Seniors 60 plus/ where are you?

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Posted: 22 Jan 2012, 14:09
I joimed 5 groups for older people and nobody there. Seniors loosing weight together.SEnior Slimmers.
Seniors for Health and Sassy seniors.
I was looking forward finding friends and relating to people my own age. I can't do the things that the young whipper snappers do.
I am 72 and still active but been dieting all my life.This just might be the last time I ever try. So if you are a senior how about joining me. I need the encouragment. Confused

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Posted: 22 Jan 2012, 14:21
Hi yo, sorry there weren't any persons in the groups you tried, I am 66 and following the Atkins food plan, I will be your buddy if you like. I too need encouragement.
What kind of things do you do for exercise? I walk most days, if the weather isn't to bad. I live on the coast of Northern CA., today we are having 40 mile winds. Not walking today.

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Posted: 29 Jan 2012, 14:10
Hi, I have just joined i'm 65,and using an airwalker and a mini bike both great as can use at home all weathers lol
found the mini bike on Argos half price, can sit on the sofa and pedal Very Happy love it, I started two weeks ago and lost 5lb first week, 2nd weigh in tomorrow ekkkk

Hope you get on ok,
Dee x


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Posted: 29 Jan 2012, 22:08
Hi~! I will be 60 in March! I have been on Atkins since Nov 2011! I have lost 22 pounds, but for some reason stalled for the last month...going to start a different diet tomorrow. I would like to meet some buddies too~! Linda

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Posted: 30 Jan 2012, 18:57
I'm 65, have lost before but just can't seem to get motivated and stick with it. I like to count calories and journal and walk along with trying to do the exercises to work on the "core". Need some friends!

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Posted: 31 Jan 2012, 19:50
I'm 66 and am trying to do Atkins but I love bread! AND I don't want to exercise but realize I need to. Maybe will take Yoga, which I hate! Rather do belly dancing! Consider me a friend!

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Posted: 31 Jan 2012, 20:37
Hi everyone...I am going to be 75 this May. A really big one. I am trying the Smart for Life diet...been on it for 2 weeks. I've lost 8 lbs which I'm happy about. My first goal is to break the infernal 190's. I work full time and really am too tired to exercise..however, in my job I lift heavy paper cartridges and walk around the store on a daily basis. My doctor is amazed at my upper body strength. I wish I could exercise, but will have to do what I'm doing right now....thinking positive for ALL of us....have a good week!

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Posted: 01 Feb 2012, 09:36
Hi yosweetmama. You look great! Maybe you can give me some healthy living tips for the next 10 years so I can look as good as you at 72. I'm 62 with MS and chose the mediterranean diet because it seems to be about healty food choices.

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Posted: 01 Feb 2012, 09:58
Hello,I will be 69 in two weeks and am trying to get serious about weight loss and a healthier lifestyle!!Have serious lower back pain and somedays I can hardly get out of bed,Had x rays taken and have a degenerating disc.I don't exercise but try to walk a little everyday even when the weather is bad.Life is good and I really don't like to complain just need to try harder.CLin Oregon

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Posted: 01 Feb 2012, 12:20
I will be 70 in Feb. I started eating an apple for breakfast and If I feel like I'm getting hungry I will eat celery or maybe a green pepper for lunch. I eat a full meal for dinner. So far I feel good except for being cold all the time.

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Posted: 01 Feb 2012, 14:38
Hi I am 67 years young and dieting for the first time in my life so I may be termed a 'diet virgin'. I have been on medication for 18 months during which I have put on over a stone [14 pounds] in weight and as a result lots of my clothes don't fit. Two weeks ago I had an operation and as a result I'm off the drugs. Great!!
I now have no excuse; but I'm trying to count calories as in the end, every diet is ultimately about calories. BUT in two weeks since surgery I've gone up and lost weight resulting in being the same weight. Very frustrating. Do I have to join a group such as 'Slimmers World?' Can they unlock something I can't by counting calories?
I'd be grateful for any advice.

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Posted: 01 Feb 2012, 20:02
Hi, all! I'm new. I am 64, have been a yo-yo dieter all my life, never can manage to keep it off after losing, and gain it all back. I am hoping this time I will actually manage to lose it and keep it off for good. Would be delighted to have buddies. I live in Missouri, alone except for my dogs and cats. Love to read, cook (trying to resist making things I know I can't resist), spend a lot of time online. Desperately need to be more active, but very hard for me, especially this time of year.
Changing my relationship with food.
Aunt Keeks

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Posted: 01 Feb 2012, 20:22
You ladies amaze me!! Hope I am as energetic and connected when I am in my 60s and 70s!!
You can get there from here.

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Posted: 01 Feb 2012, 20:24
I'm 60, started my diet 28 days ago. I've lost 20 pounds and have 17 more to go. I'll reach that goal in another month. Yeah, I know. That's too fast. I've heard that before. Last time I lost this fast it stayed off for 20 years. I'm healthy and feel good all the time. I don't exercise.
casey stein

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Posted: 02 Feb 2012, 09:06
I will be 70 in March. Go to Curves 3-4 days per week. If you have United HeathCare Horizons it is covered under your insurance. I have lost 12 lbs. Am going to start the carb thing again as I do have success with this. Have dieted all my life. Some of us just have too.

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Posted: 03 Feb 2012, 10:02
I can sympathise with Claylady about her back. It limits the kinds of exercise I can do. Counting calories and getting enough fiber and protein is the key for me. Keep trying.

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Posted: 03 Feb 2012, 11:38
Hi I'm 63 and am looking for a friend too! I am just trying not to overeat, in other words, eating slowly and stopping when I am full and shopping wisely so I have good food around not things with a lot of sugar and fat. I walk a little. Should walk more; I like it!

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Posted: 03 Feb 2012, 13:09
I turned 60 yesterday and woke up feeling 100. I went though chemo and radiation 3 years ago and have beat 2 cancers since then, but the after affects on my joints and general body seem to be aging me in ways I never thought possible for my body. I have gained 30 pounds in that time and have had one joint after another go bad. Don't know which caused what first, but my doctors say if I do not lose the wt. and exercise things can only get worse and that the lack of exercise and extra weight actually puts me at a higher risk for other cancers. In the last few months my hip has been so painful I am basically only burning about 2 calories a day and so bored eating it the only "fun" thing to do. (waiting for medicare to approve hip surgery now) I go to Pool physical therapy about 3 or 4 days a week and have found that modified yoga does not further injure my joints - but at this point motivation is lacking and it's way too easy to just get lost in TV all day and eat every time a yummy commercial is on. I have found I eat less if I tape programs and fast forward through the commercials and I keep only good foods in the house, stopped going to fast foods too.

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Posted: 03 Feb 2012, 19:21
Looks like you have met plenty of friends. I'm glad. Suellen, dance--belly dancing is great exercise. I think we need to do what we love. Try something you haven't done since you were a kid. I hula-hoop, not well, but it's fun and exercise.

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Posted: 06 Feb 2012, 06:57
Glad to meet you. Hope you will stick to a plan of healthy eating, with your friends' encouragement.
I need support, as well, so hope that you will be there for me too!
Have a great day!

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