Can someone please explain this to me?!

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Posted: 01 Sep 2011, 10:32
I would like to know, how it's possible to have gained 5 pounds after 2 months of working out at the gym 4X/week?!

I have a really good diet(except for weekends)and when i'm at the gym i put in 100% effort, but see very little results. I find it hard to believe that i've gain 5lbs in muscle but have no change in my body. I also find it hard to believe that i've gained another 5lbs in fat.

Can somone please give me some tips on what I might be doing wrong? I've had thoughts that maybe i'm not doing enough cardio. Could that be the reason why?

I split my days alpahbetically like this:
A)arms(all parts of arms)and Abs
B)back and chest and abs
L)legs and abs
all after a 10-15 minute warm up on the eliptical.

One day a week i also just do a more cardio-based day. Like maybe 20-30 mins on the eliptical, burpees, mostly things to keep up my heart rate.

I'm about ready to give up, it's so dishearteneing. Please help!

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Posted: 01 Sep 2011, 11:47
Are you recording everything you eat in a food journal? If you aren't, you may be ingesting more calories then you think. There can also be a tendency to think "Oh I worked out today, it's OK if I eat this chocolate/ice cream/french fries/second helping/etc". That mentality usually leads to a calorie surplus instead of a calorie deficit.

In addition, while the scale may not be showing the results you want, are you taking measurements to see if those have changed? Are your clothes fitting better?

It sounds like you should up your cardio. You may not be burning as many calories as you think.

Lastly, it can take awhile for results to show sometimes. Just remember it's a marathon, not a sprint. If you really are doing the right things (eating right and exercising), the scale will eventually go down. Keep it up!

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Posted: 01 Sep 2011, 12:26
If you are just starting out, take your measurements! It took me a couple of months before I had any movement on the scale but I'd lost inches in the meantime.

I think I agree with you that you're not doing enough cardio. You should strive to get your heartrate up for at least 30 minutes during your workouts.

You probably need to be holding yourself more accountable by logging your calories more closely and logging even on weekends. Sharing your diet calendar with this community will help keep you accountable too.

You can do it, you just need to buckle down a bit more!

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Posted: 02 Sep 2011, 01:23
I can tell you why this happened:
You gained muscle mass.

If you're really doing workouts like that, then you should give it another month before abandoning your efforts. You'll really start seeing results in a couple more weeks. Also, record what you eat, don't lie to yourself about what you eat, etc.

Measure yourself, as those numbers won't lie.

Also, you might want to think about switching your days up and adding a minimum of 15 minutes of intense cardio to your workout 2-3 times per week. Your scheduled workouts might look like this:

A+crd,L,B+crd; Don't forget that a 30min jog
L+crd,A,B+crd; is awesome even on a day off!!
A,B+crd,L+crd Get that cardio, girl!

Keep it going, lady. Your routine sounds great.
Also: (zuzana rules), this sticky post from 4chan's health & fitness board (no trollz, I promise!)
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Posted: 02 Sep 2011, 12:06
I think you may need more cardio. I know healthy people that eat badly over the weekend like you do and they are fit. Their trick is to limit their portion size...but it may just not work for your body. It doesn't work for everyone.
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Posted: 05 Sep 2011, 19:30
I am having the same exact problem as you! I've been going to bootcamp 3xs/week and everyone else in my class and friends outside of class are all losing weight and I keep losing the same 2lbs over and over. This past week I started recording my food again and counting my calories. I've noticed that I'm eating way too much simple carbs. Start switching to complex carbs, brown rice, quinoa, veggies and start eating more proteins. I just lost a little over a pound this week. I was eating too much candy, fat-free stuff and eating out too much. Start from there. I've also just learned that 80% of successful weight loss haas to do with diet, and exercise is the other 20%. Start with what you're eating first, that's the key. It's taken this long but I'm finally realizing this myself. Good Luck!

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Posted: 05 Sep 2011, 20:29
20-30 minutes of cardio, daily without exception, is the only way you are going to see consistent weight loss. You also have to eat less calories. You don't have to go all out on the elliptical machine, just jump on the elliptical or treadmill and go at a pace where your heart rate is 130 or higher, usually this is brisk walk or a little more/less

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Posted: 05 Sep 2011, 20:31
trvggg wrote:
20-30 minutes of cardio, daily without exception, is the only way you are going to see consistent weight loss. You also have to eat less calories. You don't have to go all out on the elliptical machine, just jump on the elliptical or treadmill and go at a pace where your heart rate is 130 or higher, usually this is brisk walk or a little more/less

If you watch the biggest loser (I don't get my information from there) they do 2 x 30 minutes cardio sessions at first, no weights, when you have a lot to lose, it really is the only thing your body needs. Then of course you need balanced full cardio/strength training.

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Posted: 06 Sep 2011, 14:00
It's all relative and depends on what works for you. Some like to do more cardio, some like to watch their diet closer. Personally I hate cardio so I took my diet and am completely OCD about it. Some background info: I have been lifting for about 2 yrs and went from 220 (post college) to 255+ (bf 30%+)working out 5 days a week because I had no idea how important nutrition was. I got stronger but felt horrible and out of breath doing little things. I learned that it would take hours of cardio every day to outwork a bad diet and like I said, I HATE cardio.

This website has free calculators and if you do the Katch McCardle method they are pretty darn close. I use the one above and the macronutrient calculator. I have my macronutrients goals set out for the day and try to hit them 6 days a week with the other day, usually leg day, being a "eat whatever I want within reason" day. I don't deprive myself either. If I want a donut, I get a donut. If buddies come over and want to bbq and drink, cool. I just work my macros so it fits somewhere in the ballpark of where I need to be. Just make that the exception not the rule. If you input your next day's food on here or eat similiar items all week it is much easier to hit those macro goals. I lift 4 days a week(heavy) and do 20min of light cardio after each weight session. This works for me as I have been dropping 1-2 lbs a week consistently for months and am now down to 225 at about 16% bf while maintaining and even increasing my strength. The key is finding what works for you, not what you feel comfortable doing, but what works. Hope that helps Smile
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Posted: 06 Sep 2011, 15:19
Weight loss is mostly diet. You don't need to do cardio every day to lose weight. You need to look at what you are eating. Fat loss is done in the kitchen.

If your measurements are the same and you can't see any changes in the mirror, it is doubtful that you've gained muscle. I can't tell your gender from your profile, but the most you can hope to gain is 1 lbs. of muscle a month if you are female. That is if you do everything right and lift heavy.

Find a real lifting program designed by a pro. You'll get better results. Lift heavy. If you want to do cardio, do HIT. But cardio is not necessary to lose weight.

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Posted: 06 Sep 2011, 15:45
A weekend of bad choices, can ruin a whole week of good ones.

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Posted: 06 Sep 2011, 15:57
Take your measurments. Seriously, you are working out, more than likely are retaining fluid.

It takes a woman 1 month to gain 1 pound of noticable muscle gain (I believe that is what I have read) However; in that time your body will be changing.

Secondly record all of your food - you may have some portion distortion going on which is why you are gaining and not losing.

And lastly - Do not quit, the scale may not be moving but your body is healthier. Measure things like how heavy you are lifting (if its more than when you started - awesome) endurance, etc. There are so many ways to see if you are succeeding the scale is just one.

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Posted: 07 Sep 2011, 08:57
yes, cardio is not necessary, you are correct, especially if you weigh 110 pounds.. A good diet alone will definitely make you lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Most people on fatsecret and also who are impatient about losing weight though, will need to do cardio daily to put a significant dent in their weight loss program, not to mention the other benefits to your heart, endurance and other systems cardio helps with.

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Posted: 07 Sep 2011, 09:16
No not really. You don't need to do cardio to lose weight. Even if you are 300lbs. It can't hurt, but your weight loss is 80-90% through food. It is much easier to eat 100 calories under maintenance than to do 100 calories worth of cardio. On top of that, if you do too much cardio you risk losing muscle.

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Posted: 07 Sep 2011, 09:25
I think you'll definitely benefit from more cardio. You also should be tracking your eating more closely, especially early on. I'd wager you're consuming more calories than you think you are - or you're consuming the wrong kinds of calories.

Bear in mind also that a what you see in the mirror is altered by your mind. You may not "see" a change but there may be one. I've been working on this process for close to 6 weeks and don't feel like I've lost much weight (I don't have a good starting number to work from, but I've lost less than 10 pounds I think), but other people say they're noticing a difference. Where I do see a difference is in how my pants are fitting. I've lost close to an inch off my waist thus far, and I've been kind of slacking in the exercise department.

Yesterday, after a more intense session on the elliptical machine than I've had before, I've decided to dump the stationary bike and just hammer the elliptical like there's no tomorrow for 30 solid minutes every day.

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Posted: 07 Sep 2011, 10:07
If you don't want to be on a treadmill/elliptical to up your cardio you can adjust your strength routines to incorporate more total body movements. Throw in some sets of burpies, tripod, jump rope, walking lunges, ice skaters ... some type of movement that elevates the heart rate and then go back to squats or curls.

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Posted: 07 Sep 2011, 10:46
Maybe it's all turning to muscle which is heavier than fat so hence the weight gain rather than weight loss?

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Posted: 07 Sep 2011, 12:17
Poolar wrote:
Maybe it's all turning to muscle which is heavier than fat so hence the weight gain rather than weight loss?
Muscle is not heavier than fat. A pound is a pound.

Muscle is denser than fat (it is heavier for a given volume).

Fat doesn't "turn into" muscle. You can build muscle while breaking down fat, but there isn't a magic conversion of one into the other.

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