I have been dieting for 3 - 4 weeks and nothing!!!! What am I doing wrong??

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Posted: 22 Aug 2011, 14:56
I have never been one to excersice, hence my 265# frame. But for the last 3-4 weeks, i have been hitting the gym 3 days a week. I do 40 minutes on weight machines, 20-30 on treadmill at 3.5 MPH, and 10 min in excercise bike as warm up. My caloric intake has been averaging 1500 to 1750. I am really frustrated with it. This week, I am cutting out all white grains, and really watching the sugar intake. I drink only black coffee in morning and water the rest of the day. No diet pop and no add ins with the water. If someone could look at my journal, maybe you have some insight for me??
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Posted: 22 Aug 2011, 15:22
You'll have to make your food diary public first. My FatSecret > my account > Share my Weight, Journal & Calendar With Everyone.
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Posted: 22 Aug 2011, 15:27
kstubblefield wrote:
You'll have to make your food diary public first. My FatSecret > my account > Share my Weight, Journal & Calendar With Everyone.


but also, perhaps picking a steady caloric intake for a bit rather than varying it daily will help. you could do like 1600 all week and then bump it up on weekends or something. You say no changes are happening, have you taken measurments? I know that my weightloss is slow - almost nothing due to a health thing... but I have lost 16.5" and my BF has went from 51.2% to 49.2% so there are changes just not in the number.

Remember muscle weighs the same as fat but takes up less space so if you have lost a pound of fat but gained a pound of muscle the scale will not change but the way you look will change.

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Posted: 22 Aug 2011, 16:16
First, how accurately are you recording your intake? Are you measuring or weighing your food? Do you eat out a lot? Restaurant estimates leave a lot of room for error and likewise if you're still eyeballing portions. Are there any calories you aren't accounting for? Salad dressing, coffee creamer, ketchup, butter, etc can add a lot of extra cals that you didn't know you were eating. Consuming alcohol regularly can also stall weight loss even if you're accounting for the calories.

Ditto what Pixi says with measuring- have you noticed any changes with how your clothes fit, increased muscle definition, or anything like that? Weight loss can sometimes take some time to show up on the scale when all your other indicators say that you ARE losing fat.

If the previous options don't account for it, then look at the size of your deficits. How big are they? I weigh nearly 100 lbs less than you and I'm still losing while eating a bit more than you (although I do exercise 2-3 more days each week). Try to keep your deficits to 1,000 cals a day- that should be on par with 2 lbs a week weight loss, which is really the max you should be aiming for, anyway. They might be larger than that right now and bigger doesn't necessarily translate into more weight loss.

It sounds like you're doing the right things (although without seeing what you're eating its hard to say for sure). Keep tweaking things and eventually you'll figure it out. Everyone's body works a bit differently. You can try different types of exercise to keep your body from getting complacent, change up your levels of protein and healthy fats, change overall calorie levels, add higher claorie days, etc. And if you know you're logging you're food correctly, getting exercise, and not seeing any changes in your body at all, it might be worth it to see your doc and have your thyroid tested- most of the time it's something you're doing to sabotage your weight loss, but occasionally, there IS a medical reason.
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Posted: 22 Aug 2011, 16:19
Remember muscle weighs the same as fat but takes up less space so if you have lost a pound of fat but gained a pound of muscle the scale will not change but the way you look will change.

True, but it's highly unlikely that anybody trying to lose weight is also gaining any significant amount of muscle.

Normally I would recommend slight changes to fix somebody's weight loss stalls or whatever, but I'm very confused by your problem. If you really weigh 265 lbs, you shouldn't be having a lot of issues losing weight in the beginning. Really, just cutting back on some food and sneezing every once in a while should be enough to drop some pounds. So something else is off... maybe your scale hates you... that would certainly explain it. Smile
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Posted: 22 Aug 2011, 17:08
I have the same problem. But someone told me it's because I don't eat enough for the amount of activity I do ! now I'm trying to up my calorie intake to see if a miracle will happen!!

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Posted: 22 Aug 2011, 17:38
six small meals a day that way your eating every couple of hours has seemed to help me alot. I would recommend the diabetes diet. You get what you need and it is based on 6 small meals a day. If not interested in the diabetes diet, my trainer told me one protien and one veggie every meal, around 15 almonds = 1 protien, 1 low fat mozarella cheese stick = 1 protein. I love my laughing cow wedges with my celery Wink Good Luck!!!

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Posted: 22 Aug 2011, 18:37
eating breakfast is huge! make sure you are not just having coffee in the morning. you need to jump start your metabolism when you get up. if you skip breakfast your metabloism slows right down to conserve energy because you haven't given your body any fuel. that can totally cause stalls in weight loss.
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Posted: 23 Aug 2011, 05:25
I second Amanda88. Breakfast has made a HUGE difference for me too. I am not an b/fast person but since I started haveing it every single day, my attitute to food throughtout the day has changed and my body is processing much better.

I'd also say make small changes in your eating habits every week. like for ex, starting with a proper b/fast everyday on week 1. On week 2 make another change like having diner early. On week 3, you can reduce the carb in your diner (i cut it out altogether) and so on....

Good luck!
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Posted: 07 Sep 2011, 11:34
What seems to work for me is a combination of half an hour of cardio (~85% of MHR) before my first meal of the day. I try to maximize my carb and protein intake and minimize my fat intake. I get my most of my carbs through vegetables and fruits with a little bit of whole grain bread now and then. I also limit my intake of saturated fats by staying away from animal fats as much as I can.
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Posted: 07 Sep 2011, 13:44
This may sound weird, but I think you are not eating enough, and you are slowing down your metabolism. Your body may be in starvation mode. You shouldn't let your daily intake go below 1200 calories (basal metabolism). I would expect to see your RDI to be set at least 1800-1900 cals per day for healthy weight loss. I would increase your intake. It might take a week or so for your body to adjust its metabolism, but you will eventually get back on track.

Don't stress so much about cutting out this or that. I lost weight very effectively when about 50% of my calories were from fats. I drank diet sodas, used artificial sweeteners all the time. I ate meat in double portions. I just weighed and measured and logged all my calories.

You have to work out a diet you can live with. I wouldn't change the kinds of foods you eat, except eliminating junk foods and empty calories. I also agree that you should eat a good solid breakfast. No normal food is really bad. It's the amount you eat that makes you gain.

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Posted: 07 Sep 2011, 16:36
I second gnat824 comments regarding the accuracy of what you're recording because I don't see specific measurements. A 'medium chicken breast' could range from 200-800 calories depending on the exact ounces of the chicken breast. Also, it's nearly impossible to accurately record restaurant meals because you don't really know how many tablespoons of oil you are consuming in the olive garden salad or if they cooked your food in oil or butter. I would avoid restaurant meals until you can get your weight loss off and running. Another thing, you aren't consuming nearly enough fiber which is a big factor in weight loss. Aim to eat 30 or more grams of fiber from whole foods -fruit, veggies and healthy whole grains. Eat a balanced breakfast every morning to get your metabolism firing first thing and drink plenty of water (half your weight in ounces per day) to keep your digestive system and everything else functioning properly.

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Posted: 21 Aug 2012, 13:29
For your weight 1750 Cal is not enough. I had similar issue until a trainer told me I had to eat more (good) calories to lose weight. Maybe you should look into that !

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Posted: 31 Aug 2012, 00:53
I needed help every step of the way when I started my weight loss initially and so I opted for a personal weight loss plan by the Dukan diet. What I learnt was that it helps to follow a diet that is nutritious and sustainable in the long run to prevent your weight from yo-yoing. It would help to eat the right kinds of carbs found in whole grains, vegetables (except potatoes) and fruits, along with some kind of protein-rich food such as lean meat, seafood, tofu, soy and eggs. Exercise at least 4 times a week, if not every day. Your work out should ideally include some sort of cardio along with weight training exercises to help tone your body.

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