Best tasting protein drinks?

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Posted: 07 Feb 2012, 13:19
I really want to start adding in a low sugar, low in fat, high protein shake, but I don't know which one actually taste as well as dissolve well. Any suggestions?

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Posted: 07 Feb 2012, 13:37
GNC Pro Performance AMP

Best tasting protein I have tried. One serving is three scoops, though a few people that work there have told me that as a female trying to lose weight, one scoop is sufficient (bringing the calories down to 90-something with protein at 20g)

It's also low in sugar, fat, and carb - but tastes great. I've tried vanilla (tastes like a light cake batter, perfect for mixing with water to keep cal count down!), chocolate tasted like Yoo Hoo, and strawberry (my least favorite). It's also available in cookies n cream as well as banana cream - nervous to try those.

It dissolves great, the one protein I like with plain old water. Just stir it well. I've also added it to coffee and had no problems with it having a "curdling" effect, which is common with some proteins.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2012, 13:55
I like vanilla SpiruTein. I will put a scoop of it, one cup of water, 1 TB fat-free CoffeeMate powder, some sugar-free Torani syrup (my favorite flavor is Kahlua, yum!) and 1-2 cups ice in a blender and have a 130 calorie smoothie/shake!

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Posted: 07 Feb 2012, 14:30
For good taste and good value - get the Body Fortress brand (Walmart has it - around $15 for a 2 pound container. 1 scoop = 140 calories, 3 grams carbs and 26 grams protein. The vanilla is great with a couple spoonfuls of plain greek yogurt, 1 cup water, and a cup of strawberries.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2012, 14:48
Do you want a shake, specifically? Or a protein drink in general? I really like this line:

Syntrax Nectar

I have tried the Caribbean Cooler (tropical-ish, with a pina colada-type flavor) and currently working on a container of Pink Grapefruit (really good, even has that tingle on your tongue & lips that real grapefruit has, but not crazy-bitter). They're more like a juice drink than a shake, FYI. But they're zero carbs, zero fat, 23g protein and between 90-100 calories for a full scoop. Caribbean Cooler needs a lot more water than it calls for, which actually makes it last longer! They have over a dozen flavors, though. I think lemonade will be the next one I try.

I prefer this texture over shake types - especially if I'm actually thirsty after a workout.

I found and have the best prices online. Around $35 for the 36-serving container.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2012, 14:54
I am looking at any drink with protein. I really need a quick protein boost most days. Thanks everyone for the suggestions.

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Posted: 07 Feb 2012, 15:12
Jay Robb Vanilla Whey Protein. Good with a TB of unsweetened cocoa powder and skim milk. Sweetened with stevia.
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Posted: 07 Feb 2012, 18:28
Muscle Milk is by far the best tasting protein, but that one they have at walmart is cheap and works just as good.

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Posted: 09 Feb 2012, 18:47
i like chocolate designer whey protein.

2 scooops
1 bottle of ice cold water
half a frozen banana
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Posted: 09 Feb 2012, 19:06
Jay Robb chocolate is delicious.

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Posted: 09 Feb 2012, 20:52
That Syntrax looks pretty good. I might have to try that once my Biggest Loser contest is over and I start lifting more.
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Posted: 09 Feb 2012, 23:18
Sounds like their's zero consensus on protein drinks. I still shudder from the mixes I had 12 years ago. I've liked the Atkins bars fine. How are protein shakes helpful to the cause?
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Posted: 10 Feb 2012, 00:25
I agree with fatdaddy!!! muscle milk chococlate protein shake is the best. i mix it with water and its tastes like a thinned out shake from the diner!!! low carb and high protein also!!

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Posted: 10 Feb 2012, 00:47
My favorite is the 100 calorie, 20g of protein Muscle Milk pre mix boxes with essential AA's. My favorite zero calorie protein mix is fruit blast, it mixes awesome with water. I get them both at Popeyes or Costco. I haven't found a great tasting low cal casein protein yet, has anyone?

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Posted: 10 Feb 2012, 09:25
Plant Fusion Vanilla

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Posted: 10 Feb 2012, 14:24
Dr. Oz's Magical Breakfast Blaster is the best tasting protein shake I have ever had, and I've tried a lot of the whey protein and pre-mixed as well. To me, this is like a milkshake. I cannot remember the brand of soy protein I bought, but I think it was vanilla Spiru Tein.
This gives me lots of energy and stays with me awhile. I am missing it on Atkins. I've tried other fruits, but find the banana and blueberries to be the best combo, which is what Dr. Oz has listed here.

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Posted: 10 Feb 2012, 16:19
I like Optimum Nutrition(ON) 100% Whey Gold Standard French Vanilla Cream. I have it for breakfast at least 5x a week. It is 1 scoop for 130 calorie, 26g protein, 3g carbs, and 1g sugar. I mix it with 1/2 cup of skim milk , 1thsp instant decaf coffee and 2 - 3 ice cubes and dash of vanilla extract is delicious. Some days I just add skim milk and frozen strawberries and it taste like a strawberry shake.

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