Its NICE to see some success!

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Posted: 06 Nov 2012, 13:51
I'm 49 years old, and when I started this diet, I was 229. Not my highest weight though....that was close to 260. I worked my ass off (literally) and got down to 180, by working out and exercising. That took me close to 18 months to lose 80 lbs.

When two of the guys I work with, went on Ideal Protein, I sat back and watched....expecting them to lose and then do the bounce back once they hit their goal. I watched the heavier one lose 62 lbs in 16 weeks. Its been 4 months since they both completed the program and finished the maintenance program, and they both look great!

When I got the coaches business card from them, I set up a meeting with her, and I went. She gave her speech and her explainations...I asked my questions and got answers to everything.

I did still think that the only way was working out like a dog...but I was willing to try. I just dont think I can go through that all over again. I mean, I like going to the gym, but I was walking to work, going to the gym twice a day and walking home...I spent probabily 2-3 hours exercising.

I liked Lise from the first time I met her. She was a no BS kinda girl, who has your back, but isnt afraid to tell you when you're doing something wrong. She guides you back on the right path.

Aug 3 i weighed, Nov 6th I am 195. Now, I know I'm not going to drop weight like the guys did....but its going at a reasonable rate, and I'm happy with the speed and the results. 13 weeks for 34 lbs is a reasonable expectation. I like the food...I get a little chocolate flavoured something everyday for a snack. I have never eaten this much veggies, and I have given up my love for Coke! Yes, I can have a diet pop every once in a while, but I am not so inclined as I used to be. (I had one in the last 13 weeks and I felt bloated)

I feel like my self confidence is coming back! I am doing something that most people have difficulty doing, and I have not cheated one little bit! (I am not having any cravings, I dont chase the sugar high like I used to. I dont NEED to eat anything that isnt on my diet plan!)I feel better since I have gone from size 24 pants to size 16! I have lost 6 inches off my theighs! (while I would LOVE that to have been my belly, it is going down too!)

I know that there was a reason for that fat...all that insulation saved me from many hurts.


Very Happy

if u have any questions, please ask!! I would LOVE to help!

Fat is HARD....Fit is HARD...Which HARD do you choose???

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Posted: 06 Nov 2012, 16:47
I turned 49 in October. I was 250lbs Jan 1st 2010. It was my New Years Resolution to lose weight and get in shape.
I can tell you this. Getting here was 80% from what I put in my mouth and only 20% from exercise.
I did it myself by researching about nutrition, not by buying someones book or paying to join some weight loss group.
I'm keeping the weight off by simply eating lean protein, healthy sources of fat, and nutritious carbs. Junk to me is anything made with white flour, sugar, white potatoes, corn, diet soda.
I am not on a diet. I just simply eat well. The best part is. Now I am where I want to be, and I know how to stay this lean and healthy I can afford to have cheat meals with no weight gains because I have my metabolism tuned to work in my favour.
Good for you ... I'm sure your loving it. Some of my friends and family are saying things like your getting too skinny. LOL I say skinny doesn't equal having a 6-pack and being able to run up the stairs and beat elevators.

Keep at it, nice story

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Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 06:37
Things work differently for different people.
As long as you are seeing success and believe that it is something that you can stick to.. that's awesome.

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Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 07:42
You can lose weight with less just lose it slower. I started losing my weight in 2007 and had a couple of life hiccups in between - but have very gradually lost 86 pounds....I don't have time or the inclination to dedicate hours of gym exercising into my life - I have changed my way of doing things so I am more active just living my life and do try and swim once a week and do some form of stretching and stuff perhaps twice a week.

So it really depends on you how you want to do it....but I will say don't start something that you can't see yourself doing in one year, five years, ten years, twenty years from must be able to sustain what you start....

I actually have a body like Cindy Crawford, I just keep it well covered to protect it!

Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.

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Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 09:13
Inspiring. All of you.

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Posted: 07 Nov 2012, 13:13
I am 38 and lost over 70lb in 22 weeks on Ideal Protein doing minimal/no exercise and I learned a whole new way of eating (veggies! love, love, love them now). I have been maintaining for several months now and continue to follow the healthy habits established in Phase 1. I went from a size 18 to a size 2 (actually am wearing size 1 jeans right now). I have picked up exercise (a lot) now that I am in maintenance, but that is out of sheer joy and the pleasure/exhilaration of working out - not obligation. I feel fantastic, cut out all the junk I used to eat, and am setting a good example for my family.
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Posted: 08 Nov 2012, 17:42
Where do I find the details for this? It has taken me three months to lose 10 lbs on weight watchers - really fustrated. So I tried Chris Powells Choose to Lose diet and I am up .5 lbs after one week. Maybe its too soon to expect results but it sounds like the Ideal Protein is better.

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Posted: 29 Nov 2012, 10:04
Check out the ideal protein website and they have a clinic locator on it to find one in your area. Truly the last diet you will ever have to go on!

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