outlook
Waking up with a positive outlook can help in having a successful day. When I begin my day I use positive self-talk and block out intrusive thoughts which has been a great help. I will say I'm not ...
1 reply, last reply by roseerick, 3 days ago.   139 views.
started by CammieCo.   
So, its been 30 days since my last weigh in... and I KNOW I lost something because I had to cut the string on my sweat pants to tie them up to fit, I see my collar bones, my legs are skinny...and I'm ...
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started by Avis713.   
New Here- Looking for Buddies
I need to lose over 80 pounds and I could really use some support. Any buddies out there from Pittsburgh PA?
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started by pondlady51, 4 days ago.   
how long until Google fit and fat secrets can successfully sync?
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started by joshuacreme, 4 days ago.   
Hello Everyone! I'm new to this group looking forward to being part of this....
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started by jennyddd, 4 days ago.   
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Help i am on low carb diet !
Cammie Co is right. Losing a pound/day is very dangerous. First off, most of the initial weight loss is water weight. You can lose 5-10 pounds relatively quickly through a low-carb diet because you ...
by You Can Weigh Less on 05 Dec 16 01:48 PM
Setting a limits for my macros
I just wanted to watch my intake of my macros. There is a function for that on the app. It switches over to macros. Thanks, Not really understanding what your are saying? But I figured it out thanks
by QueenKirby on 05 Dec 16 08:51 AM
thats really cool. Thanks for sharing that :)
by roseerick on 04 Dec 16 09:25 PM
What is your hardest day?
Rckc - I'm also in the challenge and have been posting; I like posting because it keeps me on track. Thanks LightAir; so far today I've done really well; I have been doing paperwork so that is ...
by CammieCo on 04 Dec 16 01:14 PM
Building Stamina
if your pregnant stick to healthy eating and general light exercise your energy should be going towards the baby not doing excessive weightloss and heavy exercise
by spacey48 on 04 Dec 16 12:12 PM
Low cal nutritious foods
If you are just learning about calorie control or you just want some helpful guidelines, I thought that this was pretty good.
by Hermiones Mom on 03 Dec 16 07:58 PM

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