How many calories should you aim for breakfast

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 09:35
I just started counting calories and was wondering how many calories I should aim for when it comes to breakfast? So far, my breakfast is around 350 calories since I eat 2 scrambled eggs, 2 pieces of bacon, plum tomato and chopped onion with salsa. This keeps me full all morning until I drink my smoothie around 1pm.
Is this ok, or should I aim lower?Smile

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 09:45
It doesn't really matter how many calories you eat at each meal when you are doing calorie count. As long as you stay within your daily allowance, you are good to go. Your breakfast sounds great! I usually eat between 300-400 calories for breakfast, so I think you are right on. If it keeps you full till lunch, then it sounds like you've got a good thing going. Smile

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 09:49
This entirely depends on how many calories per day you are aiming to eat and how often you eat. Ultimately everything is about calories in calories out (ultimately it really doesn't matter when you consume or use the calories) so even if you eat 1000 calories at breakfest and 200 for the remainder of the day as long as that's what works for you stick to it. 350 certainly doesn't sound high. When counting calories look at the overall daily consumption and try to make sure you eat at a minimum of 15 grams of protein after a workout, those are the only meal rules that I can suggest.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 09:50
I try to eat more food, early in the day, and a good size lunch, and a light supper, that way my body is burning fuel all day and not trying to burn at the end of the day or at night when I'm trying to relax or sleep. 500-700 calorie breakfast, 500-600 calorie lunch and about 500 cal dinner. Works for me and I don't get sluggish during the day.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 10:16
I agree with tglenna and ireznik. For weight loss purposes, it doesn't make a direct difference how you time or portion your meals. Stick within your daily calorie goal, get enough protein and fats, and time your meals in whatever way keeps you happiest.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 10:19
Whatever works for you. Breakfast is my lightest meal (usually under 300 cal), then I have an average lunch (usually under 400 cal). I prefer to have a larger dinner(400 cal) and..... a snack at 7pm (under 300 cal). Whoah, I know.... But I have lost close to 70 lbs in just over a year, so I'm sticking with it.

I think as long as you stay under your target for the day, you will be successful. Of course, if you have reflux, then you would probably need to make dinner light and avoid a late night snack.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 10:21
Personally, I eat two eggs, two slices of rye bread, and a slice (about 10-15 grams) of ham every morning. For me, it's the perfect breakfast.

And speaking of eggs:
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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 10:26
I work in an office and take lunch fairly early, so I do a protein bar and coffee for breakast (around 200 calories). The rest of my meals are all spread out in 300 calorie increments on an ideal day (lunch, dinner, snack) but are more often two 500 calorie meals these days. The key is to eat healthy foods full of protein and fiber to help keep you full. If you don't go hungry then you won't accidently overeat.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 10:26
Years ago when I was restricting calories I found that I couldn't fall asleep hungry. They say that breakfast is the most important meal but I agree with others here that if your focus is on calories (which I don't agree with anymore) then totality is the primary concern.

I also found that if I ate a small breakfast I would get hungry sooner. If I completely skipped breakfast I didn't get all that hungry until lunch.
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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 10:31
Go with what your body is telling you--I usually eat around 350 calories for breakfast but snack a couple of times before lunch--I get super hungry in the mornings, for some reason, and not so much in the afternoons so I tend to eat probably 60-70% of my calories through lunch time. But, I work out in the mornings so getting hungrier in the mornings is probably tied to this, I suspect. As long as you stay within your RDI, it doesn't matter if you eat more in the mornings or later in the day. Smile

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 10:32
I just started the calorie count. It worked for like two weeks. I dropped some pounds and suddenly at the third week my weight loss has almost been static with same diet and calorie intake range. Really dont seem to understand this calorie count concept anymore

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 10:39
Your body will lose and then it will slow down. It was explained to me that it is in that time we are losing inches. But if you stick with it it will work. Your body needs time to get into a rythum with it. I lost a lot some years ago and when I stopped counting, for a while, I continued to lose. But if you stay stopped you eventually gain it all back and then some as I can attest to. Anything worth having is worth fighting for and I truly believe that losing unwanted weight is a fight.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 10:52
I try to spread my calories out throughout the day. I usually try to keep breakfast and lunch between 200-300 cals because I will usually eat a snack between meals. I work in an office and find that boredom often gets me eating, so allowing myself a snack between meals helps me beat that bored munching. I do eat a bigger supper because that is how my hubby likes to eat, but I seem to do okay as long as my cals are within the 1200-1400 range per day. That's what works for me, and I'd say if a 350 cal breakfast keeps you full and going until lunch, and you're having success keep doing what you're doing. Good luck!!
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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 14:26
Coloirish wrote:
I lost a lot some years ago and when I stopped counting, for a while, I continued to lose. But if you stay stopped you eventually gain it all back and then some as I can attest to.

I have to disagree with that. I stopped counting seriously in Feb 2011. I have not only maintained for a year but then started losing again. If you develop good habits and good patterns and continue to have weigh ins for accountability then you really do not need to keep counting. I know my food exchanges and can break them down in my head so I know what a healthy breakfast looks like and consists of. Today I indulged in a coffee shop muffin and I sat there staring at it saying "do I really want to do this?" knowing that it probably had 600 calories in it. I knew better but chose to indulge and eat it... just for one day. This will never become a habit again because I realize that it wasn't a good food choice.

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