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Posted: 05 Apr 2013, 13:14 anyone using Green Coffee Bean supplements? I've been using them (sporadically) for almost two weeks. The directions call for 3 tablets in the morning with breakfast and another three tablets six hours later with a snack. I had "wicked" dry mouth, so I cut them back to two at breakfast and sometimes I skip the afternoon dose. I think they do help suppress my appetite a little...just curious if anyone else is using them and if they've had success.

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Posted: 06 Apr 2013, 00:17
Hi there,

Green coffee bean extract can also help as a metabolism booster as well but the results will be noticeable after you use it for at least 2-3 months.

It's best to combine it with Garcinia Cambogia extract and if you hit plateau, do on a juice fasting for 2-3 days and get back on it.
hope this helps ! Smile

More about weight loss supplement:

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Posted: 06 Apr 2013, 05:50
Thanks for the info. Smile
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Posted: 11 Sep 2013, 10:46
I have tried them and still take them. I have had no ill effects ...or weight loss however, I am diabetic and have gone off all prescribe meds because of the green coffee bean. It helps keep my sugar stable.
Mary in LA

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Posted: 11 Sep 2013, 13:26
Not using green coffee bean supplements, but I am drinking about 4 - 5 cups of coffee per day. I know it's helped with the weight loss, especially at the beginning.

I've been a coffee drinker most of my adult life, though the daily quantity has varied. Before I started getting serious about losing weight, I was always excruciatingly tired in the afternoons, to the point where I was useless at work. (Sometimes I was so desperately tired I slipped off to nap in my car. *Not* proud of this!) Razz Drinking coffee in the afternoon to try to stay alert just made me "tired and wired".

Since then, I've adapted Tim Ferriss's "bulletproof coffee" idea and now have just coffee for breakfast (with milk or cream -- he puts butter in his!!!), and coffee with lunch. No more afternoon slump! And the weight loss speaks for itself -- I'm down almost 30 pounds since May. As long as I'm losing weight, I'll never be without my coffee. Smile Hope this helps!

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Posted: 11 Sep 2013, 21:06
Mary: Will have to try the coffee with lunch. I love coffee and drinking a warm beverage also assists in appetite control, regardless of caffeine.

I tried Green Coffee Extract, but I too had a terrible dry mouth, so I gave it up.

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