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Posted: 16 Aug 2011, 09:28
Hey everyone! Question I need to find some good workout ideas. I can not afford to go to the gym and i have a bad knee so running is not an option for me. I am looking for something to get the best results in the least amount of time. Do to my work schedule I dont have hours a day to work out. Suggestions would be great so I dont get bored with the same old stuff.

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Posted: 16 Aug 2011, 11:24
do you have cable? they have exercises on demand. you're only holding yourself back, exercise is exercise... instead of finding excuses for what you can't do, get out there and do what you can.

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Posted: 16 Aug 2011, 11:25
I have direct tv - wonder if there is something like that on there - I had never heard of that before. Thanks
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Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 10:30
Everybody likes music. I'm sure you like music too. 1h/2h everyday of fast and energic dancing at home can help!
I agree with Thewillie. Exercise is exercise. Just do it already!
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Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 10:33
Yoga. Weight/resistance training.
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Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 10:34
Maybe try walking??

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Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 10:48
Agree with those who said to stop making excuses, because you had a list of them in your post. Everyone has excuses to not do something challenging because let's face it, it's easier not to. It's easier to continue on with our lives as they are because over time we have structured them to follow a certain pattern, & that pattern has led you to where you are now.

If you don't want to continue gaining weight, guess what you have to do? Break that pattern. Get out of your comfort zone. Use that energy you're spending on thinking of the reasons you can't do stuff to be resourceful instead & find things you CAN do. Everyone can work extra activity into their day. Have a desk job? Set a reminder to get up every couple of hours & go for a 10 minute walk around the block. Park farther away from the store when you shop. Stand up when you talk on the phone at your desk.

robin5582 wrote:
I am looking for something to get the best results in the least amount of time.

I also wonder what you mean by "best results." That means something different to everyone. For some that means as much gravitational weight loss as possible. Sounds good right? Sure it does, as long as you don't care how you look when you've lost the weight. If you want to lose fat only, then you'll really have to start getting yourself educated on nutrition & fitness because that's harder to do.

I'll also tell you that fixating on getting this done FAST will not work in your favor. I'm sure you've heard that the faster you lose it, the faster you gain it back. From all accounts I've ever heard, that is true. Losing weight takes time & if you set expectations for X lbs to be gone in Y weeks or months, you're setting yourself up for disappointment. If you truly dedicate yourself to losing the excess fat responsibly, it will come off. It will seem slow, but if you're consistent with your efforts, one day you'll look back & realize that you really have accomplished a lot in a short amount of time.

Keep hanging around here, & make sure you're using the food diary here to track your food. It's very eye-opening.
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Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 11:35
Robin5582, it would have helped me to know what weight you are at now. I'm going to assume you are pretty heavy.

I have been known to have knee issues. Losing weight helped, doing strength training that concentrated on a lot of split squats and lunges helped stabilize things. I can run a bit now without issue. Easing off the knee if anything seems funny helps. Check out for knee stuff.

Exercise videos can be fun, especially for variety, but I find them a bit hoppy and torque-y for my knees on average. I'll do them in moderation. Bike riding is pretty low impact and builds quad strength which helps with the knees. Like anything you can over-do and cyclists get knee injuries too. But easier on the joints than running. Swimming can be good cardio and joint friendly but it makes people hungry, so a lot don't lose on lots of swimming. You can, you just need to gage that hunger thing.

I'm a huge weight training fan, so I'll always plug The New Rules of Lifting for Women or whenever given the opportunity. What I did was concentrate on weights three times a week and walking the other days until I lost enough and built enough strength to try a bit more running and dancing. Weight training at home can be comparatively cheap if you invest in adjustable dumbells and exercise bands mostly. You can watch TV or listen to music while you do it and you switch up the program every few weeks anyhow.

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Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 13:15
I'm sorry I think I might have misworded my post. I am not making excuses to not work out - I am saying I get bored with the same workouts and was looking for suggestions and a gym membership is not an option. I am 5'7" and I weight 180 - I am not "overweight" but do need to lose weight. By fast - I a meant - you see the advertiments for these 20 min workouts etc. Are they really affective?

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Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 14:03
I get bored as well and won't run for exercise. I injured my knee several years ago and rehabbed it by riding an exercise bike and now my knee is stronger than ever. Riding a stationary bike is very boring and I usually DVR a fast paced sporting event that I can watch on mute and then blast some hard core metal and workout that way. By DVR'ing it I can go past the commercials.
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Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 14:13
I'll give you an idea on what I do, so as to not get bored. I am more cardio focused, but do a little weight training.
Sun - 40 minutes cardio (kathy smith dvd - which is 2 20-minute workouts)
Mon - 20 minutes cardio (1/2 of the above dvd) and upper body strength training (20 minutes - another dvd)
Tuesday - 30 minutes elliptical - typically at a comfortable rate to get me sweating, but not over doing it since it is really more of a rest day.
Wednesday - 40 minutes cardio - the firm or slim in 6 dvd
Thursday - walk 3 miles - 45 minutes
Friday - 20 minutes cardio - have been experimenting with Exercise TV on demand. Lower boddy workout (20 minute dvd)
Saturday - 40 minutes cardio (kathy smith dvd)

I have about 10 different DVDs that I rotate. I also walk my dogs in the evening if I don't get my 10,000 steps in.

I know I should technically have a day off - but I know what works for me. If I don't workout one day it makes it so hard to do it the next day. The reward of that extra 45 mintues to an hour for relaxing is so great, that I just avoid it. I'm better with the routine of working out - and really the day I just walk is nothing major. I'm just now incorporating the weights, so I plan to change those routines up at some point to keep my muscles guessing.

I figure if I change up my exercise daily, then my body can't get used to the same routine???

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Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 21:14
Check your local community center. Many of them have public pools and swimming burns crazy calories in as little as 30 minutes a day! If not or if you don't know how to swim, try Leslie Sansone 15 minute mile walking workout.
Good luck!

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Posted: 17 Aug 2011, 23:29
My family has a Wii and I use the video game "Walk It Out" and I NEVER have found any exercise that I can stand to do more than 3 times. I'm hooked on this thing and am now doing 1 hour on it and it's hard to stop even after that time. I've only been doing it for 1 week, but I've consistently done it each day without fail. I'm addicted to it and actually ("GASP!"Wink look forward to unlocking more parts of the island every day. Who the heck am I and what have they done to me???!!! Wink
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Posted: 18 Aug 2011, 01:19
Robin 5582- i dont think you used the wrong words in your post at all, i do however think some people on here think they know everything and tend to be more aggresive than supportive! i have only been using this site for a few weeks now and i notice that there are a lot of people that "sort of" attack you instead of being helpful! besides all of answer your question Jillian michael's 30 day shred is an amazing set of workouts that are only 20min long but you have to do them everyday!!! she even shows modifications if you are not able to do the entire movement! she demands results and is very inspiring and supportive! i started using the 30 day shred videos after my first baby and lost weight prett quickly! i just had my second baby and continue to workout with jillian michaels!!!! there is not a day that goes by that i am not sore!!! i think you will really like the workouts and there is also a 30day shred challenge going on right now so you might wanna check it out so can read some feedback and progress reports!! good luck to you!

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Posted: 18 Aug 2011, 05:31
Thanks Mayple - I think you are right! I actually purchased that DVD last night going to try it this evening!

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