What was your turning point?

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Posted: 07 Jun 2012, 16:31
What was it that made you decided that you were going to start a fitness regiment? What brought you to FS and how?

I saw a picture of myself on 4th of July weekend last year that I did not like. I knew I had gained some weight but I didn't realize how much. Even when I had to buy new and bigger clothes I didn't really see it. The week after 4th of July I made some major changes and haven't looked back since. Yes, I've slipped up but I've managed to find my way back.

As for FS. I ran across it when I was looking for a calorie counting tool. So glad I found it. It's has made a world of difference and connected me with so many people.


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Posted: 07 Jun 2012, 18:47
A little over two years ago, I suddenly realised I was wheezing and in pain judst doing the dishes. That prompted me to really think about it, and I realised that pain and breathlessness accompanied everything I did, I was over 108kgs, and I was miserable. I found FS because a weightloss blogger here in NZ mentioned it.
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Posted: 07 Jun 2012, 20:43
I received test results, and I was told I had high triglycerides. It was embarrassing. I used to be able to smile defiantly at my doctor when the tests came back clear in spite of my weight. I don't know why I was so proud of that...

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Posted: 07 Jun 2012, 20:44
I found FS when I was looking for a calorie counting tool too. I love it. My wake up call was getting chest pains one day and scaring everyone in my family then my doctor telling me that (in a nut shell) I wouldn't live very well or for long if I did not change my habits. He told me he wanted me to lose 70 pounds in a year. I'm still playing around with what may or may not work for me. I've been on Atkins a few times before but each time I would lose about 40 pounds but gain it all back right away if I went off.

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Posted: 07 Jun 2012, 22:42
My knees got so bad that walking and taking care of the basics of life was becoming difficult. My doctor told me that if I didn't lose weight I would end up in a wheelchair. Several years ago my sister in law had the same issue and she didn't change anything. She ended up in a wheelchair and then had a stroke. I knew I had to change things but wasn't sure how to do it. I thought about all of the times I have tried to lose weight and why I failed. I spent a lot of time thinking of this and how to change it. I noticed that one of my co workers lost a lot of weight and ask him how he did it. He told me of this web site and how it work so well for him. So I tried it. Tracking my food made me realize where I was going so very wrong. My idea of a normal pasta dinner turned out to be enough to feed a family of four. I started logging all of my food and trying to lower my calorie intake. I found that in order to eat and feel satisfied I needed to eat more lean protien and veggies and fruit. At first all I did was use this to keep me on track and then I started getting involved in the community here. I have learned so much about nutrition and exercise and connected with some realy interesting ,wonderful and funny people. Its still not easy all the time but I think by the time I reach my goal, in the next year or so, I will be able to maintain this and never go back to the 340 pound woman I was before.

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Posted: 07 Jun 2012, 23:30
I refuse to call you fatoldlady...so, slimmingdownlady, I am so glad you saw signs that gave you the motivation to ask and find FS. You have done fantastic and are still going strong. Keep it up.

Mmfam, that sounds like a scary wake up call. Glad you found this community Very Happy

Schism, stick with it so you can smile at the Dr next time b/c you are skinnier and healthier. You can do it!

Ferlengheti, Bet your not struggling with those dishes anymore Wink

Whatever our turning put, we have to stay motivated and determined so we can lose the weight and KEEP it OFF for a healthier us.


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Posted: 08 Jun 2012, 01:20
For me it was very similar: My wife took a picture of me painting our bathroom and I couldn't believe my eyes. I knew I was getting bigger every year but I looked like I had eaten a basketball.

I found FatSecret when I started P90X and was looking for a solid App to keep my on track with my calories. I've used it ever since, daily, and it keeps me on track and sane.

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Posted: 08 Jun 2012, 06:18
My turning point was my son's class trip to Epcot. They have a video game that puts you in the game. They take a video of you running, jumping, and dancing to do it. I saw myself and almost cried. I did not realize how big I had gotten. I will lose the weight but I'm keeping a link to that game as motivation.

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Posted: 08 Jun 2012, 06:36
My turning point: I was 21 and truely thought the scale was broken! I was always chunky, but after a few years of college and partying, I was tipping the scales over 200lb. I was in deep denial. I was also in a toxic, controlling relationship, insecure, and very depressed about my lifestyle. I had a friend of mine over and we both sat down and decided to do a low-carb diet. This was the first time I committed to changing my eating and I learned a lot from my friend (whose family was well educated on low-carb eating). I shed 20 pounds quickly and then started incorporating exercise. As I lost the weight, I also ditched that abusive, controlling boyfriend. I was coming out of my shell and over the last 7 years the rest fell into place. Although quitting smoking in September has tacked on 10 pounds I'm still trying to lose, I know I am in better health and will reach my goal! I found this site in September when I needed resources food logging since smoking was no longer an option and food tasted so much better! I'm no longer a low-carber but that was my jump start into a healthy well-balanced lifestyle.
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Posted: 08 Jun 2012, 07:15
My turning point was when I eloped with my (now) husband a few months ago. My best friend was taking pictures of us...and when she sent them...I deleted them immediately. I never realized how big I looked to other people. I knew I was chunkier then I had ever been but...I was disgusted with myself. From that point on, I said that this time next year I needed to look the way I wanted MYSELF to look so I can have a real wedding and wedding reception (for the renewal of vows). I know it won't be easy...but Im determined!

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Posted: 08 Jun 2012, 07:35
In 2007 I went on holiday to Venice and this picture was taken:

I could not believe this was me!!! I weighed 113kgs - I managed to lose quite a lot on my own and then found FS January last year and lost more (it is a lot easier when you have such a great network of people cheering you on!!) and am hoping to reach my ideal weight this year Smile

In our family "Venice" now means "large" Smile

I actually have a body like Cindy Crawford, I just keep it well covered to protect it!

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Posted: 08 Jun 2012, 23:52
It's refreshing to hear the similarities in our eye opening moments. I love reading the post. They motivate me. Thanks for sharing. Keep them coming...


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Posted: 09 Jun 2012, 02:19
I was 24 I think, and I woke up thinking I was dying. I knew I wasn't literally dying, but my back hurt. Who has back problems at 24? I got winded going up three flights of stairs. My clothes were tight even in obese sizes and I avoided mirrors and cameras. I was tired... all at the age of 24. That day I made a commitment to myself that I had a reason for being born, that I owed it to myself to realize my potential. We've all go a reason for existence.

Anyway, for 6 months I got my diet perfect. No refined carbs, sugars. Easy, 60 pounds down in six-eight months. Then I plateaued, so I added cardio. I walk/ran for 50 minuted five days a week. I lost another twenty pounds. Then I added resistance training and lost another ten. (11% bf)
Over the course of three years I've lost over 90, then added weight training and gained about 15 back, but I look better and am stronger than ever before. BTW for 2 years I never slipped. Never ate a slice of bread, never a beer, never a real soda, never anything refined. Three years later I've never eaten fast food. I've had five salads from fast food joints since, but I'm worth more then ten minutes of big mac. So are you.

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Posted: 09 Jun 2012, 07:37
I, too, discovered FS while looking for calorie counts, back in August 2010. I'm sorry to say, I didn't stick with it for more than six or eight weeks at the time.

The major turning point came a year later when DH was told he needed surgery but that due to his weight, the surgeon would not do it until he'd lost 100 lbs.

I would like to say that counting calories and adding exercise did it for us, but no. That was too slow, especially in his case. It was a matter of life and death. Our medical clinic/HMO has a Weight Management department. Gastric bypass or the lap-band was not for us, but they also have a high protein, "shakes and bars" program. You go to class every week, meet with one of the doctors every two weeks (the other 2 weeks meet with the staff) and have blood work done once a month.

We did that for six months, starting last October. About two weeks after starting the program, we incorporated walking and getting ourselves back to the gym. In March we entered the "transition" phase in which real food is slowly added back in while the shakes and bars are phased out. Ten weeks of that has gotten us to the point of where we'll stay, calorie-wise, until we reach our goal. I love this part, because while it's nice to lose, the real key is learning to deal with real food and making better choices. Keeping up the exercise and tracking it all is another key.

The best news is that even though DH hasn't quite lost the full 100 yet (he's at 82 lbs gone) the surgery is scheduled for next week. The improvement to his quality of life is going to be tremendous. In addition, he's no longer considered "pre-diabetic". Joyce
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Posted: 09 Jun 2012, 08:19
Two years ago I was about 310#, smoked 4 packs a day and health deteriorating; high BP, high cholesterol and triglycerides, sleep apnia, annual (or more) episodes of bronchitis. Easily winded, in general piss-poor health and getting worse.

I planned to retire in about 12 years so I sat down and looked at where I was and where I wanted to be and do when I retired. I became convinced I would probably be bed-ridden and on oxygen if I was lucky enough to survive that long. That was not how I wanted to retire; I did not work all of my life for that.

I decided my best option was to first quit smoking (again) if I was smoking the chance of long-term survival was not very good even with weight loss, especially at the level I was smoking. So armed with Chantix and a clear goal of where I wanted to go I was able to quit smoking; I have not had a cigarette since July 31 2010.

I knew if I tried to remove too many monkeys from my back at once success would elude me again, so I decided to not worry about my weight while I dealt with quitting smoking. As a direct result of that decision by September 31, 2011 my weight had blossomed to 342 pounds. That was OK though, I had successfully quit smoking and was over pretty much all urges; and still had a plan which was going as intended.

So about October 1, 2011 (estimate, didn't mark calendar) I began a 2000 calorie a day diet I had found on the internet a while back and had pretty good results with. It was well balanced, not a fad diet just a since-able diet. Weight was dropping just OK, nothing spectacular but the nurse at work did notice and we talked about it. She told me about the phone app for FS so I checked it out.

I took to it like a duck to water! That is when my life changed big time. By HONESTLY entering what I did I found that yes, those 10 Jolly Ranchers DO COUNT! That powdered coffee creamer is not harmless and there is sugar in EVERYTHING!

I set realistic goals like wanting to get down to 180 pounds, avoid added sugar, I also gave up gluten (by choice), buy fat free everything. By doing those things my actual daily calorie intake went down to about 1400 and to be honest I am never hungry and have headed more down the path of eating all natural stuff (and not kicking and screaming either).

Today, 8 months after I started at a weight of 342 pounds, I do not smoke and my weight is 245 pounds (down 97 pounds. My blood glucose and lipid panel are all good, in fact everything a blood test can show is good. I did develop an atrial flutter which has been corrected and the Dr. said it was probably caused from my previous lifestyle and stress.

In closing I truly believe if I did not have the FS tool to track real time what I was shoving in my pie-hole I would have failed again. It certainly was not because of not wanting it, nor was it because I didn't have will power (I did quit smoking after all), it was a lack of knowledge! I will admit that I ALSO had to change how I thought about food, I figured out the purpose of food was to nourish the body; not replace an ex, get even with my boss or make my bills go away. In fact it actually made all of those worse in the long run.

So to make a short story long, the nurse at work told me about it....and saved my life!

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Posted: 09 Jun 2012, 12:04
I've had so many "turning points" but nothing ever stuck until I went to a counselor to cope with some family issues I was dealing with. That gave me the ah ha! moment I needed to sustain my resolve over the long haul. I am so grateful for the FS site as well. I found it because their calorie counter app was the best on the market for Windows phones. The tools and the encouragement from my FS friends has made losing weight much easier and more fun, too.

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Posted: 09 Jun 2012, 12:23
Oh, I dunno, really...I mean, I had been gradually gaining weight for about 10 years, all the while saying, you gotta stop this...first it was 5 pounds, then 10, then 20...you all know how THAT goes, right? Well, last October (2011), something finally just snapped; I woke up one morning and just said, ENOUGH! I found the calorie counter app on my phone, made up my mind not to worry about how MUCH I needed to lose, or how it might take many months to do it, but just to GET STARTED, DAMMIT! And here I am, almost at my goal, and considering lowering it another 5 pounds...it's been hard to get the exercise thing going because of my schedule, but since school let out for the summer, I've started walking---up to about 2 1/2 miles per day now...thanks for asking Wink and I gotta say it, I feel WONDERFUL! I'm not super-involved here at fatsecret, but it is a wonderful resource, and not once have I run across anybody who was snotty or rude in any way! I REALLY recommend this "place" Smile

And PS...I just love my new green bar! Wink
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Posted: 09 Jun 2012, 14:20
I had made my own excel program to count calories and log food and got to my lowest weight since high school of 130lbs after reading Venuto's book...could't believe I tried on a size 6 pants and they were loose! I still have my workout journal..boy did I work hard but I never felt better in my life. That was 2 months before I found out I was pregnant with my first miracle baby! I was put on bed rest for most of the pregnancy and went all the way to 196. He was born Feb 2010. In Feb 2011 I found FS and reread Venuto's book and was going to do it again as I was stuck around 160lbs. Weight didn't come off and then I found out I was pregnant again....no wonder but another miracle! My second son was born just this past October (2011) but it left me at 205 when I got home from the hospital.

Now that both of them are into a great routine and happy it is time for Mommy to look after herself. Watching what I ate only as I was too tired for anything else got me to 155lb but there I stayed until 3 weeks ago when I came back to FS. I will turn 40 at the end of August and I need to be a healthy Mom for my boys and a happy wife for my husband. I was never a skinny chick but I was never in size 12's. I realized that I have been either pregnant or nursing since June 2009. So if I reach my goal by my birthday my husband is treating me to a new wardrobe!! As I find my "big" clothes getting loose I am giving them away as I am not allowing myself to fall backwards. My old clothes from 3 years ago are in boxes in the basement. In about 5 more pounds some of them should start to fit. My motivation comes from looking at my two boys. I was never supposed to have them but since my prayers were answered I have to be a healthy, active Mommy for them.

The support here is great and it really helps to keep you on track or find moral support when things aren't going the way you like.

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Posted: 10 Jun 2012, 09:04
My bff and I are going on a cruise in November, and are both 75+ pounds overweight....so we decided to join Weight Watchers together. That was about 3 weeks ago, and I've lost just under 10 pounds. Last week I only lost 1/2 pound, was depressed, and found FS when searching on the internet for "motivation".

I am so glad I did! Hearing everyone's own stories and successes are awesome!

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Posted: 11 Jun 2012, 08:12
I originally signed up when I hit 220 lbs . I came back because I quit smoking and now I not only want to keep the fat off I want to see my abs before my 42nd B-day.... Even after I hit my goal I want to stay here. In a world were people ignore each other, are rude and self centered it is great to me a member of a place that was built on helping each other and simply reading all of the positive comments makes my day a little bit brighter.

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