Good Grief, whatever will they think of next?!

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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 03:47
Dripfeed diet endorsed by Doctors. Click to read.

I find this so depressing. I know it's The Daily Mail, which has all the credibility of an email from an exiled Nigerian Prince who needs my help transferring money, but this really does cap it all.

Bad enough that I have a teammate (ostensibly a smart, capable, mother-of-two who works in Health and Safety) doing the HCG diet and refusing to even READ anything negative about it, but there are actually people paying good money to get an NG tube so they can drop weight.

Anyone else feeling a little betrayed by the medical field right now?
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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 04:01
well if it was a serious diet 375 for 10 days considering that it replaces all meals and includes at least a couple of dr's visits is not bad. The problem there is that it is absolutely nonsense to go around with a tube stuck in your nose Smile
The problem which is common to a lot of these approaches is the need of instant gratification via rapid weight loss which is in itself a problem and a symptom of a neurotic attitude towards food which I do not think can lead to permanent weight/fat loss.


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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 08:42
I agree that it is all about instant gratification. I use to be one of those people. I even made up my own diets to make this happen. One of the worse was in my late teens I decided to quit eating until I reached the weight I wanted to be. Needless to say that one didn't last to long, after a week I fainted. Another one was to eat only one small meal a day made up of only veggies and lean protien, similar to the HCG diet. I lost 60 pounds in two months and gained 80 pound over the rest of the year. There were many more of these instant weight loss diets that I tried and ended up with a screwed up metabolism and 150 pounds overweight.
I believe any endorsement of these weird and potentially dangerous diets can be bought.

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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 11:59

People are stoopit.

That is all, as you were.


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Posted: 06 Mar 2012, 16:13
EUU-WAH! That's so gross. Please, people (in Britain who do this crazy diet) - get a grip. Put down the muffin and go for a walk!

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Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 09:57
That's truly horrific. It scares me when they say "for ten days at a time" as if it's totally ok to do this more than once! And you can only unhook it for 1 hour a day? There goes your exercise routine :/

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Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 10:02
It is absolutely amazing to see how people are eager to do practically anything but the right thing - watch their diet and move.
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Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 10:20
I like eating WAAAAY too much to ever give it up(one reason I didn't look at gastric bypass, although I don't condemn it for others who need to do it)--so that's why I have to change what & how much I eat, while still being able to enjoy what I can. The thing about quick fixes--they're almost always temporary, which is why they never stick long term.

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Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 10:46
Bkeller1023 wrote:
Wow. My favorite line--

"If diets worked, if healthy food worked, we wouldn’t have obesity."

Are you kidding me?!?! These types of things infuriate me.

This is very dangerous thinking, I agree fully. And besides this statement, most people don't really know whats healthy for them, they read the front of the package and hope for the best Sad, hell everything has omega three now..probably even corndogs and french fries!

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Posted: 08 Mar 2012, 10:59
as we all know there r no quick fixes ... diet control
coupled with exercise is the only way out

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