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Posted: 04 Sep 2012, 20:03
Can everyone post some of the best tricks you've learned work (for you) in keeping yourself on track when things get tough. (IE: staying away from your trigger foods, drinking the water you are supposed to, not over-eating or giving into temptation, etc.)

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Posted: 04 Sep 2012, 20:26
1.Cutting out cheeses and high fat dairy.
2.Cutting out wheat.
3.Drinking coffee made at home without the timmy's creamer
4.Joined a group of people like minded for healthy living.

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Posted: 04 Sep 2012, 23:09
1. When you are hungry/craving something, start by eating something high-fiber/low calorie (like an apple or a salad). It sometimes helps to fill you up enough to reduce the craving.
2. Herbal tea (no added sugar) is a great way for me to drink more water when I'm sick of the taste of cold water. Adds no calories and the warmth actually makes you feel a little full. My mother's trick was always to add fresh lime or lemon.
3. If there are foods that you passionately love or are craving like crazy, it is sometimes a good idea to indulge in them, albeit in a controlled way (for example, eat one square of dark chocolate every couple days if you are a chocaholic). That may keep the craving enough in check that you don't go out and start binging (say, by eating a whole tray of brownies).
4. Never indulge in a craving unless you have had a firm talk with yourself first in which you really examine whether or not eating that particular food/amount is more important to you than achieving a healthy lifestyle. If you cut out logic and allow eating to be a knee-jerk reaction to a variety of triggers, you are bound to end up eating way too much.
5. Never EVER keep your trigger foods in the house (if that is at all possible). The last thing you need is daily temptation. If you cannot avoid being around them, always be prepared with a healthier snack/meal that you can eat instead.
6. Find someone to report to (someone supportive but also willing to be tough on you when you need it the most). You are much more likely to maintain control if you know you are going to tell somebody else all about your eating/exercise habits of the past week.

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Posted: 04 Sep 2012, 23:15
Oh, and it often really helps to remind yourself of your successes thus far (even the little ones!) as well as the reasons for why you are wanting to become healthier. I have a list of reasons why I want to be healthy hanging up where I can see it on a daily basis, to remind me that the ultimate goal is more than worth the current struggle.

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Posted: 05 Sep 2012, 01:00
When i want to eat something sweet I buy candy for kids so it's a really small portion, you can't overeat. It's about 10gr so only 35-55 calories. I wouldn't buy 100gr of chocolate, that would be a too big of a temptation.

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Posted: 05 Sep 2012, 02:03
When things get tough, I just think about the rewards that I can get when I continue doing whatever I'm doing. When it comes to cravings that I can help it, I just think of any alternatives that is still best for me.

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Posted: 05 Sep 2012, 08:02
1, Study your current diet for a week and identify your main calorie dense foods. Either cut them our or find less dense alternates for them.
2, Exercise. Do whatever you can for as long as you can. Everything helps, it's all good.
3, Making reasonable mini-goals. 80lb it a lot to lose, Split it up into smaller increments and reward yourself for meeting goals. Same for exercise. Set yourself a goal you can meet, setting impossible goals will lead only to disappointment and failure.

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Posted: 16 Sep 2012, 17:18
1) Drink water. Lots of water.

2) Never eat before/without thinking.

3) Plan your meals.

4) Cut out all soda, chips, or other cheap, processed foods.

5) Never eat when you're bored.

6) Eat only at specific, set times every day.

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Posted: 16 Sep 2012, 18:42
Read articles on internet, especially ones like '10 superfoods you need to eat'. i once saw a list that i seriously ate about 7/10 things on that list on a weekly basis!

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Posted: 17 Sep 2012, 07:17
Keep temptation foods out of the house.

If you have a problem drinking water find a calorie-free flavoring to add to it. Caffiene-free tea an even caffiene-free diet soda counts toward your water intake.

When uncontrolable urges strike me, I buy single-sized portions of what I'm craving, usually a weight-watchers brand.

Practice portion control. You can always go back for one more portion if you are still hungry, or have a snack if you become hungry again later.

Exercise, exercise, exercise and keep your body moving as much as possible. I once knew a morbidly obese man who lost a TON of weight by walking 5 miles a day, without even changing his eating habits.

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Posted: 17 Sep 2012, 07:29
Moderation, moderation, moderation. I buy and have food that I love in the house. I also have low calorie options like fruits and 100 calorie bags of pop corn. I do not abstain from foods that I love because that leads me to binge. This is a lifestyle and there is no way I will go the rest of my life avoiding foods that I love for even a day.
Consume whatever foods you prefer, whenever you prefer to consume them, while ensuring nutrient sufficiency and meeting caloric goals.

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Posted: 20 Sep 2012, 18:47
Carbs in the morning,mostly veggies,fruits , protien the rest of the day.If you cant control yourself try to exercise after any compensate for bad eating

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Posted: 20 Sep 2012, 21:32
I love thinspiration pictures on the internet, and also the before and after pictures of people that have lost lots of weight. I than know I can do this!

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Posted: 21 Sep 2012, 13:02
The ONE biggest thing that made a difference was a shift in my thinking: not "I need to lose weight, NOW!", but "I'm going to do better than I have, from here on out". I educated myself and really started paying attention to (via the food diary!) not only how easy it is to throw your day out of balance with an extra serving or a choice you hadn't planned in advance - but also how easy and painless it is to make huge positive changes in diet! A new perspective and using the tools at hand were all it took.

It's trite, but who cares - it's also true: considering this a new way of life instead of a diet to lose x amount of weight in x amount of time just relieves so much pressure! Each less-than-ideal day doesn't seem like the end of the world, and good days are cause for a sense of accomplishment and for repeating (instead of 'about time, porky!' self-talk).

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Posted: 23 Sep 2012, 00:09
1. I don't drink flavored sparking water until I have already drunk 64+ ounces of water. (Thats my treat)

2. Sike your mind. For dinner, I cook regular portion sizes. But if I feeling really hungry, I will use a small plate and only put 1/2 of each serving size up there. Then I go back for 2nds. But its really not seconds, just the other half of the regular serving size. BOOM!

3. When times get rough, and you have weight gain, just remember a SETBACK is nothing but a SETUP for a great COMEBACK. Stay on track and don't get depressed. Use the gain as motivation to do better and stay dedicated to your goals.
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Posted: 23 Sep 2012, 05:28
Hi Poohbear,

Thanks for your advice, the waiting to drink sparkling water until a great amount of plain water has been drunken is great - I think I'll do that, too : )

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Posted: 23 Sep 2012, 14:30
Stress is a diet killer. The more stressed I am, the more I mindlessly stuff food in my mouth. When I can, I get out of the office and go for a quick walk to clear my head. But, that's not always possible.

One trick I have been able to do successfully is to keep a lot of sugar free gum around. I get every flavor under the rainbow (there's even some that tastes like apple pie)and then instead of reaching for the bag of pretzels, I grab the gum.

I just find it's easier to stay on the diet wagon, than to fall off. With every slip seems to be harder to climb back on again. And believe me I have fallen off more times than I can remember.

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Posted: 23 Sep 2012, 22:24
What helps me is to make little changes.
When I realized that I eat constantly when I sit on the couch, I decided only to eat at the table.
I also eat quickly, so now I try to put the fork down between bites & STOP eating when I am no longer hungry..I can always go back for more!
I like the idea of inputting my food & exercise each day...then I can change things around to account for my choices...if I really want pizza at lunch, I should limit my carbs at breakfast and maybe eat a salad before getting the pizza.
I try not to deny myself too much, because it does lead to a "forget it, I'm pigging out!" Mentality
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Posted: 23 Sep 2012, 22:32
Another thing I've just recently learned is that the only reason I should eat something 'kapu' (forbidden) is because I want it....not because my Grandma made my favorite pie or my friend is on her "pre-diet/off-diet" pig out...I need to enter those calories into my list, so I better have enjoyed them.

But even a whole day of going off-program doesn't mean you are can always start again!

One time I had this idea to eat half of what I would normally eat...whatever I wanted, slowly eating it until I wasn't hungry. It worked well until I went back to eating on the run.

I know I talk a lot, but I wanted to finish sayiing is that I found that my favorite chocolates are 75 calories...not much more than a sugar-free pudding, so now I've got a choice for dessert at luscious, decadent mouthful of chocolate or some pudding. Smile

Good luck to you on your journey!
i can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!!

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Posted: 06 Oct 2012, 00:25
The slimming secrets that worked for me were: eating 4-5 small meals throughout the day, drinking 8-10 glasses of water every day, including SOME form of exercise to your daily routine. I usually make it a point to swim for an hour every day. It relaxes me and there’s a pool right up the alley so it’s really convenient as well. It’s important for you to enjoy your work out because otherwise exercise becomes more of a chore than a fun activity.

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