no 30 day shred results-_- whats wrong with me

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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 07:57
today i finished day 18 on 30 day shred .i started level 3 today. tad early i know.
anyway i have had ZERO inches lost. i havent weighed myself for fear of seeing the # go up & giving up & stopping.
I stay good on the advance moves occasionally doing the cheatvmoves.
Im on a 1300 calorie a day but after exercise I really end up eating around 16-1700 its all clean healthy foods.
idk why im not seeing anything! I feel my body getting stronger and thats good but I want to see my results.
Im in the 140s and im ok with my weight my goal is to just tone up some.
Im about 5'7 with a 31" waist & 40" hip. Im not happy with that.
I am also on day 5 of ripped&in 30 week 1
Anyone else having these problems? Bc I feel like its just me.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 08:42
It takes time to actually see results. If you are not trying to lose much weight and just tone up, then it could take a few months. My suggestion, if you really want to see more muscle definition and toning, try doing more weight lifting. You can use dumbells and do high repetitions. You could do some DVD's to get you started, but ultimately won't need them. I've been using Slim in 6 "Slim Series" which is a more advanced version of slim in 6 and it is focused on toning and weights. I have noticed changes in my body without much actual pound loss. I am still trying to lose my last 15 lbs. (I'm in the 120s, but I'm only 5'0" - I think I look pretty good b/c of the muscle tone, but would still like to lose some fat).

Weights and ab workouts really help tone you up and you can look so much better tone at 140 lbs than flabby at 140 lbs.

30DS worked for me, but I switched to focus on weights and that is when I noticed my body changing

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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 09:39
A lot of people are telling me to eat more calories... like 1750 plus exercise calories & to me that just seems like a lot.
I eat & im full. People tell me 1300 plus exercise is enough then they say im putting myself into starvation mode so thats why I see nothing. Idk really

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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 09:45
& im using 3lb weights for 30ds & ri30. I'm thinking I'll bump up to 5lbs. Bc I feel it with 3 but when I do p90x im using like 10-20lb bands

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Posted: 07 Feb 2013, 10:17
It is much better to pick the heaviest weight that you can only manage 8-12 reps with (in good form). Lots of reps with light weights is not very effective. Remember, you must let the muscles recover for a few days before repeating the same muscle group. If you want to exercise every day, then you need to rotate through the groups. The best measure of progress is that EVERY SINGLE TIME you can either do more reps or manage an increased weight. If not, something is wrong.

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