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Posted: 30 Jan 2012, 19:32
I am using Samsung Galaxy tablet. Android version 2.2.1. The barcode scanner doesn't work for this app. Anyone got a fix?

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Posted: 31 Jan 2012, 08:05
OMG, I have the exact same problem. Anybody?

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Posted: 07 Feb 2012, 22:36
I have a HTC Flyer Android Version 3.2.1.
Calorie Counter uses the "Barcode Scanner" application to scan products. If I start up the Barcode Scanner application (not Calorie Counter), I can check "Reversed Camera Image" to find a product. If I do not check this option, the scanner cannot find the product. If I go back to Calorie Counter after changing the settings on the Barcode Scanner, it still cannot find the product.
I suspect that the Calorie Counter does not use Barcode Scanner settings, nor does it have the ability to do the "Reverse Image" scan.
Couldn't hurt to ask the developers about finding some way to use "reverse images".

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Posted: 19 May 2014, 02:46
Which kind of barcode scanner are you using to scan barcode using Samsung Galaxy tablet. Android version 2.2.1? How about changing another
barcode scanner to try it again? I hope you success. Good luck.

Best regards,

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