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Posted: 22 May 2012, 20:43
Good day. I have been on Herbal Magic diet since March 19th of this year. I have been following this diet to a Tee. As soon as I do something different I gain 3 to 4 pounds right back. After 10 weeks of stringent diet I am just sick and tired of the deprivation. My contract with them finishes in 2 weeks.

Anyone has an idea how to get my motivation back on track for the last sprint?

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Posted: 22 May 2012, 21:04
If I were you, I'd skip on the Herbal Magic, and start simply doing right. If needed, count your calories to maintain a calorie intake that is lower that what you burn. It'll make you lose weight, guaranteed. There truly is no need for anything else.
You may, as you mention, gain a little to begin with, simply because you're doing something different.
You have all your info locked away, so I can't see how you've been eating, or if you're even getting enough calories. Maybe you simply don't eat enough?
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