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Posted: 07 Jul 2013, 09:04
I am doing Atkins for a little over one year now and have lost 138 pounds. My initial goal was to reach high school weight of 175 pounds. I am 5'11" tall imagine my surprise upon investigation even at 175 pounds I would be considered slightly overweight body mass index says I should way between 132 pounds and 172 pounds. Would just like to get some feedback how serious does anyone take these numbers. I am feeling now even at 175 pounds I will look drastically thin maybe even to the point of looking ill; can imagine what I would look like at 132 pounds

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Posted: 07 Jul 2013, 09:13
Congrats on the massive weight loss. As to the BMI, each to their own. Personally, I would go with what you feel comfortable with. Hubby weighs 200 and is considered overweight at 6'. Ridiculous, isn't it?

Just do what feels right for you and don't worry about the BMI. if you're off meds and doing well, you're successful.

Remember, these numbers for BMI are a general figure and definitely can't be applied to the masses. We're all different. Small bone, large bone.

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Posted: 07 Jul 2013, 11:06
I believe critics of the BMI measurement state that it does not take into account the amount of muscle an individual may be carrying.

Congratulations on the weight loss!!!!

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Posted: 07 Jul 2013, 11:18
Yeah, BMI is junk science at best. I mean, it is awesome to beat them at their own measurements system but in the end whatever weight *you* feel comfortable at is the one to go with.

By the way, have you measured your frame size? It only requires a measuring tape. Here is how to do that:

...and here is a table for weight based on sex, height and frame size:


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Posted: 07 Jul 2013, 11:19
And!! Wow! That is awesome that you've lost so much weight!! Congratulations!!

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Posted: 07 Jul 2013, 14:03
Think Body fat percentage not BMI , get into a healthy range for your age and your set

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Posted: 05 Jan 2016, 08:33
*throws the BMI thing out the window and curses*
Las Vegas...

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Posted: 01 Jun 2016, 16:57
As a nurse I can tell you that most of our height/weight/BMI charts have been skewed by the large number of obese people that go into it. That being said, you need to be practical. That 132 - 172 is a range. If you are small boned, you should be closer to the lower figure. If you are large boned, then you should be closer to the higher figure. Also don't forget you are used to seeing your fat self and so may look emaciated to yourself now. The important thing is that you feel healthy and comfortable with the way you look. The charts are just a guideline. If you feel good, look good and your MD says you are healthy then just start maintaining. I am so impressed with you. It has taken me far longer to lose my 120 pounds with many setbacks. I think I might try your 'less than 20 carbs' and see if I can stick to that for awhile so that I can lose more than 1/2 - 1 pound a week. All I can say again is CONGRATULATIONS!!! You are my hero Smile

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Posted: 01 Jun 2016, 19:01
BMI is a ration between the amount of fat related to your muscular tissue, so no matter how much your weight is you might still have high BMI. The best way is to start working out to increase your muscular tissue in relation to body fat to have optimal BMI.

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