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Posted: 18 Apr 2012, 23:30
I get up feeling tired, I go to sleep feeling tired, is it neccessary to take a multi vitamin even if I am on a healthy diet, exercising 6 times a week and what am I doing wrong.............surely I must have lost of energy with this healthy lifestyle?

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Posted: 19 Apr 2012, 03:46

I really can't tell why you are feeling tired unless I check what you have been eating. It could be a nutrient deficiency or sleep deprivation. It could also be lack of water and that time of the month. There are a lot of reasons for being lethargic all the time. Trust me, I've been there. It could also be a medical condition but I wouldn't know about that.

Do share your data so we can make a slightly educated guess.

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Posted: 19 Apr 2012, 06:21
I have quite a hectic lifestyle, starting work at six, get home at half past two, go to the gym for an hour, get home, do all my house work myself and only go to bed at 22:00. I also do not take multivitamins and have very dark cirlces underneath my eyes, could that be shortage of any sort of vitamins?

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Posted: 19 Apr 2012, 07:12
Check your thyroid to rule it out.

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Posted: 19 Apr 2012, 07:18
I just took a look at your diet calendar. It seems that you are eating very little, barely 40% of your RDI. That is very dangerous. You need to increase your food intake. Ideally, you need to accomplish the following:

1. Eat a minimum of 1200 calories.
2. You can eat 500 calories less than your RDI but that is the lowest you can go.
3. Try and get at least 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

I hope others have more useful suggestions - best of luck!

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Posted: 19 Apr 2012, 08:55
I completely agree with ambtreh aboout your food intake. The body needs energy, and contrary to how it may seem, eating small amounts frequently throughout the day will move your metabolism and help you lose. 1200 calories of healthy foods is a great goal.
If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse.

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Posted: 19 Apr 2012, 13:22
As I posted in another thread, here are a couple of articles that might help.



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Posted: 19 Apr 2012, 13:29


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Posted: 19 Apr 2012, 23:28
Thank you all for all the replies, gonna sit this weekend and work out a complete eating plan for the week and stick to it no matter what, it's just that somedays like yesterday I could eat only breakfast and dinner as I was in a meeting the whole day and could not have anything between 08:00 and 16:00 except water and coffee!!!

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Posted: 19 Apr 2012, 23:47
Ever been diagnosed with sleep apnea? I used to have it when I was 250 lbs. It went away after I lost a substantial amount of weight. My mother and brother seem to prefer being fat and needing that machine to sleep... I told my doctor I didn't want to get a sleep apnea machine. He said then lose some weight and you won't need to... so I did.
I hope you get your fatigue issue figured out. I know all to well what it's like waking up tired every morning.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 00:08
PeeFat, thank you for your reply, I do sleep when I actually get to bed, but as you said, wake up feeling tired. I see that you followed the Atkins diet, also did it 5year ago with great results, tried it again this year but could not stick to the diet for some reason, any tips on how to get started again?

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 09:01
dollaqie there is a product that I came across a couple years ago called Shakeology that is a meal replacement shake that is derived from all whole food ingredients and contains the equivalent to your daily reccomentded intake of fruits and vegetables, replaces the need for a multi vitamin, boosts, energy levels, and has pre and probiotics in it. It has helped me and many others with weight loss and overall health. I can send you more details if you like.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 09:59
You aren't eating enough! Your body needs a certain amount of calories to just function and you aren't even giving it that much. No wonder you are tired. Your body is basically eating itself - that's hard work. I eat twice the amount of calories you do and am losing weight, and I weigh less than you. I have lots of energy. You just need to eat more of the foods you are currently eating.

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Posted: 20 Apr 2012, 10:13
To succeed with Atkins educating yourself is the only way to go. Read the book. Far too many people think they can wing it. Induction is very important to do 100% correctly. When it says eat only items on the Induction food list that is all you eat. Induction needs to be done clean. Along the way through the steps you'll add carbs very slow to find your level of tolerance for carbs.
I have been back to a normal healthy diet for over a year now. In moderation I re introduced healthy substitutes for the bad carbs I used to eat. White pasta, is gone, Now it's whole grain or flax/omega3, or multi grain pasta but in moderation. You have to look at the nutrition label. Even the healthy stuff is high in calories and carbs. 85grams is 310 calories and 60grams of carbs. It just happens to have tons of fiber and protein to make it super healthy product. White pasta is fat headed for your hips. Also most people eat 3 to 4 times as much as a 85gram serving.
I also only eat bread type products made from sprouted grains. Scum bag marketers will label a loaf of whole wheat bread as healthy. Most is far from healthy adding molasses and only a small percentage of actual whole grains. You have to read the ingredient label very closely. White potatoes are gone replaced with yams/sweet potatoes and I eat with moderation.
Planning your meals a head of time and eating every 3 to 4 hours is important as well.
The important thing is to educate yourself. So many people I see spend massive amounts of hours on cardio machines trying to lose weight and get in shape when actually 80% of the effort needs to come from a balance of what you put in your mouth. Only 20% comes from exercise. I'd suggest resistance training with dumbbells at home. No need for a gym membership.
I'm sure you'll do great. Educating yourself is your best weapon.

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Posted: 24 Apr 2012, 09:10
This may be what is happening with me. I was eating very few calories, but not losing weight. Confused

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Posted: 24 Apr 2012, 11:28
If you calculate that you are eating enough calories, you might look into having your thyroid checked.

Love the food that loves you back.

Take it one day at a time!

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Posted: 25 Apr 2012, 10:10
Another thing to consider: Are you iron-deficiency anemic? I'm borderline, but I find my energy levels are much better if I take an iron supplement daily. I make sure to get FERROUS GLUCONATE, since the other kinds always give me stomach trouble. And I agree with the other posters that you haven't been eating enough.

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Posted: 28 Apr 2012, 16:41
I wonder if you have had your doctor do labwork based on your exhaustion? Lots of "hidden" conditions that need treatment could cause this: diabetes, lack of potassium, iron deficiency, thryoid disorders (very hard for many docs to diagnose even with the usual lab work)...and of course, as some of the others have mentioned, sleep apnea could very well play into this, too, as well as other conditions that might limit how much oxygen saturation you have most of the time.

That said, an inadequate diet is probably not helping things, and in my opinion, anyone who is cutting calories should absolutely take a multivitamin at the very least. The other thing, of course, is to stay hydrated, because if you are not getting sufficient water, you will be tired. Dehydration and fatigue are often linked. Good luck to you.

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Posted: 28 Apr 2012, 19:28
I agree with ambtreh you are not eating enough, and when you are eating there are way too many carbs and not enough fat or protein in what you eat. You need to fuel your body if you want it to give you energy! I would recommend checking out this link to help you with the number of calories you should eat http://www.fat2fitradio.com/tools/bmr/

then you should try to have a look at your carbs-protein-fats. Not all calories are created equal a good mixture of all there will in each meal will sustain you much longer than the carb high! You should also make an effort to eat three meals and at least two snacks a day. If you know you are going to be in meeting take something with you like a handful of nuts or some grapes that you can eat during a meeting. Make sure you are drinking enough water and don't load up on coffee and you will notice a huge difference in your energy! Good luck!

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Posted: 28 Apr 2012, 20:22
You're starving yourself to death -- literally. (assuming your diet calendar is accurate)

A quick guesstimate of your height and age coupled with your posted weight gives a BMR of 1800ca/day. This is the minimum amount of calories your body needs a DAY to sustain itself -- and that's assuming all you did is sleep 24/7. Just sitting at a desk all day, or even watching TV all day on the couch would raise that another 2-400ca that your body would require to function.

Start eating at least 1500ca/day, every day. You will feel better and eventually you'll start to lose more weight.

BUT, because you've been starving yourself, your body is going to take a while to get back to normal -- and in the meantime since you've starved it, it's going to start hording all the calories it can as fat, which means you're going to gain some fat weight.

DON'T despair, in the long run you will be better off. Primarily, you won't be doing more damage than good.

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