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Anyone using/going to use the Volumetrics Diet?
Hi all, if anyone is already doing or going to do the Volumetrics Diet, please let me know. I'd love to be (and have) an accountabili-buddy! Thanks, Bev :)
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started by bevie19, a year ago.   
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Downloading food list
I think the AP retains the info even when out of WiFi range.
by 00Marx00 on 19 Aug 18 07:01 PM
New to fat secrect
I just started today and would like to know how to follow or become friends with people. I intend on being on here every day and would like to have people to get healthy living ideas from and visa versa. ...
by AZBetsy on 19 Aug 18 02:07 PM
FatSecret"網頁版, 想請教一下... 網頁版要在哪裡更改語言呢, 我的顯示都是英文 , 有找到更改Country,Time Zone的地方 但是就是沒有語言啊~~
by jennygo0422 on 19 Aug 18 07:09 AM
Humira impacts autoimmune response right? I was unaware that it impacts weight.
by golfpsycho on 18 Aug 18 10:02 PM
What Supplements do you use?
liquid miracle 2000 has everything in it , look it up on amazon, miracle 2000 also has one for the heart.
by karenromiaih2002 on 18 Aug 18 08:36 PM
Steps per day
I have averaged about 15,000 steps/day over the last several years using my iPhone and or my FitBit. Now I use my iPhone's health app and my Apple Watch (replaced my dead Fitbit with it) to count ...
by FirstKnight2 on 18 Aug 18 07:17 PM