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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 09:00 lose your excess weight? I wanted to lose around 40 lbs. Based on crash diets in the past, I thought I can do it in 3 months. I have just reached my 6 months anniversary and lost 24 lbs. I am very happy with my weight loss. But if I had known how long it would take, I might have never started. Scary thought! It will probably take another 4 to 5 months to lose the rest but I don't mind. I am doing it the healthy way and I am so much happier. Smile
"Think you can, think you can't; either way, you'll be right."-Henry Ford

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 09:33
Last time I did this(starting over 8 years ago & starting @ a slightly higher weight than this time), following Weight Watchers, I lost 100 lbs in 11 months. Over the next 8 months I lost 34 lbs, & still hadn't reached my goal. I yo-yo'd for the next several months, stopped, started again a couple of times, then, due to some severely emotional, stress filled personal issues, I gave up, & gave into comfort food therapy, even though I knew it was ruining my health again.
I don't know how long it will take me this time. I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far (30 lbs in 11 weeks, as of last Friday), although it's daunting to realize how far I have to go still. This site is helping a lot--the people around me, for the most part, don't even realize that I've lost weight, because except for some looser clothes, it doesn't really show yet. I'm hoping by this time next year I'll be a lot closer to my goal.

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 10:43
What are you doing as far as dieting goes? What are you eatting and excersising. I'd say 30lbs in 11 weeks is awesome...if you keep on that road you'll do great! I have 25 to go. I started doing the 90 day challange and I've lost about 10 in the past month by doing the following program ( if you want to check out how it works check out the site I provided
Keep up the great work!

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 11:09
My goal was to loose 70 pounds... I never thought in my wildest dreams I would achieve it.... Based on the past, I estimated it would take 10-12 months _- and I was right about the time frame - not about the achievement Smile
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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 11:30
I truly thought I would be able to lose 2 to 3 pounds per week easily. However, I did not take my age in consideration. I have been losing on an average of 1.75 pounds per week more like 1 pound really, but I have gone off the program twice in the two months but I have consistently kept up the walking. I am disappointed that I will not have lost a substantial amount before the holidays. I started at 223 and I am currently stuck on 209 due to a candy binge during Halloween. However, I feel that as long as I can lose 1 pound a week that I will continue to learn how to eat properly and get over my addiction to sweets. So, I am estimating now that I will reach my goal of 69 more pounds by September 2012. Therefore, it will have taken me a year to lose 84 pounds.

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 13:11
I'd say healthy and long term weight loss is good at about 5 pounds a month loss. That way it stays off for good. If you lose too much too quickly it'll creep back up on you.

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 13:43
It took me six months to lose 42 lbs. My girlfriend is taking longer. I can also eat more than her without stalling but I think its because I am a man. The initial drop during induction gave me enough results not to sweat how long it was likely to take. I knew it was coming off. I haven't had any regrets or thoughts of giving up.

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 15:33
My Doctor asked me the same question back in June. I told him that I didn't know but maybe it would take a year. He wanted to make sure that I didn't have any unrealistic expectations. I am almost 51 so it takes a little more work, at least for me, so I figure that I will get there whenever, be happy with each pound lost and continue eating healthy so I don't gain the weight back.
ava flynn

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 15:38
I gave myself a year to get to a weight that i could be happy with.

I got intouch with a dietian and a councillor, the most important thing for me was to deal with my emotional food eating.

6 months later and im 6stone lighter, it has been a fantastic roller coaster of a ride and the "time scale" is no longer an issue as it is now a lifestyle!


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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 15:43
I knew once I put my mind to it losing weight it would come off fairly fast since I had previously lost 80 pounds in 9 months. This time around it took me just over 3 months to lose my first 40 pounds which is faster than I thought it would take. I am working on my last 40 now and I know it will take much longer. The problem with me is not losing weight, for some reason that comes easy to me, but keeping the weight off. Last time I lost a huge amount (10 years ago) I joined the military, which totally threw me off my eating plan and I gained it all back (plus some) over the next decade. This time I am not expecting any major changes and I will hopefully be able to maintain my new, low, weight.
New MrsRando

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 15:54
I estimated it would take about a year. I more than I expected at first which has put me ahead of schedule but it seems that my body really only wants to lose about 4 lbs a month (if that) which is what my short term goals are so it works. I have to just remind myself that slow and steady wins the race!

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 17:38
I have a lot of weight to lose, total goal is the 150lb range. When I decided I was going to change my lifestyle, I decided not to focus on the huge long term goal. I gave myself smaller goals, with my first one being a total of 52lbs to lose by January 1, 2012. I changed my life on July 18, this was not a lot of time! I figured I may have set my timeline too short, but we will see what happens and regardless of what the numbers say, I wanted to make myself feel better in general.

Surprisingly I've kept ahead of my first goal and as of my weigh in this morning, I am down 42 pounds. I've had a few gaining weeks, but I've tried to keep after myself and not punish myself for any gains either...just start fresh and keep going. I've changed how I eat, what I eat, the portions I eat and have just had an overall attitude change. I do feel better already and I feel better about myself. I really hope I can keep it all up and see that total weigh lost goal of ~150 lbs by roughly January 1, 2013.

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 18:27
With 190 to lose (modified to 200), I thought it would take 2 years. The first 100 came off quicker than I imagined, but now that I'm weight training, it seems very very slow. It may yet take 2 years, but I'd be happier with 18 months.

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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 20:15
Great topic LaraStar. I started my journey in mid July. I wanted to lose 30 lbs by the end of Oct. I thought I was being reasonable. I was off...I'm hoping by only 2-3 months. I am hoping to be at my goal weight within the first month of 2012. Here's hoping.

I am very happy with my progress b/c I know I have done it the healthy way. I now know that will yield the best and most permanent results. More importantly I have learned so much that is crucial to living a healthy life. The saying goes, "You don't know what you don't know". So true. I thought I knew what was healthy but have now learned that it goes into so much more depth. I am now just starting to peel the union on the know how of being healthy, fit and eating right.


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Posted: 07 Nov 2011, 20:48
Quite an interesting question. I have not set a timeline at all. I know where I want to go and I will go there, not matter how long it takes (it will be long since I am losing like a snail is moving). With Induction I am quite happy since I can have meat. Don't need bread that much. Another advantage I see i that the longer it takes the more the lifestyle will get ingrained into the system and errors are less likely.
I am sure my recent weigh goal will not be my final goal, depends on how I feel when I get there.

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Posted: 08 Nov 2011, 00:41
My original goal was to lose 100 lbs. I took a deep breath and set the bar high - I gave myself one year to do this. I went all in, dedicated myself to it like my life depended on it (which it essentially did!), and when the year had passed I had lost not only the 100 lbs, but an additional 45 lbs!
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I went from morbidly obese to being the owner of TABDIG - a weight loss coaching service that helps people worldwide losing weight. It's been an amazing journey. From October 4th 2010 to April 3rd 2012 I lost half my body weight - 80 kilos/170 lbs. Since then, I have had two cosmetic surgeries to remove excess skin. I have now quadrupled my strength, gained several kilos in muscle mass, and today I focus on building muscle, optimizing my diet, living healthy and helping people to reach the very same goals. I am stronger, healthier, thinner, happier! If you feel that you need help losing weight, don't hesitate to send me an inbox message.

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Posted: 08 Nov 2011, 05:15
Wow you guys! You all have had realistic expectations right from the start. Not like me (and one of my buddies Wink) who thought I could lose it within a few weeks. But as ava flynn said, it is a new lifestyle and time doesn't matter now. You are all amazing people and I know you will succeed Smile
"Think you can, think you can't; either way, you'll be right."-Henry Ford

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Posted: 08 Nov 2011, 11:39
I thought I would lose 76 pounds in a year, but so far it been a year and 8 months and I've lost 51-- which is about 2.5 pounds a month, if you average it. I've still got 25 to go and hopefully I'll lose that this next year. Sometimes I look back and think I should be at my goal already, but mostly I'm really happy with my pace. I stopped in the middle for 6 months and maintained pretty easily, which gives me hope that I can maintain again. I think this has definitely been more of a lifestyle change than I ever expected and I'm happy about that. Congratulations everyone on your amazing losses!

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Posted: 08 Nov 2011, 14:22
For me it took 4 months (February, March, April & May) to lose 25 lbs and tone up in a relatively responsible, sustainable manner. I've lost weight faster before but never in healthy ways. I may have wanted/expected to drop 30 pounds in 2 months but that's bonkers, unsafe and unsustainable. So since May, my weight has been steadier than it has ever been in my life. 6 months of maintenance may not sound like much to others, but for me it is a victory that I have neither regained weight nor relapsed into anorexia. It's definitely been a challenge to get the weight off and then to maintain in the right way, but I now feel like I can keep going - and don't feel so much like I must always be terribly rigid or deprived.

I also got stuck for a while on wanting to lose the last 4 or 5 pounds to reach my goal weight, but now I can see that my goal weight might be too low. I don't think it hurts to keep it as a motivator though so I maintain. Keeps me on my toes.

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Posted: 16 Nov 2011, 09:09
Great job, ginnyray! It's awesome that you've been able to maintain and not relapse. Good luck on continuing maintenance!

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