Indulgence Day Diet users - I need your input.

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Posted: 10 Mar 2012, 21:10
Here's a question for those of you who are doing my Indulgence Diet: The week after your first Indulgence Day, did you lose any weight, how much and what are your general experience doing it? Is it easier harder, scarier, worth it, pointless, useful, too frustrating, manageable, waste of time, a diet savior? Please comment! I'm trying to gather a little bit of statistics.

Your help is greatly appreciated...

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Posted: 11 Mar 2012, 00:15
Happy Sunday morning, Kingkeld!

I don't think I do the diet in the same way as you do in that I don't calculate against RMR. However, once a week I do allow myself a day when I can eat more - usually 30 to 50% over RDI. On the best weeks, the remaining days I kept it just under RDI by about 5%. During the time when I was doing this carefully, I lost weight consistently every week. My target weight loss is only 5 kg anyway, and I was losing an average half a kilo a week (I'd have to look up the numbers to be sure).

I think it is so worth it and definitely not a waste of time. Even though I don't usually feel deprived on my diet, because I include small, calorie counted portions of things I love anyway, the indulgence day allows me to eat out without worrying too much and to drink as much as I like on that evening, and that's how I usually use my indulgence day. In fact, if we're not going out, I don't usually use my indulgence. I'm reasonably careful on Indulgence not to go for 'heavy' foods - dishes that I know can make me feel bloated and overfull, because their effects continue for days with bloating and constipation. My indulgence calories are usually taken up by a little more cheese, olive-oil rich starter dishes, maybe some fried kalamari or prawns, a dessert (or half a one) and two or three alcoholic drinks.

However, there are drawbacks. After weeks of using indulgence carefully, I think the security of knowing that we can go over RDI and still lose led to my sabotage of my efforts after reaching my goal weight. Personal psychology and willpower are, I think, both important factors in using indulgence successfully, but then, they are important in the whole journey, aren't they?

Is this gonna be the subject of your book?
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Posted: 11 Mar 2012, 04:14

I dont have weight statistics. I was doing an indulgence day from before I came across you and fatsecret, based on a book called "The Obvious Diet" by Ed Victor. Its quite good. It is based on a cheat meal concept, which I extended into Thurdays entirely. Now I do my cheat day on Fridays.

I dont base mine on any calorie count either, i simply eat what I want. Lately this has been whatever I may be craving, or stuff my kids are asking for which is junk food, this week it will be chicken wings per my sons request.

Thoughts; lately my cheat day has been filled with running to fast food. And generally I am left feeling let down. I cannot eat as much (thats good!), and it isn't what I expected or remembered (Its never as good as the 1st time). I will likely begin doing more what Earthlady is talking about, and having high cal/fat _quality_ food, rather than going straight to junky fast foods. My indulgence day is also when I imbibe in alcohol too. Works good for me.

Psychologically, its fantastic. I do sort of feel deprived all week, and I just know I can have those foods on Friday. Generally when I get to my cheat day I have a short list of what I want. lol.

For married people, I found out recently how important it is to communicate the day, and its importance with your spouse. Sometimes I wake up on Friday and wife is planning healthy foods (This will not do!), or she will want pizza or junk food on Saturday. Now we are "In Sync", lol. She does not do "indulgence days" but we need to be synchronized none the less.

/Cheers, JP

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Posted: 11 Mar 2012, 04:52
I didn't lose much weight the week after my first indulgence day (only 0.5 lb) but I did lose 3 lbs the following week.

I'm not convinced that my weekly indulgence days aid in my weight loss - but I keep doing them because they aren't hurting my progress AND I get to have goodies once a week. I find it helps me mentally to know that if I'm craving cake or cookies or whatever, I'm never more than 6 days away from getting to have them. Whereas, before, they'd be completely taboo and I'd go crazy with my cravings.

I do think it's not for everyone though. You kind of have to have strict self-control to not want to extend indulgence days into indulgence weekends and then into indulgence everyday.

I still look forward to indulgence days because I get to treat myself, but sometimes I also dread them because it's hard to fill up all those calories when you're used to eating about half as much.

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Posted: 11 Mar 2012, 06:45
I don't do indulgence days every week, but especially when the scale is not kind, I have a day or two of +500 cal of my RDI which is about 1300 to 1500 below my calorie usage as calculated by FS. This means I have a 800-1000 cal deficit on those days. It has worked to kind of reset the metabolism...or something, and if I go back to my original cal deficit during the next week, then I will see some significant loss...usually. I never prevent myself from having anything I want (even now during my cabbage craze...can't explain it, I never was fond of it in the first place), or even cake if I have made room for it. But having those indulgence days does help with the kind of panic that this is forever....I can live with forever if there is sometimes cake!
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Posted: 11 Mar 2012, 08:58
I'm too scared to try cheat days even if planned! I'm afraid they will increase my cravings for certain foods and make it harder on other days. I'm also afraid it opens the door for overindulgence in general. Kind of like opening pandora's box. Kind of like one overindulgence day may lead to 3 and then before I know it I'm off the wagon. Maybe I will reconsider when I reach my goal weight and use it more as a maintenance tool. My weight loss has slowed and I seriously thought about doing your spike plan, but it makes me nervous too. (So I upped my exercise and the weight is dropping pretty good again)

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Posted: 11 Mar 2012, 11:17
@Posterchild - re: stuff being not as good as you expected, I ate some Pringles last week, they used to be a favourite thing with a beer. On reaquaintance - they're disgusting!
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