What meal / time do you consume most of your calories?

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Posted: 21 Aug 2012, 16:59
At which meal / time do you consume most of your calories? Do you save them up for the evening, or do you really try and space them out evenly? In a perfect world, I'd like my biggest meal to be an early lunch, but that rarely (if ever) happens.

What about you?

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Posted: 21 Aug 2012, 17:41
I'm not much of a breakfast eater - I know, I can hear all the shocked gasps Shock . LOL. But, despite all the people saying you need to eat breakfast, there are many who say it isn't absolutely necessary. And, for me, it just doesn't sit well in my tummy and any subsequent exercise within 2 or 3 hours results in nausea, pains and general discomfort. So the best I can do is brunch.

That being said, I really only eat lunch and supper and my calories are normally pretty evenly portioned between them. Sometimes supper will be a little more when I go to a restaurant or party but then I will usually make the effort to eat lighter at lunchtime to compensate.

Evenings are hit and miss with me. I used to be a regular snacker at night and it was usually something less than healthy but I've cleaned up my act over the past few years. My worst caloric offenders for the evening would be a shot or two of liqueur which I have been known to indulge in from time to time (sometimes more often than I should!). But food-wise, I might have some baby carrots and hummus, a small serving of nuts or even some fruit.



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Posted: 21 Aug 2012, 18:55
Definitely lunch - it's just how latinos eat.
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Posted: 21 Aug 2012, 21:15
I usually have about half my daily calories after dinner.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 00:18
I have on average 300 cals at breakfast, 250-500 at lunch (the lower number if I do a green protein smoothie), and 500-700 for dinner. That gets me to 1200-1500 for the day, and I am rarely hungry.
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Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 06:40
Hi MOTG! Long time no talk. Glad you are still here.

If I am eating healthy (which I haven't in a long time!) I try to eat most of my calories earlier in the day. But I save some for snack, wine and/or chocolate.

When I am eating poorly, I eat too few calories all morning and afternoon till I am starving in the late afternoon and then proceed to eat whatever I can get my hands on for two hours, then I eat dinner.
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Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 08:19
I'm a pretty even eater with in 50- to 100 per meal with 2-3 snacks per day. For me key is to not let myself get too hungry and keep my blood sugar even. If I do spurge I change up what meal it is in to try and keep my body guessing. I know most people have dinner as their biggest meal but it doesn't work for me. I'm not an early eater so usually it's breakfast about 9-9:30, snack 10:30-11, lunch around 1:00, snack 3:30-4 and dinner can be anywhere from 5:30 to 8:30 depending on what's going on.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 08:26
For me, Breakfast is a rarity. I consume the vast majority of my calories during lunch. By dinner time, I am usually not that hungry. I am also Latin so Lunch is usually a larger portion of my caloric intake. For dinner, I try to keep it low calorie...espcially if I am eating it after 7pm. I find that if I eat it after 7pm my weight jumps up.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 09:46
Dinner is definitely my biggest meal because that's when I eat with the family and they usually want a bigger meal. I try to compensate by eating smaller meals during the day. I do breakfast around 7, then a snack/meal around 11 or 11:30, then another snack/meal around 2:30 or 3, and dinner is between 5 & 7, and I usually have at least a small dessert after dinner. I'm trying to get my hubby and kids into eating better, but when I can't I try to make more veggies or a fruit as side dishes so I get full on healthy things and not so much junk. Last night was ridiculous (biscuits and gravy) but I'm trying to get better a little at a time.
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Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 09:57
Late. I meant to swap my calories round so I have them earlier in the day (lunch), but that went out the window through sheer forgetfulness. And this week I've been ill so it's been even worse.

Dinner usually.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 10:05
I am all over the place. When ever I feel hungry I eat. It could be in the morning, it could be in the afternoon or at night and I have never felt better.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 11:07
I know most people are against night time eating but honestly I eat more at night than any other time. I usually have dinner around 930 or later. I don't have much of an appetite to eat a BIG breakfast and don't really start getting hungry till later in the day. I guess everyone is different

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Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 11:30
Lunch is my heaviest meal. I make sure to have something for breakfast, usually around 25-30g of protein, mid morning and midafternoon snacks to keep me satiated, and dinner is usually on the lighter end ideally before 6pm. I count macronutrients, not calories.
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Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 12:37
Being on Medifast I eat 5 replacement meals per day and 1 healthy lean and green meal which I usually it for my dinner meal at around 7:00 pm.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2012, 13:09
Lunch, that is because I workout around 6pm everyday.
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Posted: 24 Aug 2012, 00:53
Depends on the day, but usually it is dinner. I always eat breakfast, either coconut milk with strawberries in blender, snack of fruit or cheese stick mid morning, lunch usually Greek yogurt, fruit, carrot sticks, turkey on sandwich thins. Dinner is usually what the family is eating, but s much smaller serving, and no starchy side dishes. Just meat or fish and veggies, salad and sometimes applesauce , yogurt or cottage cheese. I also have a snack of almonds about an hour before dinner and usually another snack about 2 hours after dinner

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