Where does my motivation go?

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 21:07
Ill start off the week fine, Ill wake up on Monday morning, exercise pack a healthy lunch, stay away from junk food. But by the end of the week Im sleeping in and craving Carne Asada fries and a BIG COKE! GGRR!!! I dont understand where the lack of wanting to succeed in this goes? By the time the weekend hits, Ive given myself a massive guilt trip and start planning my assault on my weight yet again, only to start the whole cycle all over again. WHAT DO I DO??? Sad

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Posted: 08 Nov 2011, 06:32
I am unfortunately in the same boat. Monday morning full of all these wonderful ideas of what I am going to accomplish. Friday rolls around and realize have not done any of them. Saturday to bummed out to do anything, Sunday do the mad dash to complete something.
If you come up with any suggestions can you please let me know too.

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Posted: 08 Nov 2011, 06:36
The only suggestion. Stop allowing yourself to come up with excuses.
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Posted: 08 Nov 2011, 06:58
Its easy to make goals and plans when you are rested and full of energy, its pushing though the tired part when all you want is your comfort food that is the true test. You gotta just keep going, if ya fall get up and go again. After time your body/mind adjust and it gets easier.

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Posted: 15 Nov 2011, 10:49
same here folks, but like serafano says...we need to stop making excuses. Ive started taking it one day at a time, not just starting on Mondays. I pray everyday for help w self discipline and motivation. Ive also done allot of research and started preplanning and pre-preparing meals too. it helps me stick to the plan bc i cant afford to throw away food so i eat it instead of goin for the junk. ive changed the way i look at weight loss, i can no longer see long distance, i'm only looking for the end of each day. just keep saying "do good today, get thru today, eat right today, exercise today, ...tomorrows troubles are sufficient for themselves anyway. good luck

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Posted: 16 Nov 2011, 01:01
I,too have this problem. My brother (after I made a similar comment to him))told me that I was making excuses and as long as I keep thinking of this in terms of a diet (read: temporary)--not a lifestyle then I will continue the vicious cycle. I was kind of angry when he told me this, but later on I thought about it and he is right! When you believe that something is a part of your life or lifestyle then you won't make room for anything else that is not in alignment with it.

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Posted: 18 Nov 2011, 23:56
I have this problem too unfortunately!
I will plan all the workouts and meal schedules, but once the weekend hits it's like bam I fall off the wagon all over again! And I am sick of it. I want to be able to make it through a whole week just to show myself I am capable of doing it but I just need motivation!

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Posted: 19 Nov 2011, 06:51
You got to stop thinking of it as a diet and you got to stop thinking that one day of breaking the new routine is going to be a make or break it all.

If you cannot stick to your new routine for one week you have taken it too far. Calm down, this is for life, you have a long time to perfect it. Try baby steps, one week you can make better breakfast choices, when that is incorporated move on to lunches, do both breakfast and lunches. Then Dinner as well. By that time you are ready to add in excersise, slowly. And if you fail on one of these things that does not mean the day is ruined, you need to keep up with good lunch choices even if breakfast was a failure.

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Posted: 19 Nov 2011, 07:04
Make a goal sheet -- write down what your short term goals are (weekly or monthly). Then write down your long term goals. Write down where you started. Write down what losing weight will mean for you. (a smaller dress size, more energy, better health, looking and feeling better).

Periodically look over your goals, see how far you have come. For me, that is what keeps me going. The other thing you can do is to write down your thoughts/feelings when you are about to overindulge. Is it because you are bored, tired, stressed, or is it just because it is the weekend?? You have to find some way of breaking the habit of over doing it on the weekend - maybe find some activities that keep you away from the food.

I agree 100% that you have to find a plan that works for you, if you can not figure out how to stay on task for one week, then maybe you are not ready to lose this weight. You have to WANT it more than anything else. You can not think of this as a "diet" as when you lose the weight and the "diet" is over - what happens then? You have to think of it as living a healthier lifestyle if you want to keep the weight off forever. That's not saying you can never overindulge, but most thin people don't overindulge every weekend.
Find out what motivates you and focus on that. And just DO IT!!

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Posted: 19 Nov 2011, 09:16
I noticed you do not always write down the food you eat..... Write it down... Make yourself accountable. If you binge ... Still write it down - take your calories as a weekly average. Maybe STOP eating one thing you know you are going to binge on - do it for 2 weeks, by that time you may find that your not that bothered. Maybe set your calorie intake to low on Monday and Tuesday, higher Wednesday, low thursday and Friday and higher Saturday - Sunday in the middle. You can then PLAN the "nice things you love" into those days (always remembering pick one thing NOT to have). Doing it like this will also fool your body into thinking, it is getting the calories it needs, on your higher days. So it will let go of the weight quicker. Depends how much you REALLY want it.
" Success is what you make it, there's no better time to make a change than the present."

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Posted: 19 Nov 2011, 09:32
thanks, all, for your virtual kick-in-the-pants.
~ Laura ~
I can't hear my lame excuses, la la la la la la la

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Posted: 19 Nov 2011, 10:09
There is one silly thing I like to do in order to motivate myself to stick to my diet and exercise. I search online for pictures of men in their bathing suits. Then I select two images. One of a fit man who looks to be about the same build I want to be. And one of a chunky man who clearly has no business being anywhere near a pair of shorts.

Who they are doesn't matter but I put the chunky guy's picture up on the fridge. This way every time I see him standing there I'm reminded to make healthy food choices.

I put fit guy's picture in the corner of the full-length mirror outside the bathroom. This way I'm reminded of my goal every time I stand in the mirror. The goal of all this is not to give myself an unrealistic ideal body image of course. Its more like, I'm trying to remind myself that in between chunky guy and fit guy are choices I have to make. Choices between what feels good and what IS good.
- Once when I was becoming frustrated with the slow pace of my weight loss my sister offered me some sound advice. She told me: "You didn't get fat in one week so you can't expect to get thin in one week."

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Posted: 19 Nov 2011, 12:02
I'll admit I didn't read ALL of the comments first, so sorry if this is repeated! Here are some general thoughts:

1. Think about what your motivation is. I used to just want to "be thin," and I would always fail. Then, I decided I wanted to run a marathon. Having that specific goal really helped everything fall into place. I still didn't get a slim as you would imagine a marathon runner to be though. Recently, I decided I want to be STRONG and HEALTHY and generally kick butt. I started lifting and strength training. (I don't even step on the scale any more. I'm not saying the scale is bad, but it just doesn't have a place in where I am.) But if your motivation is to look good for spring break, for a wedding/event, etc. that probably isn't going to get it. Get into the right mindset - this is long term, it is your LIFE. I'm finally at a point where I'd say how I look is 40% of my motivation and being strong is 60%. I still have a ways to go, but I'm getting in the right direction.

2. Throw away any food you don't want to eat. Get rid of it. Grocery shop when you aren't hungry, and only buy real food (meat, fruit, veggies, etc.... personally my body feels like crap if I eat a lot of grains but everyone is different). Make sure you always have something that you can eat at home; feeling like you have no good options/nothing to eat is awful.

3. Consider if your goals are reasonable. Take a week and just eat how you normally do, and write EVERYTHING down. If someone finds out they're eating 3,000 calories a day, it isn't realistic to decide you only want to eat 1600 calories a day. You're setting yourself up for failure. If someone is eating 3,000 calories a day, it's much more realistic to set a goal of 2,600 or so calories a day and drop from there. You need to set goals to set yourself up to succeed. This isn't an all or nothing - it's about small realistic changes. Remember, this isn't a 'diet' - this is changing the way you live. Yes, you may have cravings you have to ignore, but you shouldn't be feeling legitimately HUNGRY. If you want to eat something, and you offer yourself some veggies and chicken and you say no... then you aren't hungry.

If someone weights 270 pounds, and wants to get to 160, they have to hit 260 first.

If I want to dead lift 225 (my current long term goal), I have to lift 175 first (I'm lifting 165 now). Yes it's great for me to have that long term goal, but I need to give myself credit for smaller victories!

4. Keep records and write stuff down - even if it's ugly. Because no matter what you write down, your body is going to keep an accurate record of it.

5. Find a lifestyle that is SUSTAINABLE. If you HATE running, that probably shouldn't be your form of exercise. Granted, almost everyone doesn't love working out when they start... because it IS hard. But find something you like. For me, I need a gym with a strong sense of community - I love walking in somewhere that everyone knows my name and encourages me.

Best of luck Smile

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Posted: 21 Nov 2011, 08:46
It sounds like you may have a sleep deficit. I'm hoping that if you try to make sure you get a decent amount of rest (7-9 hours) on most nights (and about the same on weekends), you will find it easier to maintain control over the weekends/holidays. It really, really makes a difference for me. Best wishes!
Carole in Boston

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Posted: 21 Nov 2011, 16:37
yea ive been in that predicament as well...i eat great, and will do two mile runs three times weekly, along with turbo jam workouts atleast once a week. I drink water and try to count every single calorie. This goes on for about two weeks, then I weigh in. I see ive lost nothing and am discouraged. I just dont lose!!! So the latest thing ive done is kinda harsh and unrealistic but it seems to work. I taped some victoria secret models to my fridge. Really seems to deter me from opening it up unless im truly in need of a regular meal, not just boredom food. So far its kept me honest...lol

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Posted: 22 Nov 2011, 04:30
I identify. What is helping me lately is making myself do 10 min of exercise- which then most often turns into more. Also, quoting the 90 year old who simply states that her brain commands her body what to do. So I do that self talk to my body to obey. Hope this can take me thru with prayer.

Lost my edge socializing and celebrating BD. preparing for the holidays to avoid all of that. Not cooking anything I don't want to eat.

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Posted: 24 Nov 2011, 09:38
Sk1nnyfuture wrote:
I noticed you do not always write down the food you eat..... Write it down... Make yourself accountable. If you binge ... Still write it down - take your calories as a weekly average. Maybe STOP eating one thing you know you are going to binge on - do it for 2 weeks, by that time you may find that your not that bothered. Maybe set your calorie intake to low on Monday and Tuesday, higher Wednesday, low thursday and Friday and higher Saturday - Sunday in the middle. You can then PLAN the "nice things you love" into those days (always remembering pick one thing NOT to have). Doing it like this will also fool your body into thinking, it is getting the calories it needs, on your higher days. So it will let go of the weight quicker. Depends how much you REALLY want it.

This is SO true and I just realized a couple days ago that I am not being consistent with tracking my food intake. And, of course, I stop tracking when I eat something so high in calories that I don't want to know how many calories I took in. I'm a lot less likely to eat unhealthy food when I am tracking my food. I'm glad I saw this post because it's a reminder that I'm not the only one going through this!!!

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Posted: 10 Dec 2011, 01:15
I actually got into a bigger rut but it ended up being a good thing. I am back on track after starting to write down my food intake vs. depending on this website ALONE to get it done. Keeping a hardcopy journal is a big help and so were all of these suggestions! Life got difficult for reasons not having to do with my diet and exercise= real life got in the way. You gotta work out the big issues before you can work on the little ones. So far I'm glad that I re-learned how to start drinking water and stopped eating french fries! Very Happy

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Posted: 10 Dec 2011, 10:33
So many wonderful suggestions. I can really relate to your original post and its great that folks have posted loads of ideas and helpful tips. Something that has stuck with me from doing Lighter Life in the past is the idea of getting away from negative self talk, cycles and patterns of negative, unhelpful thoughts and behaviour. If you think negative things about yourself or your eating (i.e. I've failed again, why can't I do this? Better plan "my assault on my weight yet again" etc.) that then leads to negative feelings and following through with negative behaviour/actions. You get stuck in a cycle of guilt trips and repeated attempts that ultimately lead to failing AGAIN which leads to guilt trips etc. etc. it goes.

I don't think theres one answer to break free of the cycle, but I know I make a consious effort not to use negative language and not to beat myself up subconciously. Its easier said than done but it definately helps me. I'm sure all the suggestions above, particularly anything about writing a journal (as long as it is positive and not just about slagging yourself off and having a dig when things go wrong) will really help.

Best of luck to everyone who is going through this at the moment and thanks again for all the great suggestions
“To climb steep hills requires slow pace at first.” ~William Shakespeare
“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.” ~Christopher Robin
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Posted: 10 Dec 2011, 16:40
Hey there guys... Your's truly is just the same. But I have learnt a little trick this week. I don't know if it will work for others. But whilst the family were scoffing down junk food. I was having a bit of theres and nibbling on carrot sticks or lettuce leaves at the same time. Sounds silly but it has worked thus far and I only have the odd chip rather than half a plate full. I know I am still picking, but it's a pick and not a full meal. Make sense. Your taste buds are still getting the same feel... Just less of it.
I don't know how long it will last but it has lasted 3 junk food serves. So cross my fingers it will last longer and eventually fade out. With me it has always been baby steps. I can never just quit things. I have to work at them.
Anyway, just a tip, I thought might help. Smile
Take care, stay healty.
If at first I seem a little weird, then it's pretty likely I am. Smile

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