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Booze is "actually beneficial! WOOT!!!!!!!!"
NOT! NOT! NOT AT ALL! Alcohol does immediate damage to your body - immediately. So ignore those here who now want to put that idea on display. And yeah go figure, it's the same people who are ...
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started by Thatolliefellow.   
left-over belly fat
In the last 8 months I've gone from 288 to 247. I no longer need to take my Glucontrol and I have reduced my Niacin from 1500 to 500. What I can't seem to lose is this belt-hanging-over sacthel ...
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started by gbrierton.   
severely constipated
Try adding magnesium tablets to your diet - they have a natural laxative effect.
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started by tweetycat.   
Let me brag a little
Yesterday at the gym I had a new experience - while working out I noticed a gentleman (?) watching me on one of the pieces of equipment that I enjoy, the back extensor. I thought that he was waiting to ...
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started by BigBlittleitch.   
buddies trying to reach 45Kg/100lbs
Hi, I'm looking for buddies trying to reach 45Kg/100lbs to keep the motivation up! :)
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started by 13dias.   
Completed My 1st. Challenge
Completed My 1st. Challenge and lost 18 lbs 24lbs in all with 144lbs to go. I have been overweight since high school but, I see a light at the end of the tunnels. I will continue on this journey. I enjoy ...
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started by Diamond Quarters.   
Hi , I just started and it looks like a really good site. I entered all my food values today and it is 1047 Cal. so far. Then I entered exercise. I walk moderately about 2 hours per day. FITBIT says ...
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started by Saint Christopher.   
I'm sure many people find it hard to keep up personal motivation to reach goals, especially weight and physical health. Any suggestions on finding people / diet support / people to lift with? ...
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started by Timg2500.   
58 and strugging to lose
hello I am 58 and female and finding losing weight really hard at this stage of life any one out there with same problem .if I stick to plan 100 % it work at a very slow weight loss but few days not ...
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started by jmrtam.   
Actually it usually is 75 a month. This was made evident to me with one of the hunger and food and shelter programs I work with in NYC. One single mom, and her 3 kids have a food budget of 75 dollars for ...
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started by Thatolliefellow, 15 hours ago.   
How to log net carbs
I'm new to the website and today I added a slice of bread to the database. this bread has 8 carbs and 7 dietary fiber to make it 1 carb, but it still registers as 8 carbs on my macros. What do I do?
1 reply, last reply by Lizzygracemusic, 15 hours ago.   185 views.
started by Roo612.   
Good Friday!Hi - many here are fasting, trying fasting, learning about fasting, not sure about fasting, scared about fasting, have issues with fasting, get sick from fasting- and so on and so forth. ...
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started by fastingfurious.   
Memory Problem
I have an iPad Air2 with 128Gb of memory. I can only see half of the screen. When do you plan to fix this.?
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started by Lake Placid, a day ago.   
Low fat cheese
I do love cheese but try to stick to my limit daily what is the best low fat cheese you can have .
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started by jmrtam, a day ago.   
Many fast and don't get sick - so many fast and don't get sick. If you follow keto folks and their ideas about fasting - along with butter bacon and lard - then there's a good chance you will ...
3 replies, last reply by Thatolliefellow, a day ago.   336 views.
started by Thatolliefellow.   
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Booze is "actually beneficial! WOOT!!!!!!!!"
Butter, bacon and booze. Who would think they would come to a weight loss site and read stuff like that.
by Thatolliefellow on 27 Aug 16 10:22 PM
left-over belly fat
Be patient> certain parts of the body are harder to lose "the bulge" than other parts. I am skinny and in shape, exercise everyday and am very active - but for about ten to fifteen years I ...
by Thatolliefellow on 27 Aug 16 10:20 PM
severely constipated
XshapeshiftX wrote: Mea... Mist wrote: I think the most important thing when it comes to constipation is hydration. I was feeling constipated for a long time. I started recording my water intake to make ...
by Meadow Mist on 27 Aug 16 08:28 PM
Let me brag a little
Yes shape shift - you were wrong, you jumped the gun and your choice of words were wrong.
by Thatolliefellow on 27 Aug 16 07:33 PM
buddies trying to reach 45Kg/100lbs
sure! :)
by 13dias on 27 Aug 16 07:31 PM
Completed My 1st. Challenge
If you like fruit a lot, berries are really sweet and very low in carbs- just check serving sizes! Congratulations on successes!
by XshapeshiftX on 27 Aug 16 06:40 PM

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New Snack tip. I spread cheese onto slices of cucumbers and eat my tuna with celery stalks!
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