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Posted: 30 May 2012, 15:15
When exercisetv was available, I bought and downloaded a view exercise videos that I really enjoy. Does anyone know of any other site that offers exercise videos online?
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Posted: 30 May 2012, 16:04
Youtube (shorter, move-defining videos seem to be more common).

Netflix (actual full-length exercise videos of all kinds).

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Posted: 30 May 2012, 19:56
Yeah- I agree ...You can actually find some great videos on You Tube as well as Netflix. Just be careful with form and technique when you watching the YouTube videos. Most of them are great but since anyone can upload a video you want to make sure they know what they are doing and show you proper form to reduce your risk of injury! Smile

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Posted: 31 May 2012, 09:28
There is a good 30 minute pilates routine on youtube.

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Posted: 31 May 2012, 09:52
Blogilates is a great website, they have a youtube channel which is linked somewhere on their main page. I just started following these, so far, I love it!

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Posted: 01 Jun 2012, 14:21
You can also try Prevention website.

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Posted: 01 Jun 2012, 15:48
Also try your local library. I have mobility problems and someone suggested using Leslie Sansone's videos. You can try, see if you like and the purchase. Plus it's free how awesome is that. The library is also a great place to drop off all those extra exercise things you might have. Books, magazines, tapes, cd's and dvd's. =)
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Posted: 04 Jun 2012, 05:58
I'll vouch for YouTube, Netflix and your local library (though the selection might be limited). Leslie Sansone videos are a great place to start. I'll vouch for that too! Once you learn the basic moves, you can turn down the volume and play music of your own choosing. I actually get a better workout with those tapes. I up the ante by working my upper body with 5 lb. weights in each hand while I work out.

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Posted: 04 Jun 2012, 21:40
Just to add Hulu.com also has exercise videos available.
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Posted: 05 Jun 2012, 10:12
In my area, Exercise TV was replaced by FIT TV and has equally good videos for walking, weight loss, pilates&yoga, etc. The only thing is that there are different trainers e.g. there is a different trainer (not Leslie Sansone) providing the training - but they are equally good. See if you company carries Fit TV. Also, yes, most libraries usually have a good selection to borrow from.

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Posted: 05 Jun 2012, 14:57
If you've got amazon prime. there are a lot of exercise videos in the to view for free.
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Posted: 06 Jun 2012, 01:41
I use itrain.com for down loads on my ipod, the yoga with Buddy is amazing, and the walking one keeps you motivated and your speed consistant, its like my own trainer in my ears... also get me outside to exercise, yoga in the garden is amazing early morning.....

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Posted: 10 Jun 2012, 18:07
I hear a lot of "there are a lot of good..." and very few specific titles. What do you recommend on Youtube and Netflix?

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Posted: 11 Jun 2012, 16:24
Yep AbsurdHero, I'd like a few titles too! I tried to find the Youtube video Erie32 mentioned, but there are tons of them. Tried 2 they weren't very good.
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Posted: 09 Jul 2012, 09:31
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Posted: 09 Jul 2012, 23:04
I love bodyrock.TV, it's a free site they have new workouts almost daily. You can just go to the site or find it on YouTube. I have found meany great workouts on YouTube in general.
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Posted: 02 Aug 2012, 08:39
Megasm I did a couple workouts on blogilates last night and loved them!
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