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Anyone here doing burpees as a regular part of their cardio? has it helped lean you up? Im training for the Jay Cutler Classic in Boston and I don't seem to make a lot of progress with just the tr ...
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started by Biggramos.   
Newbie - Love this site/app
Hi all, Happy Friday 13th. Have struggled with yo-yo weight my whole life. 18 months ago I lost a heap through watching what I ate and exercise, it found me though! So now I am starting the process ...
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started by jade0177.   
working out at home
Just sharing my latest blog post about my exercise and weight loss journey. I hope you are inspired and thanks for taking the time to read it. Here is the link: Let me know ...
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started by theangela1, 4 days ago.   
New Hogwarts Challenge in 7 days!
Hey, everyone! I know many people don't check the challenges tab, so I'm trying to find a way to get the word out. In 7 days, a battle to find out which Hogwarts House is the best at weight loss ...
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started by ATorBust, 4 days ago.   
Syncing Food Diary on Web to App
Hi there, I sometimes update my food diary on the fatsecret webpage. Unfortunately, I find that my entries on the webpage don't automatically update on my phone app. I'm using Galaxy S7, app ...
2 replies, last reply by emmy_femmy, 5 days ago.   328 views.
started by emmy_femmy.   
Suggestions from a similiar situation
Hello. Im a 47yr old F im 5'8" and have put on about 15 lbs. My normal happy weight is 150. I have IBS-C, Fibromyalgia and hypertension.( i recently started a med for the blood pressure).I take ...
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started by Angkay07.   
back from the US - actually lost when on vacation
I was hoping not to gain, but I continued to eat healthily and came back 4.8 kg lighter (11 lbs) then when I left! I am down 11.6 kg from when I began the diet (25.5 lbs). this makes me very happy and ...
2 replies, last reply by kibbutz, 6 days ago.   319 views.
started by kibbutz.   
weighing in
Do you ever weigh yourself, don't like the results, then strip and reweigh? In my house, we call this, "doing an Edina". (from AB FAB) "Those earrings are solid gold, they most weigh ...
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started by davisrick1, 6 days ago.   
I have been really impressed with the NHS Choices website for fitness advice - it is honest and the most realistic long term weight loss method - no fads, electronic gadgets, special diets or quick re ...
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started by tarzan12345, 6 days ago.   
Could any of you lovely people tell me how I can set my macros please 🙂
2 replies, last reply by Diandlilli, a week ago.   455 views.
started by Diandlilli.   
new food addition
can anyone tell me why, when I add a new food, it doesn't always show up in the drop down menu?. I do always press save. ???
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started by Lindy Jane, a week ago.   
Crazy Scale or Actual Weight Gain
I have been fairly consistent with eating and exercising and for the past month my weight has been fairly consistent around 113lbs. Generally I weigh myself every Wednesday morning before breakfast. ...
6 replies, last reply by Divorcee, a week ago.   797 views.
started by FoodisMedicine.   
This is finally working.
The last 3 days I have planned my day of food in the morning. I enter all food I plan for the day in the food diary, then make adjustments to fit into my macros. I'm being exact on my portions too. ...
4 replies, last reply by Jipper500, a week ago.   442 views.
started by Bluper.   
what is your goal weight, 5'3 and 5'4 ladies?
I'm 5'3 and a half. CW:134 GW:120 UGW:115 what about you?
1 reply, last reply by Jipper500, a week ago.   351 views.
started by SailorEarth.   
Copy function for Android App
Hi there... Is there a way to copy a meal from one day to another meal on another day? My lunch for today is sometimes leftover from dinner last night and so, it would be easier if there is a copy fu ...
1 reply, last reply by rhills, a week ago.   240 views.
started by emmy_femmy.   
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New to site/app
How do I post a weight update or anything.
by Koby1964 on 21 Oct 17 04:59 AM
Good progress
Going well, despite a 'hiccup' when I gained a bit (78.2kg up from my low of 75kg) I was sliding, but am getting back on track, 76.6 kg today. I'm now getting into 32" waist jeans, and ...
by BrianR. on 20 Oct 17 03:51 PM
Discipline restored!
I base my diet on a Diabetic structured prlean, low salt, low chol foods, but do not exclude any food group. I simply make conscious choices to consume my calories wisely, and by eating lower calorie ...
by Susan C Steckov BSN on 20 Oct 17 02:42 PM
RDI Calculator
I think the RDI numbers are high...I have not manually reset mine, but I keep my daily Kc at about 1/2 of what FS recommends...I work to keep my macro percentages to particular level.
by ScottH on 20 Oct 17 01:28 PM
How Often Do you weigh yourself?
I step on the scales each morning as my coffer brews...I only log weight in once a week...but stepping on the scale daily keeps me focused...and it usually makes me anxious- I tend to weigh the most in ...
by ScottH on 20 Oct 17 12:36 PM
Just doing some homework, then I'll go jogging
by lily thefox 34 on 19 Oct 17 05:40 PM

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